Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 83 “Murder”

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Chapter Eighty-Three: Murder

This pause was for only a minuscule of time to a cultivator like her, and just less than a thousandth of the time to flick a finger for an ordinary person. In the next moment, this Jiaodong Commandery monster did not hesitate in channeling her vital energy into the bone whistle hanging in front of her chest.

The serpents in the ocean lived together in groups. While they were not as powerful as the land dragons, there were enormous numbers of serpents who lived together, and they were harder to deal with than the land dragons. This bone whistle was made from the spine of the strongest soaring snake in the group. Back then, when one wanted to kill the leading soaring snake, they needed to fight against the power of the entire group. After the strongest soaring snake died back then, it was not possible for such a leader to appear in the group again. So the whistle was something that these soaring snakes feared the most.

When she put a thread of vital energy into the bone whittle, what she activated was not just the sound that Jiaodong Commandery subconsciously made the soaring snakes follow through training, but also the energy of the king among them.

In this group, where the weak was eaten, this innate terror was more terrifying than any medicine. So Zheng An, this old Jiaodong Commandery monster, thought that even if Qing Yaoyin used some medicine to control these soaring snakes, these snakes would go back and attack Qing Yaoyin. Other than that moment of shock at the start, she did not feel any disappointment or fear.

However, things did not go as she expected.

When the bone whistle hanging from her chest started to make a shrill sound, as the presence of the soaring snake leader exploded, the dozen soaring snakes which passed through the dust mountains did not hesitate at all. The energies in their bodies surged out without anything held back. They summoned the clouds and rain from all directions, and threw it up into the sky.

Great sounds of crashes exploded into the air, like hundreds of divine ships colliding in the air. Drops of rain bigger than a fist seemed to fill the area covered by the dust mountains. Then in the next moment, these drops were crushed by violent power, and turned to fine powder. Water quickly accumulated on the ground.

At this moment, the water which came down was likely more than what had rained in many past decades. Strangely, it did not pass above everyone’s knees. After quickly rising up, it suddenly vented out.

In the sight of the cultivators outside the dust mountains, a true circle of waves appeared on the perimeter of the formation which washed out in all directions.

In the air, Zheng An moved up hundreds of feet in the air, face pale. Her body was trembling slightly, some vital energy moving uncontrollably through her meridians, creating some damage to her body, and for the first time in many years, she tasted blood in the back of her throat. But compared to her trivial injuries, the effect on her mind was even greater.

These soaring snakes were not dead, and she had lost complete control of them!


The people on the ground looked at the shocked Jiaodong Commandery monsters in the air. No one attacked, but the “World Holding Ball” she created with all her power was easily blocked like this. Even Qing Yaoyin’s cicada temporarily avoided the terrifying energy collisions. Everyone understood her emotions right now.

“Very good luck.” Ding Ning could not help but smile. Then he said softly to Qing Yaoyin and the others, “The Master of Fire has come as well.”

“The Master Of Fire?”

Zhangsun Qianxue, Qing Yaoyin and the others frowned. While they could not feel the presence of the Master of Fire right now, since Ding Ning said so, then it would not be wrong. They immediately felt lucky.

The Master of Fire had appeared at the last moment of the battle in Changling, and then grew famous. He cultivated a strange method. The vital energy gathered the primal energies of the universe to form a fire that seemed able to burn all energies in the world.

Other than this, he had nothing special in terms of his body or the use of sword manuals. But this one thing was enough. From a certain meaninging, other than Zheng Xiu and Yuanwu needing him back then to make sure the Nine Death Silkworm could be destroyed, before his vital energy was used up, the other cultivators were almost unable to kill him, and could only use up his vital energy.

Such an enemy was not very terrifying for a top expert in realm seven, but hard to deal with.

“Control Zheng An, kill the Master of Fire first.” Ding Ning turned to Tantai Guanjian and said slowly, “Since vital energy cannot kill him, then we need to use a real sword. I need you to take me to his side.”

Tantai Guanjian stilled and almost unconsciously thought… Has your vital energy recovered enough? But in the next moment, he realized. Since it was by a sword and close combat, then not much vital energy was needed, and in terms of use of the sword, no one in the world could likely compare to Ding Ning. He nodded, looked at Ding Ning and said, “You just have to tell me when to act.”

“Do not save on vital energy.” Ding Ning said calmly, “One difficult trait of the Master of Fire is that he is skilled in hiding and concealment, and is even able to mimic the presence of some cultivators. One cultivator of the Zhao Sword Furnace died by his hand. So if we cannot kill him this time, he will be frightened, and I fear we will not be able to kill him any longer.”

There was an enormous bang in the sky. There was also the sounds of hard things exploding mixed with the noise from the sky, the cracking crisp like gems were colliding with each other.

A second round had started between the soaring snakes and Zheng An.

Among the wind and rain, Zheng An held a bright crystal light. It was a deep blue spear. Her face was very pale, but just like the Donghu monk, her old body contained terrifying power. Like the sea god, she pierced the heads of two soaring snakes with one thrust and picked their bodies up from the tip!

This was a shocking scene. But Ding Ning was still very calm, so calm that Tantai Guanjian felt it terrifying.

“Right now,” Ding Ning said to him.

Tantai Guanjian still did not sense where the Master of Fire was among the dust mountains, but he did not hesitate to move his sword. Because at this time, a thread of vital energy coming off Ding Ning’s body pointed out the place for him.

A blinding sword light appeared in the wind and rain. This sword light was faster than all lightning. There was a buzz. A lot of rain was pressed together into a crystal wall, and then suddenly, two figures appeared behind the wall.

The moment these two figures appeared in the eyes of the Master of Fire in red robes, the crystal wall was pierced and a terrifying sword like had reached into front of his throat.

In the previous moment, the Master of Fire had been watching. Since he and Crown Prince Yugou were responsible for the clean up, the two of them did not need to fight at this time. He thought this old monster of the Jiaodong Commandery was enough to kill these cultivators who were at their limit in the formation.

But in the next moment, he was close to true death. The instincts of his body were faster than his thoughts. His jade palace in his energy sea convulsed, pressing his vital energy out of his body.

With a puff, like a legendary fire breathing beast, he spouted red flames from his mouth!

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