Apocalypse Lord Chapter 27 “Camp Upgrade”

Last time, on Apocalypse Lord: Yun Ling and Lu Chuan clear out the factory with the S-rank skill, leveling up and fully outfitting the NPCs in the process.

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Chapter 27 – Camp Upgrade

Night came.

The surroundings were terrifyingly dark.

Yun Ling took out a torch from her backpack and lit it. Instantly, the surroundings grew bright.

“Let’s go back to camp,” she said.

The night was quiet and people rarely came out at this time. But the monsters were more active, and the streets and alleys were lively.

On the way back, even though they tried to avoid, they still fought numerous times.

Yun Ling could not help but mutter, “Stop coming, my backpack cannot fit all this!”

An hour later.

The group of six successfully returned to camp.

“Next time, there is a chance, let’s work together.” Yun Ling waved in farewell.

“Yes.” Lu Chuan responded softly.

If this was anyone else, after the first enchantment failed, they would not give the second enchantment crystal to him. No matter what, Yun Ling appeared to be the best partner.

“Let’s go.” Yun Ling left with the NPCs.


It was late, but there were many things to do.

First was to go into the warehouse and unload the supplies.

Then, she had to go to the mission hall and reset the missions.

She saw the linen cloth, wood and silk thread missions were all fully completed. The cotton cloth, canvas, spider silk, willow wood, cornmeal, flour, and rice missions were completed 8-13 times.

She would never object to more materials. Even if she could not use them now, she could hoard it, since the warehouse could hold it.

As Yun Ling thought this, she set the upper limit of the collection missions to thirty times.

Then she inspected the attributes of the NPCs. Yun Ling found to her surprise that Priest A, left in the camp, had 23/100 XP.

The NPC had not even taken a step out, nor killed a monster. Where did they get their experience points?

As she was thinking this, a person stumbled into the camp, and hurriedly came in front of Priest A, asking for healing.

After taking 3 copper coins, Priest A cast the skill.

The person saw the wounds quickly heal, and slowly exhaled.

Priest A’s experience turned from 23/100 to 25/100.

It was possible to get experience points and level up without killing monsters? There had not been such a rule during the beta.

Yun Ling keenly realized that the game settings had changed.

Thinking about it, she had Priest A go into the warehouse to change equipment.

After changing everything, Priest A’s attributes rose greatly. Each time the skill was used, the healing effect would be better.

“Priest B, you will stay in the camp as well and provide paid healing for the residents.” Yun Ling decided after thinking for a moment.

“Yes, Lord,” Priest B said respectfully.

The black cloth was taken off, and the name was set to be visible. Priest B openly walked to the center of the camp, and kept Priest A company.

In the end, she viewed the territory attributes.

The Tailor Shop and Woodworking Workshop were booming, and notifications constantly came in.

[The Tailor Shop has sold 1 x Cloth Shoes. Congratulations, you have received 100 copper coins.]

[The Woodworking Workshop has sold 1 x Wood Stick. Congratulations, you have received 100 copper coins.]

[The Tailor Shop has sold 1 x Simple Bandage. Congratulations, you have received 50 copper coins.]

Each shop had a steady daily income of over 500 copper coins. Adding on the overnight fees the temporary residents paid to stay, the healing fees that Priest A charged, and the taxes that players paid when making transactions, the camp made 2000 copper coins each day, and her savings had unconsciously grown.

After finishing with the matters, Yun Ling originally wanted to return to rest. But thinking of the system notification that she received the first time she made simple bandages, she suddenly had an idea, and changed her mind.


Time slowly passed.

When the words on the right top corner became “Day 6, calamity day, 00:00:01,” the window automatically appeared.

[1. Unlock 4 different buildings. (Completed)]

[2. For 3 consecutive days, have over 120 temporary residents. (Completed)]

[3. For 3 consecutive days, the daily territory income surpasses 1500 copper coins. (Completed)]

[All conditions are met. Will you pay 5000 copper coins to upgrade the territory to a village?]

Yun Ling pressed “yes.”

Then, many system notifications appeared.

[Upgrade success.]

[Territory area has expanded.]

[Congratulations “Rising Cloud Camp” For being the first to become a village. The lord is rewarded 500 experience points. The lord is rewarded 1000 copper coins.]

[Congratulations, Player, for leveling up.]

[Congratulations, Player, for leveling up.]

[You have received 6 free attribute points to be allocated at will.]

[Congratulations “Rising Cloud Camp” For being the first to become a village. Unlockable buildings +1.]

[Congratulations “Rising Cloud Camp” For being the first to become a village. Resident buff +1]

[Please select 2 of the following four options as the reward. (all official residents can enjoy the buff status)]

  1. HP +50.

  2. Base recovery speed +1 HP/min.

  3. Leveling speed 1.1 times.

  4. Life skill levelling 1.1 times.

Yun Ling. “!!!”

Only children would make choices. Adults wanted everything.

But the stupid system only allowed 2 out of 4.

Considering that in the early stages of the game, the players were weak in survival, Yun Ling closed her eyes in pain and helplessly chose 1 and 2.

The rewarded experience was so rich that Yun Ling went up two levels. As to the attribute points after leveling up, she put them all on stamina.

After the leveling up, her attribute became —

[Name: Yun Ling]

[Level: 4]

[HP: 660/660]

[MP: 60/60]

[Attributes: Strength 3 (+6), Agility 4 (+4), Stamina 16 (+25), Intelligence 6, Spirit 6]

Note: Equipment bonuses are in parentheses.

[Skill: Heart of Nature (S-rank), Thorn Sting (S-rank), Super Fast Recovery (S-rank).]

[Base Recovery Speed: 14 HP/min, 1 MP/min.]

She had powerful attributes.

Yun Ling was comforted. “One day, the dream of recovery being faster than HP drops may become reality.”

After doing all this, she opened the territory attribute window.

[Territory Name: Rising Cloud]

[Level: Village. (There are four levels, campsite, village, town, city.)]

[Tax: 5%. (0-100%, the lord has the power to adjust it independently)]

[Population Capacity: 1000]

[Existing Residents: 200]

[Unlockable Buildings: 7]

[Existing Buildings: 4]

[Existing building detail:

Warehouse (Level 1): 200 square meters in area, can store various resources, and extend date of use for food. (Note: The lord can set an access list and allow specific people to use it.)

Mission Hall (Level 1): Can issue missions, attract and recruit NPC talents.

Woodworking Workshop (Level 1): Can create simple weapons, provide wood household items.

Tailor Shop (Level 1): Can make clothes and armor.]

”Population capacity now 1000? This is good, more players can stay here.” Yun Ling thought.

“The first to upgrade to a village, unlockable building +1, still only 7 unlockable slots it really is …” When she read more, she was speechless.

Yun Ling shook her head and found the buildings waiting to be unlocked. She first chose to unlock the “Residences.”

Residence (Level 1): Simple wood house for players to live in. Requires 100 copper coins to build one. (A village can create at most 200)

Yun Ling first chose to build 10 without a word.

Copper coins -1000

The ten wood houses came out of the ground and were quickly built.

Yun Ling chose one of them as her residence, and then packed up to move in during the night.

The wood house was not large, about 20 square meters. With a wood bed, a table, a chair, and then a cupboard, the house was basically filled.

But even so, a residence was a very important structure.

After buying a residence, the wood house would become the player’s personal property. If other people wanted to visit, they could only enter with the owner’s permission.

Also, in a time of trouble, food and equipment were eye-catching. If one showed wealth, they may be targeted by others. Hidden in the wood room, no one would know.

At the end, residences could give players the feeling of safety and privacy. This was something no other building could provide.

Entering the new house, Yun Ling put the bedding on the floor and fell asleep when she laid down.


[Name: Wood House]

Use Effect: After purchasing, the player will possess 20 square meters of private space. No one is allowed to enter without permission.

Price: 500 copper coins.

Note: Special equipment. Each official residence may only purchase one.

This morning, You Qing Wen woke up early, wanting to go to the Tailor Shop to buy High Quality Bandages ahead of the rest.

Right now, the players in Rising Cloud Territory were polarized.

The ones not well off were worried each day for the 5 copper coins each night. They did not know when their next meal was, and sometimes starved. The ones doing better waited at the Tailor Shop each day to buy Simple Bandages and High Quality Bandages, fearing other people would buy them.

You Qing Wen frequently led teams out on expeditions. She thought she had to hoard recovery items like the Simple Bandages, and High Quality Bandages. Because of this, she woke up early, preparing to go into the shop to buy before everyone woke up.

But before she reached the Tailor Shop, she glanced unconsciously at the wood houses on the way there.

She thought inside, there were no wood houses here yesterday night. When had they been built? What was the use in the newly created buildings?

You Qing Wen swore she’d just casually check out of curiosity.

But after reading the building explanation, she was stuck by lightning.

You Qing Wen did not care about the bandages, turning to run and shouting, “Ming Yue, take out your secret money you stole away! Let’s buy a house!!”


There were many limitations to buying a wood house.

First, one had to be an official resident.

Second, they had to have 500 copper coins.

The two conditions stopped most players.

But no matter the time or place, some people would always be doing well.

Before 7 o’clock, 4 out of the 10 wood houses were sold, and only 5 were left.


In the morning, Yun Ling made a rare sleep in. When she woke up, she saw the system notification, [Rising Cloud Territory has sold 1 x Wood House. Congratulations, you have received 500 copper coins.]

There were 4 of these messages. This meant that she had 2000 copper coins coming in.

Yun Ling was very happy and immediately used the income to build 20 wood houses.

After doing this, she yawned and got up, officially starting her new day.


Ji Ling Feng spent 100 copper coins to become an official resident of Rising Cloud Territory. His original intention was to buy a house but then he received a system notification.

[You have become an official resident of Rising Cloud Territory. ]

[As an official resident of said territory, you can enjoy the following buffs.]

[1. HP +50]

[2. Base recovery speed +1 HP/min.]

Ji Ling Feng was stunned.

In the Apocalypse Calamity game, there was only one life. There was no way to cherish this life too much. There were two buffs, one increasing the HP upper limit, the other the basic recovery speed. There was nothing more practical than this.

If his teammates could enjoy this buff, then …

Ji Ling Feng was full of spirit, walking outwards, his expression eager.

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