Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 81 “Uproot”

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Chapter Eighty-One: Uproot

The anxiousness of the Master of Fire came from his terror of the Ba Mountain Sword Field and the Nine Death Silkworm, but his violence came from his extreme confidences. He thought if the Nine Death Silkworm really had the ability to come back to life, and if even the fire he cultivated could not destroy the Nine Death Silkworm, no matter how many cultivators came to destroy the remains, it was useless.

When the red-robe encountered the white-robe, and he saw the face of the cultivator, he paled and shouted, “Crown Prince Yugou!”

Even Ye Xiao, on the verge of unconsciousness, heard the great shock in the Master of Fire’s voice.

Even he came?

This was Ye Xiao’s first thought.

This white-robed cultivator was similar to Yuanwu in features and figure, because he himself was Yuanwu’s brother, just from another mother. He was the eighth son of the previous emperor of the Qin. After the imperial son, the one who had been the most favored by the Qin emperor, died after fighting with Yuanwu, Yuanwu had not easily become the crown prince.

Originally, the previous emperor did not want to make Yuanwu the crown prince, and in an edict which had been created, Cheng Jiao had been the crown prince candidate he had chosen, to restrain Yuanwu and the Ba Mountain Sword Field.

There were many stories about this crown prince among the people. They said that he was born with jade in his mouth and received Heaven’s blessing. But regardless of the stories, he had been defeated even faster than Yuanwu’s previous enemies.

Before the edict had even been sent out, he disappeared from Changling.

There were two reasons that the Master of Fire was so shocked. First, he had been one of the old people of Changling who had experienced the many battles back then. As one of Yuanwu’s closest confidants, and the person who cleaned up in the end, he knew the reason that this Crown Prince Yugou had been defeated was because he cultivated a powerful but evil ghostly path, and because he was in such a hurry, he went mad.

The other reason was, regardless of the story, this Crown Prince was dead. But now he was alive. Clearly, the Crown Prince was the other cultivator he was waiting for to make sure the Nine Death Silkworm was killed.

Regardless of whether it was him or this Crown Prince Yugou, the reason that they appeared so quickly outside the formation was because of Zheng Xiu and Yuanwu’s arrangements. The spring war against the Chu had just been a trap to lure out the Nine Death Silkworm. If there were any surprises, it was that Fu Su was also trapped in here.

Strictly speaking, Crown Prince Yugou was Yuanwu and Zheng Xiu’s enemy. Why was he being used by Yuanwu and Zheng Xiu?

“Do not doubt my intentions in coming.”

When Crown Prince Yugou came close, it was possible to see that the white bamboo staff in his hand was made from fine white jade carved like bamboo. His expression was calm, but his presence was like all other cultivators who cultivated the ghostly path, dark and cold. He looked at the Master of Fire, two dots of white energy flashing in his eyes like two small skeletons were talking. “Since I am able to appear here, it means that Yuanwu and Zheng Xiu trust me, so you do not need to worry.”

After a pause, this Crown Prince Yugou looked at the dust mountains and said icily, “In terms of hate, I hate Wang Jingmeng and the Ba Mountain Sword Field far beyond everyone else.”

The Master of Fire slowly nodded. He took a deep breath so he could quickly calm down and said, “To have both of us come, we must have our own uses. What should we do?”

“The essence fire you cultivate can find any drop of blood from a cultivator, and burn everything that had the cultivator’s presence into dust. Even the ash would be burned up.” Crown Prince Yugou said coldly, “If that is not enough to destroy the Nine Death Silkworm, then we will stop the Nine Death Silkworm from leaking out. You can find every drop of flesh and blood, turning it to dust. Then I have a way to gather all the dust. I do not believe, when the dust is trapped in my staff, the Nine Death Silkworm will have something left in the world. Even if the dust can come back to life in my staff, I will destroy it. If it comes back to life a hundred times, I will kill it a hundred times.”

When the Crown Prince said the last words, his expression was still very cold, but everyone heard the great hatred in his words.

The Master of Fire did not know what had happened in the past to make the Crown Prince hate so much. But the flesh, blood and vital energy of the cultivator was accumulated through energy. When there was no energy left, no matter how magical the Nine Death Silkworm was, there naturally was no possibility of coming back to life. If there were no more hidden dangers, he would feel assured.

“You can enter formation,” the old woman in yellow robes from Jiaodong Commandery urged coolly.

She was just an old woman, but she was the most senior person in Jiaodong Commandery, she was Zheng Xiu’s great-grandmother. She had lived longer than any expert of the same generation in Jiaodong Commandery. She knew whether or not something would succeed would depend on being timely and not having any other troubles.

Right now, many cultivators had not arrived, and many cultivators were blocked outside. While Qing Yaoyin had killed an academian of the imperial palace to enter, he must not have had an easy time to win. So many serpents had entered. Other than Qing Yaoyin, who else in the formation still had the ability to fight?

On her side, there were three people who could enter the formation to win, the Master of Fire, Crown Prince Yugou, and her. Regardless of other cultivators who may come later, that would be after victory was determined, and there was no more meaning.

“Enough.” Crown Prince Yugou looked at her and the Master of Fire, nodding and expressing his agreement. He had come here originally just to see if the people who should come here had arrived.

In the next moment, white waves appeared under his feet. A very uncomfortable dark energy formed the shape of a bone ship under his feet. It moved along the waves like it was sliding along the wind and moved at astounding speed towards the dust mountains.

It was hard for other cultivators to get close to this kind of ghost energy. The Master of Fire frowned slightly. Flames shot around him, and he stayed several dozen feet away from Crown Prince Yugou.

Above them, there came the cry of a crane.

The yellow-robed woman rode a red-crowned crane, and looked like the immortals in the stories, shrouded in clouds.

The red-crowned crane’s feathers were as bright as platinum, and the clouds were surging out of its body. Its energies were so strong it was equal to the soaring snakes, and it was also a rare being.

There was a muffled bang.

The dust mountains shook, and a hole seemed to be torn open in the formation. Dust sprayed out, but as the three entered, the dust pulled back, and the dust mountains returned to stillness.

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