Apocalypse Lord Chapter 34 “End of Protection”

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Chapter 34 – End of Protection

After noon, the system spawned two NPCs.

[Name: Thea]

Level: 1

Attributes: Strength 7, Agility 5, Stamina 6, Intelligence 5, Spirit 5.

Combat Skills: None

Life Skills: Elementary Baking

Employment Price: 100 copper coins.

[Name: Linda]

Level: 0

Attributes: Strength 6, Agility 7, Stamina 5, Intelligence 5, Spirit 5.

Combat Skills: None

Life Skills: Intermediate Bamboo Art

Employment Price: 500 copper coins.

Unfortunately, the buildings suited to their work were fated to never be unlocked. Without the workshops, the professionals could not be fully used. Yun Ling could only bear the pain and refuse to hire them.


April 1st, “Apocalypse Calamity” opened online.

After this, peaceful life was interrupted. Everyone was in a panic, and felt that there was no bottom in their hearts.

As time passed in days, and people went out to work at dawn, and came back to rest at dusk, their lives gradually grew more regular.

But inside, they always had a lingering anxiousness. The residents all hoarded food, as though only this could give them the feeling of safety.

In a flash, two days passed.

Day 11.

At 12 noon, the system notified, [The 10 day beginners protection period has ended. The territories may be attacked at any time. Players, please prepare in advance.]

At the news, the residents were confused. “The territories may be attacked at any time? What does this mean?”

Before they finished speaking, they saw ten wild bison sprinting at the territory.

Someone paled. “What is going on? Won’t the monsters automatically avoid the territory if they get too close?”

The other person said quietly, “That was likely the effect of the so-called beginner protection period. Now, the period has ended, and the territory is no longer protected by the system.”

As they spoke, the wild bison crashed constantly at the defensive shield, creating 10, 11, and 13 points of damage.

“Archers, prepare.” Knowing that the beginner protection period would end in 10 days, Yun Ling had not gone out today. She ordered, not panicked at all, “Shoot!”

Archer A, Archer B, and Archer C obeyed, drawing their bows, aiming, and shooting.

Mage A, and Mage B released attack skills.

Guard A, Assassin A, and Guard B, who were close combat professionals stepped out of the territory to help of their own accord.

When Priest A, and Priest B came close, they would throw out recovery skills and heal.

Attacked by the NPCs, the wild bison fell to the ground, dropping copper coins and meat.

Then, Guard A led the team to clean the battlefield, and picked up the drop items with familiarity.

“In the future, you will stay in Rising Cloud Village, and protect the territory.” Yun Ling found a corner where there were no people, ordered the archers to take off the black cloths on their faces, and then set their names to public.

“Yes.” Archer A, Archer B, and Archer C responded together.

When the residents were worried and discussing in low voices, three more guards appeared in the territory.


S City, Almond Flower Village

The residents here also received the system notification.

In the next moment, a swarm of birds suddenly dove and attacked.

“Ah, so painful.”

“Save me!!”

“Where are the NPCs? Where are the NPCs? Kill the monsters quickly!”

The youth and the strong had gone out to hunt. Most left in the territory were the old, ill and weak.

At this time, the system guards were dispatched.

Two close combat NPCs raised their shields, and protected some of the residents.

Three mages chanted in low voices, and used magic attacks.

One archer drew, aimed and shot.

One assassin came close, dagger in a reverse grip, and slashed hard. One bird was instantly killed.

“Go away, go away!” One female resident was being attacked by five birds, and shouted in a panic.

Before the system guards could rescue her, the resident, because of the severity of the wounds, fell down, her HP gone.

The birds flapped their wings and spread, searching for the next target.

After five or so minutes, the monsters were all killed.

The village was full of chaos, the residents covered in wounds, and many were frightened.

Then, a transparent defensive shield appeared above the territory.

The defensive buildings were finally unlocked.


S City, Peach Blossom Camp.

When the system notification was received, the ground cracked open inch by inch — in the next second, a centipede over five meters long appeared inside the camp.

“Run! There is a monster!”

The residents panicked, and fled for their lives.

“Where are the NPCs? Aren’t there NPCs?” Someone managed to keep calm, and shouted, “Where did they go? Come out and save people!”

But Peach Blossom Camp was remote, had few residents, and their development was backwards, their mission hall built late. The entire camp only had 1 mage, 1 archer, and 1 assassin.

“What are you dazing about! Go save people!” The player caught sight of the NPCs and urged.

If these were players, they would feel that this person had a bad attitude, and may just go on strike. But the NPCs, upon hearing this, went up without hesitation.

At this time, the players out hunting were returning to the camp to rest.

The residents were overjoyed, and called for help. “A monster broke into the camp! Come and help!”

After a hard battle, -3 NPCs, -2 players. They finally killed the centipede.

After the battle finished, the air was very heavy. All the residents were considering one question: the camp was no longer safe. Should they continue to stay here?


S City, Rose Village.

The borders of the territory were surrounded by a fence, the defensive building that the system unlocked first.

Inside the fence, the residents were cooking, weaving, doing their tasks, and the air was peaceful.

Suddenly, the system notified, [The 10 day beginners protection period has ended. The territories may be attacked at any time. Players, please prepare in advance.]

“What does this mean?”

While they were in a daze, a large number of spiders appeared at the side of the residents.

“Enemy attack!!”

Some screamed, some retreated in a panic, and the scene was chaotic.

The sparse wood fence could not stop the spiders. They moved through the gaps, and quickly moved towards their targets.

A large fire ball hit the spiders, and burnt them to crisps.

Six system guards appeared to suppress this. Soon, the chaos settled.

The residents rejoiced inside. “Thankfully we chose to live in Rose Village.”

If this was any other territory, and had less unity, they may have been finished if they were careless…


In the afternoon, Yun Ling led the group out. Along the way, she saw that the nearby resource points were all picked clean.

She knew, recently, the players started to realize the importance of foraging, so they joined in, and collected materials to help support their families.

Even hunting teams, when they were unlucky and did not find suitable prey, would dig potatoes to survive.

There were those that would sneak out of the territory after night came, and move around nearby. Once they were attacked by monsters, they would run back. Even if they were wounded, if they begged a priest, and paid a healing fee, they would be fine very soon.

After a while, most of the resource points near Rising Cloud Village were cleaned out.

“It seems that I have to go further,” Yun Ling thought.

The NPCs were high level, and had complete skills as well as good equipment. She did not worry about encountering danger.

She chose a random direction, and the group headed forward.


In the oat field, two female players were immersed in harvesting.

“I announce, this field belongs to us!” A voice suddenly sounded.

The two female players froze first, and then looked up in confusion.

They saw a team of five standing next to them, and looking impatiently at them. “What are you doing dazing about? Go away!”

“Could you be reasonable? We came first…” the short haired woman wanted to argue, but her companion pulled her sleeve.

“Never mind,” her companion whispered.

The short haired woman pressed her lips together, and showed a trace of unwillingness in her gaze.

“We are only driving you away, and not attacking you. You have to be grateful for our kindness.” The gangster like man said shamelessly.

The short haired woman’s anger grew.

“Do not be impulsive, let’s go.” Her companion packed up, and hurriedly left.

“So slow, they are not perceptive at all,” the man muttered, and strode towards the oat field.

Before he got close, arrows quickly flew and stopped in the middle of the road.

At the same time, a lazy voice sounded. “I announce, this field belongs to us.”

“Who? Do you want to die?” The man said angrily.

Yun – evil bully – Ling said casually, “The field belongs to whoever has the strongest fists, not who came first.”

Seeing that the other had several purple pieces of equipment, the man narrowed his eyes. “Do not think you are so great because you have purple equipment. We are not easy!”

“I do not believe that,” Yun Ling said.

When she had the advantage of numbers, she did not think that she would lose.

The NPCs behind her gripped their weapons and prepared to attack at any moment.

“I do not fear telling you, our team has snipers hiding nearby.” The man had a vicious gaze. “If you do not leave, do not blame us for being rude!”

“How will you be rude? Instantly kill me?” Yun Ling laughed.

Wanting punishment! A cold light flashed across the man’s eyes.

He made a hand gesture, and sent a signal.

In the next second, three arrows were fired together at Yun Ling.

Yun Ling raised the Fish Scale Shield, and blocked the attack. After doing this, she realized that she should have put away the shield, and taken the damage.

Yun Ling put the shield down and asked curiously, “How are your snipers? Are they dead?”

She received 110 points of damage, and reflected 55 damage points. If the other had low HP, they would be dead, if they had high HP, they would still have a gasp of breath left.

When she finished talking, there was a rustle in the forest in the distance as though someone was running away.

“It seems they are fine.” Yun Ling was quite regretful.

The man had a beautiful purple face.

His fellow sent a message that if they fought, he would die first, so he was not willing to fight.

He had five people on his side, the other side had six. They did not have the advantage of numbers…

“So slow, you are not perceptive at all,” Yun Ling said sarcastically. “I am just driving you away, and not attacking you. You should be grateful.”

The man was very angry, but could do nothing to her.

“We are going!” In the end, the man squeezed out, and left furiously with his teammates.

She looked, and found the two women that had been driven away had disappeared long ago.

Yun Ling retracted her gaze. “Since I cannot find them, then let’s just collect it ourselves.”


There were a lot of the oats left, and in the end, she obtained 16 portions of oat flour.

In the distance, there was a patch of Tabasco pepper that was attractively red.

The millet pepper could be used to make chili sauce, and was best with rice. Since Yun Ling encountered it, she was not polite, and had all of it collected.

When she occasionally encountered players who were foraging, before the other could panic, Yun Ling would say “passing by” and then leave while staring directly ahead.

They moved and stopped along the way, and in a flash, it was afternoon.

She saw the top right corner show, “Day 11, spring, calamity day, 16:45:45.”

Yun Ling said, “Return.”

The NPCs acknowledged, and followed her back.

On the way back, Yun Ling thought, ever since the calendar appeared, no day was not a calamity day. She did not know if other than calamity day, there were other days.

As to that “spring,” it likely referred to the spring season. She just did not know what new thing the game would come up with now with the seasons.

As she pondered, the village was in sight.


As the sun set, the residents continued to return to the village, the territory grew lively.

“‘Elementary Woodworking,’ life skill card, 100 copper coins each, first come, first served!”

“‘Crash’, C-rank warrior skill card, 150 copper coins.”

“‘Cloth Shoes’, durability 20/20, 80 copper coins per pair, come quickly.”

When the team got something, they would first use it internally, and increase their overall strength. After making sure their members were armed, they would then sell the extra equipment and skill cards.

Hearing that there were life skill cards and combat skill cards, and equipment, the residents all went over — there were so many items, might there be one suited to them?

Yun Ling glanced over, and saw there was nothing she was interested in so she moved aside.

“Yun Ling.”

Someone shouted her name from behind her.

Yun Ling turned around and found it was Lu Chuan. “What is it?”

Lu Chuan started to organize his backpack. “Wood, linen cloth, cotton cloth, silk thread, willow wood, rice…”

“Food recipe ‘Chili Sauce’, ‘Chili Scrambled Eggs’, ‘Spicy Boiled Fish’.”

“Sewing drawings for ‘Leather Armor’, and ‘Leather Boots.”

Yun Ling. “!!!”

She was overjoyed. “Where did you get these?!”

“Drops from monsters,” Lu Chuan said.

“So great.” Yun – life skills player – Ling just got the cards, and could not wait to learn.

So easy to satisfy.

Lu Chuan laughed. “Next time, when I get new ones, I will give them to you.”

Yun Ling repeatedly nodded, and looked at Lu Chuan like he was a credit card machine with no emotions.

“I’m leaving.” After clearing out his backpack, Lu Chuan waved his hand and walked away.

Yun Ling had received N x game materials, and was very happy.

At this time, a window popped out, [NPC “Hawk” is visiting. Will you hire them?]

She clicked to look.

[Name: Hawk]

Level: 0

Attributes: Strength 6, Agility 5, Stamina 5, Intelligence 5, Spirit 5.

Combat Skills: None

Life Skills: Advanced Woodworking

Craftable Items: Wood Stick, Wood Shield, Wood Staff, Wood Bow, Torch, Willow Wood Stick, Willow Wood Shield, Willow Wood Staff, Willow Wood Bow, Wood Bed, Wood Cabinets, Wood Table, Wood Chair, Wood Bowl, Wood Spoon, Wood Chopsticks, Wood Box.

Employment Price: 5000 copper coins.

Yun Ling. “!!!”

What godly NPC was this?

If she hired this NPC, the number of products from the Woodworking Workshop would multiply.

Yun Ling excitedly pressed “yes” but who knew —

[Your balance is insufficient. You are unable to hire.]

Yun Ling:”……”

Looking at the 2000 copper coins in her account, she reflected deeply on why she was so poor.

When touring the night market, she would buy as much materials as she wanted.

The 50 collection missions from the mission hall were almost always completed to their limits.

Affected by the equipment that people were producing, the shop business had not been very good recently.

The residences were hard to sell, and it took a long time before she sold one.

When she encountered suitable NPCs, she never was soft.

Many factors caused the present situation.

Yun Ling finally understood why the NPCs would stay in the territory for 24 hours. That was time for the lord to gather money.

“5000 copper coins, right?” She thought for a moment, and quickly had an idea.


“A pair of cloth shoes is 80? Too expensive, lower,” a player was bargaining.

The seller’s eyes went wide. “You think 80 is too much? In the system shops, it is 100 starting price!”

The player did not care. “Lower, if lower, I will buy.”

There were many people asking, and the equipment had no problem being sold.

The seller immediately waved his hand impatiently like he was swatting a fly. “If you do not have money, go buy straw sandals, do not make trouble here.”

“Hey, what are you saying?”

The player was angry, and wanted to argue with the other when someone charged out and grabbed the cloth shoes. “80 copper coins. I will buy it!”

“You were so slow, now people got it before you?” The seller curled his lips, and started to entertain other customers.

The player was embarrassed and left in fury.

Old Zhang watched from the side and sighed emotionally. “Business is so good.”

“Grandfather…” Zhang Hong Bo moved his lips and did not know what to say.

“You have been working for an entire day, sit down and rest.” After saying this, Old Zhang bent his head, and focused on weaving straw sandals.

Zhang Hong Bo silently sighed.

Ever since people discovered they could make their own equipment, many people got straw to learn to make their own equipment.

Some who were clever immediately learned.

Some were clumsy, and could not learn.

He was one of the latter.

After confirming that he had no talent at weaving straw, he went out to hunt and forage each day.

His grandfather stayed in the village and wove day and night.

Other people did not just weave for themselves but sold cheaply. His family’s business was suppressed. Sometimes, after working to weave a pair of straw sandals, they could only be sold for 25 copper coins. Recently, more and more people learned to weave straw sandals, and the price was pushed down to 21 or 20 copper coins.

Zhang Hong Bo was both angry and anxious, and…helpless.

But Old Zhang was in a good state of mind. “No matter how small the mosquito, it is meat. While I am not earning as much as before, at least it is more profitable than you going out to risk your life. Do not worry, after two more days, we will save enough to buy a house!”

As he spoke, another pair of straw sandals were finished.

[Congratulations, you have made self-made equipment “Straw Sandals.”]

[You have received 5 experience points.]

[Congratulations, Player, for leveling up.]

[You have received 3 free attribute points to be allocated at will.]

Level up? Old Zhang stilled. Then he tried to add 1 point each to strength, agility, and stamina.

Instantly, Old Zhang found that his hearing was better, his strength had increased, his fingers more nimble, and he was more energetic

There was such a benefit from weaving sandals?

Old Zhang was happy and said in a grateful tone, “Lucky that I have this craft.”

Zhang Hong Bo thought, yes, the days were better than before, he should be content.

As they spoke, one person ran out of the Tailor Shop. Seeing his teammate, he said in a trembling voice, his face flushed red, “The Tailor Shop is selling linen backpacks, and cotton backpacks! There are 4 and 6 slots. Each slot can hold 99 of the same item, and is weightless when carried. Quick, raise money!!”

His teammate was expressionless. “I know you are very excited, but have you thought that when you shout, everyone will hear?”

That person, “… …”

Almost instantly, dozens of people charged into the Tailor Shop to buy.

His teammate covered his face and sighed helplessly. “Why can’t you be a bit more calm and whisper?”

That person was speechless. After a while, he whispered, “No matter, the backpacks are very expensive, normal people cannot afford them.”

“Let’s go,” the teammate walked ahead, “see what is going on.”


[Name: Linen Backpack]

Quality: Normal

Durability: 20/20

Equip Effect: 4 storage slots. Each slot can hold 99 of the same item, and is weightless when carried. Does not take up an equipment slot.

Price: 200 copper coins.

[Name: Cotton Backpack]

Quality: Normal

Durability: 40/40

Equip Effect: 6 storage slots. Each slot can hold 99 of the same item, and is weightless when carried. Does not take up an equipment slot.

Price: 300 copper coins.

“Damn!” The player who charged in first cursed to show his surprise.

“Buy it!!” One female player saw the backpack and did not hesitate in paying.

The teammates gathered together, discussing whether to buy one cotton backpack or two linen backpacks.

When the person who had shouted came in with his teammate, he found there were only three of the ten linen backpacks left, and two of the five cotton backpacks.

“Animals!” That person was furious.

His teammate said, “Do not waste words. If we do not buy now, there will be none left.”

He quickly took out the money to pay.

Instantly, the backpacks were all sold.

His teammate looked at the large teams with lingering fear. “The team has balanced professions, six equipment, white and blue. These people hunt monsters each day. Would they only get a hundred or two hundred each day?”

Just now, he saw a person buy one cotton backpack and two linen backpacks. From how relaxed that person looked, he seemed to have more left.

The teammate could not help but sigh that one could not compare themselves.


[The Tailor Shop has sold 1 x Linen Backpack. Congratulations, you have received 200 copper coins.]

[The Tailor Shop has sold 1 x Cotton Backpack. Congratulations, you have received 300 copper coins.]

The notifications moved up the window. Soon, Yun Ling became a rich person again.

Seeing the amount enough, she hired the NPC and gave the name “Woodworker B.”

Copper coins -5000.

Woodworker B appeared and said respectfully, “Willing to serve you, Lord.”

“In the future, you will stay in the Woodworking Workshop,” Yun Ling gave the NPC a great responsibility. “Willow Wood Stick, Willow Wood Shield, Willow Wood Staff, Willow Wood Bow, Wood Bed, Wood Cabinets, Wood Table, Wood Chair, Wood Bowl, Wood Spoon, Wood Chopsticks, Wood Box. Make more stock of these items.”

“Yes.” Woodworker B left with orders and went immediately to the Woodworking Workshop to work.

A hint of mirth appeared in Yun Ling’s eyes. “My guess was right.”

As the lord, she could freely enter the workshops of the system stores, and use the tools for free.

Also, the products she created could be placed on the store shelves to be sold.

This way, she saved a lot of effort in selling. She did not have to have a stall and bargain with players.

Yun Ling yawned and strolled back to her house.

At this time the wood room was no longer empty but had a bamboo bed, a bamboo cabinet and bamboo chairs. It was full of life.

These were the bamboo products Yang Yong had made.

“The days are finally decent.” Yun Ling closed her eyes and soon went into her dreams.


In the dead of the night, the players were asleep and there was only the pop and crackle of the bonfires.

Suddenly, Archer A sensed something and looked warily outside the territory.

Outside the territory, three wood people were skipping close and throwing wood at the defensive shield.

“Bam ―” When the wood hit the shield, they made dull sounds.

But the players were in a dead sleep after being busy an entire day. Adding on that they were used to wearing earplugs when sleeping, they showed no signs of waking up.

The archers gathered together automatically, and fired volleys out.

Soon, the monsters were dead.

The NPCs cleaned the battlefield, picking up the drop items to put into the warehouse, their actions practiced.

Unknowingly, Rising Cloud Village recovered its peace again.


The next day, Yun Ling woke up early.

When she just walked out of the wood house, eager to start a new day, but saw a fine drizzle outside the territory.

Yun Ling, “???”

When did Apocalypse Calamity have rain?

She was dumbfounded.

The rain was blocked by the defensive shield, and so the territory was dry. But once they went out, the players could not avoid getting wet in the rain.

“Who hoarded umbrellas?”

The residents looked at each other. No one spoke.

Clearly, there were not many who had planned ahead for a rainy day.

“While it is raining, we cannot stay inside,” one person said. “There is not enough food stored. When we eat, there is less. We need to get more.”

“When raining, it is hard to hunt,” someone else suggested. “How about collecting berries, wild vegetables, and potatoes nearby. When the weather is sunny, let’s go out to hunt.”

“I am thinking of a question.” A third person asked with a pale face, “What if the rain continues for a month?”

Hearing this, his fellows shuddered in unison, feeling cold rise inside.

At the same time, Yun Ling looked at the top right corner “Day 12, spring, calamity day, 07:13:11” and finally understood what this meant.

Spring. It was rainy.

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