Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 93 “Sword Through Firmament”

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Chapter Ninety-Three: Sword Through Firmament

There seemed to be a monster eating the energies there. This monster which then stretched out its invisible tentacles was Bai Ying.

The three, with their names meaning red, black and white, were called so because of the color of their armor and because they were the three strongest cultivators in the command of Meng Fangying.

Chi Ying’s armor was made from the best red copper in the world. Hei Ying’s armor was made from the scales of the black water serpent. Bai Ying’s snowy white armor came from the skull of the White Leg Bird. This was a kind of bird which lived on islands deep in the sea. They were not fierce like other beasts, and their skulls could naturally gather pure primal energies of the universe. It was about the size of a thumb, as white as jade, stronger than refined steel, and when it was attacked by an outside force, it would give off primal energy.

At this time, in the depression on the other side of Hei Ying, Bai Ying’s armor was made from an unknown number of such skulls. This sewn armor even covered his face. This meant that this suit of armor was made from killing an unknown number of White Leg Birds. At this time, when the vital energy of such a cultivator surged out of his energy sea, all of the energies contained in each piece of the armor was completely activated.

The invisible tentacles had an unnamed savage presence, like the angry souls of the birds covering the sky and stopping the natural flow of energies. Only a small amount of primal energy could flow through the cracks between the bird souls. The energies which could flow quickly gathered towards Hei Ying’s body.

Fang Xiumu passed through Chi Ying’s army and sensed the abnormality ahead. His perception was not instantly clear like Hei Ying who was familiar with Bai Ying.

In his perception, countless white birds suddenly appeared in the sky ahead. The bodies of these white birds expanded in layers under they covered the entire sky. The energies which could flow between these white birds were all being gathered by another cultivator. The primal energies which had been naturally heading towards him were cut off by these white birds.

So this was two cultivators working together. Two cultivators who cultivated different methods managed to create a domain so the other cultivators in here could not gather primal energies and only that person could use the energies. Such a partnership was not such a simple addition of power, and it was harder to deal with than the attacks of several realm sevens together.

Fang Xiumu paused for a moment. He needed a bit of time to consider how to fight these two cultivators.

Hei Ying raised his head and accepted the flood of energy. He raised his eyebrows and was in slight pain. There was the sound of flesh tearing through his body. The vital energy and primal energies coming through his energy sea gathered together, turning into an indescribable power that then dissipated into his armor.

The scaled armor left his body in pieces, flying out and gave off a powerful lifebond presence. In the world of cultivators, the presence of lifebond items meant that it was only for him, and it would be incompatible with anyone else’s energy. People could even smell his flesh and blood. It was the case with the black scales flying off his body. On the surface, they flashed with black light, but on the inside, they were bloody red like fresh flesh.

The pieces of scaled armor wailed as they flew through the air, and cut tracks in the air visible to the naked eye. These scales seemed to be flying randomly, but in the air, they went to their own positions. In an instant, they formed an enormous long whip, and this whip was in the shape of a serpent.

Even his subordinates behind him were very shocked. They had never seen something so shocking before.

There were cracks between the black scales, but the inside seemed to be filled with bloody red light like a black serpent had come back to life and merged into one with Hei Ying’s power. In the past, no one knew that Hei Ying’s lifebond item was his armor.

The serpent did not pause after forming, and headed straight towards Fang Xiumu into the air. Fang Xiumu’s body was naturally falling. He was not a true realm eight, and could not be like Emperor Yuanwu, breaking through the small world created by these realm seven cultivators using their energies and pulling in energies from the outside. But now, he understood, even if he had just touched just a corner of realm eight, it was still realm eight power and he had just to catch it and use it to the extreme.

At this time, on the ground below, almost all the cultivators in the three armor gasped in shock.

Just like destroying his own cultivation, Fang Xiumu’s vital energy spread out of his body. Even the lowest ranking cultivators could sense vital energy blow to their side like a gentle breeze.

This came from Fang Xiumu’s vital energy and naturally aroused their hostility.

In the next moment, they found that it was quiet around them, like the space was empty. Ahead of the long black whip in the air, a light suddenly appeared, giving off a holy presence. For a cultivator, a holy presence meant a state they could not touch, and something beyond their understanding.

An enormous sword light formed around Fang Xiumu and cut towards the black serpent. The clear sound of armor breaking rang through the air. It was like the wail of sorrow and discontent of a serpent before death.

The bloody red light and the shattered pieces of armor sprayed in all directions, and even collided with the bird-like energy in the sky. Many explosions rang out as energies collided.

Bai Ying and Hei Ying seemed to be struck by lightning, their bodies hitting the ground and then bouncing back up. Blood beaded out of their skin and they vomited blood. Hei Ying felt his mind blank when his lifebond item was cut. He felt his life slipping away but was unable to think. Compared to him, Bai Ying was less wounded. His eyes were wide, and he was covered in a feeling of powerlessness and terror.

It was the first time for two such powerful people to work together. In his thinking, this was enough to kill any realm seven in the world, but now, they were defeated by Fang Xiumu’s one blow. What he could not imagine was much of the vital energy that had fled out of Fang Xiumu seemed to understand the way home, and flowed back into his meridians. This did not fit with the truth of the cultivation world. Simply speaking, after one punched, how could it be possible to get some of the power of the punch back?

Fang Xiumu did not care about the feelings of the two cultivators at this time. He needed to get close to the dust mountains as fast as possible, so he could not give anyone who threatened him a chance to attack again. At this time, he flicked out a sword energy again.


There was a pop in Bai Ying’s energy sea. A sharp sword energy was not able to penetrate his white armor, but seemed to hit his energy sea, and almost caused the jade palace in the energy sea to shatter.

Chapter 92 |  Table of Contents | Chapter 94


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