Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 71 “Rat In the Darkness”

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Chapter Seventy-One: Rat In The Darkness

Her expression was very cold, but her hands trembled uncontrollably. She felt that she had become a person just like Yuanwu, and what chilled her heart the most was… She had not expected so many people to be on the other side.

There were only three masters of the Spirit Void Sword Sect, and only Huang Daochen was on her side while Master Yi and Master Qi had betrayed her. Ji Qingqing turned traitor, Ye Celeng and Min Mountain Sword Sect too, and even Shen Xuan and Pan Ruoye had become traitors.

In Changling, after she saw clearly, she found there were not many people who were not on the other side. But such a powerless and furious feeling only lasted for a short moment. After several breaths, her heart turned even colder and harder. Even if Shen Xuan had betrayed her, even if Baili Suxue had made his way into the palace and almost killed her, forcing her to use all her hidden pawns, he had had to abandon the Nether dragon and flee. She was certain that as long as people could prevent Baili Suxue from meeting up with Geng Ren, he would not just be seriously injured and would not recover in the short term, but his cultivation would be crippled.

Baili Suxue was one of the people she was most wary of, even above the Donghu monk. But now, Baili Suxue was crippled, and that Donghu monk was likely crippled.

And Ye Xiao. Such a person was even in her plans, willing to die as a prison for the Nine Death Silkworm. What could she not do?


“Official Shen Xuan, what are you doing! You…”

“You really do not seem like Zheng Xiu and Yuanwu’s son. Even Fu Su is more like them than you.” Shen Xuan coldly interrupted the words of the youth who had woken up in the darkness.

This youth was the imperial son of the Qin Dynasty who he usually had to kneel down to greet. But at this time, he was worse off than most prisoners that he had met before. He had even lost control of his faculties in his terror and the room was filled with an unpleasant smell.

He slowly opened a box, and placed the small torture equipment on the table in front of the metal chair that Hu Hai was sitting in. The latter’s body seemed to convulse, and the moment his body moved, he gave a heart wrenching scream.

This metal chair had been made specially in the Great Floating Water Prison, and there were shocking spikes on many parts.

“Zheng Xiu once used these things on me. Now, I will let you experience each one. Of course, I will be more skilled than those torture officials in the palace as I was the one to teach them.”

Shen Xuan looked at this imperial son who was extremely terrified, and smiled scornfully in the darkness, revealing his white teeth. He knew very well how to torment someone, and knew that subtle terror and constant physical pain could change a person’s personality. He did not want to kill Hu Hai, but he was interested in changing him.

“You need to endure. For an emperor, such pain is nothing. If Fu Su does not return, you will become the crown prince, and in the future, the entire Qin Dynasty will be yours.” His smile was terrifying, but his voice was unspeakably gentle.

“You…this is still Changling, you will be found, my mother will make you want to die rather than live!” Hu Hai cried madly, tears crawling down his twisted face like earthworms.

“An empty threat is useless. There is a lot of time. Do not do this in the future.” Shen Xuan said calmly and softly, like he was an elder teaching his most valued student.

This strangeness, Hu Hai stopped crying, but his body kept on twitching.

Shen Xuan slowly picked up the first piece of equipment, giving a small smile and said slowly, “Before, in the Great Floating Water Prison, many people in Changling laughed at me for being a rat in the sewers, only daring to hide under the ground. But a rat has a rat’s abilities. Even if a rat hides under the ground, it will have sufficient patience. Also, you have to remember a thing. If you want to hide, you do not just have to dig a deep hole in the ground, you cannot have contact with any other person. When you are an independent being, completely blocked off from the outside world in water source, food… When everything has nothing to do with the outside world, when you bury yours in the ground, even the strongest person cannot find you.”

Hu Hai screamed madly because as he calmly spoke, Shen Xuan had constantly been pulling his fingernails, and then quickly applying blood clotting medicine. The great pain caused Hu Hai’s body to swing on the chair, and he could not avoid hitting the spikes on the chair.

“This is what you deserve. Your personality is cruel to start with. The year you were thirteen, because an attendant accidentally broke one of your jade plates, you tied her up, and stoned her to death. After that matter, all of the officials disliked you. Many thought, even if you were killed, a slow stoning was too cruel and violent.”

“But that matter only let you lose the possibility of competing against Fu Su to become the crown prince.” Shen Xuan kept on using his tools, and whispered by Hu Hai’s ear, “But this is because you were born well. If you were born in an ordinary official’s family or in an ordinary rich family, you would have been imprisoned or sentenced to death for killing an attendant like this.”

“But you did not change. After losing the seat of crown prince, your temper grew worse, and you did several other things you should not have done. Each time I saw you at court, and looked at your arrogant face, I would imagine torturing you in my mind, and now I am finally satisfied.”

This was the dark underground. Above this secret room where Hu Hai was screaming, there was a well. Above the well was an ordinary street.

At this time, near the well, there was a cultivator from the palace standing dazedly and anxiously. He looked around, and found Changling’s sunlight dazzling.

Right now in Changling, there was killing everywhere, and many enemies and important people who were fleeing. But with the Astrology Bureau, it was like Changling had gone blind. The enemies seemed to have become invisible.

Baili Suxue was one of the invisible enemies. But he finally started to tire.

Even Pan Ruoye who he was supporting started to sense that many of the important meridians in his body were snapping and breaking apart.

“Qing Yaoyin should reach Yin Mountain soon.”

At this time, Baili Suxue stopped. He stopped on an ordinary street, and the common people could even see him through the cracks in their doors.

“If Qing Yaoyin is not coming, is Geng Ren coming?” Pan Ruoye could not help but ask.

Baili Suxue shook his head.

“Then who is it?” Pan Ruoye felt a slight disbelief. In her mind, only these two could take them out of Changling.

But at this time, a gentle ball of mist floated over and silently wrapped around them.

Pan Ruoye immediately reacted and turned to Baili Suxue. “You knew long ago that Ye Celeng would come to rescue you?”

“She stayed in Changling and did not leave. If she was not waiting to rescue me, who else?” Baili Suxue had used up his vital energy, but he still spoke with confidence.

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  1. I really hope the story ends with the death of the emperor and the empress. The drama was soo unsatisfactory…

  2. Seems Yuanwu and Zheng Xiu are failures not only as sovereigns, but also as parents. Couldn’t even be bothered to discipline/punish their son after he stoned an attendant to death for breaking a plate…

    Thanks for translating! Looking forward to how the story wraps up 🙂

    1. I mean, as far as “evilness” from emperors and their sons, this was not especially gruesome. However, considering how strict the Qin laws are, the fact their son broke the rules is not a good look for them.

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