Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 80 “Red Robe and White Robe”

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Chapter Eighty: Red Robe and White Robe

Fu Su looked at the indigo robes of the Min Mountain Sword Sect which Qing Yaoyin wore, and his messy and unkempt hair that was like a beggar. He knew among the cultivators of Min Mountain Sword Sect, only the demon farmer would be so unkempt.

While this person spent a lot of time studying beasts, in reality, he was skilled in medicine while Geng Ren was skilled in poisons. The two of them were the best in the world.

Fu Su knew that the wounds in his body were getting better, and naturally this may be because of this person’s medicine. This medicine power was very soft and comfortable. Yet, looking at Qing Yaoyin, Fu Su felt even more pain inside. He said in great pain, “Elder, will you drag all of Min Mountain Sword Sect and the dynasty into this for just some personal grievances?”

“This is not a personal grievance but a matter of reason.”

Qing Yaoyin looked at the pained Qin Crown Prince and said, “Wang Jingmeng had the entire Ba Mountain Sword Field. If he wanted to steal the country and Yuanwu’s throne, it would be very easy. This is the reason for brotherhood and trust. But Zheng Xiu betrayed him, Yuanwu killed him and destroyed Ba Mountain Sword Field. This damaged the feelings between husband and wife, and between friends. If father and son, husband and wife, brothers, and friends all disregard reason, then what kind of world is this? Getting revenge for a brother is not dragging in all of Min Mountain Sword Sect and the entire dynasty. But people, when they live in this world, have to be reasonable.”

Fu Su could not object. The more he learned about the past events, the closer he got to the truth of the past, the more pain he felt. But he could not understand. How could his father-emperor do such a thing back then?

“No one likes to fight.” Qing Yaoyin looked at him and said, “Especially, no one likes to fight with the risk of being killed. So you first must understand why people will fight like this.”

Fu Su had a hard time breathing. He looked at the Donghu monk sitting like dried wood on the side,and at Qian Mu who was a bit younger than him, and then Tantai Guanjian, Ding Ning and Zhangsun Qianxue. These people were among the best in the world. Yet after all the battles, each person was in a bad condition, and looked very miserable. Thinking of the reason for these people who could avoid the world and live very well because of their cultivation, he could not speak.

Then he did not look at the infant dragon coiled up by Zhangsun Qianxue’s side but the dozens of soaring snakes coiled up by a dust mountain. When he saw these serpents who were loyal to the Jiaodong Commandery submit to the people beside him, he was even more shocked.


Ye Xiao had not died yet. He was in a state of dying.

At this time, outside the thousand dust mountains, there were cultivators everywhere. Any cultivator could kill him easily, like crushing an ant. But there was no meaning in killing him right now. Also, as the person who started this killing trap that could change the state of the world, adding on his identity and the price he paid, many cultivators would not let him die easily.

At this time, there was a Jiaodong Commandery cultivator dressed in yellow robes standing next to him. This Jiaodong Commandery cultivator was a very old woman. Her wrinkles were enough to soak up a bowl of rain water, and she held a bone whistle in her hand.

There were many other cultivators also dressed in yellow robes standing to the sides of these two people.

Looking at the traces of the soaring snakes who entered the dust mountains, her eyes were full of feeling.

“Are you content?” she softly asked Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao was not able to speak, but content and gratitude appeared in his eyes. He had put in his life and everything left from his family. The Jiaodong Commandery also put in their efforts of many generations. So many serpents had entered the formation. Even if the people inside did not die, they should not have much energy left.

Then what was just left was to do the final clean up.

A bright red color appeared in his dilated eyes.

A cultivator dressed in bright red robes appeared here, walking in front of him and the old Jiaodong Commandery woman.

This was an old person with white hair and beard. There was a kind of odd violence and disbelief on his face.

When this old person appeared in front of him, Ye Xiao’s eyes grew more content.

There were very few people in the cultivation world who liked to wear bright red. One was the color was too strong and flamboyant. Red was very crude, and too eye-catching. On some battlefields, it would easily attract the attention of the enemies, and they would become the first people to be killed.

Even in Changling, the official robes were usually dark red, deep red, or purple red. But back then when Wang Jingmeng fought his way into Changling, the cultivator who appeared in front of Wang Jingmeng, appeared in front of everyone, was this red robe.

A burst of fire had burst out of the red robe, covering Wang Jingmeng, and burned all of the fire that Wang Jingmeng had spilled. It had burned Wang Jingmeng who had died from battle until not even dust was left.

The red robe was the Master of Fire. The sect master of Li Fire Sect.

In the legends, after burning Wang Jingmeng’s remains, the Li Fire Sect had been exterminated by some of the experts of Ba Mountain Sword Field. But there had been too many matters to pay attention to back then. Some people said the Master of Fire had just been wounded and had not died, but there had been news that he had been killed, but it was all unconfirmed.

Now, this old person was the Master of Fire. He was still alive. Naturally, he had not died back then.

Back then, he had been arranged in the end to burn everything, it was naturally due to Yuanwu and Zheng Xiu’s fear.

Yuanwu and Zheng Xiu had not known the secrets of the Nine Death Silkworm. They had heard some stories of it, but they did not even know if Wang Jingmeng cultivated the Nine Death Silkworm. To be safe, they got a cultivator like him to make sure Wang Jingmeng could not even leave a drop of blood behind.

But a problem had still occurred.

The Master of Fire could not understand where the problem had occurred. This terror of the unknown caused him to be slightly violent and anxious. But it was certain that they would not let the person in the dust mountains grow up. To Yuanwu and Zheng Xiu, even if they were not absolutely confident, they had to make this more secure.

So the Master Of Fire alone was not enough. After the red robe appeared, on this hill, another cultivator appeared.

This cultivator was dressed in clean white robes. But his body gave off a deathly energy that only people who cultivated the ghostly past had. He held a white bamboo staff. So adding on what he was dressed in, he looked to be in mourning robes.

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