Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 84 “Light”

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Chapter Eight-Four: Light

The flames grew tangible, so condensed they were like a deep red ruby flashing with light. It hit this peerlessly fast sword light, and immediately, there were countless clear cracking sounds like there were hard crystals exploding. In the next moment, with a boom, all of the fine crystals grew into a wildfire that burned towards the sword ahead.

Size was all relative. The seal scripts on the blade looked like fine lines to ordinary people, but in the perception of cultivators, they may be vast rivers, and even plains. The flames from the mouth of the Master of Fire made contact with an icy and cold energy among these rivers and plains. Then it swept across without stopping, like easily burning dried grass.

Tantai Guanjian’s figure appeared in the sky. He encountered great resistance, his body and sword light halted in the air. In his perception, these flames swept over quickly, about to flood into his body along his sword, and then burn all of the energy and blood in his body. But he managed to overcome the terror that naturally formed in his mind. He vented out all of the vital energy left in his body, channeling it into this sword. The flames seemed able to burn dry grass easily, but he seemed to be piling up countless amounts of dry grass to meet the flames.

There was another boom ahead of him. The seal scripts in his sword could not endure the collision of such energy. In an instant, a terrifying twister exploded along the borders of the seal scripts.

He and the Master of Fire both grunted, and both could not help but fly back. The fire sprayed out in the seal scripts, but still kept on moving forward and spreading towards his body. Only when the flames were close to the sword hilt did Tantai Guanjian relax his fingers and decisively abandon his sword. There was no more vital energy left in his body. His body used this terrifying impact to keep on flying backwards.

The eyes of the Master of Fire turned blood red, like fire was about to erupt out. He stared at Tantai Guanjian who was flying backwards, and was filled with killing intent. Because he cultivated a special method, so in many past years, very few had attempted to kill him, and no one had ever caused him to be so close to true death.

At this time, Tantai Guanjian had cut off his vital energy, and there was a natural barrier between his body and the flames. But he still had power. If he had a thought, he should be able to kill Tantai Guanjian who had no ability to fight back at this moment.

But at this time, he felt a chill up his back. This was a direct feeling. When he sensed the coldness across his back, he then sensed a stronger threat of death that was even stronger than just now. He sensed pain and terror!

He was hit!

With a shrill scream, his body bowed forwards, bouncing out, and avoiding this sword that stabbed from the left side of his back towards his heart. The deep red crystal fire sprayed out with his body. This was his direct counter attack. If this person’s sword was touched with his fire, unless this person abandoned the sword, he would be killed. To his shock and anger, in his perception, this person did not even have the power of a realm seven, but was able to stab him!

“How is this possible!”

What he did not expect was that at this moment, it felt like a piece was missing from his body. Like a puzzle piece was suddenly missing from the whole puzzle. The fire flowing from his energy sea was unable to flow along his thoughts to the wound in his back. The feeling of missing something from his body came from a new coldness he felt. More accurately, it was a sword tip in his perception.

At this moment, he was stabbed again!

This thrust into a very important meridian point in his body. It was not very deep, but even he did not know that when this point was stabbed, it was able to affect the flow of vital energy in his body! This was something that happened in less than a breath. He was stabbed twice.

Because of the strong emotional changes, his flesh had no time to convulse and tremble, but his body was filled with an uncomfortable feeling. The energies of his organs were out of balance, especially when the obstruction in the flow of his vital energy was hindering his body’s adjustment.

Then he suddenly realized something…

With the two stabs just now, the other’s sword had directly pierced his skin, but did not make true contact with the blood under his skin. The attacks were quick stabs and the sharp sword essence naturally aroused reactions in his energies and blood. It was like the other just gently made cuts on a balloon, not truly cutting through, but the pressure from the inside pushed the cut apart and caused an explosion.

What kind of sword move was this?

Who was able to use such a sword? Who was able to stab him twice in the realm section, and seal one of his meridian points?

He even felt his screaming voice was very unfamiliar to him. His face twisted, and he forcibly turned around following his perception.

Then he saw the other’s figure. That person was stepping on the energies he was giving off and moving through the fire clouds. This was a youth with a very calm face.

At this time, he felt a coldness from his right rib. This bit of coldness was like a flower of ice which spread through his hot energy sea. This time, he saw clearly.

The shadow of the sword retracted once it made contact. Then he clearly saw his energy and blood shoot out from his right ribs. Then he sensed pain and fear. He was certain once again that it was his body’s instincts which caused his energies to burst through the wound.

The moment he saw this youth who had stabbed him three times, he knew this person’s identity, and knew that Yuanwu had spoken the truth. Only that person from the past could use such a sword like this. Even more terrifying, from the other’s flowing movements and simple sword moves, he scented something familiar.

His heart clenched, and there seemed to be countless people screaming in his body. To deal with such an existence, one naturally just had to use pure vital energy to crush. He wanted to spray out all of the fire in his energy sea, filling the world in his sight and wrapping around this youth. But his vital energy, which followed his thoughts better than his hands and feet usually, seemed to slam in his body like waves against rocks, turbulent but unable to flow smoothly.

The meridian point at his right rib was broken, and another meridian was broken. He was like a giant trapped in his body, having strength but unable to attack!

Ding Ning breathed calmly. Even when moving beyond his usual limits, all of his skills were coordinated to the extreme. He was like an unpredictable wind. The moment the Master of Fire paused, he came to the other’s side, and with his sword, lightly tapped above the other’s energy sea.

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