Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 79 “Pure and Killing”

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Chapter Seventy-Nine: Pure and Killing

This academian was only a realm five, and in the world of cultivators, there was a great distance between him and Fang Xiumu. If this was a normal time, even if it was an ordinary realm seven grandmaster, they likely would not stop to waste words with a person like him.

But at this time, Fang Xiumu was in a wondrous state, and right now, he first had to go with his own feelings. So he stopped, and even turned around to look at this academian who was so shocked and confused. He said, “Everyone in the world, including Yuanwu and that person felt that I have so much more cultivation talent than my brother, but the truth is not so.”

This academian suppressed the shock and terror he felt. He looked at Fang Xiumu who seemed to give off a gem like light and was even more confused. Everyone in the world knew Fang Xiumu’s cultivation talent. Back then, that person had made a trip to the Fang establishment, and thought that Fang Xiumu would achieve greater things than Fang Xiang and the others.

Fang Xiumu had not fought for many years in Changling, and almost had no records of fighting other people. But most cultivators, after seeing him, would be won over. So even though he stayed in seclusion these years to cultivate, his fame had grown.

Fang Xiumu was the most talented cultivator in his generations of cultivators. This was something that everyone recognized. Yet now, he was saying such things. Had Yuanwu and *that person been wrong?*

“My older brother appears not as good as me because he did everything, but I only needed to consider the problem of cultivation. So in the past many years, he did many things, while I was just a fanatic about cultivation.”

Fang Xiumu thought of many past memories. He felt slightly sad. “The part that I am not as good as my brother is that I do not understand him well enough, but he understands me better than myself.”

“I cultivate the Pure Nature Scripture, and cultivated a pure and natural state of mind. In my seclusion, I raised a pond of fish because I wanted to see the joy of the carp in that limited clear world. Before the Deer Mountain Conference, I had a chance for a breakthrough. But my brother told me, I still lacked something.”

“I left Changling and went to the sea, and stayed there for a long time. I kept on feeling that I was missing something. Today, when I heard of my brother’s death, I understood what I was lacking.”

“Pureness, inaction, being void of desire, while it suits my cultivation state of mind, when the fish jumps the dragon gate, they need a spirit to fight to the death. I did not fight or kill, how can I jump out of the water, leave that limited world, and have the mind of a carp wanting to become a dragon?”

“I lacked this killing intent. My brother understood me too well. He used his own death to give me such an opportunity.”

Hearing Fang Xiumu’s words, this academian started to understand, but he did not resist asking, “Then why did you decide to stay here and do heavy labor every day?”

“Since I cannot be too pure, then let me see another world. The world of ordinary people may have something that I lack. My mind, in the past years of cultivation, became a pond of still water. Luckily, this cruel official did well, his orders displeased me more and more, and finally aroused my killing intent.” Fang Xiumu looked at the academian said, “Also, while this place is not near Changling, it is not too far.”

The academian was silent. In the rumors, this cultivation fanatic had gone to the sea, leaving behind this mortal world, going to distant lands, but in reality, he stayed in this world, and had not gone far away.

His cultivation was too low, and he could not guess at Fang Xiumu’s present cultivation level. But looking at the glowing light Fang Xiumu gave off, he knew that when Fang Xiumu left this time, he would be a dragon charging out of the abyss. For the Qin Dynasty, they would have another powerful and terrifying enemy.

“You… Where are you going to go?”

The whereabouts of such a person was very important to the Qin Dynasty. So even knowing that his question could anger the other and cause his deed, looking at Fang Xiumu who had turned around, this academian still took a deep breath and asked.

Fang Xiumu’s expression was unperturbed. He did not stop walking and just said, “This place is more close to Yin Mountain, and right now, what is the meaning in me going back to Changling, who can I kill?”

This academian could not speak.

When Fang Xiumu’s figure disappeared from his sight, his body felt even colder. He started to think that Fang Xiumu used his question to express his attitude and told the whole world. He said, what was the meaning in returning to Changling, who could he kill? But with Fang Xiumu’s present cultivation, who in Changling could he not kill?

At the moment, Zheng Xiu and several other people.

So his meaning was, starting now, he would become Zheng Xiu and Yuanwu’s enemy, and he was going to kill Zheng Xiu and Yuanwu. He told the people of the world he was going to Yin Mountain, and at the same time, he told many grandmasters who wanted to go that the Ba Mountain Sword Field’s enemies would have to fight him.

While he had always cultivated and did not fight, how many of the world’s grandmasters had the confidence to win against him?


Fang Xiumu silently moved with the waves. The river was broad and his mind, open. He finally understood why Ye Celeng, with talent and so many years of deliberate suppression, had such achievements in cultivation.

Because the cultivation of some people was fanatical, and people like her fought for their lives with each step in cultivation.

If he had kept on cultivating quietly in that little courtyard, he may have had an astounding lifespan, but in the end, he would have no joy or sorrow, not being disturbed by anything in the outside world. In the end, he would become a wooden person without any emotions.

But people were born with emotions, and many things they could not cut away. If he cut away all this, what marks would this person leave behind? Then what was the use in living?

As he advanced, there were layers of clear light coming off his body, like on a morning, as the sun started to rise, the ripples of light coming off the water.

These layers of clean light had been accumulated over his many years of cultivation. They were coming out of his body, slowly taking form into a sword in front of him, and becoming his lifebond sword.

This sword sank underneath his feet and slowly revealed his killing intent.

The river waters parted. His sword was like a fast ship breaking through the waves, and going against the current.


When Fang Xiumu’s lifebond sword took form, and going towards Yin Mountain, Fu Su, who had been unconscious in the formation for a long time, was gradually waking up.

He sensed that the wounds in his body were turning for the better due to a medicine power in his body. Then he saw Qing Yaoyin who was closest to him.

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