Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 76 “Friendship Blessing”

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Chapter Seventy-Six: Friendship Blessing

Especially during the time when the You Dynasty conquered the world, the Nether dragon was like the You Emperor, the symbol of invincibility. In any cultivation record, including the Nether dragon that was not yet matured and had appeared in Changling, their appearance could be described as “terrifying,” accompanied by “spectacular,” “grand” and other such terms.

Their scales seemed to be black crystals made from ice thousands of years old. Their claws were forged from cold metal hammered thousands of times. Even the lines on the borders of their scales were natural seal scripts, and in the perceptions of the cultivators, they had a unique and profound feeling of beauty.

In the earliest records, the ancient people needed to fight back against powerful beasts so they searched for the truth of cultivators from the heaven path. Then cultivators appeared. Many of the methods of the cultivators, and their ways of using primal energies of the universe originated mostly from studying the beasts.

So, to all those present, this being that emerged from the cocoon and could be called a new Nether dragon should be stunning in appearance, even if it was very small.

But the reality was very stunning. Because the being that came out of the cocoon was… astoundingly ugly.

In the past, the black ice worm had been like a caterpillar without its hairs, and now it was not possible to say whether the black ice worm was formed like a worm or a dragon. It did not have any scales, but its skin had turned a deep back which shone with light. There was a pair of horns on its head, but the horns were deep red, very short, and appeared very thick compared to its body. It had grown flesh wings and four limbs, but there was a pair of short and small wings on its back, and shrunken forelimbs and thick rear limbs which appeared not proportional with its body, not to mention the long arrow tipped tail it had.

Disregarding the unique and powerful presence which came off its body, just from the outside appearance, the first feeling that people had when looking at this being was that it was shaped by a child out of mud, but they could not do it well, and just pieced together something at will.

“You are really ugly.”

Zhangsun Qianxue’s words echoed in everyone’s ears. She rarely said such things, so Ding Ning could not help but laugh out loud right now.

He looked at the stunned “Nether dragon” and said with a smile, “At least it is not ugly everywhere. Its eyes are quite pretty.”

Qian Mu was looking the most closely, and did not even blink. He frowned as he looked at the “Nether dragon”. Hearing Ding Ning’s words, he could not help but burst into laughter.

This “Nether dragon’s” eyes were a pure red, the kind of red of a ruby under the sun, bright and eye-catching. Just looking at its eyes, it was pretty. But with its dark skin, and the short and thick horns on its head, people could not help but want to laugh.

When Qian Mu laughed, there was a hiss in the air. As it inhaled, all of the remaining cocoon silk was consumed, and the coldness in its body increased again. Even now, it still seemed dazed, not knowing what was going on. But when it met Ding Ning’s gaze, its body shook. It clearly still kept the memories of the black ice worm, and it feared him, instinctively going to Zhangsun Qianxue’s side.

It only got close to Zhangsun Qianxue because it innately feared the Nine Death Silkworm in Ding Ning’s body. But the moment it came close, it sensed a presence that made it feel intimate and content.

It immediately moved closer.

This infant dragon was still confused and anxious, but the living soaring serpents into the air were going mad.

This was due to their nature. They were so shocked by the presence of the infant dragon that even the Jiaodong Commandery medicines and special whistles lost their effect. They immediately wanted to flee, but could not break free of the formation. In the next moment, they naturally had intentions of submitting and begging.

The other beasts hiding in the wind and rain that came with them did not have the special feeling of these serpents. They still wanted to dive down and feed. In the next moment, they were torn apart by these two serpents.

The king was the king.

Qing Yaoyin frowned as he looked at this scene. He was not dissatisfied, but even he was shocked.

This infant dragon was very weak and small, but after merging with Zhangsun Qianxue’s Nine Hell King Sword energy, it had a powerful energy that even the Nether dragon raised at Min Mountain did not.

Could it completely intimidate and rule these serpents?

Was it that the Nether dragon and the Nine Hell King Sword together was the true path of the You Dynasty, and was now complete?

“You can try to think about it.”

Qing Yaoyin took a deep breath and said to Zhangsun Qianxue, “Things like this may not understand our word, but they have their own ways of judging. They can judge from our minute movements and changes in emotions to judge what we want them to do. The longer you are together, the fewer mistakes they will make. Also, your Nine Hell King Sword will cause it to fear you but also feel close to you. It is the sword to command it. So there is no need for me to use some special spirit medicines and methods to help you tame it.”

Zhangsun Qianxue nodded. She looked at the infant dragon that wanted to stay close to her but did not dare to. Then she looked at the two soaring snakes in the sky and said, “Since these two soaring snakes fear you so much, then tame them.”

This infant dragon looked at Zhangsun Qianxue for a few breaths, looking at her expression and gaze, but it finally understood.

In the next moment, to everyone’s shock, it seemed to disappear from Zhangsun Qianxue’s side. It immediately came to a place above the head of one of the soaring snakes, so quick like it was Tantai Guanjian’s sword, leaving behind a dark streak in the sky!

It fell on the soaring snake’s head. This soaring snake and the other one nearby softened immediately and fell down powerlessly.

In the next moment, this infant dragon returned to Zhangsun Qianxue’s side, raising its head like it was asking for praise, its ruby-like eyes filled with excitement.

Qian Mu slowly stopped laughing, his eyes filling with seriousness.

While this infant dragon was laughably ugly, just from how it dominated these soaring snakes instantly, it was already very shocking.

“Give it a name?” He thought of how even he had a name and could not help but suggest.

Tantai Guanjian looked at the infant dragon, and worried, it was so black, would it be called Little Black?

“It is a blessing from the heavens, and came from a friend, so let it be Friendship Blessing,” Ding Ning said.

No one objected. He had been the one to bring this infant dragon out of the Min Mountain Sword Trials, it belonged to him. Also, everyone understood why he chose such a name.

This came from friendship.

Baili Suxue worked so hard and needed a Nether dragon because he was Wang Jingmeng’s friend and he wanted to kill Zheng Xiu to get revenge for Wang Jingmeng.

“They come again,” Qian Mu suddenly looked up and said.

In the sky outside the formation of dust mountains, there was the sound of wind, rain, and the hiss of the soaring snakes.

“Then what kind of blessing is this, enemy’s blessing?” Zhangsun Qianxue said with slightly scorn.

Hearing her words, Tantai Guanjian could not help but shake his head. He thought if the people of Jiaodong Commandery knew that the soaring snakes they had spent hundreds of years to accumulate, how would they feel when these snakes entered the formation and turned to the side of the enemy?

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