Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 90 “Unchange”

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Chapter Ninety: Unchange

Tantai Guanjian rarely showed his emotions so openly, but right now, he was very happy. Of course he did not want to die. To him, Fang Xiumu was the person who, if he could arrive in time, could guarantee that they would not die. The person who could send a sword light order on behalf of the Fang Marquessate Establishment could only be Fang Xiumu.

Meng Fangying was silent for another moment. He knew of Fang Xiumu’s importance, but he still raised his head higher. He looked at the light coming from the dust mountains, and his lips curved stubbornly. “Back in the past when I raised eagles on the border, I never thought so much. I came from the border army, I just wanted this dynasty to be like the You Dynasty, to conquer the world, and create a peerless empire. If I could become a general, then I would be famous in history. Back then, I did not care about who among Changling’s powers would win. Even now, my thoughts have not changed. You care about getting revenge, but I just want to kill you, kill the Chu Dynasty, so the Qin Dynasty will not have any more enemies. The grievances of gods are different from what mortals think about, and there are always more mortals than gods. So back then, since you lost, you cannot win now.”

After a pause, he looked down at Ding Ning and Li Daoji, saying slowly, “What can Fang Xiumu do? Since you can see his sword light, then the three eagles under my command can see his sword light. Also… the key is, how long can you obstruct me?” As he spoke his last words, his gaze stopped on Ding Ning.

This was a kind of wariness. He had seen how Ding Ning borrowed the vital energy of the Master of Fire. In his view, since Li Daoji had been Ding Ning’s sect uncle during his time in the White Goat Cave, Ding Ning would have a great understanding of Li Daoji’s power and vital energy. There was the chance that he could borrow Li Daoji’s vital energy. But since he had seen Ding Ning’s move, he would not allow such a thing to occur again.

Tantai Guanjian understood Meng Fangying’s meaning so he immediately became nervous. Li Daoji was just a cultivator of White Goat Cave in the end. How could a cultivator from such a place stop Meng Fangying? Even if Xue Wangxu had won against Liang Lian back then, the latter’s cultivation then could not compare to Meng Fangying at this time.

But at this time, Ding Ning’s expression grew strange. He met Meng Fangying’s eyes and said in an odd tone, “Old Man Xue felt that he could not teach him and sent him away. Of course it is to find a powerful teacher for him. Old Man Xue was too old, and while he could not win against other people, in terms of knowledge and the sword manuals he knew, how many are better than him?”

Meng Fangying’s brows unconsciously furrowed, and he had a bad feeling. In the next moment, a sword hummed in front of him. He still did not feel that Li Daoji could pose a threat to him, but every word Ding Ning said would affect his confidence. So he did not want to say more.

As the sword hummed, there was an ocean of primal energies of the universe ringing out. But they did not flood into the sword that appeared in his hand, but into his body. His body suddenly grew large, and he appeared to be looking down at the world. He slashed his sword at Li Daoji!

There was no finesse. This sword was like a giant stone, brutal and domineering, carrying all his mind and vital energy, smashing towards Li Daoji. The simpler the sword move, the more it could force a simple move in response.

This would turn into a collision of pure power. Meng Fangying had reached realm seven twenty years ago. While twenty years was not enough for him to enter the door into realm eight, his vital energy had been refined under it was very pure, like metal reforged over and over. How could a realm seven cultivator who just entered compare to him?

Tantai Guanjian took a deep breath. He was very nervous. This sword move was a very simple test for Meng Fangying but it may be a killing blow.

At this time, Li Daoji slowly exhaled. He focused, taking a half step back, and then gripping the small white jade sword at his waist.

A loud boom sounded between Li Daoji and Meng Fangying. There were echoes sounding at the same time from within the dust mountains, like there were countless enormous swords colliding.

In the wake of these sounds, everyone saw a slightly curved sword light firmly holding in front of Li Daoji. And Meng Fangying’s lofty figure was sent flying back!

Other than the crashing sound, it was entirely silent.

Tantai Guanjian’s eyes were wide. He was surprised but not shocked. He immediately understood this move. The White Goat Hanging Horn, to lock into stalemate. Li Daoji had the sect master sword of White Goat Cave, and what he used right now was the strongest move of the sect.

Meng Fangying was very shocked. He was not wounded, but the vital energy rippling through his body caused him to feel more uncomfortable than he ever had before. His sword move caused him to feel like he had hit a wall at a sprint. His lifebond sword finally showed its true appearance.

This was a silver white sword, like it was made from moonlight, giving people a serene yet mysterious feeling. He was retreating, but he was swinging his sword at the same time. The turbulent vital energy in his body immediately calmed down as they flowed out.

His lifebond sword shone white light, hot but not blinding. The silver light turned into a crescent moon, and obscured his figure. The sword essence filled this space, giving off a very profound feeling, and made it hard for people to sense where this blow would land.

This sword was called, “Moonlight,” and was one of the Seven Swords of the Meng Family. The Seven Great Swords were the ultimate manual of the Meng Family, recording seven sword moves with completely different energies but were all powerful and mysterious.

Li Daoji’s gaze was shocked. But his figure did not change. His left hand held the long sword which crossed his chest and created a sword wind. The wind had no power to speak off, and just made people think of a spring wind blowing past willow branches. But in the next moment, the white jade sword in his right hand moved up.

An enormous boom erupted from the world and dust mountains around him, like thousands of swords colliding. The slightly curved goat horn kept on shining in front of him. And in front of the sword light, Meng Fangying’s figure retreated again, this time even further.

Now, even Tantai Guanjian could not help but exclaim in shock. Another White Goat Hanging Horn!

But the same sword managed to defeat one of Meng Fangying’s mysterious seven swords.

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