Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 85 “Wound”

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Chapter Eight-Five: Wound

A cold and piercing feeling came from the skin above his energy sea. Before the sword touched him, the Master of Fire knew that he was on the last line before death. Due to his previous experiences, he forcibly pulled all his vital energy into his energy sea and did not let them get released. He grunted, the bones in his body making strange sounds. For a cultivator, forcibly restraining one’s reactions was like hitting oneself.

With a pop, the cold and piercing feeling kept penetrating his flesh and blood. This sword did not touch and leave like before, but kept on going deeper, piercing through his flesh and into his energy sea!

“Crown Prince Yugou!” The Master of Fire screamed like a wounded wild beast.

A hole had appeared in his energy sea. Precious vital energy seeped out of the hole, out of his control. If he had encountered an ambush from any other low level cultivator, even if he was unable to use the vital energy in his energy sea, he could use sword moves to block the other’s coming killing moves. But he was facing a person who could confidently defeat the sword moves of all sects in the world. He knew that only Crown Prince Yugou could save him now.

When Ding Ning’s sword tip pierced into the energy sea of the Master of Fire, and the other started to scream, the Donghu monk who had been sitting with his eyes closed sensed danger and suddenly opened his eyes.

His wounds meant that his body was at the border of breaking apart, and he was unable to use any power at all. But he was the second true realm eight in the world. When his thoughts moved, it pulled a thread of the primal energies of the universe. While there was no true power, it made the other cultivator hiding in the formation and prepared to act sense an unusual presence.

This cultivator who was hiding in the formation was naturally Crown Prince Yugou. His hair stood on end like a startled cat. His presence, enclosed in his body, was slightly exposed, and a layer of cold wind appeared.

Qian Mu made a low sound. He sensed the familiarity of this energy.

Then it was Qing Yaoyin.

When he suddenly sensed this, his gaze and perception left behind Jiaodong Commandery’s Zheng An in the sky. In the next instant, when the scream of the Master of Fire reached everyone’s ears, his figure had disappeared from its spot and he appeared to the left side of Ding Ning. There was a pop, the same sound like when the Master of Fire’s energy sea was pieced. He stood with his back to Ding Ning. A short black sword appeared in his left hand, and he stabbed towards the air in front of him.

A light appeared where his sword pointed in the air. Dressed like a white skeleton, Crown Prince Yugou appeared at that spot. His cold eyes rippled with a strange emotion, a bit like admiration, but more like sympathy and pity.

A spark of blue flake appeared where Qing Yaoyin’s short sword was pointing. It was the shadow of a little skeleton, but carried a cold power that did not belong to this mortal realm.

Qing Yaoyin’s thrust seemed to stab into an unknown world. The seal scripts on the blade were restrained and attacked by the energies of countless ghostly beings, like there were millions of souls charging at the seal scripts.

Crown Prince Yugou’s body did not release much of a presence. That little skeleton seemed to be his stand-in, and attracted all perception and attention for him. Just as Qing Yaoyin’s sword was trapped, his palm hit Qing Yaoyin.

There were many harsh cracking sounds coming from Qing Yaoyin’s body. Even though the vital energy surged out of his energy sea, and moved an ocean of energy from the world into a energy membrane in front of his chest, the bones in his body seemed to be crushed with a mountain and could not endure. His chest bones were shattered. Then even his spine could not endure the power and cracked. Qing Yaoyin sprayed blood out of his mouth. His body flew backwards like a kite with its string cut.

The fight in this moment did not escape Ding Ning’s perception. His body was close to the border of where the two’s power had met. His body swayed in the wild wind, but his steps and attacks did not slow at all, and even his mind was absolutely calm.

Qing Yaoyin had spent more than a decade on the Nether dragon, and the Crown Prince Yugou was one of the strongest people in the world, an expert that had been hard to predict to have come. Yet even so, Ding Ning did not feel that Qing Yaoyin would be so easily thrown back by Crown Prince Yugou’s palm strike or be killed so easily.

The Great Punishment Sword in his hand was touched with the fire from the Master of Fire’s energy sea. So at this time, he easily released the sword hilt and grabbed the other sword from his waist. A patch of blinding white flowers sprayed in front of the Master of Fire’s face. These white flowers looked soft but made the eyes of the Master of Fire hurt, and even obstructed his perception, so he was unable to see Ding Ning’s figure or his sword. The fine white flowers bloomed as they pleased in the air, colliding and creating more flowers.

Seeing Ding Ning and the Manufacture of Fire quickly move through the air, and the fine white flowers spraying in front of the Master of Fire, Fu Su suddenly realized something, and his body stiffened.

At the same time, Crown Prince Yugou froze as well. He had thrown Qing Yaoyin away with a strike, and raised the white bone staff in his hand, about to attack Ding Ning’s back through the air.

But at this time, half of his body went numb. He was not even able to feel anything strange. He did not even feel any presence which made him uncomfortable. Half of his body felt like it did not belong to him. Even the vital energy flowing through his body seemed to go to a place that did not belong to him.

He was shocked. Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw that his hand, which had hit Qing Yaoyin, had turned a terrible green color, and there were dots of dark green constantly coming out of his skin, like strange fireflies breeding in his body.

His breathing suddenly stopped. Both were wounded!

At this moment, he completely understood. Qing Yaoyin deliberately fought so both sides were wounded!

Qing Yaoyin fell to the ground heavily with a bang. Once again, blood sprayed out of his body and he looked to be in a sorry state.

But looking at the other’s sorry appearance, there was no more pride and pity in Crown Prince Yugou’s eyes, just great terror. His sight had blurred in this instant. The world, in his eyes, turned a terrible green.

What kind of poison was this that even his vital energy could not stop it from spreading!

At this time, the Master of Fire gave a shrill scream. Ding Ning’s Last Flower stabbed again into his body.

This time, it was his back, the back of the energy sea.

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