Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 94 “Assassination”

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Chapter Ninety-Four: Assassination

Bai Ying vomited blood again, many transparent crystals mixed with the blood like gems.

These were the purest vital energy crystals, yes some of them separated from the blood, flowing with the primal energies of the universe, landing on Fang Xiumu’s body and then disappearing.

Most people were unable to clearly see such a scene, but some cultivators in the three armies and on the plains could sense this. These people were shocked. Adding on Fang Xiumu’s display in battle before, this kind of “devouring” of other people’s vital energy to use as his own was no different from a demon in the legends.

Yet Fang Xiumu’s presence was pure and natural, and his sword light even had a holy presence. So all these people, including Bai Ying, had a new realization, and thought of some things not recorded in the history books. Yet Fang Xiumu’s presence was pure and natural, and his sword light even had a holy presence.

On the plains between the three armies of the Meng Marquessate establishment and the dust mountains, there were naturally other grandmasters. But even the three eagles working together were unable to stop Fang Xiumu who did not even seem to be wounded. This evoked shock and even hopelessness.

Starting from the battle before Yuanwu ascended the throne, the cultivation world had been relatively calm. But since the Deer Mountain Conference, there were stunning things occurring in the world. The Donghu monk had killed his way into the palace, and now Fang Xiumu instantly defeated the three eagles, like he was invincible. This caused the cultivators of the world to realize that even between realm seven grandmasters, there were great disparities.

Now, the despairing cultivators on the plains knew that they could not change anything if they fought. They could not stop Fang Xiumu from advancing. But after seeing these battles with their own eyes, these seeds in their minds would cause great changes to the cultivation world.

No one stopped him, the dust mountains were right ahead of him. Feeling the sword essences in the dust mountains, Fang Xiumu’s eyes showed great respect, and then he did not hesitate to enter.

Some uncontrolled cheers came from the plains.

These people were the friends of the Ba Mountain Sword Field, or rather enemies of Zheng Xiu and Yuanwu. But they had been stopped by their enemies or were powerless to get close to the dust mountains. In their view, Fang Xiumu’s arrival could decide the fate of the battle.


When Fang Xiumu entered the formation, his energies naturally attracted the energies in the dust mountains, and caused an odd rhythm.

“Fang Xiumu has arrived,” Ding Ning immediately sensed this, and said emotionally to Zhangsun Qianxue, Tantai Guanjian and the others.

At the same time, the enemies in the formation knew of Fang Xiumu’s arrival. Welcoming him was a profound and violent sword energy. This sword energy was like an enraged giant, roaring and tearing at the sky.

Fang Xiumu did not even have the time to see what was in front of him before a corner of the dust mountain ahead of him was broken open. This profound and violent sword energy sealed all his retreat and advance paths, sweeping him within.

Fury itself was a terrifying power, the soul of this sword energy. But when swept in, Fang Xiumu was not nervous at all, because his own breakthrough had been because of fury.

A cultivator like a stone Buddha would not be angry, but when they became angry, few could rival the fury. So Fang Xiumu naturally returned a blow. His sword vented his fury at losing his respected and beloved older brother.

As he swung his sword, golden flames lit up in the air. With a giant boom, the sword energy in front of him was unable to endure and was torn apart like cloth.

The cultivator who had sent this sword appeared in a depression not far from Fang Xiumu with a disbelieving scream. The depression came from the impact of this sword.

This cultivator was Meng Fangying. Blood stained his teeth. While he was still standing at the bottom of the depression like steel, there were astounding sounds of impact within his body.

After being hit hard, Meng Fangying seemed to have reached his limit, but he did not stop and gave a scream again. Sword light flashed in front of him, and his body gave off the feeling of coming out of his cocoon. The power of this sword light was even stronger than the previous one.

This sword was the best of the seven swords of the Meng Family, Breaking the Cocoon. This sword essence did not just break through the limits of many meridians, when one was injured, they could express more power. Even more importantly, there were some rules in the sword energy that could stop the enemy from gathering energy.

As his scream and sword light formed, a remnant body suddenly appeared from the dust mountain to Fang Xiumu’s left side.

This was the old monster of Jiaodong Commandery who Ding Ning had cut half of her body. When the remaining vital energy in her body sprayed out, she could no longer suppress the wounds in her body. Blood flew out of her body in a seemingly endless stream, and mixed within were pieces of organs. The last power coming out of her body pulled on the energies in the formation and turned into a crimson light. This light had a rotten scent like corrosion due to age.

Fang Xiumu took a deep breath and attacked.

Thunder rang through the dust mountains. But it did not spread and instead gathered into his body. A holy sword light lit up in front of him and then split in two.

There was a dull shake. The body of the old Jiaodong Commandery monster was shattered into countless pieces, like many bright flower petals flying in the dust.

Fang Xiumu fell into a hole hundreds of feet away. There were countless bloodlines on his body. The crimson light shone from his skin, and caused his body to give off a rotting scent.

Meng Fangying relapsed into depression. He looked at the seriously injured Fang Xiumu. Other than shock, he felt it was absurd.

At this moment, he could not understand why Fang Xiumu dared to receive the combined attack from him and Zheng An. Then he started to vomit blood in great gulps.

A small sword energy that he could not stop attacked his heart at this moment and cut off one of his main blood vessels. He could not stop the bleeding in his body. He could only keep on uncontrollably vomiting blood like he was going to vomit all the blood out of his body.

The hot blood was bitter in his mouth. Now he understood.

When he had been assassinating the other, Fang Xiumu had assassinated him.

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