Sword Dynasty Volume Eight Chapter 16 “A Method Unimaginable By Everyone”

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Chapter Sixteen: A Method Unimaginable By Everyone

On the map of the Chu Dynasty, Yebo Town was just an inconspicuous dot. Just like the name of the town, this small town was created by the merging of several rivers. This was a place very suited for the passing merchant ships to rest, and there were flat river slopes in the surrounding dozen miles without any steep hills, forests, or bandits who would use the surrounding as cover.

After dozens of years of peace, this small town had inns and wine shops, but it was still not very prosperous or lively. It was like the villages next to some of the relay stations, just able to fulfill the daily needs of the guests.

But when the remnants of the Chu army led by Consort Zhao Xiang showed that they wanted to pass through here to the Nanquan Commanderies, this small town grew very important.

The Nanquan Commanderies were all bordering mountains and lakes. They were easy to guard and hard to attack. On the map of the Chu Dynasty, this Yebo Town was like a long tongue that stretched into Nanquan, and was the door to the commandaries.

The Qin Dynasty, the Qi Dynasty, and the Yan Dynasty who were using this time to take over many cities of the Chu, and some of the families of the Chu which had not been involved in the war wanted to immediately learn the military intelligence and the reactions of the Nanquan Families. So compared to usual, there were many unfamiliar faces in the town. There were some people who did not even try to conceal their identities, waiting for the Nanquan Families to get into contact with them.

This was a time for many people to pick a side, but the Nanquan Families could make different choices. To the outside world, the Nanquan Commanderies receiving the First Sword Of The World Token during their meeting was a secret. For the families themselves, they needed to worry about the trouble from all directions, so the Nanquan Families had secretly sent many people in Yebo Town to pay attention to the movements of these people.

At this time, in the tea house closest to the government highway, the young margin sitting by the window was a cultivator from the Gongyang Family. Because he did not need to conceal his identity, his expression and actions were more natural than most of the guests in the tea house. He looked at every person who entered the town, he listened to the conversations between many people outside the tea house. But soon, his gaze was attracted by several carriages on the highway.

The carriages were very ordinary and not uniform like they had been bought casually along the way. But a caravan composed of different kinds of carriages appeared very special in Yebo Town at this time. The driver of the first carriage was a handsome man with an upright bearing. For some reason, this Gongyang Family cultivator grew more shocked as he watched. He felt that this man, from even the corner of his robes, was like a sword mark, like there were sharp swords going to fly towards him.

The driver of the second carriage was a youth. When his gaze left the handsome man of the first carriage and he saw this youth, this Gongyang Family cultivator could not sit still and stood up.

It was too strange. He could clearly see every detail of the handsome man, but the youth, just a carriage length away from the handsome man, was such that he could not make out a detail. The youth’s features appeared very clear, but they could not leave behind an impression in his mind, like a blank piece of paper. From these two carriage drivers, this Gongyang Family cultivator was sure that the power of the cultivators in this caravan was frightening, and their significance hard to imagine.

Without any hesitation, this Gongyang Family cultivator walked out of the tea house and headed towards the carriages. Because he worried about causing displeasure and hostility from the caravan, when he was still a hundred feet away from the carriages, he stood at the side of the path. He bowed and then said respectfully, “Gongyang Jinxin of the Gongyang Family, may I ask about these noble guests?”

He used his words very carefully, and did not dare to use any strong words with his inquiry. The closer to the caravan, his heart and pupils contracted even more. In his mind, not even Consort Zhao Xiang and Xiang Yan who led the remnants of the Chu army could send a caravan of such strength.

“Tantai Guanjian of Min Mountain Sword Sect.” The carriage driver of the first carriage nodded in greeting and replied warmly, “Ba Mountain Sword Field, the master of the First Sword Of The Token is here, please report to your patriarch.”

This cultivator of the Gongyang Family suddenly looked up. He heard the handsome man report his own identity, and then the next words. He felt a strong sense of dizziness, his body filled with the feeling of disbelief and incredulity. He did not even notice that the vital energy in his body had gone out of control and started to collide, causing his body to shake and make loud sounds. But when he looked up and met the proud gaze of the handsome man, he knew that this was real.

This man was the legendary Tantai Guanjian, the fastest sword in the world. Including him, all of the cultivators of the Nanquan Families had imagined countless ways the Ba Mountain Sword Field people would arrive. No one had expected them to arrive in such a way. They came exposed under the sunlight. Public, peaceful, with the pride of a great sect, a direct way. This was the way that the most normal but extraordinary people appeared. Such a method should be the way that the Ba Mountain Sword Field cultivators in the past acted.

It had come back.

This cultivator from the Gongyang Family did not reply. He was in a great shock. He knew that this was the start of a great change. When the Nine Death Silkworm reappeared and truly appeared in the sunlight, publicly allowing people to learn his identity and whereabouts… he was not just standing in front of a caravan, but standing in the history books, at the start of an era. His sight was filled with sparks, causing the entire caravan to appear golden in his sight, majestic and dazzling.

After several dozen breaths, he could finally have control of his body. He once again bowed deeply, “Please allow me to lead the way.”

When he turned to lead the way, he was more clear minded. He started to understand.

When the Thousands Dust Formation could not trap these people, when many people had died, but these people survived… just with the people in the caravan, who else in the world could move enough cultivators to rival these people?

The master of the First Sword Of The World Token did not need to hide any longer or to fear any person.

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