Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 72 “Aid”

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Chapter Seventy-Two: Aid

“I wonder what Changling is like right now.”

In the dust mountains outside Yin Mountain, Tantai Guanjian looked in the direction of Changling and could not help but speak.

“If no one else is coming, no matter how it is in Changling, it has nothing to do with us,” the black-robed youth Qian Mu responded.

The passage of time in this formation that Ye Xiao had created at the cost of his life seemed to have a twisted feeling. The light dimmed and brightened in and out when disrupted by the energies of the dust mountains, and it was not possible to tell day from night.

There were the corpses of many flying snakes and other beasts around them. The soaring snakes, while not as powerful as Baili Suxue’s Nether dragon, were true dragons. Even though their limbs were cut off by sword energies, they smashed to the ground like a mountain of flesh and gave an unreal feeling.

Not just tiredness, the Donghu monk and Qian Mu were unable to keep fighting.

At this time, Tantai Guanjian was in the best state. Hearing Qian Mu’s words, he grimaced. He did not have the confidence to fight even one realm seven. He usually was not a chatty person, but because he had no confidence, he could not help but say some nonsense.

Ding Ning understood the feeling very well. In the many battles he had experienced before, the generals of some armies did not fear death, but when the situation was not good and they sensed that death was about to come, many of them would think of things they usually did not think, and say some nonsense. Some people would think of their childhood, and would even have some hallucinations in their daze.

“Jiaodong Commandery’s hundreds of years of assets has been put down here by her here so easily.”

In the dust mountains, the clouds and mist were twisted into strange shapes. Some of the blood of the beasts were suspended in the air, and occasionally, large drops would come down, creating splashes.

Zhangsun Qianxue was a person who liked cleanliness, and she was uncomfortable in this environment. She was leaning against Ding Ning, her face unusually pale. She was unable to rest and replenish her energy. After several battles, she had reached the limits of her endurance, just like poor farmland that could not produce any more grain.

“As long as they kill us, the entire world will be hers. But if we do not die, she would suffer a great loss now,” she looked at Ding Ning and said.

She was chattier than usual but still very calm. Living and dying together represented steadfastness, but was something most people in the world could not achieve. But she could do it easily.

The roars of the soaring snakes and other beasts sounded in the sky with twisted light again. Another wave of attacks was about to come.

The Jiaodong Commandery envoy in the distance clearly was acting according to her wishes, and did not care how many of the soaring snakes were left. He carefully separated these soaring snakes and other beasts into many batches, so they could not all be killed together by a powerful sword move, and so they would not have any chance to rest.

This Jiaodong Commandery cultivator was located in a place where several powerful surges of energy originated. Clearly, there was a battle between realm sevens. Clearly, a grandmaster coming to help wanted to kill this Jiaodong Commandery expert who was controlling many soaring snakes, and clearly did not succeed.

“Do you remember Su Ye Temple?” Ding Ning looked at her and asked.

Zhangsun Qianxue stilled and then nodded.

Su Ye Temple was not the name of a temple, but the name of an old academian of Changling imperial city back then. Yuanwu had not been the only imperial son of the Qin dynasty back then. This old academian Su Ye Temple of the Qin imperial palace supported another imperial son.

So when Yuanwu’s wings grew, and he could threaten the other imperial son, this old academian did something very direct, he personally went to assassinate the strongest supporter of Yuanwu, Wang Jingmeng.

The result of that battle was he was killed by Wang Jingmeng and Yan Xinlan.

“I helped Yuanwu by killing someone, now the descendants of Su Ye Temple come to kill us. Isn’t this very ironic?” Ding Ning took a deep breath and said with slight bitterness.

Zhangsun Qianxue’s body stiffened. She understood the meaning in Ding Ning’s words.

“If that is just it, then it is very good,” she relaxed, held his hand and said softly.

At least this time, they could die together.


The Donghu monk was resting by sitting with his eyes closed. Tantai Guanjian and Qian Mu heard Ding Ning and Zhangsun Qianxue’s conversation, and their expressions suddenly changed.

There was an explosion in the air which covered the howling of the soaring snakes. Then, an enormous pillar of smoke, burning with flame, fell from the sky at high speed like a falling star.

When this pillar of smoke appeared, the green grasses soaked in blood on the ground quickly withered like their life was drawn away.


This pillar of smoke hit the ground, and caused a violent vibration.

But when the shockwave was still visibly expanding through the air, it caused the dust mountains to waver and Tantai Guanjian’s eyes widened to their limits.

At the center of the impact, a fire was burning. This was a terrifying presence caused by the friction between special primal energies of the universe and the air.

But such a flame had no life.

The body of a cultivator, in a strange posture, just like a sword stabbed into a cracked pit. Under the great impact, the spine of this cultivator was snapped into several pieces. His body looked like it was folded together, and he was half as short as usual. Naturally, he was dead.

Ding Ning was stunned. The presence from the cultivator was very familiar, like it was of the branch of the old academian. But he had not expected that when he just sensed the presence, he had become a corpse fallen on the ground.

An unusual indigo shadow appeared in the sky with strong energy vibrations.

The moment Tantai Guanjian saw this indigo shadow, his ewes filled with joy. But in the next moment, his heart turned cold and he said in shock, “How come you are here as well?”

The indigo figure suddenly paused when close to the ground, pausing silently and then softly landing on the ground. He wore the indigo robes of Min Mountain Sword Sect.

When Zhangsun Qianxue saw this person’s face, she understood why Zhangsun Qianxue reacted like this.

Other than Baili Suxue and Tantai Guanjian, there were two other people from Min Mountain Sword Sect that the outside world was so wary of, the Butcher Geng Ren and Qing Yaoyin, who was famed as a breeder of gods and demons.

This person in sight was dressed in tattered indigo robes, it was Qing Yaoyin.

Tantai Guanjian was not in Changling, and he was worried about Min Mountain Sword Sect and Min Mountain Sword Sect’s safety. But now, even Qing Yaoyin was here… he did not even dare to imagine.

Qing Yaoyin nodded in greeting at Ding Ning, Zhangsun Qianxue and the others. But he did not immediately speak, looking up at the sky he had come down from.

There were several enormous and savage heads coming through the clouds, their dim yellow eyes filled with cruel and bloodthirsty light.

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