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Chapter Two – Yue Bingyan

This was a woman, a beautiful woman.

Through the crystal screen in the private room, Aofeng could see clearly that the woman in the cage was about twenty five or so. She wore a seductive tight black robe, and her exposed skin was tempting. Her expression was as cold as ice. Her black eyes were filled with deep hatred, as wild as a wolf, and could easily arouse the desire of men to conquer her.

“Ha-ha, this is the first item of our auction today to be over a billion obsidian.” The middle-aged auctioneer glanced at the woman in the cage, and said, “A four-sword celestial magister slave. She possesses an adult one-star divine beast Orange Feather Pseudo Phoenix with the bloodline of a Phoenix. Also, I believe that everyone is not unfamiliar with this person. She is the famed young matriarch of the Yue family, Yue Bingyan!”

“The combat power of Matriarch Bing Yan is unquestionable. At the same time, she has great skills in managing a business, and she has come to this auction willingly. She swore to make a master-servant covenant with the buyer, never going against her master’s orders. Everyone, you do not need to worry that she has any other thoughts. How can you miss such a great female servant?”

After the introduction, the crowd was silent for a brief moment, and then there was a commotion. This woman was not just a beautiful female slave, but one who could fight, a four-sword celestial magister who had a divine beast. In a small faction, she would be at the top. Many factions now were excited.

Having a celestial magister who would work for you for a lime was more valuable than a pure divine beast!

“Yue Bingyan? The Yu family?” Aofeng murmured her name. Her heart seemed to be hit by the woman’s gaze. “What is going on? The auction is selling a celestial magister. Is this allowed?”

A celestial magister would have great respect. Some things they would not do even on pain of death. Being sold as a slave was a great humiliation!

“The patriarch of the Yue family?” Jun Luoyu frowned. He looked at the woman on stage and his gaze was deep. “This is someone that once was a sensation on the continent. Not just her power, but her business skills are outstanding. After she came to the position, she forced the Fan family to retreat. I did not think that she would choose to remain using such a method.”

Lei Yufeng seemed to think of something, and asked him in shock, “The Yue family, one of the two pillars of the Padoric Kingdom? What happened to the Yue family? Their matriarch has ended up like this?”

He did not know much about the matters of the continent after being away from the capital for many years. The Padoric Kingdom was just under the Kaya Empire, the second strongest country on the continent so Lei Yufeng knew a bit about them.

“What else? They were framed by their archenemy, the Fan family. Yue Bingyan’s appearance has greatly threatened the Fan family’s interests. How could they remain silent? That matter involved the Black Magus Church. The king of the Padoric Kingdom did not dare to anger the Archbishop. The Archbishop made an order. All of the Yue family are exiled. Supposedly Yue Bingyan was to be thrown to the Northland of Exile. But then there is the Midautumn Auction. She has extraordinary value, so she is willing to become a slave to stay,” Jun Luoyu said softly with flashing eyes.

“She stays, likely with thoughts of getting revenge. But it’s a pity. The Fan family will not let her go. Look over there. The Fan family has come today. They will try to buy her.”

Aofeng followed Jun Luoyu’s finger. In a remote room on the second floor, there was a group of people looking nervously at the stage, and discussing something.

The Fan family knew the principle of cutting the grass and digging out the roots. Because this was an order from the archbishop, the Fan family did not dare to directly go against the Radiance Magus Church. They could only buy her first, and then kill her.

If Yue Bingyan was bought by the Fan family, she likely would kill herself right out of the auction to avoid any more abuse.

Lei Yufeng had a sympathetic expression. He shook his head and said, “This Yue matriarch is so brave. If she is bought by some abusive pervert, then life would be worse than death.”

At this, Aofeng understood why this proud and formerly noble woman would desire to live so much.

The despair and unwillingness in the pair of eyes pulled at the deepest memories in her mind. The gaze of this woman was once so similar to hers.

She seemed to read the woman’s determination from that pair of eyes, no matter how hard or difficult, she had to survive. If there was any hope, she would not give up. She would wait for a day she could stand back up again and get revenge, no matter how far away that day was.

“Luoyu, while you are from the Radiance Magus Church, I still have to tell you,” Aofeng looked into Jun Luoyu’s eyes, and said coolly, “I dislike that archbishop of yours, and Radiance Magus Church even more. I dislike this kind of religious brainwashing.”

“I know.” Jun Luoyu’s gaze was calm and clear like glass, “but I do not mind. You cannot dislike me as well.”

“If I, Qin Aofeng, dislike someone, I will not waste a word with him.” Seeing him not care at all, Aofeng’s thoughts relaxed. She chuckled, and moved her attention back below.

After the middle-aged man finished his introduction, he struck with his small hammer. “Reserve price two billion obsidian. Everyone, you can start bidding!”

“Two billion and two hundred million!”

“Two billion and five hundred million!”

“Three billion!”

As the auctioneer finished, the bids rose in waves from below. For the first time, a bidding war started in the auction. The price of an adult divine beast was around five billion, and there was a lot of room for increases.

“Ha-ha, it will be good to take along a female celestial magister slave, four billion!” A man in the corner shadowed in a cloak looked with interest at Yue Bingyan on stage. His gaze was lusty. He had the badge of a seven-sword celestial magister hanging on his chest. No one knew if this was a hidden expert with perverse habits.

The price gradually rose up, soon reaching seven billion. Many small factions could no longer keep up. Even if they needed experts, their money did not allow them to be so wasteful. Big factions like the Qin Family and Central Cloud City would not want a celestial magister. With the bottom and top separated, the price was at a limit.

The bid was seven billion, still the cloaked man. It appeared that he was very interested in Yue Bingyan.

The venue gradually calmed down. Just as the auctioneer was going to ask again, the lamp outside the Fan family on the second floor lit up. A man’s dark voice came out. “Eight billion!”

The cloaked man stilled, and looked in that direction. He frowned. “The Fan family? Humph…”

People who were alone were rarely willing to offend the people in the private rooms, the man thought for a while and gave up on bidding. The Fan family was only a second tier faction on the continent, but a family like this had one or two seven-sword celestial magisters.

The continent was full of hidden dragons and crouching tigers. Many experts were hidden and not willing to come out. If one was not careful, they could hit a nail.

Yue Bingyan, who had been cold all this time in the cage, suddenly trembled at hearing the Fan family bid. It exposed the unwillingness she felt. Did she really have no way of living?

Just as the thought came, Yue Bingyan heard a cold but loud voice. “Ten billion!”

The lamp lit up outside the VIP room at the top.

The people below gasped. “His Excellency Zhui Yun?”

“Really, how old is he that he is buying a female slave?”

“Cough cough, fifteen is not little, ha-ha…”

Aofeng stood by the glass window and stared coldly at the Fan family below. Behind her, Lei Yufeng and Jun Luoyu looked at her with shock. They had not thought that she would go and buy someone who was a problem. If Yue Bingyan was bought, it would cause hostility from the Fan family.

While sympathetic, the world was that the strong ate the weak. Even Jun Luoyu was not a saint. Who would go be a savior and help all those in trouble?

Jun Luoyu frowned and urged, “Aofeng, you have enough enemies, do not make more.”

“No, I have to save this person.” Aofeng stubbornly shook her head. She looked down with determination. She was not a kind person, but the cold and proud gaze that woman showed had moved her. She could not stand and watch someone so similar to her fall to such straits.

At this time, the Fan family was also in a panic.

“His Excellency Zhui Yun? Why interfere in the Fan family matters?” The higher ups of the Fan family looked at the reflective glass, and felt a headache.

The Fan patriarch was distressed. “What to do? Bid higher? The other is a regent beast tamer!”

“We cannot give that woman a chance to come back. Otherwise, with her abilities, if she comes back, we will have more trouble.” A old man with white hair had a burning gaze. “Bid, at worst, we will apologize to His Excellency Zhui Yun afterwards.”

The Fan patriarch stilled, nodded hard, and pressed down on the button.

“Fifteen billion!”

Fifteen billion?

Everyone was shocked. They had not expected such a high price. Yue Bingyan’s hopeful gaze dimmed. Fifteen billion. Was a person worth it? That Zhui Yun should not increase the bid for a female slave…

Then she heard a louder voice.

“Fifty billion!”

The venue was quiet. Even the auctioneer on the stage was dumbstruck at the price. The Fan family members seemed to be hit over the head. Fifty billion. It was enough to buy ten one-star divine beasts! Was this Zhui Yun crazy?

Yue Bingyan excitedly looked up. She seemed to see past the layer of glass to the black robed youth in there. She understood the meaning of this price.

Aofeng smiled at the woman’s gaze. Fifty billion, not much, just to buy your heart that does not bow to fate!

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