傲风 An Unyielding Wind V02-S12-C01 “The Star”

Last time, on An Unyielding Wind: Aofeng promises to be with Luoyu for ever and ever.

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Section Twelve: The Midautumn Auction

Chapter One – The Star

The inner core of a super-divine beast. This was equal to a divine medium!

The old man held the cool inner core with trembling hands. He rolled it over and looked at it again. He sensed the thick power inside. The old man’s gaze widened. In the end, he exhaled in admiration. “As expected. In my life, I am able to see the inner core of a super-divine beast. It was worth it to live so long…”

He spoke to himself for a while before he reluctantly put it down. The old man thought and then gave a price. “The reserve price is ninety billion obsidian.”

“So much?” Even though Aofeng was prepared, she was given a fright. This was just the reserve price! In the auction, it was normal to sell for many times that price. Would this be sold at a sky-high price?

“Your Excellency Zhui Yun, this is the Midautumn Auction. The reserve price will be four to five times higher than the normal price. Also, ancient bloodline beasts are rare, and strong. If you encounter one, you may not be able to kill it. Not everyone has Your Excellency’s power.” The old man was very friendly to Aofeng right now. Aofeng’s power was undoubted after killing an ancient bloodline magic beast. It seemed the rumors were not excessive.

At this, Mo Leng laughed. “Congratulations, Your Excellency, your auction items have reached a hundred billion obsidian. You have become our special VIP. I will take Your Excellency to the VIP room. It has been many years since someone entered. Your Excellency, please.”

The VIP room was not like the normal auction rooms. Only the sellers could go in. The imperial auction would take a thousandth as a fee. In other words, when Aofeng’s items were sold, the Kaya Empire would get a hundred million obsidian for free. So the treatment was different from the buyers.

Aofeng did not know what the VIP room was. She just knew that it was good there was a place to stay. She, Jun Luoyu, and Lei Yufeng came to a room decorated well, and was covered in a red carpet. There were soft couches facing a large screen that showed everything on the stage. There was a deep colored transparent crystal for the walls. The outside could not see in, but the inside could see the outside clearly.

The three came to the glass to look. Then they found that they were at the top of the auction venue. Below, there were many people moving, all of them attending the auction. On the second level were the first-class auction rooms that the old man spoke of. From here, it was possible to see all the seats.

“Grand enough! People are usually not allowed in this place. I have never been in here before,” Lei Yufeng examined the below, and said with a smile.

“Please rest here. The auction will start soon.” Mo Leng did not plan to stay after bringing them here. Then he casually asked, “Your Excellency Zhui Yun, do you want to keep your identity a secret? The VIP rooms have a screen outside that shows the name. If you fear it is troublesome, and do not want people to know, you can choose to black it out.”

Aofeng’s eyes flashed. She shook her head and smiled. “No need.”

She had come today not wanting to conceal anything. It was better to be honest. Just based on her regent beast tamer status, people would give her some more face during the auction.

“You have to be mentally prepared. Many factions are targeting you, including the Radiance Magus Church,” he said.

“Will I be afraid?” Aofeng raised her eyebrows, and appeared a bit arrogant.

The venue gradually filled with guests. On the stage, the middle-aged auctioneer was dressed cleanly. He wore a pair of white gloves, and walked over with a small hammer. The auction was about to begin.

Suddenly, light flashed above. In the top room that was like a pavilion, a seven-colored circle of lights lit up.

The people below shifted in a commotion.

“VIP room?”

The Qin Family, Central Cloud City and the envoy from Radiance Magus Church on the second floor looked with surprise at the blue glass above with serious expressions.

The lamp of the VIP room coming on meant that something worth a hundred billion obsidian was going to appear. Such things were rare treasures, and would cause a struggle among the major factions. The people who had been wilting seemed to get excited.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Midautumn Auction held by the Kaya Court.” On the stage, the middle aged man looked around and said.

“Today, a special guest has come to our venue. I believe that everyone has seen the VIP room that has been left dusty for many years is in use again. Everyone should be very familiar with this guest. Everyone, please look at the large screen outside the VIP room.”

Everyone looked up, and the black screen outside the room finally moved after many years. Two large red words appeared without reservation–“Zhui Yun.”

The voice then said excitedly, “Yes, the Zhui Yun that has been so popular in Karroll recently! The youngest celestial magister of the continent, a regent beast tamer! His Excellency Zhui Yun is not yet sixteen. Such achievements are amazing! This time, he has brought a very valuable treasure for our auction. Let us welcome him together!”

“It’s him! He came!” In the private rooms, the Chief Defender of Central Cloud City, and the Chief Elder Arbitrator all stood up reflexively, ambition in their eyes.

The people below saw the characters, heard the introduction, were shocked, and then they were in a ruckus!

“It is Zhui Yun!”

“Regent beast tamer?”

“Oh, heavens, is a super-divine beast being sold?”

The first thing people thought of connected to a regent beast tamer was a super-divine beast. However, human-shaped super-divine beasts were extremely proud. Even if they had to kill themselves, they would not let other people sell them. If it was being sold, people would not dare to buy. But they were puzzled, and they all talked about what the treasure was.

Aofeng was stunned by this scene. She had not expected Mo Leng to report her name, and had people publicize it. The goal was to make her famous and gain favor with her. No young person did not like fame. After this, even those people who were not local would know she was a regent beast tamer.

A storm swept across the entire venue. There were exclamations everywhere. Aofeng could see thousands of admiring gazes from below. She helplessly scratched her head, and felt like she had become a super star in a night…

This was just a small diversion. The hammer sounded on the stage, and the smiling middle-aged man announced the start of the auction.

The crystal stage could move up and down. After the display stage came down, it rose up again in a few moments. A small and simple indigo dagger appeared in everyone’s sight. The first item of the auction had appeared.

“This dagger is called “Light” It cuts steel like mud, and is made from first-class cold jade. It comes from a master crafter, and is a first-class spirit medium. It has a bloodthirsty attribute. At our Midautumn auction, no item lower than a million obsidian will appear. The reserve price of this item is one million obsidian. The rule is that the bids must not be lower than a tenth of the item’s price. Everyone, you can press the button by your seat to bid.”

After a simple explanation, the auctioneer picked up the dagger, pulled it out, and lightly swung it, a cold indigo light left in the air.

A magic medium was really fine, and its attribute was bloodthirstiness. When it was stabbed into a person’s blood, and not pulled out in time, then that person would quickly be drained dry. It was terrifying. Yet this medium’s reserve price was only a million obsidian. There were many treasures at this auction!

“Yufeng, you do not seem to have a good weapon at hand. Let me buy this for you.” Aofeng smiled and pressed down on the bid button by her side. “She reported, “One and a half million!”

She had over ten billion in capital, and she had no need to take this bit of money seriously.

While the bid only added five hundred thousand, and it was not much, this spirit medium was not bad. There were other people who were eager, but when they saw the light go on outside the room, they wilted.

“It is Zhui Yun Daren bidding.”

“Such a scare! Zhui Yun Daren? I will not fight, not fight…”

Fight with a regent beast tamer? Did you want to die quickly?

After Aofeng put in a bid, no one else bid. Everyone gave her face. The venue was silent. The people who had been raising their hands to bid shook after the reminder from the people around them, and pulled their hands back. Aofeng was surprised by this.

“Uh…” the auctioneer was seeing something like this for the first time. Waiting a while and seeing no one else bid, he smiled helplessly, counted down from three and then hammered. “Gone! The first item is obtained by our youngest regent beast tamer, Zhui Yun. Let us congratulate him!”

The applause was thunderous.

“Aofeng, you are really famous, even the auctioneer is trying to gain favor with you. Look, how enthusiastic everyone is.” Lei Yufeng laughed until he could not breathe.

Aofeng glared. “I am buying for you. You dare to laugh at me. You have no conscience!”

As she spoke, Aofeng laughed as well. The feeling of standing at the top and being revered by everyone made people float. She feared, if she bid, no one else would bid.

After a good start, the auction officially began. There were dazzling magic mediums, treasure armor, spirit fruits, infant divine beasts and other things that were brought up one by one. Aofeng was not interested in most of them. She would occasionally buy a few spirit fruits and such to gain strength. No one bid against her. She had smooth sailing.

Just as Aofeng was slacking off, a cage suddenly appeared on the stage below. Looking into the cage, Aofeng’s eyelids jumped, and she stood up.

It was a human?

The auction was at about the halfway point. The items were arranged in order of price. The items that were being brought up here right now had a reserve price of hundreds of millions. When a human suddenly appeared, it immediately attracted everyone’s confused gazes.

Section 11 Chapter 3 | Table of Contents | Glossary | Chapter 2


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