傲风 An Unyielding Wind V02-S10-C02 “The Awakening of the King”

Last time, on An Unyielding WInd: Aofeng and Yufeng rescue the magisters and fight the divine beast.

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Chapter 2 – The Awakening of the King

The youth with red hair was wrapped up in a circle of strong fire that seemed to burn constantly. He had a pair of large crystal drops hanging from his ears that swayed beside his white neck. He was eerily beautiful, cold and domineering!

An appearance of sixteen. A symbol of growth.

The presence of a king covered the entire place when the fiery red domain had appeared. The divine beasts in the other parts of the Sword Deity Valley looked over in terror. The spirit beasts and sacred beasts trembled and bowed in this direction. Some divine beasts avoided this area in shock, wanting to be as far away as possible.

This terrifying presence was on a different level than a super-divine beast! They did not know what this was, but the instinctive terror of these magic beasts had them act first.

The magic beasts that were within the domain felt it even more deeply. Even though Chi did his best to avoid them, the magus beasts could not help but hold their heads and take many steps back. Candia and Arthurus, as nine-star divine beasts could hold out against the presence of a super-divine beast. But facing Chi, Candia and Arthurus could not muster up any resistance unless Aofeng, their master, channeled in shamanic power to help them resist.

Arthurus and Candia had never seen Chi before. Ben Lei and the others had never mentioned him. When an even stronger monster appeared, these two were very worried.

Candia cried out, “Done for, done for, he is so strong!”

“I’ve never seen this kind of presence before. So terrifying. Master, this one is more freakish than you!” Arthurus bowed his head and said nervously.

“What do you mean more freakish than Master? That is Master’s lifebond magic beast!” Meng Yan’s head was also bowed and he rolled his eyes. He said joyfully, “Boss Chi! You finally came out!”

When Chi appeared, Liao Ya, Ben Lei, Meng Yan and the others who had seen him fight before were all reassured.

In his infant stage, he had the strength to kill a darkness divine beast instantly. After reaching the growth stage, how could he think highly of a little evil dragon? The beasts did not know what kind of magic beast Chi was, but their instincts told them he was high up. He was even higher in status than these super-divine beasts and even the high star level ones.

“Lifebond magic beast!” Arthurus’s heart was ravaged again. His odd gaze moved back to Aofeng. He set in fear, “Master, I was wrong, I was greatly wrong, I should not have doubted your degree of freakishness!”

Hearing Arthurus’s lament, Aofeng did not know whether to laugh or cry. Was he praising her or deriding her?

“Another super-divine beast? One with a master?” The celestial magisters could not breathe. They looked in shock at Aofeng, their hearts trembling. Many of them had recognized that Aofeng was the Zhui Yun that had been so popular as of late, but they had not expected Zhui Yun to be so powerful.

Knowing that their lives were not in danger, their feelings grew steadier.

In the sky, Chi looked back. His red lips curled. He nodded at the beasts, and said, “You have worked hard these days. Go rest, and just watch.”

The proud Crimson Blood King naturally would not use many to bully the few. Aofeng looked on from the distance with a faint smile. She could sense that Chi was very excited right now. He had been holding back for many days. Now, he was back in the sunlight, and he had grown much stronger. He planned to use this dragon to vent and practice. This was good. She could observe how much stronger Chi was now.

Chi’s red eyes fell on the evil dragon who was looking left and right in terror.

“This…this…” the pitiful dragon was also holding his head. He had just evolved to a human form as a super-divine beast. Before he even had the time to enjoy his super-divine beast power, he was half frightened to death by Chi.

“Emperor…Imperial domain?”

He said in a trembling voice. The dragon did not dare to believe his eyes.

“Imperial domain? Humph, what is that? Do not compare the lowly imperial domain with the Crimson Blood Purgatory!” Chi’s eyebrows rose and he said coldly. He appeared extremely displeased, as though that imperial domain was a blasphemy against him.

“A low…lowly imperial domain?” The evil dragon heard this and almost went mad!

“Too much, the imperial domain of a super-divine beast is ‘lowly’? Then what is ‘noble’?” Candia’s mouth twitched. He was speechless. After swallowing the egg of an emperor type super-divine beast, he had been in great fear for many months. This guy looked down at the imperial domain of the emperor type super-divine beasts, their strongest move…

Chi’s expression was so matter-of-fact. Those were such arrogant words, but they seemed to be so real when he spoke. There was only one explanation– his bloodline was above the emperor type super-divine beasts.

“Little beast, I will give you a chance to attack. Use your strongest power. Otherwise, you will no longer have a chance!” Chi looked down with a cold gaze at the evil dragon from above. He pulled his presence back slightly. All the beasts felt their bodies loosen, and they put their hands down from their heads.

The evil dragon’s eyes flashed with vicious light. Without the obstruction of the presence, he finally sensed Chi’s state. After a momentary daze, he laughed out loud. “I thought you were actually in divine rank. So you are just in the growth stage. So what if you have the advantage of the domain. Right now, your domain is only half baked! I am a water type magic beast. Water can subdue fire. Who knows who will die!”

Just having passed the lightning ordeal, the rules of the universe had given him new life. The evil dragon felt stronger than he had ever been, and his confidence had increased greatly.

So what if this was a divine rank magic beast! Coming here without even your hairs grown out, today, I will send you to hell!

The bloodthirsty nature was revealed. The evil dragon shook its body, roared like thunder, and its body coiled upwards in the air of the crimson red domain in an indigo track. He opened his mouth, and used the strongest beast technique that he could use after reaching super-divine beast rank!

“Binary Heavy Water Twister!”

The cold blue pillar of water was surrounded by a sharp blade-like wind as it rolled towards Chi like an arrow! Binary Heavy Water was equal to an earth level fire. They both had great power. If ordinary people touched this water, they would instantly freeze and shatter.

The wild wind spread far. Ripples formed in the domain space like it would collapse at any moment. The people watching from far did not dare to even blink, their hearts beating wildly.

“Such a terrifying move. Master, Boss Chi just evolved, will he be fine?” Si Jian leaned forwards and asked, having learned from Meng Yan and the others in calling Chi “Boss”…

“Don’t worry.” Aofeng’s black robes flapped in the strong wind. Her black eyes were bright, and her smile confident. “Chi is very arrogant but he never does anything out of his limits.”

As though in response to Aofeng, facing the powerful twister, Chi seemed to be smiling wryly and shook his head.

“Too weak!”

The flames around him suddenly surged. A bright white pattern floated up from Chi’s feet. The flames in the pattern gathered furiously in front of him, taking form inch by inch into the shape of a giant axe, about two times Chi’s height.

Chi gripped the axe without any struggle. The seemingly heavy gold axe looked as light as a feather in his hand. He was as fast as lightning as he crashed towards the twister!

“Crimson Blood World Opening Axe!”

Accompanied by the cool shout, Chi chopped apart the indigo twister! The fiery red shadow instantly cut through from one end of the twister to the other, appearing in front of the dragon, and under the dragon’s disbelieving gaze, swung down on his head!

There was no scream, the evil dragon did not even have the time. There was only the trembling of the weapon cutting into flesh and the stunning scene of a bloody rain coming down. The spraying dragon blood evaporated in the air when they came into contact with the flames that Chi had summoned with buzzing sounds.

In the blink of an eye, the evil dragon was cut in half from head to tail, and fell down in the sky. Chi held the axe larger than him, and drifted back to the ground like he was not expending any power at all.

The flames cracked and popped. The evil dragon made no more sound, cut in half by an axe. This time, it was really dead!

Everyone’s hearts seemed to be in their throats. They did not dare to breathe. They looked at Chi with wide eyes, intimidated by his absolute power. No one could speak.

Instant defeat! An absolute instant defeat!

That was a super-divine beast!

Chi used his usual style of killing in one blow. So what if it was a super-divine beast? No time for discussion!

He coldly raised his hand. The gold axe turned to flame and disappeared into the air. The domain in the surroundings faded, and everyone returned to reality next to the cold pond. Chi looked at the thick mist around him, raised his eyebrows, and a circle of Heaven Fire came out, driving away the mist.

In the sky, there was a shining sun. The bright sunlight came down, and created rainbows in the mist that had not yet faded. In the end, the sunlight shone on the red robed youth standing on the tall rock.

Chi gave a howl at the sky as though to vent out all his depression and unhappiness. In this moment where he came back into the world after entering the growth stage, he was indescribably excited. After many years of hiding and fleeing, today, he could stand under the blue sky without any restraint!

Looking at the world, he said slowly,

“I, Chi Xue, am back!”

Everyone had a shocking thought in their mind right now.

The king had awakened!

It was quiet, with only the sound of the wind blowing in the world.

“Wow, so cool, I am convinced!” Arthurus was the first to exclaim. He looked at Chi with a gaze of admiration, and also woke up the people who were still in a daze.

“Yes, so strong,” Lei Yufeng sighed, his eyes bright. He suddenly felt somewhat discontent. He looked deeply at Aofeng. He desired being stronger, and being able to protect Aofeng.

He was not a man who liked to escape. Ever since he found that he seemed to be attracted to the same gender, he was conflicted, but he did not distance himself from Aofeng. After observing for a few day, he found that he was really “gay” and decided.

There was no difference whether or not he fled or not. So what if he was “gay.” Grandfather and Father had both said that a man should be brave enough to pursue what they wanted. He was not being half hearted, just in love with one person. This fit with their family “rules.” While this person was a “man,” those two wouldn’t blame him?

While he thought so, Lei Yufeng still felt slightly guilty facing his grandfather and father.

Chi’s flames faded slightly from his body. He walked next to Aofeng in his red armor. When they stood together, they could cause a riot among women.

Aofeng said with a smile, “How do you feel?”

“Very good. I think you also feel very good right now,” Chi nodded amicably at her.

“Me? Unless you entering into the growth stage will also affect me?” Aofeng narrowed her eyes and sensed the state of her body. She immediately sensed something strange, and clapped her hands in joy. Silver light flashed under her feet, and a five point celestial star rose.

In the thrilling battle just now, she had no attention for herself. Only now did she find there were six small silver swords in the fifth point of her star.

The people in the surroundings drooled at such an improvement.

“Bottleneck at six swords!” Aofeng said emotionally. “A lifebond covenant is so strong. My progress can influence yours, and your progress mine. I still remember when we first made the covenant, I used your power to move all the way up to a nine-star senior magister.”

“So strong?” Lei Yufeng rubbed his chin and said in shock. Then he nodded in realization. “No wonder, I was thinking that normal people cannot level up so quickly. So it is due to Brother Chi.” Aofeng had been a good-for-nothing before that. Originally, Lei Yufeng had been puzzled. Now, knowing that it was a covenant with an emperor type divine beast, it made sense.

Everyone sighed. While people admired Aofeng, not everyone would encounter a magic beast of unknown rank like Chi. Magic beasts like him were very proud. Would ordinary people have a chance to bond with them in a lifebond covenant?

“Now, we have more chips on our side.” Aofeng gave Chi a grateful expression, full of confidence. Due to the bond between them, there was no need to state thanks. A gaze was enough.

Chi smiled slightly upon hearing this. The sun seemed to lose its brilliance.

“The sky has finally gone clear after the rain.” The group of celestial magisters were all mentally tired after having escaped with their lives. They were unable to stand up and take a step. Aofeng knew they were very tired after fighting for a day against the evil serpent so she had them rest where they were. She, Chi and Lei Yufeng went to the evil dragon to get their spoils.

The glowing water element spirits had fallen out of the evil dragon and were flashing prettily. Aofeng went forward, picked up the six spirits, and then handed Lei Yufeng one of them, giving him a firm look.

“Aofeng, during the palace banquet, I will give you a surprise.” Lei Yufeng took it unceremoniously. He smiled. He had to grow strong to protect Aofeng.

Lei Yufeng did not want to waste time after getting the elemental spirit. He went to find a place to absorb it. Anyone could absorb the water element spirit. It just took a bit of time.

“I do not need an elemental spirit.” Chi’s gaze warmed at seeing Aofeng look his way. He said, “I can consume the spirit directly, but it is of no use to a bloodline magic beast like me. Just like how your human valtz is of no use to me. If a drop or two was given to that little monkey or little chicken, they may grow into a super-divine beast.”

Little monkey, little chicken…

Arthurus and Candia accidentally heard the two phrases from the distance, and dropped to the ground, foaming at the mouth.

“Valtz needs money, the elemental spirits are very valuable, and I do not want to sell them.” Aofeng tossed the bright blue ball of light in her hands, thinking how she would divide the rest of them.

Chi suddenly said, “Aofeng, your body cannot hold an elemental spirit.”

“Because of the Magus Divinity Power Source?” Aofeng stilled. She had thought of this before. The Magus Divinity Power Source was also something that could help cultivation. Aofeng felt that it was somewhat similar to the elemental spirits. However, the Magus Divinity Power Source was much stronger than the spirits.

“Yes, that thing is stronger than any elemental spirit. It is a sealed product left behind by ancient magisters. All the major realms are searching for it. Because the ancient magister who left it behind was a woman, and there is a difference in mental power, it can only be stored in a woman.” Chi said sternly to her, “I must remind you, even the people in my dimension covet it. If not necessary, you should not expose your true gender and this thing.”

“Original dimension?” Aofeng was slightly confused. She asked curiously, “What kind of place is that?”

“Right now, I have reached the growth stage, and should tell you some things.” Chi found a place to sit down next to the corpse of the dragon. He explained to her, “I once said to you to not just be limited to this continent. That is because, at the edge of this continent, you will find cracks in this plane. Through there, you can reach higher dimensions, what is usually called a different continent, a different space.”

Aofeng’s heart jumped and became thoughtful. She had come here from Earth. Was that a different dimension? Was there any connection between these different continents…

With this understanding, Aofeng nodded and said, “I understand.”

Chi saw her nod and continued, “The existence of the other continents are not a secret. That patch of land is in the north, and is called the Northland of Exile. Many people went to hide there to avoid being chased and killed in this world. Many others were sentenced there. If they were thrown in there, it is like they have disappeared from this world.”

“Is it only a one-way passage, you cannot return?” Aofeng blinked her eyes and said in surprise.

“Almost. When you are sent to a higher plane, you fall to the land. There are no transport arrays to send you back. The North Continent only has a chaotic space to the south. Once you enter, then it is a dead end. You may be able to return, but you have to have the power to tear apart space. It is too early to speak of such an existence to you…” Chi shook his head at this and then introduced to Aofeng. “The exile land has all the most vicious experts that were exiled from this continent over thousands of years. There are many divine rank experts. If they all came down to this continent, what do you think this continent will be like?”

Aofeng was shocked and nodded. “Yes, if they returned, then it will be a mess.”

Chi stopped, and then said,

“Most people think the Northland of Exile is the highest of the planes, but that is not true. Above the Northland is a dimension with even more spirit energy. The people there are a rank higher than the Northland of Exile. The people of the Northland call that the Luska Dark Continent. You can also go there from the cracks in space from the Northland. It is also one way. That continent supposedly was split from the Radiance Continent’s dimension in ancient times, so there is a connection to this plane.”

“There is a secret passageway deep in the Tree Sea Lands in the dark continent. Other than some memories in the Crimson Blood inheritance, no one else knows. When I was just born, I was pursued by the branch bloodlines of the Tree Sea because of my kingly blood. I was forced to descend down to this continent from there. I worried that the passage would be found, and did not dare to appear. Now, there is no news on the continent. It seems that that person has not found me.” At this, Chi’s gaze grew harsher.

“That day, I swore, if I survived, I will take back what belongs to me one day!”

“No matter how far, I will help you return to that continent, and settle accounts with those people!” Aofeng understood what he meant. She nodded without hesitation. Inside, she sighed. From Chi’s tone, he was a divine beast with a king bloodline beyond the two dimensions. No wonder he was so strange and terrifying.

“I did not find the wrong person.” Chi’s face softened. He lightly patted Aofeng’s shoulder. “But it is too early to say these things. We will have problems going to the Northland with our strength right now. Do not hurry. I can wait. We will progress together, grow strong. By working together, we will succeed one day. Aofeng, you are my best partner. You help me, I help you, we will never be separated.”

Aofeng gripped his hand back in return and smiled brightly at him. “Okay! We will never be separated!”

No matter how hard, we will never abandon each other, not because of the covenant, but our hearts.

Editor’s note: that evil dragon really picked the wrong career. He should have gone into nuclear, with his endless supply of heavy water that could be used to turn non-enriched uranium into weapons-grade plutonium, all while allowing for significant energy production, but no, he just had to go into offal cuisine/black market organ transplants.

Translator Ramblings: We got a bit of world info dump here.

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