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Chapter Two – Meet

Radiance Magus Church was one of the three top factions. The four magister families added up together could equal Radiance Magus Church. It also controlled people’s religion. Even the emperor of the Kaya Empire had to be respectful to people of bishop rank. Of course, the powerful venerable swordsmen and the others did not have to be here.

The Holy Emperor Jun Luoyu, just like the Black Holy Maiden of the Black Magus Church, were the symbols of their factions. They were the top people of the young generation. Before “His Excellency Zhui Yun” appeared in Karroll, he was the youngest celestial magister of the continent, and was extremely talented.

“No need to be polite. I am not in charge this time, I just happened to be passing by and came to join the fun. The archbishop sent our Chief Elder Arbitrator.” A clear and warm voice came from the elegant and noble man. He smiled at everyone, looked behind him, and another person walked off the carriage. This person was covered in a gold cape, and gave off a noble air.

Mo Qi and the others saw this middle-aged man in his forties. Their hearts jumped. They had not expected one of the three heads of the Radiance Magus Church, the Chief Elder Arbitrator who usually did not come down from the Star Plateau, the eight-sword magus scholar Shang Qian, would come in person!

It was getting more and more lively!

“Luo Yu, do not stand on courtesy. I am just old bones, and cannot stand it. You are the spokesperson of the god.” Shang Qian looked harmoniously over the crowd. His gaze flashed, and suddenly landed in a corner of the golden imperial palace. He sighed, “Central Cloud City has also arrived.”

“Yes, Shang Qian Daren. They arrived early,” Mo Qi came forward with a smile.

“That little guy called Zhui Yun is really as popular as expected.” Shang Qian smiled helplessly. “Recently, believers of the Black Magus Church have appeared in Karroll. I fear that Zhui Yun is the target.”

Jun Luoyu’s gaze flashed. He said with a smile, “But there is no longer a need to worry. With the chief elder here, will those people from the Black Magus Church dare to come out? Ever since their last Evil Emperor died, they can no longer pose a threat to my god. After many years, the Black Magus Church is no good. The archbishop is gathering forces for the final elimination. They will be gone soon.”

Everyone stilled upon hearing this. They were shocked at the explosive news. The Radiance Magus Church was finally going to make a big move to uproot Black Magus Church. The situation of the Radiance Continent would dramatically change!

The two had been rivals for more than a decade. The news was not a secret. Shang Qian did not mind Jun Luoyu leaking it. He waved his hand and said, “Let’s first greet the envoy from Central Cloud City.”

The responses followed them as they walked into the palace.


On the sixth day of the seventh month, one day before Midautumn.

The first ray of sunlight broke away from the ground, and shone in this old city. It was warm but not hot. A breeze gently blew by, taking away the noise of the city, and leaving behind a refreshing smell.

Starting in the morning, the capital grew lively. The carriages of the nobility moved in twos and threes endlessly on the wide streets.

This was a yearly event. The Midautumn auction caused Karroll to boil over. Many families with some wealth took along their crystal cards, put on their noble attire, and hurried towards the imperial palace. Some were even ancient aristocratic families from other countries.

At the auction each year, there would be many rare treasures that could not be missed. However, the price was usually high. This could be said to be the market with the greatest flow of capital each year.

Aofeng and the others rested for the entire night, and were in high spirits. Qin Aotian and Sword Master Xi Yun used the night to absorb the elemental spirits. One became a nine-sword celestial magister, the other became a venerable swordsman. They were happy after their strength grew as they prepared to depart.

When they reached the gates of the Qin Family Base, the elders, celestial magisters, and direct members were all there.

The old Qin family patriarch scanned, and saw Aofeng. His gaze trembled, and he came over to say in a calm tone, “You are also here?”

Aofeng had argued against him last time. Qin Ding should be very displeased now, but he did not show much anger.

Of course, Aofeng did not care. She turned her face and said coolly, “I am Big Brother’s teammate, a guest, I am not coming as a member of the Qin Family! This has nothing to do with you!”

Qin Ding had not made trouble for her, but some things and viewpoints could not change in a day or two. Aofeng would not admit that she was a member of the Qin Family upon her death. Don’t think that she would turn back just because they were better to her.

Many odd gazes came over. Many people’s hearts jumped wildly, high in hair throats. They could not breathe.

Do not be so excited. An argument between grandfather and grandchild early in the morning was frightening!

The two visiting scholars in the inner courtyard had headaches. Could this brat not keep his temper down? So daring to keep confronting Old Master Qin Ding.

“You…” Qin Ding almost died of anger. His beard was blown high. He shook out his sleeve and turned around. “You do not need to remind this old man. I know you are not of the Qin Family! Later, do not wander about, stay by your big brother’s side!”

While he said so, he did not drive her away. His tone actually permitted Aofeng to stay with them.

The others sigh in relief that there wasn’t a big fuss. Then, under Qin Ding’s leadership, they headed for the imperial palace.

Almost all those celestial rank and above did not need to ride carriages. Qin Ding went first, and then there were groups taking flight. Some that could not fly were helped. Many celestial rank experts flew, and stunned the people on the streets.

Soon, they could see the gates of the vast imperial palace. The Western style palace inside was dazzling. Out of courtesy, Qin Ding ordered everyone to land, and walk over.

As they walked, Qin Aohai sneaked over and said to Aofeng, “Aofeng, do not be angry with Grandfather. He is the patriarch. When we go into the palace, leave him some face. Grandfather is dignified, but not very strict. I do not know why Grandfather treated you like that back then. But I heard from my father that he liked your father, my second uncle Qin Shuo, the best out of all his children.”

Aofeng’s disgust towards Qin Ding mostly came from the anger that the original Qin Aofeng felt for many years. She actually thought that Qin Ding had been very tolerant of her, to an unbelievable degree.

Hearing Qin Aohai say this, she thought that maybe there was really something going on. So she nodded. “I will not target him. How come Qin Lu and Qin Aoxue are not present?”

Aofeng had looked at the crowd, and not found them.

“The Central Cloud Battle Team came to the capital yesterday. They must have gone to get close. The woman dreams of entering Central Cloud City as soon as possible. If she was already seven-star, she would not be staying in the Qin Family right now,” Qin Aotian said, his tone filled with disdain.

“Ha-ha, I have heard of the Central Cloud Battle Team of Central Cloud City long ago. I really want to see how strong they are.” Venerable Swordsman Xi Yun gripped the hilt of the two-handed sword he carried on his back. He had just reached Venerable swordsman rank, and greatly desired battle. He could not wait for tomorrow.

More than two meters tall, he was eye-catching in the group. Xi Yun could see the surroundings clearly. After speaking, his eyes went wide. He could not help but smack his lips. “Just as we speak of them, they are here.”

Aofeng looked over in surprise. The Central Cloud Battle Team had come?

There were many people ahead with carriages passing through on the road. The six shadows in all white were clear in the distance.

Six people, all dressed in snowy white magister robes. They had white head coverings with long tails that enchanted the passing young noblewomen. They also had glowing blue ribbons tied to their sleeves. Aofeng recognized that they were the same as the blue ribbon that Mama Su Ya had given her.

The man walking at the front was handsome, and looked to be in his thirties. His brow was raised high. A woman hugged his arm as she talked to him. The woman was Qin Aoxue. So the man should be Yun Cheng. Behind them, the other five men were also handsome youths. Central Cloud City liked beauty, and the six they sent were handsome men and their attire was also eye-catching. When they appeared, they were the focus of attention.

Because the big tournament was limited to those under thirty-five, and experts were sent, the youngest of them was in his late twenties. He walked with large strides, his gaze forward, and his proud air visible.

Qin Aoxue held his arm. Looking at the envious and jealous gazes that women sent over, she could not disguise the smugness in her eyes.

Qin Ding raised an eyebrow. His eyes were dark, and his expression unknown.

In the blink of an eye, the six men in white with blue ribbons came in front of them.

“Greetings, Your Excellency Yun Cheng.” The right visiting scholar Qin Yu smiled, and greeted.

“Old Patriarch Qin, greetings. Excellencies of the Qin Family, greeting.” Yun Cheng nodded proudly. Aofeng felt very displeased by his lofty attitude.

Qin Ding glanced at him and his pupils contracted. His eyebrows shifted. “Your Excellency Yun Cheng looks to be in great spirits. You advanced greatly in these two years? I see from your presence that you show signs of reaching magus scholar.”

“Magus scholar?” Many people passing by stopped in their steps and inhaled sharply, frightened by the two words.

A magus scholar at this age. Wouldn’t he catch up with His Excellency Lan Xiu?

“Old Patriarch has keen eyes. A year ago, after completing a major mission, the castellan graced me with ten drops of valtz, and I advanced greatly.” Yun Cheng smiled. But in Aofeng’s eyes, he looked very insincere.

Ten drops of valtz!

The number shocked the crowd. They sighed at the generousness of the Central Cloud castellan. He gave a Central Cloud guard so much. The wealth of Central Cloud City could be seen. Of course, the mission that Yun Cheng completed was very important. The others behind him, also captain rank, looked at him with envy.

“Central Cloud City is different.”

“Ten drops of valtz, heavens, when can I even see a drop.”

“Why else do people fight to squeeze into Central Cloud City? Usually, they do not accept outsiders that are weaker than seven-sword celestial magister.”

The whispers in the surroundings greatly satisfied Yun Cheng’s vanity. His expression grew prouder. He looked at Aofeng and the others with a smile.

“You are Qin Aotian?” The man’s gaze landed on Qin Aotian’s cold and proud phase. He smiled. “I heard you are a genius, a seven-sword celestial magister at twenty-four. Congratulations! However, I wonder if you can reach magus scholar before the age of thirty-five?”

He was smiling, but anyone could hear that he was mocking.

Yun Cheng came with clear aims today. He wanted Qin Aotian to know that no one could win against the might of Central Cloud City! Trying to compete with Central Cloud City was seeking your own death!

Qin Ding’s expression changed slightly. The other was mocking the genius of the Qin Family in front of him, dismissing him! This Yun Cheng was too arrogant!

The noisy gates immediately grew quiet. People were focused on the conflict between Central Cloud City and the genius of the Qin Family. Even the guards that were standing straight on the two sides were looking over.

“There is no need for you to bother with whether or not I will become a magus scholar,” Qin Aotian said coldly. He did not even look over, and his expression did not change.


The women all looked excitedly at him.

Qin Aotian’s cold air and handsome appearance could move their hearts more.

Yun Cheng saw this, and light flashed through their eyes. He said with a smile, “Ha-ha, I will not waste thoughts on you. It is not easy to become a magus scholar. Without any treasures, I fear you will need about a decade to have a breakthrough.”

Qin Aotian glanced coldly at him, and said, “Are you done saying nonsense?”


Yun Cheng had not expected the other to respond back to the scorn like this. His expression turned stiff. His eyebrows rose. He managed to suppress the urge to fight. He showed a scornful smile again. “Qin Aotian, then I will say directly to you, so what if you are talented? You are still not able to catch up to me? Sometimes, background is a part of one’s strength. You will lose badly competing against me!”

After speaking, Yun Cheng suddenly felt a bone-chilling cold come from the front. He hurriedly took several steps back. His expression was ugly as he said softly in shock, “This is…”

Qin Aotian did not directly respond to Yun Cheng. He just reached out with his hand. At his fingertip, a blue fluid pulsed, giving off threads of icy energy. The air buzzed as though the energy could freeze everything!

Within ten meters, everyone shuddered, including the Qin Family. They all looked over in shock at Qin Aotian.

“Binary Heavy Water?” Qin Yu’s heart jumped. She took several steps to Qin Aotian’s side. She said in surprise and shock, “Aotian, your Binary Heavy Water…”

Binary Heavy Water against earth rank flame. It could be used as a powerful weapon.

“Aofeng accidentally found water elemental spirits. I used it, and just reached nine-sword celestial magister. I believe that I can become a magus scholar in less than two years,” Qin Aotian explained coolly.

Everyone knew, the best part of the elemental spirits was not the increase in power after they were absorbed, but that they could help with cultivation. With the assistance of the elemental spirits, it was common for a celestial magister to reach magus scholar. Why thirty-five, twenty-five was enough! This was a great refutation of Yun Cheng’s mockery, and a loud slap to his face.

Yun Cheng’s expression was dark. The elemental spirit was more valuable than ten drops of valtz, and they could not be bought. With what could he compare to Qin Aotian with?

Aofeng rolled her eyes from the side. She said to Yun Cheng on behalf of her brother, “Other than background, luck is also something necessary. Your Excellency Yun Cheng should not be so childish in the future.”

Her voice was cold, and clear to hear. Her words were explosive.

Yun Cheng stilled and looked in disbelief at Aofeng. When he saw her cold glare towards him, he confirmed what he had heard, and a burning anger rose.

Qin Aotian had some strength, and could be a bit arrogant. Who was this boy? The boy dared to call him childish?

“Qin Aofeng? Why is he here!” Qin Aoxue seemed to have her tail stepped on when she saw Aofeng, changing expressions and screaming.

“Qin Aofeng is His Excellency Aotian’s younger brother?” Some people thought of something. While not as famous as Zhui Yun, the commotion that day in Blue Jade Fragrance between the Qin family members was laughable. While the people of the Qin Family Base did not go out and leak news about her in the main family, many knew of her.

“Oh? Supposedly a little sword master!”

“A sword master so young? Really?”

“He looks quite handsome.”

The whispers around passed on the information that they knew.

“You are Qin Aotian’s younger brother Qin Aofeng?” Yun Cheng knew of this person. Qin Aoxue wanted him to get rid of this boy first during the duel. His gaze grew more vicious and he laughed coldly inside. Very good, embarrassed him, and dared to scold him. Now, even if Aoxue had not mentioned it, he would not spare this person!

“Yes, I am Qin Aofeng,” Aofeng nodded coolly and said.

“You also want to attend the Midautumn banquet?”

“So what if I do?”

“Then you can return!” Yun Cheng smiled, his eyes dark and his tone harsh. “This place does not welcome you. You do not qualify to enter this place. You became a sword master by chance and are so arrogant. There are countless people in the world stronger than you! Normal sword masters cannot enter without an invite.”

Qin Aoxue said furiously, “Yes, weren’t you very arrogant and left the Qin Family? So, you saw the benefits of our family, and want to return? There cannot be such a good thing in the world!”

“Aoxue! Close your mouth! When did you become in charge of the Qin family affairs? It was this old man who let him come. You will slap this old man on the face in public?” Qin Ding shouted in fury. Qin Aoxue was frightened into closing her mouth. Inside, she was puzzled. Hadn’t this old man almost died of anger at Qin Aofeng? Why was he protecting Qin Aofeng right now?

Yun Cheng was also unhappy. He had lost to Qin Aotian for a few rounds. Extremely angry, he found an opening to make things difficult for Qin Aotian. He decided to stop Qin Aofeng here. He said, “Old Patriarch Qin, while I admire you, you cannot go against Central Cloud City like this. Disregarding that Qin Aofeng is not a member of your Qin Family right now, even if he was, people of the Central Cloud City cannot be insulted like this. Do not forget, the holy maiden of Central Cloud City, Su Ya, is the empress of the Kaya Empire!”

The holy maiden of the Central Cloud City?

Qin Ding’s expression changed when Empress Su Ya was mentioned. The power of the empress. The palace counted as their territory!

Aofeng was also shocked. Mama Su Ya was the holy maiden of Central Cloud City. No wonder she had the blue ribbon! She looked closely at the ribbon by Yun Cheng’s sleeve. It was clearly longer than the others. The blue ribbon that Su Ya had given her was even longer. Su Ya clearly had higher status than Yun Cheng and the others.

Thinking of this, Aofeng smiled. It would have been good if they did not speak of Mama Su Ya. Now that they did, weren’t they just seeking their own death?

Just as she was going to take out the blue ribbon to frighten people, the figure that appeared at the doorway took over her sight.

“Why are there so many people? Central Cloud Envoy and Old Patriarch Qin are both here. May I join in the fun too?” The sudden appearance of a gentle laugh attracted all the attention. A handsome and elegant man in gold trimmed priest robes slowly walked out of the gates. His divine-like presence caused everyone to instantly lose the ability of speech.

Holy Emperor, Jun Luoyu!

Too holy!

Peerlessly noble, as though just looking at him would make one feel ashamed. Even the proud Yun Cheng was not an exception. Everyone sighed inside, as expected of a peerless genius. He was extraordinary.

Yun Cheng was not as high in status as Jun Luoyu. He was a guard captain, while Jun Luoyu was the spokesperson of the god. This had nothing to do with power. So no matter what he thought inside, he had to walk forward and say, “Holy Emperor Daren, in reality, this matter is…”

Before he finished, the smiling man brushed past him as though he was not seen. The moment the other moved past him, a powerful force knocked on his shoulder. Yun Cheng stumbled, and almost fell!

Yun Cheng was shocked inside. Silent, his gaze trembled. He was certain that that knock just now was not merely the power of a celestial magister. A normal celestial magister could not knock him aside! Was the man…

Everyone was puzzled by the man’s actions but saw him walk straight in front of Aofeng.

“Jun Luoyu…” Aofeng looked dazedly at the man and called out his name. The scenes back in Qin City flashed through her mind like a movie. Looking at him, glittering with light, she did not know what she was feeling.

Jun Luoyu smiled. There seemed to be a sky full of stars twinkling in his black eyes. He suddenly made a move that surprised everyone, opening his arms and tightly hugging Aofeng.

“Yes, Aofeng, long time no see.”

The man’s long and narrow eyes narrowed even more, as he gave a contented sigh.

At this moment, Yun Cheng’s eyes almost sprouted fire. He was absolutely sure that Jun Luoyu’s appearance was not a coincidence, and his hit just now was intentional! It was all for that Qin Aofeng!

Others were wondering. Who was this person that the Holy Emperor valued so much?

Editor’s ramblings: Finally, the emotional reunion of our star-crossed lovers. Just in case anyone was wondering, I ship Aofeng with Luoyu as her official/first husband. He’s also the only one who knows she’s female, and has even seen her naked.

Translator Ramblings: While I get it was sort of the style at the time, and the author likes doing it as some sort of exposition, the “audience whispers” end up being a bit of waste of time if all it is is just gasping over how strong/handsome someone is.

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