Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 92 “Realm Eight Domain”

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Chapter Ninety-Two: Realm Eight Domain

There were many commanders behind Chi Ying. In the past many months, all of the armies and cultivators of the Qin Dynasty had experienced a historical secret migration, including these family soldiers of the Meng Marquessate Establishment. Such a migration was hard to find in previous dynasties. For most cultivators of the Qin Dynasty, this meant that they could be written into the history books. Many people had prepared to die before they had come to the battlefield. Death sometimes meant being able to leave behind a deep mark on the history books.

Yet, no matter if it was Chi Ying or the soldiers behind him, none had not thought that a realm seven grandmaster could kill from such a great distance, almost at the limits of perception, without any ability to fight back.

Why would it be like this?

When such a thought rose in the minds of these commanders, the armor on Chi Ying’s body exploded. The pieces of the armor exploded like fragile tile. Chi Ying’s horse jumped in panic while his body fell back.

Fang Xiumu’s body floated up. Following the wind in his mind, his body was light and weightless.

The army he was facing… Chi Ying’s commanders were in great shock and did not know what was happening. This was a scene from the myths. Fang Xiumu was clearly still very far from them, but he was flying into the sky, and coming above them.


A drop of sweat fell from the bothered beard of one of Chi Ying’s commanders. This pale middle-aged commander’s voice changed as he gave the order.

The shrill cries of seal weapons being activated sounded. All kinds of light formed a curtain, carrying terrifying killing intent that headed towards the sky.

These seal weapons did not have any feelings. Then there was the light of the flying swords and other weapons of the cultivators in the army.

The Three Eagle Army of the Meng Marquessate Establishment had fought on the border for many years. Each army carried seal weapons enough to kill several realm sevens, but at this time, no one dared to hope to kill Fang Xiumu, just to delay this terrifying enemy.

Fang Xiumu’s body seemed to have lost its momentum in the air, and could not get any higher, but to their shock, when the light advanced towards his body and was still very far from him, his body seemed to be pushed by a great force and he was thrown high into the air.

At this instant, it felt like a carp swimming against the current, about to fall, but suddenly gained new power and jumped into the air. A ribbon of light tailed behind Fang Xiumu. The light of the seal weapons, and the primal energies of many flying swords and lifebond items inexplicably changed.

A lot of the primal energy left the flying swords and lifebond items, turning to speckled light and gathering towards the light behind Fang Xiumu. This was an even more shocking scene. Even the commander who had been the first to recover and gave the order could not control his emotions and started to tremble all over.


At this moment, Fang Xiumu was very emotional. This was the feeling from a fish turning into a dragon, from his own transformation. At this time, the cultivators on the ground did not understand, but he was very clear.

Many years ago, when that person thought invincible in the world came to Fang Marquessate Establishment to see him, the other had eaten a meal with him, and then left some words for him- “If Mountain Moving is just to move primal energies of the universe, then there is nothing unusual.”

He had been unable to completely understand the meaning in the words. Because at that time, he had been stuck trying to get to realm seven, and did not even truly know the Mountain Moving Realm. Over a decade later, he felt that he could step away from realm six at any moment and truly enter realm seven. But he kept feeling it was not perfect and something was missing.

When the news of the death of his beloved brother Fang Xiang came, he understood he lacked some spirit and impulse. Without any determination, how could he break through the current?

When he instantly had his breakthrough at the quarry, and came to the battlefield to kill Chi Ying with a blow, he finally understood the meaning of the words that the person had left him.

The answer could be found in the Deer Mountain Conference. Yuanwu had fought the strongest grandmasters of the world. Originally, he had used all his power, but then he borrowed Huang Zhenwei’s vital energy and flipped the situation. If one could cultivate their body to instantly move an ocean of energy, there was nothing strange about moving the free energy in the world.

So realm seven was not just to open another new world and touch energies from further away. Even more important was to move the energies in one’s perception that other cultivators gave off! Including the energy that their bodies naturally gave off, the energies that floated freely during battle, and even the energies that came from their weapons and seal scripts during battle! Using the power of many for his own use.

So what that person told him back then was not the key to a realm seven breakthrough, but a certain understanding from realm seven to realm eight.

Back then, when that person came to the Fang Marquessate Establishment, had he really come to see their sword manual “Borrowing Sword Essence” or felt that their “Borrowing Sword Essence” could let them reach a certain state of realm eight when they were just in realm seven?

Back then, that person had only been realm seven, but likely had already guessed and sensed a state of realm eight.

The hero of the world read thousands of sword manuals, not just to defeat all sword moves. The biggest reason was likely to solve some of the questions he had regarding realm eight.

“Another realm eight?”

“Is Fang Xiumu really such a genius that he broke through two realms, and entered realm eight right after?”

On the ground, there was one cultivator who still had a clear mind. He came from the flank of Chi Ying’s army, one army which had not shown itself and waited in the depression.

He was dressed in black combat armor. The armor seemed to be made from black scales. The scales were shrouded in cold energy that was very similar to the Nether dragon’s scales.

This cultivator was Hei Ying. He was the strongest realm seven under the command of Marquis Meng.

As the thoughts flashed through his mind, he was certain that Fang Xiumu had not truly reached realm eight. But more so, he could not let Fang Xiumu meet up with the person in the dust mountains.

At this time, he sensed that on the other side, there seemed to be an empty spot in the sky. The energy in that part of the sky seemed to have been eaten by a monster. And then, there were many invisible tentacles stretching up into the air.

He laughed coldly and knew his colleague had the same thought as him. Even if they paid with their lives and all the lives of the three armies, they had to keep Fang Xiumu here.

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