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Section Ten: The King Awakens

Chapter 1 – A Vicious Beast

“An elemental spirit that can make a magister control a certain amount of elemental power and also help a magister and their magus beasts level up?” Lei Yufeng took a deep breath and asked.

Aofeng did not know much about elemental spirits, but had heard some things.

On the first page of the encyclopedia of crafters, on the ways of becoming a crafter, it was mentioned that having the fire element was the first condition. Other than some people who were born with fire in them, there were two other methods. One was to have a covenant with a powerful fire type magic beast, and receive their lifebond flame. The other was to find a fire element spirit and absorb it into the body.

The flame of a fire element spirit was just below a celestial rank fire. People like this would usually reach the level of a master crafter.

Also, elemental spirits were a kind of cultivation accelerator. Cultivators could absorb more power from the world faster. It was not possible to say in words just how valuable something like this was!

No wonder those remaining eighty people were willing to risk their lives to fight the beast. The lure of an elemental spirit was too strong for experts. When a celestial magister obtained an elemental spirit, they could rise to the rank of magus scholar which stopped countless experts!

“Yes, elemental spirit,” that person nodded and said, “water element spirits, about five or six. From afar, it looks like a glowing blue ball of light. But when we just saw it, the monster appeared, instantly killing several celestial magisters. I saw that our small troop was not strong enough, and fled. For a whole day, except for Your Excellencies, no one else has come here.”

Water element spirit!

Everybody inhaled again in shock. For ordinary magisters, this was even more valuable.

The fire element was too violent and could easily damage people’s bodies. The other elemental spirits had requirements, and were not easy to merge. Only water elemental spirits were the gentlest, and anyone could absorb them, even those that were born with fire inside them. Of course, people who already had one elemental spirit in them could not hold another.

Roda heard this and sighed, “Oh, the Sword Deity Valley. Other than top experts, people rarely come here. A day has passed. I fear your fellows have already…”

Everyone knew and shook their heads. How could a divine beast spare them after they invaded the territory of a guardian divine beast to steal treasure?

That celestial magister’s expression dimmed. He then said, “Most people are probably dead, but there were a dozen celestial magisters. If they worked together, maybe they were able to hold on until now.”

“A dozen celestial magisters…” Roth frowned. Most of the people that came into the Kaya Empire hunting ground at this time were mostly looking for magic beasts for the big duel. If a dozen top experts died at once, the empire would suffer a while. The hundred people would be almost a third of the experts who had come!

Aofeng thought for a moment and said, “We can go rescue, but we cannot promise that we will save them. Since it is so dangerous inside, you should not go. Yufeng and I will go ahead. With so many people here, you should not be in danger. Go catch high star-level sacred beasts and divine beasts nearby. I will help you tame them when I return.”

Everyone nodded. No one disagreed. While elemental spirits were tempting, none of them were brave enough to think about them. They needed to live in order to enjoy good things. In the face of a nine-star divine beast, ordinary celestial magisters would not last a single blow. Without Arthurus and Candia’s support, Aofeng and Lei Yufeng would not have helped with this.

With a wave of her hand, Aofeng left behind a large pile of life cages for them to use. Everyone looked at the pile of golden cages, and thought, a regent beast tamer really had money!

“Zhui Yun (Big Brother), careful.” Mo Zhu, Mo Ling and the others said to the pair.

After going deep into the valley and turning around a ravine, it was possible to see the valley in the mist that the celestial magister spoke of. The mist in there seemed to have grown. Everything was a blurry white, with everything beyond three meters unclear. The range of sight was narrow. Aofeng had released some ice mice but did not see a thing.

“Master, be careful. I sense the presence of the magic beast. His power should be above me and Candia. But if we work together, I don’t know who will win. I am confident that we can win half the time.” Arthurus liked to make trouble, but at key times, he was calm, smart, and never slipped up. This was why Aofeng admired him.

“Right, there is also us!”

Candia and Arthurus had been summoned out long ago. Liao Ya, Ben Lei, Meng Yan, Si Jian and Mei Jun all showed their true forms and surrounded Aofeng and Lei Yufeng.

“Half the time is enough. Even if we cannot win, at least we will have time to retreat.” Aofeng and Lei Yufeng nodded at each other, and then stepped in.

Once they entered the white mist area, the cold feeling caused them to shudder. Only extremely cold places could produce water element spirits hence the temperature of the valley was very low.

Lei Yufeng’s eyebrows moved. He carefully stretched out an arm to put over the shoulder that was lower than his. He used his strong chest to warm up Aofeng’s chilled body. Aofeng stilled. Maybe because she was used to this kind of concern from this man that she felt no revulsion.

With a flick of her finger, the Heaven Fire flew out in a line, and dispelled the mist within five meters.

Not long after they went into the valley, a bloody smell and a dark and salty odor appeared. The pair frowned. Even Arthurus could not help but snort a few times. “Candia, this is so similar to your dragon odor!”

“Go die! I think it smells just as bad as you!” The two who were born at odds started to fight again.

At this time, Si Jian and Meng Yan suddenly stopped from the front. They exclaimed, “Master, human corpses!”

Aofeng and Lei Yufeng’s hearts sank. Even though they had guessed that most of the people who came in were dead, it was not the same as seeing with their own eyes. They hurriedly walked forward and took a look. They were shocked at what they saw!

Dried dark red blood made a thin “carpet” on the soil which stretched to their feet. There were incomplete corpses strewn about. These dead magisters had gaping mouths, and bulging eyes. Their expressions were twisted. Maybe they had seen something terrifying before death that their terror was forever frozen on their faces.

“Damn it, so vicious!” Lei Yufeng’s voice suddenly sounded. He pointed at a corpse ahead, full of anger. “Their stomachs…”

Aofeng’s expression changed. She looked and found there was a large hole in each person’s stomach that was empty. There were no organs left inside.

Even though she was used to seeing humans die after taking risks, she still felt her scalp prickle at this.

Shock flashed through Candia’s gold eyes. He said, “These people had their organs dug out and eaten when alive, so they died. Otherwise, they could not have bled so much, and their expressions before death so painful.”

“Damn. That guy really has a beastly style. I am not so vicious when killing people!” Arthurus cursed in a humorous tone, but the mood did not lift at all.

Beasts that ate human organs must be extremely vicious ones like the corpse-eating ghouls and the spined earth dragons.

Suddenly, lightning flashed through the sky, and struck somewhere in the distance! Over there was where the cold energy was floating from. The beast was likely there.

“Let’s go and see.”

Stepping on the blood-stained ground, Aofeng and the other went close. There were more and more human corpses on the ground. There were about sixty people. In other words, other than the celestial magisters, everyone else should have died. Each person’s abdomen was split open, their organs gone. If the mist did not restrict the range of sight, when one looked around, they may be frightened out of their life.

After going in a distance, the surroundings became colder. When one listened carefully, there was the sound of fighting from up ahead. Aofeng and Lei Yufeng’s expressions turned serious. They sped up, flying with the group of magus beasts in that direction.

“When you find that vicious beast, go at full power, and kill him!” Aofeng ordered. Cold light flashed through her eyes. Such a vicious beast usually could not be used by humans. She was fine with Arthurus’s brutality, but she did not like very cruel beasts!

The mist grew thinner on this side. It was possible to see that slender and long but huge shadow. This vicious beast was dozens of feet long and shaped like a snake. It had a small and narrow head, with white galls on the neck. Unlike a snake, his narrow and long body had four sharp clawed feet like eastern dragons.

“Serpent! A Cold Pond Evil Serpent!” Arthurus and Candia’s eyes widened. They felt they could not breathe. Serpent, above the bloodline of the hallowed giant dragon’s bloodline, even closer to the legendary divine dragons. They had not expected to encounter an evil serpent here!

“Fortunately, the evil serpent is only a nine-star divine beast right now, and has not turned into a dragon. If he becomes a super-divine serpent-dragon, then we will be in great trouble.” Candia shook his head in lingering fear and said. But he was not very afraid. A serpent was a serpent, not a true divine dragon. Also nine-star divine beasts, Candia and Arthurus together did not have to fear the other.

This evil serpent was constantly moving its long but nimble body. It pushed back all the celestial magisters in the center of the cold pond that wanted to charge out of the encirclement. The dozen magisters were guarding the sunken part, their backs to a mountain. They took turns to fight the serpent. While each of them was as pale as paper, at least there were no more casualties.

“Haha, I do not believe you can last much longer! Just hand over your organs!” The evil serpent’s hoarse howl was like thunder. His coldly shining eyes suddenly moved and he saw Aofeng and the others who had come.

“Hm, people dare to come in?” The evil serpent looked over curiously, and his gaze changed slightly.

Aofeng and Lei Yufeng flew above the cold pond, and faced off with the evil serpent. The group of celestial magisters that he was attacking also stopped. The wounded celestial magisters all showed a hint of joy and desire to live in their eyes.

“We are saved, we are saved!”

“Your Excellencies, kill this cruel bastard!”

“Don’t worry, leave it to us,” Aofeng comforted softly, her voice filled with coldness.

The evil serpent had scorn in his gaze, he shook his head and laughed out loud. “Golden Giant Dragon, Crimson Gold Behemoth, and some little things. You think that you can do anything against me with these two from a side bloodline? Ha ha, since you are in a hurry to hand over your organs, I will not be polite.”

The evil serpent’s eyes flashed viciously. A long snake tail suddenly shot up from behind Aofeng and Lei Yufeng. A despicable and cunning sneak attack!

However, Aofeng smiled, and dodged to the side with Lei Yufeng. Below, Meng Yan and Si Jian, the two quick magus beasts, bit down on the serpent’s tail, pulling hard. He had to shake his body to shake the two of them off, and was delayed for a moment.

“An ambush that is detected is not called an ambush.” Aofeng smiled and said, “It’s called a failure!”

Aofeng’s perception was outstanding. She had let out dozens of invisible ice mice. How could she not have seen the cunning serpent wanting to ambush them? If visibility was bad, she would use numbers to make up for it.

Before the serpent pulled his tail back, Aofeng and Lei Yufeng shouted, “Arthurus (Candia), full-body armorization!” Silver light flashed, and the Crimson Gold Behemoth and the Golden Giant Dragon’s grand body armor covered their bodies.

The crimson gold and yellow gold figures both had enormous shadows appear behind them. Light blue shamanic power surrounded them and two celestial magic techniques were released in unison! They copied the celestial magisters from Death Ridge. They superimposed their power. The golden light of the nine-star divine beast celestial magic techniques even scattered a lot of the mist!

“These two damn bastards!” The serpent saw the bright gold light coming at him and shouted in terror.

The two nine-star divine beast celestial magic techniques were akin to Aofeng, Lei Yufeng, Arthurus and Candia’s power combined. Even a nine star divine dragon could not withstand this!

Went to steal the chicken and lost the rice! The serpent finally understood the meaning of the saying…

Boom boom boom!

A giant ray of lightning came down from the sky and drove the serpent into the cold pond! A string of bubbles rose. Dark red blood spread in ribbons in the water. After a while, the entire cold pond turned red, and appeared very strange.

Arthurus and Candia came out of their armorization state and quickly flew down. They took on the fine tradition of “kill you when you were ill.” They went into the water to kill the serpent. The attack just now had wounded the serpent, but it could not have killed a nine-star divine beast. Aofeng and Lei Yufeng, very tired, flew back to the ground to recover their power.

The dozen young celestial magisters jumped and laughed in excitement. Their joy at escaping death caused them to relax slightly. They were very tired, and fell to the ground after flying to shore.

“Right, the elemental spirits.” One celestial magister who still had some energy seemed to think of something. He pointed out a protruding plant on the mountain side to Aofeng. “Your Excellency, the water type tree over there has the water element spirits. That bastard’s treasure is that. I do not know why he did not consume them.”

Consuming the elemental spirits meant eating the spirits like they were spirit fruits. This was not like absorbing it into the body to help with cultivation. This method would greatly decrease the value of the elemental spirits. Usually, magisters did not bear to use such valuable things like that.

The man telling Aofeng this was giving the rights to the elemental spirits to her. Saving a life was a great debt. Most young celestial magisters were very honorable. If not for Aofeng, they would have been killed here sooner or later.

Aofeng looked up and saw a small twisted tree with several glowing blue balls of light which flashed. These were beautiful. They were the water element spirits. They could only form above a place like a thousand year cold pond.

“Quick, pick them. Avoid any surprises.” Lei Yufeng flew off the ground, wanting to pick the elemental spirits.

The sky suddenly darkened. Black clouds appeared above, a strong wind rose, and rain came down in torrents. Everything came so suddenly.

“Strange, what is going on.”

“Just now, there was dry thunder.”

Multiple celestial magisters talked in the wild wind.

“Master, I know, this is a lightning ordeal!” Meng Yan’s eyes widened in panic. He said mentally to Arthurus, “Arthurus, kill that serpent quickly. He is already at the peak of nine-star. If he passes the ordeal and becomes a super-divine beast, then we are all finished!”

“Damn, the worm is so slippery. Candia and I cannot catch him in the water!” Arthurus’s furious voice sound in Aofeng’s mind. “Oh no, Master, quick, dodge, this guy is going up!”

Aofeng was stunned and shouted, “Yufeng, get out of the way!”

Lei Yufeng heard Aofeng’s shout and Candia’s soul sound transmission. He hurriedly flew away. Almost at the same time, the water below seemed to explode. The serpent, covered in wounds, flew out, snarling as he charged for the elemental spirits. He swallowed all six elemental spirits in one gulp!

Lei Yufeng saw his prey gone, and cursed, glaring, “Damn! You don’t fear bursting and dying!”

Candia hurriedly stopped Lei Yufeng who wanted to fight the serpent to settle the debt. “Master, do not get close to him! He is in his ordeal. We cannot interfere in the rules of the universe. Otherwise, the lightning will strike us as well.”

When the bloodline of bloodline beasts reached a certain level, they would cause some waves in the world when they truly reached the adult stage. An ordeal would come down. Those who survived the ordeal would be reborn, and be much stronger immediately, but many magic beasts would die in the lightning ordeal and turn to dust.

The black clouds in the sky were so dark they were purple. The crooked lightning was bombarding the valley, along with bursts of thunder. Aofeng and the others could only stare.

Everyone looked at the lightning above their heads, and the shadow of the wailing giant serpent, their hearts beating wildly.

Arthurus patted his chest and said anxiously, “It is hard to say whether or not he can pass the ordeal. Masters, your previous attack was too vicious. Going through the ordeal when wounded is the worst case. But he swallowed six elemental spirits. Water type has some effect on lightning type. Even if he cannot digest it all right now, there are benefits to helping him pass the ordeal.”

“I curse him to die by lightning strikes!” Aofeng said furiously. Inside, she worried, would Lil’ Nine and Chi also have to encounter such great lightning ordeals in the future? This was scary!

In the purple clouds, the indigo lightning constantly attacked the serpent. The serpent was burnt black all over. It howled, but it refused to fall.

Suddenly, a powerful purple lightning strike gathered all the remaining lightning onto it. The screams of the serpent rang through the sky. In the end, it could not last against the lightning attacks and fell down. The world suddenly grew quiet. There was no longer the sound of thunder.

The serpent gave off a stench as it crashed hard to the ground. The burnt body was limp as though there was no life left.

“Dead?” Everyone looked at each other in confusion. They were going to go close to look when Arthurus suddenly changed expression and stopped them.

“This is wrong! If he is dead, the undigested elemental spirits will come out of his body!”

Not dead? Everyone looked in shocked. As expected, the black burnt skin was falling off in pieces, revealing the indigo dragon scales underneath. Then, the body of the serpent suddenly moved. It flew into the sky under a gold patch of light above its head. All the blackened skin fell off. An indigo serpent flew into the sky, and a terrifying pressure spread outwards!

“This is bad!” Arthurus and Candia changed expressions and took a few steps back. The presence of the super-divine beast suffocated them. After such a short time, this dragon was no longer a magic beast on the same level as them.

“Hahaha!” A wild laugh came. The evil dragon came down from the sky, landing on a protruding stone in the cold pond. He took the form of an eerie adult man. He looked at his hands, and laughed like a madman. “I finally succeeded! I succeeded. Hahaha!”

After he stopped laughing, the man looked with darkly shining eyes at Aofeng and the others. Killing intent spread. “I succeeded. Now it is time for you to all die!”

Everyone was on their guard, their hearts beating wildly and full of panic. This was a super-divine beast! They knew the result without even fighting!

Just as everyone was panicking, another cold voice laughed arrogantly.

“Tsk, so ignorant! Just taking human form. What is there to be so proud of. I finally finished my evolution. I did not expect to come out and smell an ancient bloodline beast right away.”

Aofeng’s eyebrows moved. She was joyfully surprised. Her heart stabilized. “Chi?”

“It’s me!” The man’s happy laugh echoed through the world. A fiery red light charged into the sky under the evil dragon’s uncertain gaze. Everyone found the surroundings had suddenly changed color in a moment. The entire world seemed to become fiery red. It was not possible to see the cold pond, or the mountain valley. They were in an endless space.

The pillar of fire dispersed. A youth who looked about sixteen or so opened his ruby-like eyes, and smiled with cold pride. “A mere vicious beast, do not run wild. Let me fight you!”

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