Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 75 “Debut”

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Chapter Seventy-Five: Debut

Tantai Guanjian took a deep breath, and then looked up at the serpents into the sky.

These soaring snakes were hard to deal with, especially when they created vast rains, winds and waves. The devious Jiaodong Commandery people usually controlled some small and hard to sense beasts. Because the energies of the beasts matched the winds and rain, they were like the hidden flying swords of some cultivators, dangerous and fatal.

But he was not worried about the attacks of these beasts. He just needed to calm his turbulent emotions.

Min Mountain Sword Sect had spent many years setting up the Nether abyss in the core of Min Mountain suitable for an infant Nether dragon. They had successfully hatched the dragon egg from the treasury of the former You Dynasty. This was an absolute secret that even Tantai Guanjian did not know about.

But he knew, Qing Yaoyin had reached realm seven twenty years ago. He did not spend these twenty years on his sword but on studying medicines and beasts and how to change them.

Even if that Nether dragon was hatched twenty years ago, these twenty years were very short for a Nether dragon. They were just like human babies. Since Baili Suxue was going to use the Nether dragon to enter the Changling imperial palace, then Qing Yaoyin must have methods to cause the Nether dragon to grow quickly after experimenting for so many years with other beasts in Min Mountain with spirit medicines.

Qian Mu was young and very curious about things he did not know. He was not able to fight now, and so he ignored the terrifying soaring snakes coming from the sky. He stared unblinkingly at the cocoon in Qing Yaoyin’s hand.

The medicine fluid from the pill bottle in Qing Yaoyin’s hand was a bright red, and sticky like it was a jade-like substance. But it had astounding penetration power. Without needing any help from Qing Yaoyin’s energies, it easily went into the cocoon.

This was a very short process, but the winds, rain and the enormous bodies of the soaring snakes arrived from the sky.

Qian Mu looked at the slow Qing Yaoyin and Tantai Guanjian who were unmoving with a hand on his sword. He could not help but think, no matter how fast the change in the cocoon, it could not be fast enough to deal with the present situation. Also, the change was unpredictable. Right now, no one was acting. Were they all waiting for these soaring snakes to come down and swallow them all?

But at this time, he sensed something abnormal, and his gaze unconsciously landed on Qing Yaoyin’s sleeve. But this change was faster than his eyes could move. With an urgent roar that rang through his mind. A golden flame flew out of Qing Yaoyin’s sleeve, passing through the winds and rain without any hindrance, and fell towards the head of the leading soaring snake.

This dot of golden flame was like a raindrop compared to the size of the serpent head, but with a pop, the head and the body of the soaring snake shook like it was hit over the head with a hammer. Then, its forehead and its jaw exploded into blood mist at the same time!

This soaring snake did not die immediately, its enormous body moving in the wind and rain like a mountain. The energies coming off its body formed countless enormous waves that exploded in the air. The wind and rain was in chaos, and the turbulent waves sprayed everywhere.

Some water fell on Qian Mu and wet his black robe. His eyes were wide, but his pupils contracted. He could sense that the golden flame seemed to be alive. But he could not see what it was. “What is that?”

“Six Winged Golden Cicada, one of the fastest and hardest insects in the world.”

As Qing Yaoyin spoke, the golden flames had penetrated through the head of a second soaring snake.

Blood bloomed in the air and increased the scent of blood. So much blood spilled of its fellows nearby finally caused the maddened soaring snakes to sense terror. They reacted directly, their bodies shrinking together, hiding their heads. Both their bodies and their energies formed a ball. There were balls of flesh in the winds and rain.

Seeing the vicious serpents coiling up into balls, Qian Mu was amused, and could not help but laugh.

At this time, everyone’s attention returned to Qing Yaoyin’s hand. There were clear cutting sounds coming from the cocoon in his hand. A small opening appeared in the cocoon made from cold silk. The being that came out devoured the cold silk. In the next moment, it gave off a terrifying energy.

With a soft tremor, the golden flame reached Qing Yaoyin and stopped.

This was a cicada the size of a thumb and seemed to be made from dark gold. Other than having six wings, it did not look any different from other cicadas. However, at this moment, everyone could sense its wariness and enmity towards the thing in the cocoon.

This thing which had not yet come out of the cocoon clearly made it nervous. As to the coiled up soaring snakes in the sky, they were so terrified they were stiff. Their bloodthirsty presences had disappeared, and they did not even dare to exude their energies.

The wind, rain and giant waves in the sky disappeared. They were frozen in the air, not knowing whether to land or flee. They did not even dare to flee. This was an innate terror, the terror towards something of higher existence.

For a true Nether dragon, these serpents were just food.

All the people present were looking at the opening cocoon in Qing Yaoyin’s hand. They knew that Qing Yaoyin’s guess had been right. Even if the thing coming out of the cocoon was not a true Nether dragon, it was just different in terms of appearance.

“No problem,” Qing Yaoyin looked at the nervous cicada, nodded and said calmly.

This cicada seemed able to understand his words, and quickly flew back into his sleeve.

“I need your vital energy.” Qing Yaoyin looked up at Zhangsun Qianxue and took out a silver pill bottle. He nodded at her as he carefully dripped out the medicine fluid in the bottle.

Zhangsun Qianxue understood from his gaze what to do. She forced some lifebond energy out of her body around the medicine fluid to enter the cocoon.

The cocoon in Qing Yaoyin’s hand suddenly jumped. This was a joyful presence. In the next moment, with a pop, a wave of energy surged out, and the bulging cocoon collapsed like a piece of paper.

This was the debut of a king that could make serpents submit. Everyone looked with anticipation, but in the next moment, everyone was stunned.

Zhangsun Qianxue was silent for a breath, and could not help but say, “You are really ugly.”

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