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Chapter Three – Sky-High Price

In this world, there were very few people that would struggle to stand up when in a difficult situation. They were stubborn, they would rather die than give up, they would not let any hope go by. They were truly strong.

Aofeng was usually calm and composed, but sometimes very stubborn. For example, right now. When she called the price of fifty billion, Lei Yufeng and Jun Luoyu were stunned.

The Fan family woke up, and felt like they had swallowed a fly. They had ugly expressions.

Fifty billion, that was to scare them!

The Fan family had gained long-term benefit from removing the Yue family. But most of the Yue family’s wealth had been taken by the king of the Padoric Kingdom. They wanted to completely get rid of Yue Bingyan because they feared her revenge. But fifty billion surpassed their tolerance. If they used up all their family wealth for a Yue Bingyan, it was not worth it.

The Fan family patriarch had a black face, but he did not press down on the bid button. The bell rang. The auctioneer seemed to wake up. He started the countdown from three, hit with his hammer, and announced that the “item” was sold.

“Then, this four-star celestial magister now belongs to Zhui Yun Daren! Such a high price was rare. Zhui Yun Daren really knows to admire beauty. Please wait a moment. We will deliver her to your room soon.”

Then the man smiled meaningfully, and caused the people present to laugh as well. The air grew much more lively.

“Patriarch!” In the Fan family room, Fan Jian, who was behind the two old men, shouted in anger.

“That Zhui Yun is too much!”

“He is so arrogant because he is a regent beast tamer. He is slapping the Fan family in the face in public. We cannot just let this go! Patriarch, since we were not able to buy her, then let’s move in secret. Elder Fan Ya and I are both seven-sword celestial magisters. That Zhui Yun will not be a problem for the two of us.”

“Stop talking! Right now, we cannot touch that Zhui Yun. Do you forget whose place Kaya is?” The Fan patriarch was furious but calm. He seemed to audibly swallow. “We have seven-star celestial magisters, his teacher is Lan Xiu. You want to be chased by Lan Xiu if you go make trouble?”

When Lan Xiu was mentioned, the two old men wilted. When they thought that they may be chased, they broke out in a fine sweat. Lan Xiu was so powerful he was close to divine. He was just a step away from divine rank. In his eyes, a seven-sword celestial magister would not even be able to lift a finger.

“We will remember this. I do not believe that Yue Bingyan will be able to do anything. At Zhui Yun’s side, she is just a slave. That Zhui Yun will not attack us for her.” Fan Jian paused, and then said, “If Zhui Yun does attack us, then he will come to our family base in Padoric. We will not allow them to do as they please on our turf. I do not believe a few people can win against a family.”

Fan Jian looked up and glared hard before returning to his seat.

After Yue Bingyan’s ownership was determined, the harpy that Aofeng had brought appeared on the stage. A tamed nine-star divine beast. The storm that was created was stronger than before. On the second level, the people from Central Cloud City and Radiance Magus Church all had serious expressions as they prepared to take action.

An adult nine-star divine beast was extraordinary in combat power. If it worked with a celestial magister, it may reach super-divine beast when its magister became a magus scholar.

Due to this, just as the auctioneer started to introduce, a battle started. The price went from ten billion obsidian all the way to one hundred and twenty billion obsidian when it was bought by the rich Radiance Magus Church. Aofeng saw the Chief Elder Arbitrator on the second floor smile in her direction, very friendly.

A normal nine-star divine beast could not be worth so much. Clearly, there was a lot of human feeling here. Pity that Aofeng still had no good feelings towards the Radiance Magus Church.

After a short and heated middle stage, people calmed down. The rest of the items were valuable but there was nothing moving. For magisters, what increased their power was most welcome. The the antiques, gems, and statues were only liked by collectors.

Soon, time passed.

Aofeng twined her fingers together in front of her chest, and closed her eyes until the hammer made a thundering sound on the stage. The entire venue quieted.

This was the calm before the storm. This meant the climax was coming.

The middle-aged auctioneer cleared his throat, and was very excited. He said loudly, “Next, what we are selling is the second-last item of the auction, a rare treasure that Zhui Yun Daren has brought us. Everyone, please look!”

The red cloth was pulled off the stage. An indigo ball shone in the center of the stage. The simple color, and the faint power coming off the ball caused many people in the front rows to feel a wave of cold air, and their eyes widened in shock.

“This is…” In Radiance Magus Church’s second floor room, the Chief Elder Arbitrator seemed to think of something. His eyebrows moved, but he seemed unable to believe it.

“This is the inner core of a super-divine beast! This is the unformed “magic medium” That everyone speaks of! If you possess earth fire, and are a crafter with some skill, you can turn this into a divine medium!” After looking around, the auctioneer finally said after teasing people’s appetites.

“The inner core of a super-divine beast?”

“A divine medium…”

“Heavens! I gained a lot of knowledge today!”

When the treasure appeared, there was an uproar below.

On the second floor, the Radiance Chief Elder Arbitrator Shang Qian, and the Central Cloud Chief Defender Yun Lu stood up, losing their composure. They looked at the little indigo ball with heated gazes! In the other rooms, Qin Ding, Fan Jian, and the heads of the families that had some wealth or the unions all had intentions of bidding.

An unformed magic medium, in some sense, was more valuable than a normal divine medium. You could make it into whatever you wanted. If you were lucky, you may even get a first-class divine medium.

“The reserve price is ninety billion. Everyone, please start bidding.” The auctioneer smiled. The heads of the major factions showed hungry gazes. It could be seen there was a bloody battle ahead.

“Ninety billion? So vicious?” Many of the eager families were robbed of their breath by the price. Some people had never heard of so much money in their life.

Of course, there was no shortage of knowledgeable people.

“A third-class divine medium can be sold for one to two hundred billion. The inner core of a super-divine beast should be above this. Two hundred and fifty billion!” The head of the Hyde Corporation who knew the most about the market prices was the first to act, and raced the bid to the market price.

“Old man, if there are benefits, they cannot be given to you for free. If you can request a master crafter, this inner core is at least a second-class divine medium. That would be worth over four hundred billion obsidian. You will not spend that much money asking a master crafter to work.” The old rival of the Hyde Corporation, the Willing Corporation, did not go for this. The short and fat head shouted, “Three hundred billion!”

“Three hundred and fifty billion!”

“Three hundred and eighty billion!”

… …

Soon, the bidding reaches a shocking level. In a heart-attack inducing situation, after a few minutes, the price reached six hundred and eighty billion.

“So terrifying. A sky-high price. Compared to them, what is my fifty billion…” Aofeng felt that her breathing was getting difficult. This was hard to imagine. She saw such a number with her own eyes during her life. She was going to be crushed by money!

The flow of capital at the higher classes was not something that Aofeng could imagine. The Radiance Continent was a vast land1, and there was astounding wealth. When the wealth was gathered in the hands of the main corporations and various factions, the number was deathly.

“Is a divine medium so easy to see. The key is that there are none. What does money count against that? If the bidding continues, it will be difficult. Even if we use up all the money the archbishop gave us, when we return with the inner core of the super-divine beast, he will not say anything…” Shang Qian sat on the sofa, his heart jumping wildly. He looked hard at the number on his crystal card, and threw out all his wealth…

“Nine hundred billion!”

Nine hundred billion…

The enormous venue was silent. No one could breathe. More than two hundred billion was added at once. The other competitors like the Hyde Corporation grew silent, jerking their mouths. Such a large sum was almost all of the Hyde Corporation’s profits for a decade.

“Damn, as expected of the Radiance Magus Church, they have too much money! I will not play with a madman like you!” The heads of the corporations thought inside.

“Nine hundred billion! Shang Qian Daren has bid nine hundred billion. Does anyone else want to bid?” The middle-aged auctioneer’s voice was trembling on stage.

He looked in the direction of Central Cloud. Yun Lu was shaking his head in annoyance. This time, they had not prepared for the trip. Eight hundred billion was the limit. Shang Qian was too vicious and almost ended everyone’s thoughts of contending.

The auctioneer took a deep breath. “Since no one else is bidding, then this super-divine beast inner core will be Radiance Magus Church…”

“Wait a moment!”

Before he finished, something happened. A loud voice came from the doorway to the venue. Everyone looked over in shock. They saw a young man with purple eyes and purple hair walk in, holding a crystal card that shone with silver light. There was a devious smile in his eyes.

He walked in front of the stage, jerked his lips and said with a smile,

“I bid one trillion!”

One trillion?

Everyone was shocked. This was the first time this unit appeared at a place like this, even though this was the imperial auction!

The purple eyed man looked back. He seemed to see past the blue glass, and saw Aofeng in a daze there. He smiled and said, “This is the gift that my master is giving Your Excellency Zhui Yun. He hopes that you like it.”

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  1. From Smash – The Luska Radiance Continent is a really big place. I’m not really sure how the whole Radiance Continent/Dark Continent thing works, geographically, but if we assume that Luska is a planet, it’s quite a big one. The initial size given would actually be possible for a real human to cross on foot in 6 months, if you assume the miles are modern li (500 meters), but a later description says they go 20k miles in just over a month, which is about 200 actual miles per day, again assuming it’s actually 20k li. And considering that Qin City seems to have the same seasons as Karroll, the whole forest has to be well north of the tropics. The “hundreds of thousands of miles long” figure given, even if taken as li, is way bigger than our planet. Earth is about 40,000 km in circumference at the equator. The forest is more than double that, assuming 200,000 li in length, and is maybe just over half of the way around the planet if we’re generous, somewhere outside of the tropics, so the circumference there would be something like at least 10% less than at the equator. So their planet has a circumference of at minimum 222,222 km or a volume of about 170 times that of Earth. I may have done a bit too much math here, but I made a graph. Remember, this is the minimum size, it could be much larger. 
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