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Last time, on An Unyielding WInd: The Evil Princess Mo Ling makes her date try on clothes.

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Section Thirteen: An Overnight Celebrity

Chapter One – Well Dressed

Ten sets of clothes? Very beautiful?

Aofeng looked at the pile of cumbersome clothes, and the ordinary robes she wore, then started to sweat. She should not have consented to this little girl. Her identity was eye-catching to start with. If she went dressed like this, then she would become the focus of the venue…

Lei Yufeng and Jun Luoyu did look forward to Aofeng dressed well. They exchanged a look and ran out, laughing. Yue Bingyan looked at Aofeng and then silently left after the other two, leaving Aofeng behind to “be tortured.”

Aofeng threw the things she had bought into her spatial ring, and then she dizzily changed clothes again and again. She was fiddled with from head to toe before the little girl cheered. “This is it! Brother Zhui Yun, look in the mirror.”

Aofeng usually did not look in the mirror. When a maid came with a tall full-body mirror, she looked at the elegant, noble and stunningly beautiful youth in the mirror. She shook her head and laughed. She almost did not recognize herself.

“People do have to rely on what they wear. In such clothes, even a pig can be a handsome person.”

Now, she wore a white tuxedo edged in silver. Her loose black hair had been combed together and tied up casually behind her head with a fine silver hair loop. The lines of her suit made her look slender, and the two tails of her jacket were pretty as they pointed down her body. She had a loose cravat tied at her neck. She wore white gloves, and a winged collar shirt. The vest with the “U” shaped neck was also pure white.

Most tuxedos were black or deep blue. However, Aofeng usually wore black. Mo Ling wanted her to change, so she wore white from head to toe this time. Even her shoes were a pair of white high leather boots.

Her jacket was not buttoned up. There were two rows of six sapphires as decoration. Even the silver patterns edging the corners were very grand. The outfit was simple but not monotonous, and very cool when paired with Aofeng’s steady presence.

Seeing the maids look on with starry eyes, Mo Ling drooled at Aofeng. Aofeng had to remind her with a look. The little girl hurriedly changed into a fire-red evening dress. She looked as beautiful as a fairy. Aofeng could not help but praise her, and she jumped in joy.

“Brother Zhui Yun, let’s go.” Mo Ling put on a white and fire-red cape, and then took Aofeng’s arm. The two of them walked out of the room.

Waiting outside, Lei Yufeng and Jun Luoyu were amazed.

“Wow! So beautiful…”

Yue Bingyan stood coldly at the side. She, who did not like to speak, did not talk, but her gaze was stunned.

Aofeng’s grand dress was so handsome that she slayed both genders!

“The heavens let you be born to the world to ruin people!” Lei Yufeng grabbed his chest and tried to calm his pulsing heart as he muttered softly.

Coming downstairs, out of the auction venue, they smelled the rich champagne.

The plaza was full of joyful celebration. In the distance, inside the Lapala Banquet Hall, there was a more formal banquet. The wilder nobles would have fun at the plaza while the bigger families and the important nobility stayed in the banquet hall.

Mo Ling pointed over there and laughed happily. “Mama and Brother will be there soon. We will go there.”

“Yes.” Aofeng kept her expression cool as usual where there were many people.

Soon, the two of them walked into the grand Lapala Banquet Hall. Looking in, they saw large groups of well-dressed men and women.

The formal attire of an evening banquet were primarily evening dresses and tuxedos. Even if one did not come with the right clothes, Lapala Banquet Hall had a place a person could rent. Even an old man would be dressed well, which made Aofeng speechless. However, the guards and the subordinates were not part of this. Lei Yufeng and the beauty Yue Bingyan who closely followed Aofeng had not changed. Jun Luoyu always wore the robes of a priest in Radiance Magus Church. If he took it off, it was an act of blasphemy, so he had not changed as well.

The banquet hall that could hold thousands of people was covered with a red carpet. The lanterns were brightly lit. The nobility were elegantly talking. Suddenly, the noisy venue became so quiet that the drop of a needle could be heard. Everyone gradually found something was wrong, and looked in the direction that other people were looking in. Their gazes were on the two people who were slowly stepping through the door, and showed expressions of shock.

This was an outstanding couple.

The youth was dressed in pure white, cold, and elegant. Many young women were locked on to him, unable to look away. The young girl was lively and adorable, the type that many men liked.

Even more important was the identity of these two people. Nothing more had to be said of Mo Ling. Most of the nobility recognized the princess. Before the auction, during the conflict with Central Cloud City, the Holy Emperor Jun Luoyu paid great attention to Aofeng. Some people had seen her back then. After a slight silence, there were shocked whispers which filled the hall.

Jun Luoyu, Lei Yufeng, and Yue Bingyan all followed them at a distance. Aofeng was the main character today, and they would not steal the attention.

After entering the banquet hall, Aofeng looked around, and found the most important people had not yet arrived. The emperor, the empress, and none of the imperial sons had arrived, except for the impatient Mo Ling. Based on etiquette, the imperial family was usually the last to arrive.

“Captain, you are very handsome today!” A familiar laugh came from the side. Aofeng and Mo Ling looked over. Yu Fan was dressed in a black tuxedo. He ran in front of the pair, panting, and raised a thump. “Captain, you were so cool today! I am proud of you!”

As the son of important nobility, Yu Fan had gone to the auction today, and heard Aofeng’s charismatic bidding. Yu Fan was proud as well. The item sold for a trillion obsidian frightened him half to death.

Aofeng was in a good mood, and gave a rare and enchanting smile. “Yu Fan, you are very gentlemanly today.”

In a tuxedo, Yu Fan was a solidly handsome young man. Aofeng was not lying saying that he was a gentleman.

“Not as good as Captain, who has the beauty on your side. But Captain, there are many here who are pursuing Ling’er. You come in here with her at your side, you will cause trouble.” Yu Fan laughed, and then pointed to the side. Aofeng looked over, and saw some young noblemen looking over here with displeasure.

But Yu Fan was not worried. Think of who Captain was, these unimportant people could not afford to offend Captain.

The people who had come over were all young and talented, full of a noble presence. Over there, they were eye-catching. But when they were in front of Aofeng, their appearance and air dropped. None of them could compare to Aofeng. This caused them to be even more depressed.

“Your Highness, who is this boy? Why have we never seen him before?” A youth pointed at Aofeng and said directly, eyes hostile. If they had just walked in, there was nothing wrong, but Mo Ling came in holding Aofeng’s arm, and looking extremely close. They did not look like ordinary friends. These young noblemen could not maintain their demeanor.

They were people who had pursued Princess Mo Ling for a long time. How could they lose to an unknown boy?

Mo Ling smiled, her eyes turning to crescents. She said loudly, “He is this princess’ boyfriend. What, you have opinions?”

The little girl raised her head proudly, looking very happy and afraid that others did not know.

The princess’ boyfriend?

Everyone was shocked!

Little Demon Mo Ling never accepted a man. Even Yu Fan, who had been with her for many years, had been unable to get her. She changed her personality today? People immediately looked at Aofeng with confusion, wanting to dissect her there.

The Qin Family, entrenched in a corner of the hall, noticed the situation over here, and was shocked.

“That…isn’t that Aofeng? Why is Aofeng dressed like that?” Qin Aotian and Qin Aohai exchanged a look.

Qin Aotian was also looking over there in surprise. “Why is Aofeng over there with the princess? And the princess’s boyfriend?” She was a girl, how could she be the princess’s male companion? Nonsense!

Qin Ding frowned as the matter involved the princess of the imperial family. He came over with the Qin family members.

Almost at the same time, Yun Cheng, Qin Aoxue and the others found Aofeng, and ran over, a cold light in their eyes. Even the Chief Elder Arbitrator, Shang Qian, sitting at the front, walked over after seeing Jun Luoyu.

The groups of people gathered, and the situation was slightly odd. So many important people gathered together. Mo Ling, who liked excitement, felt something was wrong, shrank back, hugging Aofeng’s arm and hiding behind her.

Aofeng raised her head, and puffed up her chest. There was no fear on her face, and her lips were in a beautiful curve.

“Luoyu, where were you just now? How come you are only coming back now? You missed a great auction!” Shang Qian saw other people were not speaking, and coughed to break up the silence. He smiled with some regret at Jun Luoyu. “This time, a rare super-divine beast inner core appeared at the auction. Our Radiance Magus Church does not have a treasure like this. Do you regret not having seen it?”

Jun Luoyu looked at the people from Central Cloud City who had dark expressions, and smiled, his eyes flashing. “Chief Elder, I went to pick up a friend of mine. I believe you will be interested.”

“Friend?” The Chief Elder Arbitrator was slightly surprised. He knew Jun Luoyu’s personality well. He looked gentle, but he was very proud, and was not easy to get close to. He did not expect to hear the word “friend” from Jun Luoyu. He was interested, and looked at Aofeng. “This is your friend? He is? … …”

Editor’s ramblings: I always think it’s funny when fantasy worlds have champagne in them. It’s like, here we are, on some made up planet, but don’t worry, we still import our grapes for sparkling wine from France.

Translator Ramblings: This banquet is literally a state banquet. Aofeng has moved up in the world very quickly.

Section 12 Chapter 4 | Table of Contents | Glossary | Chapter 2


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