Apocalypse Lord Chapter 30 “Day 7”

Last time, on Apocalypse Lord: Yun Ling discovers the need to build defensive buildings and only has one slot left.

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Chapter 30 – Day 7

Day 7

Early in the morning, Yun Ling led the NPCs out to explore. After a few minutes, she found a large patch of sisal.

She threw the linen backpack to Guard B, and she was wearing the new cotton backpack she had made. The two were collecting as much as they could, and were very busy.

After half an hour, the sisal was all gone.

Yun Ling was very pleased. With the help of Guard B, her efficiency had increased greatly, and her foraging speed was much faster than before.

“Go over there for a look.” Yun Ling motioned for the NPCs to follow.

They passed by the berry bushes. A female player was harvesting with a dagger. Seeing a team come close, she was given a fright. She took a step back. “What do you want!”

Before Yun could answer, the player bit her lip, and showed weakness. “If you want the berries, I can leave them to you.”

There were many resource points nearby, and no need for conflict.

Yun Ling:”……”

Look how much she scared the girl.

“We are just passing by.” As she spoke, the group passed by the female player and headed to the sorghum field in the distance.

The female player was stunned, and her expression blank. She did not seem to understand why these people left when they said so.

Yun Ling thought inside, there were too many resource points. She had limited manpower, and could not collect all of them.

Life Skills: Intermediate Fishing, Intermediate Foraging, Advanced Sewing, Advanced Cooking.

She needed linen cloth, cotton cloth, rice, flour, corn meal, buckwheat, whole wheat, oatmeal, black rice flour, sorghum flour, and other cooking materials. So she usually collected flax, cotton, wheat, and sorghum…

The berries counted as food, but they were not filling, and were lower in her list.

She looked at the time in the top right corner, and became wary. At 12 noon, the game would likely change the real world again. She had to return to camp before 12.


“Hey, look.” In the corner, six players were gathered together, and were behaving suspiciously.

“Three people fighting monsters, two people foraging.” The only archer snorted, and laughed. “Just a few people and they dare to move separately. Is something wrong with these people’s heads?”

“Do not be careless,” the black robed mage said, “The woman is clearly wearing a white ring, has a blue badge on her chest, and her dagger is also blue. Her shoes are blue, and her armor is purple.”

”This is a strong enemy, not easy to defeat.”

The archer disagreed. “Maybe her lover gave her the equipment.”

A female player. If they were pretty, and had a sweet tongue, people were willing to take her along.

The black robed mage glanced at the archer. “There is no mistake in being careful.”

The archer curled his lips, and did not argue.

“Encountering us is her misfortune!” One assassin wiped a dagger with a cold expression. “So what if she has purple armor? We have killed players with purple armor before. Wasn’t Boss’s purple staff a drop after killing someone?”

Then he murmured, “I want them to have good equipment. This way, they have hunting value.”

Everyone exchanged a look and laughed.

Compared to fighting monsters, they liked to hunt players because it was more cost-effective.

“Same rules, mage to control, assassin to ambush, archer to make up.” The black mage arranged. “The six white equipment is easy to kill. Deal with the masked man first, and then attack the woman together.”

“Remember, you have to be quick, and kill them before their fellows come. Then pick up the equipment, before killing the other three.”

“Yes.” The team members had solemn expressions as they responded.


When the last stalk of sorghum was collected, Yun Ling was going to notify Guard B to change places when she found to her shock she could not move.

“Careful, enemy attack!” She reminded loudly.

Before she finished speaking, four assassins appeared. They had black cloth over their faces, and did not speak as they stabbed viciously at Guard B.

Then an arrow flew right at Guard B.

To avoid any accidents, the black robed mage added a missile spell, wanting to kill Guard B.

“They planned this for a long time, and work together so well,” Yun Ling gritted out.

Dagger into the abdomen, arrow into the shoulder, the missile spell at the back. All of them hit their targets.

Seeing things were going smoothly, the ambushers all smiled in victory.

Yet to their shock, Guard B did not die. He used the round shield to push everyone back, and then quickly retreated.

“High Quality Bandage!” Yun Ling shouted.

Guard B took out the bandage and used it as ordered.

The trap effect disappeared, and Yun Ling got her freedom back. She pressed her lips together, and took out the Fish Scale Shield from her cotton backpack without a word. Then, she did not hesitate to crash at the enemy.

“Other than the armor, how does she have other purple equipment!!” Gasps sounded, and the assassins fled.

Because having it in her hand affected her collection efficiency, she temporarily put it in her backpack. Who could have guessed such a thing?

“Boss, what do we do?” The archer was stunned, and immediately found the black robed mage to discuss.

The situation was urgent, and there was no time to think.

The black robed mage ground his teeth, and said coldly, “Follow our original plan, kill the masked man first.”

“Do not change plans,” the archer shouted. Then he drew his bow, and aimed again.

The arrow shot.

Yun Ling stepped, and stood halfway, blocking the attack.

“Wow.” The archer gaped.

He had used his skill with this attack. After the arrow was blocked, the HP dropped a lot.

The archer had added points to strength and agility. His HP was not high. In an instant, he lost a third of his HP, and his face turned ashen. “This woman is so strong…”

“She is a tank, there is damage reflect!” The black robed mage shouted. “Ignore the woman, attack the masked man!”

The assassins wanted to attack Guard B, but Yun Ling stood in the middle and did not let them go.

“Use speed to shake her off!”

The four people split into two, two on the right and two on the left, wanting to break through.

Yun Ling used the Fish Scale Shield to block the two people on the left. When she got close, she stabbed hard with her dagger.

“Damn! What tank, her attack is frightening!” One assassin complained.

The other person was speechless. “What high attack, that is damage reflect.”

The higher the damage they created, the more they were wounded.

“Then if we do not attack, we will be fine?” The person who spoke first was surprised and delighted.

The other person looked at his fellow with a complicated gaze. Why do you look so delighted at being beat up and not being able to fight back? After a while, won’t you be done for?

The other two managed to break through, and successfully got close to Guard B. They thought that 2 vs 1, they could win, but —

“Shield Attack!” Guard B used his skill, and knocked out one of the assassins.

“Charge!” Guard B raised his shield and charged, hitting the other person into the air.

Then he came next to Yun Ling. “Taunt!”

The two assassins that Yun Ling had stopped were retreating. Affected by the Taunt skill, they unconsciously came forward, and attacked Guard B.

Yun Ling stabbed with her dagger, Guard B attacked with his shield, and one person was instantly killed.

The other person lost his courage, and turned to run. But then he encountered Guard A who came running to help.

“Chaos Stick.”

Instantly, another person fell to the ground.

“Boss, what now?” Seeing the situation out of control, the archer broke into a cold sweat, and was at a loss.

The black robed mage did not hesitate. “Run!”

The archer did not believe it. “Then the other people…”

“If we stay, we will die together with them.” The black robed mage did not hesitate to retreat.

The archer hesitated for a moment, and was targeted by Mage A. “Enwind.”

Now, he could not leave even if he wanted to.

The battle quickly finished. Four assassins and one archer were killed. Blue equipment, white equipment, skill cards and copper coins had dropped all over the ground.

Yun Ling sighed secretly in relief.

Luckily there was the B-rank Damage Reduction.

Luckily there was level 2, and10 stamina

Luckily there was full equipment.

Luckily the official residents of Rising Cloud Territory enjoyed the buff of “+50 HP.”

Otherwise, Guard B would be dead.


11:30. The residents returned to the camp one after another.

Yun Ling had seitan, pork belly, beef, and chicken wings. As she prepared lunch, she paid attention to the movement outside the territory.

Right at 12, the balls of light descended.

Mushrooms spread across the ground, and weeds grew. The bamboo forest was dense. Lakes suddenly appeared. Towering trees sprang out of the ground. The city was now completely a forest.

At the same time, Yun Ling watched as the building ruins nearby turned to mineral veins.

The wheat fields that had been all harvested wildly grew again. In a breath, a large patch of wheat grew in the field. When the wind blew by, the wheat rippled, and the golden wheat formed an ocean.

An exclamation came from the territory. “Quick, look at the equipment attributes! There is a new ‘Durability’!”

Yun Ling stilled, and tried to inspect her equipment.

[Name: Soft Armor (Enchanted)]

Quality: Rare

Durability: 69/70

Equip Effect: Stamina +10

Special Effect: -20% damage received.

Enchantment Effect: Stamina +5

[Name: Goblin Ring]

Quality: Normal

Durability: 17/20

Equip Effect: +2 Strength.

Note 1: When -80% durability, equip effect -50%.

Note 2: When -100% durability, the equipment will be scrapped, and automatically destroyed.

Yun Ling:”……”

Trash game. It was more and more insane.

“Damn, the straw sandals’ durability is 10/10? The cloth shoes sold by the Tailor Shop are 20/20!”

“Straw Sandals are 30 copper coins per pair. The cloth shoes are 100 copper coins per pair. Just buy more straw sandals, and replace them.”

“The bamboo shield has 15/15 durability. The round shield has 20/20 durability. The price is the same, they are both 100 copper coins. Okay, at least they can be used.”

“Ha-ha, the wood spear I bought yesterday was just 50 copper coins! The same as the wood stick sold in the shop, durability 20/20.”

Some people were crying, and some were laughing. Some were happy and some sad.

Yun Ling was silent.

There were many life skills players. Could they affect the business of the shops? Demand exceeded supply. Equipment was always in short supply.

Speak of this, during the beta, the equipment never had the “durability” attribute…


“The straw sandals do not have high durability, but they are cheap! Buy them and wear them for now, you will run faster than having no equipment.”

“I think the wood spear is not bad. It can be for close combat, and long range attacks. More importantly, it is cheap.”

“I want to buy a house, and live in the territory. After this, I will go out during the day to hunt, and come back at night to rest. This will be no different from a job nine to five.”

“Buy a house?” This person’s teammate teased. “You are thinking too far. First save up to become an official resident!”

“I heard that the official residents of Rising Cloud Village enjoy special benefits. Not just +50 HP, their base recovery speed is +1 HP per minute.”

“With that, it is much safer to go out.”

“That is 100 copper coins!” The companion sighed. “How long will it take to save up?”

“Slowly, this is much more simple than paying off a mortgage of a few million,” someone else added.

The people chatted, and the air was harmonious.

Seeing everyone so happy, Zong Ye Ming side silently.

Did these people still remember their relatives were waiting out of the territory for rescue?

What about their words of killing monsters, leveling up, and searching for people at the same time?

Now, they forgot what they had once said, and were just thinking about how to take root in Rising Cloud Village!

Zong Ye Ming thought, if other people were not willing, then he would go to the city center by himself. If this dragged on, his relatives had no hope of survival!

As he complained, a familiar voice sounded. “Ye Ming? We finally found you!”

Zong Ye Ming turned around, and was dumbfounded. “Dad? Mom? Brother? How come you are here?”

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