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Chapter Four – The Valtz Obtained

Everyone was very curious about the mysterious man. There were many eye colors in humans, but purple hair was rare, especially when the eyes and hair were the same color. Even the man’s eyebrows were purple. And he did not wear magus beast armor, just an ordinary robe. This cut the possibility of a magister armorization multiple times.

Several magus scholar experts showed strong feelings at this time. Shang Qian, Qin Ding, Yun Lu and the others stared, and blurted out, “Super-divine beast!”

Shang Qian, who should have been angry, did not regret that the treasure was being stolen away. All his thoughts were on the purple-haired man.

The magus scholar experts could sense all magic beasts divine rank and below. The purple haired man’s human form was a kind of mimicry. Without a presence leaking out, no one was certain what his star level was.

But Shang Qian, Qin Ding, and Yun Lu could sense a strong mental pressure coming from the purple haired man. They felt that this man was not weaker than them. Among them, Shang Qian was an eight-sword magus scholar. This man was at least a seven-star super-divine beast, and could even be nine-stars!

A mysterious super-divine beast. Could his master be a simple person? The purple haired man laughed. Everyone quieted down. Both in terms of wealth and strength, they were won over.

“Gift, what does this mean?” Aofeng rubbed her chin, confused. She did not remember meeting this man. Who was his master?

“Master, it’s him! It’s him!” A fearful soul voice sounded in Aofeng’s mind. “That’s the pair of eyes, no mistake. He is the person who stunned me that day.”

Xiao Bing poked out her head halfway from Aofeng’s collar, and said in a thin voice.

“It’s him?” Aofeng was shocked. Someone from Black Magus Church?

The usually careful Aofeng started to become suspicious. That person’s tone clearly was headed for her. But how did he know the worth of what she had auctioned? Or did Black Magus Church have so much money that the capital they brought surpassed Radiance Magus Church?

The purple haired man came from the door like he had just gone to get money. When she thought of this, she suddenly had a feeling that she was being stared at. Aofeng even had the feeling that when Xiao Bing was knocked unconscious back then, Black Magus Church was paying attention to her, always paying attention to her, but she just did not know…

“Do not think so much. I said, with me here, you will be safe.” Jun Luoyu smiled down as the purple haired man turned and left. A strange light suddenly appeared in his eyes. He turned and patted Aofeng’s’s shoulder, reminding her, “See, the last item is here.”

Aofeng, who had been thinking hard, looked. As expected, there was a silver tray on the stage. The transparent jade bottle contained deep blue fluid that shone with light that was soul-stealing.

Aofeng’s eyes lit up. “Valtz, it’s finally its turn.”

Many people present swallowed, and looked greedily at the jade bottle. No one was ignorant of what this was.

Each year’s Midautumn Auction, the last item that was brought out was from Central Cloud City, a little bottle, twenty drops of valtz. It attracted many experts to attend this auction. The divine rank expert of Central Cloud City was hidden from the world, but he had some feelings towards the continent. He hoped that the continent would have some more high ranking experts. Each year, he would release twenty drops of valtz. This was the easiest way on the continent to get valtz, though the price was high.

The money of the auction belonged to the Kaya Empire of which Su Ya was empress. This was a kind of support for the Kaya Empire, and this was not in the capital that Yun Lu and the others had. Yun Lu and the others had to abide by the castellan’s rules, and not participate in the auction of the valtz.

Seeing the event was going to end soon, the middle-aged auctioneer sighed in relief. He said with a smile, “I believe everyone knows this last item. Twenty drops of valtz. Old rules, five billion obsidian for a drop. Everyone can start bidding.”

Such a luxury was one that a person had a hard time buying on their own. Central Cloud City did not participate, so only Radiance Magus Church and the other corporations in the second floor rooms would bid high.

Just as the Chief Elder Arbitrator was going to raise his hand, the light outside the highest VIP room flashed.

“Five hundred billion! I want it all!”

Aofeng’s cool voice sounded loudly across the hall, and caused everyone to change color.

The price was raised five fold! Now, each drop of valtz was twenty five billion. Only a madman would keep bidding!

“Nouveau riche, doesn’t he know to save money?” The ideas of Hyde Corporation and the others to buy some valtz were destroyed once again and they muttered darkly in their rooms. They knew, with Zhui Yun’s status, money was not important. To get the valtz, all of the trillion might be paid.

“Mad! This year’s auction is mad!” Countless people sighed.

“Zhui Yun Daren is so vicious. Will anyone bid?”

“Nonsense! No one will try to compete with a regent beast tamer who has more money unless they were kicked in the head by a donkey.”

“Oh, that little guy, so sharp.” Shang Qian shook his head and sighed helplessly. He pulled his hand back. So what if he had to give up the twenty drops of valtz this year. Valtz did not have many side effects, and if too much was used, it did not have the same effects as at the start. Twenty drops was enough, and the auction would have more each year.

“Done with the hammer blow! Congratulations, Your Excellency Zhui Yun, these twenty drops of valtz are yours! Later, your items will be delivered to you!” The middle-aged auctioneer counted three seconds, and then announced with a smile. He then looked around.

“Thank you all for attending the Midautumn Auction this year. Next, please move to the Thousand People Plaza, and the Lapala Banquet Hall. Over there, His Majesty has prepared a banquet. Tonight, let us celebrate!”

There was furious clapping. People started to leave. The people who had bought went to get their items. In the rooms, they stayed where they were. Soon, the things Aofeng had bought were delivered, including the cold Yue Bingyan.

After being released from the cage, Yue Bingyan knelt down excitedly to Aofeng, and swore her loyalty. “Thank you, Your Excellency, for saving my life. Starting today, you are my master…”

“Wait.” Aofeng waved a hand and interrupted her. Yue Bingyan looked in suspicion.

Aofeng smiled and reached a hand towards her. “Be a knight. Compared to a slave, I like a knight more.”

A person like Yue Bingyan did not like owing people favors. If Aofeng let her go like this, she would not go upon pain of death. After considering this, Aofeng let her be a knight instead.

The person from the auction said in shock. “Ah…Zhui Yun Daren, this is not in compliance with the rules…”

“I bought her. Do you have an opinion?” Aofeng rolled her eyes and looked over coldly. The registration official broke out in a cold sweat.

“No no, absolutely not! Zhui Yun Daren can do as you please. Ha-ha.” The registration official thought to himself after an awkward laugh. Was there a problem with this Zhui Yun, that he had no thoughts after seeing such a beautiful woman. Was he even a man?

Aofeng ignored his strange gaze and asked, “Are you willing?”

Yue Bingyan looked at the handsome youth. The pair of black eyes were dark and deep, but so clear, without any lust. She almost cried in joy. She was very curious about this “Zhui Yun” who had bought her with fifty billion. But inside, she was still worried. Now, she was relaxed, and nodded.

“I am willing! Starting today, I am Your Excellency Zhui Yun’s knight! I will follow you forever, until death. If I break this oath, I will be struck down by lightning!”

Silver light flashed. The rules of the universe descended. The registration officials saw her make the oath, and this barely passed the test. What they did not know was that Aofeng did not use her real name, and so this oath did not actually have any restrictions.

After being imprisoned for many days, Yue Bingyan was slightly tired. Aofeng ordered her to get a good rest. She looked around and found something to her shock. “Hm, isn’t this the inner core I sent to auction? Did you bring this to the wrong place?”

“Uh, Your Excellency Zhui Yun, the person who bought this ordered us to send it here.” The delivery man blinked his eyes and sighed. This year was stranger and stranger. He had never seen a person like this, spent a trillion obsidian, and then sent back the item.

“He had you send this back?” Aofeng was taken back. She finally understood what the “gift” the purple haired man had spoken of and her eyes widened in shock.

Heavens, sending her a trillion obsidian? Did he not fear killing her with such a large sum?

Of course, Aofeng knew nothing would drop from the sky for free. Sometimes, it was a trap. But she could not see what the trap was right now.

Lei Yufeng frowned. “There are strange things each year, and very many this year.”

“If you cannot understand, then do not think. Maybe, one of your suitors gave it to you.” Jun Luoyu comforted jokingly. “The banquet is about to begin. Are you not going to have fun?”

When the banquet was mentioned, a ruckus came from the hallway. Then Little Mo Ling came in excitedly. She was a princess, and she said she was Aofeng’s friend so the guards did not dare to stop her.

“Brother Zhui Yun, you really came! I missed you so much!” The little girl leapt at Aofeng, and waved back with a laugh. “Quick quick, bring them in!”

A large group of maids came in with piles of clothing, and stunned Aofeng.

“What is this?”

“Clothes!” Mo Ling said. “Brother Zhui Yun, you are my date today. How could you not be in formal attire? While what you are wearing is very good, it is boring to see you wear this from morning to night. Ling’er spent a lot of effort to pick ten sets of clothing for you. I will make Brother Zhui Yun very beautiful!”

Chapter 3 | Table of Contents | Glossary | Section 13 Chapter 1


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