Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 89 “Sect Uncle”

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Chapter Eight-Nine: Sect Uncle

“Is Ye Xinhe stronger or you are?” Ding Ning looked calmly at Meng Fangying and asked.

Meng Fangying’s expression changed again and he said harshly, “What do you mean?”

“You came in, I die, you live and leave. Have you thought about what will happen after today?” Ding Ning’s expression did not change, he seemed to be just narrating a truth. “If you and Ye Xinhe duel, the one who will die is you and not Ye Xinhe. Then, why did you come and not Ye Xinhe?”

“Do not tell me that Ye Xinhe has other matters in Changling. There is nothing more important than destroying the Nine Death Silkworm.” Ding Ning looked at Meng Fangying whose lips were trembling, and did not give the other a chance to speak. He said directly, “You said that I understand Zheng Xiu very well. In my view, in order to completely destroy the Nine Death Silkworm, she will only use one method, to have everyone who was in contact with the Nine Death Silkworm die.”

Meng Fangying’s eyes narrowed and he said coldly, “This is absurd.”

“Zheng An is already so old she is about to die. The Master of Fire does not count as one of her people. As for Crown Prince Yugou, it is best for him to die,” Ding Ning said with slight scorn. “If you believe that these people are pawns who must die, but you alone can live and live well, then it is up to you to convince yourself.”

Meng Fangying took a deep breath, his expression dark. But before he could react more, the Master of Fire who was listening from the side broke out in a cold sweat. He felt that Ding Ning was very right, and very thorough. It was just he had never thought at this level before.

Meng Fangying was silent for a moment and then looked up. He said, “Then according to you, I came to see you just to die?”

Ding Ning looked calmly at him and did not directly answer the question. He said, “Isn’t there something that you have really not thought of in these years? Most of you people among the thirteen marquises chose to side with Zheng Xiu but not with Ba Mountain Sword Field?”

Meng Fangying’s heart jumped, but he did not immediately speak.

“If the marquises exist for a long time, how are they any different from the old powerful nobility? After finally managing to win against the old nobility, then form some new nobility?” Ding Ning said slowly and clearly, “Even the You Dynasty, which conquered the world, had seven vassal kings who rebelled to start with. While they were suppressed with military power, the You Dynasty suffered a great blow, and gave more rebels hope. Back then, Ba Mountain Sword Field only wanted a centralized dynasty, and not many marquises. So most of you worked with Yuanwu to mutiny, and fight the Ba Mountain Sword Field. But in these years, have you not seriously thought, while Zheng Xiu and Yuanwu have eliminated the Ba Mountain Sword Field, are they following the path of the Ba Mountain Sword Field? Because only a centralized dynasty like that can help their power reach a peak, to create a foundation that will last.”

“In this war, even if the Nine Death Silkworm is truly destroyed, How many marquessate establishments will be left?” Ding Ning smiled faintly. “On the Yin Mountain and Yangshan Commandery battlefields, how many marquessate establishments will disappear?”

The flickering light of the dust mountains fell on Meng Fangying’s body. His eyelashes trembled. He was silent for a moment and then spoke, “I admit that what you say makes sense.”

Ding Ning looked at him. “And then?”

“And then you still have to die, and I still have to kill you.” Meng Fangying took a deep breath, saying seriously and with great emotion. “No matter what Zheng Xiu thinks, many years ago in Changling, you and I were enemies. We are like day and night, and cannot tolerate each other.”

Ding Ning looked at him and did not speak.

“So after saying so much, I will still kill you.” Meng Fangying looked at Ding Ning and said, “But what was said was not all meaningless. At least, you reminded me to be wary of some things, so I must thank you.”

Ding Ning suddenly laughed and said, “Other than this, there are more important meanings.”

Meng Fangying stilled, and had a slightly bad feeling.

“These things that I finally mentioned were able to delay you for a while, delay enough for someone to arrive, and a person I like to see.”

Ding Ning breathed in relief, his back was soaked. When he had been speaking earlier, he had been very close to death.

Meng Fangying suddenly turned around. In this moment, he still had the confidence to kill Ding Ning, but he sensed true danger. He did not want to die, so he had to make sure of his own safety.

From the flickering light behind him, accompanied by a wave of energy, a tall and thin figure appeared.

Ding Ning had two swords, Last Flower and Great Punishment. This tall and thin figure also had two swords. One had a very long hilt that crossed in front of the chest. The other was an ordinary small white jade sword that hung from the waist.

Meng Fangying did not recognize this person, but when he saw that small white jade sword, he immediately thought of this person’s identity.

At this time, Ding Ning had moved far away behind his back and then bowed to the incomer. His voice was very happy. “Sect Uncle.”

“Li Daoji.” Meng Fangying shouted this person’s name.

This person and the cultivation place he had come from had not been famous before. In Changling, they were not even mainstream. But in the winter of a year, the sect master of this place, Xue Wangxu, entered realm seven, and defeated General Liang Lian. This cultivation place was White Goat Cave.

White Goat Cave which Zheng Xiu had ordered to merge. It produced a genius like Ding Ning and was famous for a time. Zhang Yi, Su Qin, Li Daoji, these important figures of White Goat Cave were learned by the cultivators of Changling.

“Just you?” Meng Fangying suddenly sneered.

While Ding Ning had managed to delay for time by talking to the point that someone came, this was just a mere cultivator of White Goat Cave. When leaving Changling, the other was just realm six. Now, even if the other was realm seven, how was he even a match?

“Since I have the sword of the White Goat Cave sect master, I am the sect master.” Li Daoji appeared thinner compared to back when in Changling, slightly older, and slightly colder. “Since I am his sect uncle, I will fight. Also, I may not just have to rely on myself to win against you.”

“Before I entered the formation, I saw a sword light in the distance.” After a pause, Li Daoji looked at Meng Fangying and then said, “While I have been away from Changling for a long time, I still recognize that the light is the Bright Light of Fang Marquessate Establishment, the light that Fang Marquessate Establishment uses to pass on orders.”

Meng Fangying’s breathing suddenly stopped.

“Fang Xiumu!” Tantai Guanjian shouted in joy.

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