傲风 An Unyielding Wind V02-S11-C03 “Qin Aofeng and Jun Luoyu”

Last time, on An Unyielding Wind: Yun Cheng gets verbally dumped on. Aofeng and Jun Luoyu have their reunion.

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Chapter Three – Qin Aofeng and Jun Luoyu

A warm feeling spread through her entire body. Hot blood spilled through her heart. This scene was like when he hugged her back when being chased by Heaven Fire, extremely comforting.

Aofeng’s eyes squinted, and she gently hugged the man back. There seemed to be a warm flow between the pair.

Seeing this scene, people could not help but roll their eyes like they were dizzy. Then they looked oddly at Aofeng.

The Holy Emperor Jun Luoyu was so lofty, always with a gracious smile, but was not close to anyone at all. It was harder to touch his finger than going to heaven. Now, he was hugging Aofeng, and helping her out. How could they not be jealous?

Qin Aoxue had been proud of being by Yun Cheng’s side. But now, when the Holy Emperor appeared, those admiring gazes changed direction. Adding on that she felt Jun Luoyu had deliberately come to block them, she was so depressed she wanted to vomit blood.

Of course, there were also people looking at Jun Luoyu, like Qin Aotian and Lei Yufeng. One of them had a sister complex, the other thought he was “gay.” Seeing Jun Luoyu and Aofeng so close, the mood was wrong, and they were jealous.

“Little Feng, how did you and Holy Emperor Daren meet?” The pair finally separated, and Qin Aotian could not help but ask, looking at Jun Luoyu with a strange gaze.

He and Jun Luoyu were called the two geniuses of the world. The other was even more talented. He had some understanding of the other through the rumors. Qin Aotian found it very strange that Jun Luoyu suddenly had a “connection” with his precious sister.

“You must be Your Excellency Aotian.” A smile like spring appeared on Jun Luoyu’s elegant face. He reached out with his jade-like hand and said, “Half a year ago, Aofeng and I became friends through life and death. Aofeng gave his back to me to pass the adversity. No matter what, no matter the identity, we are friends, of course it is the same today.”

Aofeng was happy at seeing someone from the past. She said with a warm look, “Big Brother, when we were in trouble, Luoyu protected me with his life. Back then, people were calling me ‘good-for-nothing.'”

Qin Aotian changed expression at hearing this, and exchanged a look with Sword Master Xi Yun next to him. They exchanged a look of understanding. He put away his coldness, and shook Jun Luoyu’s hand. “Little Feng’s friend is my friend.”

Aotian was so protective of his sister, but never controlled what friends she made. Regardless of whether it was Lei Yufeng or Jun Luoyu, as long as they were good to Aofeng, he would not reject them.

Two great geniuses met here, and shook hands. People were excited by this scene.

“My friend can go in?” Jun Luoyu held Aofeng’s hand, and paused as he walked into the gates, and asked the guard with a smile, seemingly unintentional.

The guard shuddered, and immediately grew friendly. He bowed and said, “Of course! There is no problem! Holy Emperor Daren, please.”

Jun Luoyu looked back at him wryly. His gaze swept across the faces of Yun Cheng and the others. His lips curled in a smile. Then he turned around and led Aofeng slowly into the palace. Qin Ding led the Qin Family in, leaving behind the stunned Central Cloud battle team.

One of them recovered and said in fury, “Captain! That Holy Emperor was clearly showing off to us!”

“So unreasonable. He is the Holy Emperor, so he can look down at us. So annoying!”

They had come over to show off their power, but someone came out halfway, and they were shown-off to. How bad did this feel?

“Qin Aofeng! Jun Luoyu!” Yun Cheng almost died from anger and gritted these two names. He watched as the backs of the two disappeared into the gates, and sneered. “He thinks that this is the territory of the Radiance Magus Church? Go, we will go find the Holy Maiden. I do not believe the Holy Emperor is more noble than the Holy Maiden of our Central Cloud City!”

“Yes, let’s go find the Chief Defender, and the Holy Maiden.”

“Him not giving us face is him embarrassing himself!”

The white clothed men angrily agreed, going in and heading for a grand palace.

“Luoyu, I thought you were a good person, I did not think you were so bad. That Yun Cheng’s expression just now was spectacular.” Aofeng was sighing right now, and walking together with Jun Luoyu. Lei Yufeng was on Aofeng’s other side all this time. The two black and one white dressed young men walking together was eye-catching.

From the front gates, they went around some palaces, and came to the grand Gluth Imperial Auction Plaza that could hold thousands. Facing the auction venue was a prepared evening banquet in the Lapala Banquet Hall. These places had been built for the Midautumn Festival each year, grand and imperious in air.

Qin Aotian followed the Qin group to the Qin Family room. Jun Luoyu used the reason of talking about the past to come out alone with Aofeng and Lei Yufeng. Aotian did not worry about her with the two of them. This would also avoid a conflict between Qin Lu and Aofeng. After the auction, they would all go to the Lapala Banquet Hall.

On the red carpet of the Gluth Auction venue, Jun Luoyu blinked his eyes and said innocently, “Really, I just asked the guard something, and did not say anything to him. Could he still accuse me of anything?”

Aofeng and Lei Yufeng burst into laughter. You did not say anything to him, but your actions were more annoying than saying anything!

They had not expected the dignified Holy Emperor Jun Luoyu to be a black belly…

“After Qin City, I wanted to see you, but did not have a chance.” Aofeng swept the man’s handsome features, raised her head and looked seriously at him. “Now that I have met you again, I have something I need to say to you.”

Aofeng’s voice was like a small stream that flowed down a snowy mountain. She said slowly, “I wanted to tell you that Qin Aofeng and Jun Luoyu will be partners for life! Even in the face of disaster, I will not easily abandon you. I will slowly grow strong, strong enough to help you. I hope, when I have such power, you will not keep some things secret from me.”

“I see.” Jun Luoyu nodded with a warm smile. Gentle like flashed through his eyes as he patted the back of her hand.

“I have been paying attention to you all along on your journey. I did not expect you to grow so quickly. Half a year ago, I did not think this day would come. Aofeng, I promise you, when I need you, I will tell you everything. You do not have to worry. With me here, no one can touch you.”

The man’s words were full of presence, and a rare seriousness.

He and Aofeng looked into each other’s eyes and smiled at the same time. Some things seemed to open in the smile…

Feeling that he was being ignored, Lei Yufeng muttered in discontent, “Hey, hey, do not forget me!” At Aofeng’s neck, Xiao Bing blinked her eyes, and jumped to his head to squeak in laughter…

With Jun Luoyu’s intelligence, it would not be hard to guess that Aofeng was Zhui Yun. Aofeng did not hide it from him. Hearing that Aofeng had things she wanted to send to auction, Jun Luoyu led Aofeng and Lei Yufeng to the appraisal room of the auction.

In the enormous room, there was only a white-haired old man and a man in grand clothing. Most items for auction had been sent before today. Only those like Aofeng who did not know the rules would come here.

“Holy Emperor, how come you are here? Does Radiance Magus Church have something good to auction? Come and let this prince see!” The young nobleman dressed grandly walked over with a smile.

Aofeng saw this man, and marveled inside. She did not know that the person in charge of the auction was the eldest son of the Kaya Empire, His Highness Mo Leng.

“I do not have anything fun and worthy. But my friend has many treasures.” Jun Luoyu smiled and motioned to Aofeng, attracting the gazes of the two.

“You are? …” Mo Leng looked at the cold and beautiful youth with an extraordinary presence. He felt the other was a bit familiar to the eyes, but did not know where he had seen this person before. His eyes narrowed in puzzlement.

“Your Highness has forgotten me?” Aofeng waved a hand, took out a bright red invitation, and handed it over.

“Ah!” Mo Leng’s eyes widened when he saw the invitation. He clapped his hands and said in surprise, “So Your Excellency Zhui Yun has arrived! I did not think that Your Excellency is so handsome under the mask. This Highness almost did not recognize you. Your Excellency should have taken the mask off a long time ago.”

“Your Excellency Zhui Yun?” The old man heard the name and was stunned for a moment. He looked up and examined Aofeng curiously. He clearly had heard of her reputation.

Aofeng said directly, “I came for an appraisal. Your Highness, is it convenient?”

“Of course. What does Your Excellency want to sell? Give it to our appraisers. Some adult magus beasts?” Mo Leng motioned for Aofeng and the other two people to sit, and said with a smile.

Aofeng took out the life cages, and the inner core of the evil dragon. She nodded. “Yes, I only want to sell these two things.”

When the items were taken out, the appraiser’s eyes jumped. He suddenly stood up, having lost his composure. He pointed at the life cage. “This… this is an adult nine-star divine beast!”

Last night, Aofeng used the time to tame this harpy, and leveled it up to nine-star level.

Even though the old man was used to seeing treasures, he could not help but smack his lips. A tamed adult nine-star divine beast was a great temptation to any magister! As an imperial appraiser, the old man was in celestial rank, and knew the price of this divine beast.

“Reserve price ten billion obsidian. First-class auction room.” After calming down, the old man handed a key to Aofeng.

The auction rooms had different classes based on the amount of capital. The Qin Family, with so many members, only got one first-class auction room.

“Mister, you will not appraise this?” Aofeng pointed at the evil dragon inner core. “This is the inner core of a super-divine beast. It should not be worth less than the nine-star divine beast?”

“Inner core? You say this is the inner core of a super-divine beast?” The old man heard this, and almost jumped up.

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