Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 86 “Cry”

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Chapter Eighty-Six: Cry

The wound in the back was not deep, and did not actually penetrate his energy sea. But even the Master of Fire himself did not know, or rather, he only knew now, that this place was an important meridian point in his system.

At this time, the Master of Fire pressed one hand on his energy sea, wanting to stop the flow of vital energy coming out. Just some light pressure, and with a pop, like the Master of Fire used his hand to break an egg, the wound on his back exploded outwards at this moment.

The wounds connected from the front to the back. Crimson red vital energy did not just charge out of the wound from his back, but also moved through the meridians of his body. The vital energy was usually tame in his body, and nurtured his body like medicine, but at this time, he felt great pain and a scorching feeling. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw that fire was coming out of every vessel beneath his skin.

He was full of terror and on the verge of crying. He knew that he was about to die, his entire body burned to ash by the fire created through his vital energy. At this time, he was absolutely certain that the young person holding the Last Flower sword in front of him was the person from back then. The other seemed to be deliberately using such methods so he would experience the feeling of being burned to death. This was truly punishing a person with their own methods. A person who played with fire would be burned.

In the next moment, he was full of regret, and felt that he was an idiot. Back then, while he had burned that person to ash with fire, it had been in a situation when that person had no power left, and could not even deal with an ordinary person. He still remembered, when that person sat down on the pile of cultivator corpses, unable to charge any longer, many people were afraid, not daring to go up, including him. When one low level cultivator’s flying sword finally pierced through that person’s body, he finally got the courage to attack and released his fire.

But after more than a decade, he had forgotten those scenes, became an idiot, and in a situation when this person could still wield a sword, he came full of confidence to clean up. He was so stupid he was hopeless.

He knew that he was about to die. His mouth was filled with bitterness. But at this time, Ding Ning’s voice reached his ears, “Do you want to live?”

Without any hesitation, completely due to his body and mind, he used all his energy to nod his head. The more powerful the cultivator, the harder it was for them to get their cultivation. No one knew how much hardship had been suffered, how many difficult choices they had made and how many things they had given up.

So usually, the stronger the cultivator, the more they feared death. This was like the wealthy people in the world who had countless wealth. Before death, even if they had to use countless spirit medicines to keep breathing, they were not willing to leave this world even if they were in great pain.

His response was not unexpected to Ding Ning. The life path of a cultivator, from the moment they confirmed their cultivation method and went deep, was set.

The fire that the Master of Fire cultivated was a method of burning their own vital energy to wear down the other. This meant that some cultivators who were stronger than him were not willing to use up their cultivation to kill him. As a result, he became unusually hard to kill, but from another point of view, this was a method that was very afraid of death. Especially when no one was willing to kill him. He had experienced less moments of life and death than most grandmasters on his level. Many years ago in Changling, he had already seen through this fire monster.

Ding Ning did not say anything. He moved his sword again. The threads of the Last Flower remnant sword split apart, becoming many thin needles and piercing into the Master of Fire’s body.

The Master of Fire immediately felt his body cool down, and then he found to his shock and terror, all of the meridians that Ding Ning had sealed up with his sword moves in the past were all opened. But they were flowing in paths that he was not familiar with.

In other words, Ding Ning’s sword seemed to have reorganized his meridians, and added many pathways and circulations that he did not understand. The vital energy in his energy sea stopped moving in chaos. The power of a realm seven returned to his body.

At this moment, he felt that he had the power to kill Ding Ning, but this feeling of facing a cultivator weaker than him only appeared for an instant.

In the next moment, a kind of horror caused by this thought caused him to break out in a cold sweat. His mind cleared. He felt that this power in his body had a certain connection to Ding Ning, like Ding Ning could give as he wished and also take as he wished.

He froze on the spot, and did not know what to do.


At this time, Crown Prince Yugou screamed. He went completely blind, even the terrible green color having disappeared from his world. His sight was pitch black. He could not stop the invasion of the poison. Even more importantly, the poison disrupted his perception, and caused him to feel illusions. He could not sense the existence of Ding Ning, Qing Yaoyin and the others. He only saw countless strange shapes, and even many enemies who had died by his hands move around him.

“How are you?”

Qian Mu sprinted to Qing Yaoyin’s side. Looking at Qing Yaoyin whose body was twisted, he froze on the spot.

“I will not die quickly, I used medicine already, but you must straighten my bones for me now. Otherwise, even if I do not die, I fear that my bones will be messy, and I will not be human.” Qing Yaoyin wanted to smile, but could not. The bone pieces in his body caused him to think of the thatch on grass plains.

Before fighting Crown Prince Yugou, he had no hope of winning. He could only use such a method. So before the fight, he had used medicine. Lucky, Crown Prince Yugou had underestimated him, and his plan succeeded in the end.

Qian Mu crouched down, no longer thinking about other matters, and starting to search for the shattered bones in Qing Yaoyin’s body and piecing them together. He was very young, but he was very focused on what he did.


Tantai Guanjian kept on coughing up blood. His situation was slightly better than Qing Yaoyin. This swordsman, the fastest in the world, was not even able to stand up.

Qing Yaoyin used this method to defeat the most difficult among the enemies, Crown Prince Yugou. The other’s devious and ghostly methods did not even have a chance to be used. But now, the danger had not passed, and the greatest danger came from the sky.

Ding Ning looked up.

There was a shadow falling like a mountain. These soaring snakes could not stop the old Jiaodong Commandery woman in the sky. Another soaring snake was killed.

What truly slowed her footsteps was still Qing Yaoyin’s power, his Six Winged cicada.

Right now, Zheng An’s figure was floating down along with the corpse of the serpent. She had left behind her crane steed, and ignored the fight between the crane and the cicada.

She fell towards Ding Ning.

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