Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 88 “Clean Up”

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Chapter Eighty-Eight: Clean Up

Zheng An incessantly screamed in pain. The smaller half of her body completely left the rest of her, but her figure kept on moving backwards to the dust mountains. The splash of blood was still in the air, but her figure was hidden.

Seeing such a scene, the Master of Fire almost knelt down.

This sword was like the peak of Wang Jingmeng in the past. While most of it came from his power, when he thought of Wang Jingmeng’s accumulated power back then… If Wang Jingmeng had not died after slaughtering a sea of corpses and appeared in front of the cultivators who had seen him fight back then, all those cultivators would likely feel the same as him.

“Our grievances have ended. But you must wait for this formation to disappear before he can leave.”

Ding Ning did not look at him. He looked to where Zheng An had hidden, and his brows unconsciously furrowed.

Half of the body had been cut off, and the organs and meridians were fatally wounded. But he still felt that Zheng An was trying to use vital energy to gather primal energies to seal her own wounds.

Zheng An would die. But in the world of cultivators, there were people who could still manage to fight for a while after their bodies were cut up until their vital energy was used up. Right now, Zheng An did not just have to suppress her vital energy and blood from flowing out of her body, she also had to suppress the terror of her body being cut apart.

“If she appears again and attacks, no one among us can stop her,” Zhangsun Qianxue drew close to his side and said softly.

“If one has to die, a person like her would not be willing to die like this. It is just a matter of time before she conquers the terror in her mind. She will appear and attack again.” At Zhangsun Qianxue’s words, Ding Ning thought to himself, there was just a little bit lacking, the Master of Fire’s vital energy was not his own. Then he took a deep breath and slowly said, “There is one person missing, there is one person who should appear who has not appeared.”

His words stilled all those present, including the Master of Fire.

“The Crown Prince Yugou is someone that we did not expect.”

Ding Ning turned to look at Crown Prince Yugou.

At this time, Crown Prince Yugou was poisoned to the point that he had lost his senses, and was unable to make a sound. He was running and stumbling in the dust mountains, his skin and flesh starting to rot and fall apart.

When a cultivator was unable to suppress the poison from spreading, and even their vital energy was being corroded, then the final result would be death.

He had hidden for a long time, and come a thousand miles to die.

Everyone found this ironic, but they could not understand who the missing person Ding Ning spoke of was.

“Crown Prince Yugou was named the Crown Prince, but he was not even a crown prince for a day. Now, it appears that he hates me and the Ba Mountain Sword Field far more than Zheng Xiu and Yuanwu. But now, even if there was not me and the Ba Mountain Sword Field, could a person like him fight Yuanwu and Zheng Xiu? Changling and the people in the other commanderies of the Qin Dynasty needed a glorious and bright emperor like Yuanwu and not a dark demon king. Back then, when he chose his method, he did not understand this. How could he have gotten the support of the important people of Changling back then?”

Ding Ning looked away, and said directly, “I thought that the person who would have come in with the people of Jiaodong Commandery would be Meng Fangying, and not this Crown Prince Yugou.”

The Master of Fire’s heart jumped, and even he immediately reacted. Especially Fu Su, who had complicated feelings right now, changed expressions dramatically.

Meng Fangying was Meng Qihai’s father, Marquis Meng. Zheng Xiu’s only younger female cousin Zheng Feiye had married Marquis Meng. So everyone knew, among the thirteen marquises of the Qin, Marquis Meng and Zheng Xiu were the closest. From a certain point of view, Marquis Meng was someone that Zheng Xiu had recruited, the price she paid was a marriage alliance and some of Jiaodong Commandery’s interests.

Killing the Nine Death Silkworm was Zheng Xiu’s biggest goal in the war against the Chu. At this time, there were several marquises who had died on the Yin Mountain and Yangshan Commandery battlefields. Military intelligence stated that Marquis Meng had arrived at Yin Mountain, but he had not appeared on the battlefield. So where did he go?

“Meng Fangying is similar in personality to Zheng Xiu. If it is not the last moment when he is sure, he will not appear. So he is deeply trusted by Zheng Xiu,” Ding Ning looked down and said coldly.

When his expression changed, a cold and majestic voice sounded. “As expected, you understand me well.”

Just as this cold voice sounded, Crown Prince Yugou’s stumbling and rotting body was crushed by a great force. Terrible green pieces fell on the dust mountains like sharp arrows.

“While Crown Prince Yugou is just in name, stealing his title and ignorance, he is of imperial blood. At least, he should die cleanly, and with some respect.”

A middle-aged man dressed in the robes of a marquis appeared among the dust mountains. His temples were dusted with white, but his face was still handsome. His exposed arms appeared to give only a feeling of being as hard as iron. There were some scars on his skin, like they had been cut by blades, but the healed scars seemed to be covered by metal pieces and shone with a dark light.

He had originally been an eagle breeder of the border army. The eagles were just to send military intelligence, but he had spent over two decades, climbing from the bottom of the border army to the highest part of Changling, becoming a marquis of the Qin Dynasty, and also married the other famous beauty of Jiaodong Commandery, Zheng Feiye.

“You are Wang Jingmeng.”

Meng Fangying looked deeply at Ding Ning, and then said, “The Holy One was right. You are not the heir to the Nine Death Silkworm, but him reborn.”

Ding Ning looked at this familiar man and did not respond. At this time, there was no meaning in thinking and responding. The key was, inside and outside the dust mountains, who was able to stop Zheng Xiu’s pawn, and be the one to clean up in the end.

Lin Zhujiu and Zhang Shiwu were too late. They had been in the Chu capital, and their focus was to stop Chu from falling into chaos and making sure that Consort Zhao Xiang did not die.

“Do you have any last words?”

Meng Fangying had a faint smile on his lips. He glanced at Zhangsun Qianxue, and then looked seriously at Ding Ning, suggesting, “Or rather, you can speak of the secret of the Nine Death Silkworm? That way, maybe I will let the people here die a bit easier.”

“Even if I speak of the secret of the Nine Death Silkworm, do you dare to listen?”

Ding Ning suddenly smiled and said with slight scorn, “Even if you heard from me, and you told Zheng Xiu, will she allow another person in the world to know of the secret of the Nine Death Silkworm other than herself?”

Meng Fangying stilled, and felt a cold rise.

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