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Last time, on Apocalypse Lord: Yun Ling hires a chemist and learns what she needs to level up her territory.

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Chapter 41 – Rising Cloud Town

A team of ten people were chatting as they walked.

“Have the monsters gotten stronger recently?” The archer mentioned. “When I use my skill, I used to kill one with two arrows. Now, I need three.”

“Maybe,” the assassin spoke, “after killing the monsters, there are more items in the drop, and more copper coins. Before, a monster dropped 2-4 copper coins. Now, it is 3-6.”

The mage was worried. “What if the monsters are like the players and can level up?”

At these words, the air froze. No one knew how to answer.

The tall and large man at the front had a cold expression. “Then level up faster than them, be stronger than them, and always oppress them.”

The members were slightly reassured.

The archer said with a smile, “Boss is so mighty!”

The assassin nodded seriously. “This suggestion is good. I like it.”

The mage thought it was right. “Back when we did not have skills or equipment, we were not killed by the monsters. Now, we are high level and have many skills, so what can happen?”

Also, if they could not win, they could make a strategic retreat with no problem.

The tall and large man glanced at the members and said in a deep voice, “Rather than ponder this nonsense, think more about how to surpass the other teams, and become the top one of Rising Cloud Village.”

When this matter was mentioned, the archer was helpless. “Some people were born lucky and found a good territory at the start. There were buffs when fighting monsters, and if equipment was needed, you could buy it from the system shops. If you really did not have money, you could buy player made equipment.

“What about us? We are not weak, but we lose each time. Sometimes, just when we buy official resident status, the territory is breached, and we are forced to leave and flee for our lives.”

In this way, all their money was lost.

They had worked so hard but still did not live well, just barely above starving.

“Being worse off than people right now does not always mean being worse off than others,” the tall and large man said calmly, “Fight more monsters, save more money, and then buy high level equipment. We will not be worse off than them.”

At the start of the game, to increase their survival rate, many people had learned 2-3 C-rank skills. And in their team, the worst off had learned 2 B-rank skills, and some even had S, A, and B-rank skills together!

The higher your level, the more experience was needed, and the more difficult it was to level up. To increase your strength, you could only rely on changing equipment, or getting high level skills.

By then, it would be their time to shine.

The tall and large man had a firm gaze and his steps were firm like nothing could shake his determination.

Stepping into the Tailor Shop, they had wanted to get a blue “Hunting Quiver” for the archer. But when they saw the items on the shelves, everyone exclaimed together.

“Purple Quiver? 20% chance of special effect? Damn damn damn!”

“Why does the system shop have purple equipment?!”

“Tanks focus on defense. The Fire Feather Cloak will create damage automatically to the surrounding enemies. What kind of godly equipment was this!”

“Not just that, and also a godly price…3000 copper coins, ah!”

The tall and large man’s cold expression cracked bit by bit, and he could not help but show shock, surprise and astonishment. But soon, he sorted out his emotions, and quickly ordered, “Quick, gather money, let’s first buy the quiver. Starting tomorrow, our hunting time will lengthen, we will fight more monsters, and earn more copper coins.”

In reality, the one he wanted to buy the most was the Fire Feather Cloak, but it was too expensive and they could not afford it.

The Crimson Flame Quiver was also very good, and could greatly increase an archer’s strength immediately, and increased their damage.

If the system shop had purple equipment for sale starting today…

Thinking about this exciting thing, the tall and large man was full of feelings.


[The Tailor Shop has sold 1 x Crimson Flame Quiver. Congratulations, you have received 1200 copper coins.]

[The Tailor Shop has sold 1 x Ice Quiver. Congratulations, you have received 1200 copper coins.]

[The Tailor Shop has sold 1 x Gale Quiver. Congratulations, you have received 1200 copper coins.]

Yun Ling would go each day and make some purple quivers to sell in the Tailor shop.

Ice Quiver Special Effect: After the arrow forms, 20% chance of special effect “Freeze.” Once successful, +5 arrow attack power. Creates extra ice spell damage. After hitting the target, the target’s speed is reduced by 50% for 2 seconds.

Gale Quiver Special Effect: After the arrow forms, 20% chance of special effect “penetrating.” Once successful, +15 arrow attack power. Creates extra wind spell damage.

The quivers each had their own characteristics, good for crowd control, and increasing damage. Due to this, the Tailor shop had brisk business these past days.

The only regret was the Fire Feather Cloak was still on the shelves, and was not sold.

Yun Ling did not care. If it could not be sold, then she would wear it. In any case, the equipment would not be wasted.

Days passed like this.

Five days later.

[1. Unlock 6 different buildings. (Completed)]

[2. Upgrade 4 buildings to level 2. (Completed)]

[3. For 7 consecutive days, have over 700 residents. (Completed)]

[4. For 7 consecutive days, the daily territory income surpasses 7000 copper coins. (Completed)

(Note: Daily income = shop income + taxes + others)]

[All conditions are met. Will you pay 5000 copper coins to upgrade the territory to a town?]

Yun Ling pressed “yes.”

Then, many system notifications appeared.

[Upgrade successful.]

[Territory area has expanded.]

[Congratulations “Rising Cloud Town” for being the first territory to become a town. The lord is rewarded 2000 experience. The lord is rewarded 10000 copper coins.]

[Congratulations, Player, for leveling up.]

[You have received 3 free attribute points to be allocated at will.]

[Congratulations “Rising Cloud Town” for being the first territory to become a town. Unlockable buildings +1.]

[Congratulations “Rising Cloud Town” for being the first territory to become a town. Resident buff +1 ]

[Please select 2 of the following four options as the reward. (all official residents can enjoy the buff status)]

  1. HP +50.

  2. Base recovery speed +1 HP/min.

  3. Strength +5.

  4. intelligence +5.

The residents of Rising Cloud Village had been able to enjoy “+50 HP”, and “base recovery speed +1 HP/minute” buff states.

Now, if she chose 1 and 2, the buffs would become “+100 HP”, and “base recovery speed +2 HP/minute”.

If she chose 3 and 4, it would become “+50 HP”, “base recovery speed +1 HP/minute,” “Strength +5,” and “Intelligence +5.”

Yun Ling analyzed that Strength +5 was suitable for physical professions, and Intelligence +5 was suitable for magic professions. Regardless of which, they were not suitable for other professions. Choices 1 and 2 were not the same. Everybody would benefit if the maximum HP and base recovery speed increased.

After calculating for a while, she felt very melancholy. “Why do I not see any ‘leveling speed 1.1 times’ and ‘life skills leveling speed 1.1’? If there were, I would first choose to increase leveling up speed.”

Since there were not, she could only choose 1 and 2.

She put all her free attribute points on stamina, and after her leveling up, her attributes turned to —

[Name: Yun Ling]

[Level: 8]

[HP: 860/860]

[MP: 60/60]

[Attributes: Strength 3 (+42), Agility 4 (+4), Stamina 28 (+28), Intelligence 6, Spirit 6]

Note: Equipment bonuses are in parentheses.

[Skill: Heart of Nature (S-rank), Thorn Sting (S-rank), Super Fast Recovery (S-rank).]

[Base Recovery Speed: 16 HP/min, 1 MP/min.]

Then she opened the territory attributes window.

[Territory Name: Rising Cloud]

[Level: Town. (There are four levels, campsite, village, town, city.)]

[Tax: 5%. (0-100%, the lord has the power to adjust it independently)]

[Population Capacity: 5000]

[Existing Residents: 947]

[Unlockable Buildings: 10]

[Existing Buildings: 7]

[Existing building detail:

Warehouse (level 2): Omitted.

Mission Hall (level 2): Omitted.

Woodworking Workshop (level 2): Omitted.

Tailor Shop (level 1): Omitted.

Residence (level 1): Omitted.

Defensive Shield (level 2): Omitted.

Restaurant (level 2): Omitted.]

Inspecting the unlockable buildings, Yun Ling found there were many she had never heard of before.

Ice House: Can produce ice cubes, can store food and increase shelf life. Requires 100 copper coins to build.

Fountain: Can moderate the temperature of the territory. Requires 100 copper coins to build.

Green Plants: Can moderate the temperature of the territory. When cut, can obtain wood. Requires 100 copper coins to build.

Well: Can moderate the temperature of the territory, can be used to obtain drinking water. Requires 100 copper coins to build.

Farmland: Can hire people to farm, and get a steady supply of crops. Requires 100 copper coins to build.

Orchard: Can cultivate fruit trees, and get a steady harvest of berries. Requires 100 copper coins to build.

Ranch: Can raise animals and obtain a steady supply of meat. Requires 100 copper coins to build.

Wharf: Can build boats and go out to fish. Requires 100 copper coins to build.

Fish Pond: Can raise fish and get a steady supply of meat. Requires 100 copper coins to build.

Yun Ling looked at the list and was silent.

They all looked very useful.

She wanted all of them.

But she only had three slots for buildings left.

After thinking for a moment, she did not unlock even one, and would leave it until later.

She looked at the fees for upgrading the buildings. From level 1 to level 2, it needed 10000 copper coins. From level 2 to level 3, it needed 200000 copper coins. The fee was astounding.

Also, the conditions for the town to become a city were very strict.

[1. Unlock 8 different buildings. (7/8, not completed)]

[2. Upgrade 6 buildings to level 3. (not completed)]

[3. For 30 consecutive days, have over 3000 residents. (not completed)]

[4. For 30 consecutive days, the daily territory income surpasses 50000 copper coins. (not completed)]

(Note: Daily income = shop income + taxes + others)]

[5. Territory possesses 100 combat system guards, and 20 life skills system NPCs. (not completed)]

[When the following conditions are met, pay 1000000 copper coins, and the territory will be upgraded.]

Yun Ling looked at the window, and felt that “spend money” was written all over it.

“It seems that this will not be soon. I guess I’ll take my time.” She sighed and upgraded the Tailor Shop to level 2.


The noise when the village was upgraded to a town was much greater than when it upgraded to a village from a camp.

Almost instantly, the residents realized that there were changes occurring in the territory.

“Look! The territory is expanding outwards!”

“The range covered by the defensive shield has increased.”

“I just came back. The system notification has become —Welcome back to ‘ Rising Cloud Town’.”

“Also the rankings. Rising Cloud Town is first on all of them.”

The residents excitedly spoke of their new discoveries.

The more they talked, the more reassured they felt and the more satisfied they were — their territory was ranked first in the world! They were much better than the other territories!


Day 41, summer, calamity day.

Yesterday, it had still been a peace day, and today, it was a calamity day. Yun Ling knew that the system was going to make trouble. But she would deal with things as they came and there was no use in panicking.

Right at 8, the foraging team members all arrived.

There were 24 guards (NPCs), all of them strong.

“Today, we are going south,” Yun Ling said.

She had explored in this direction before.

After walking for nearly an hour, they would reach a pond. At the center of the pond, there were lotuses and water chestnuts. In the surroundings, there were blueberries, shepherd’s purse, plantago, fish mint, flat mushrooms…there were all kinds of food materials.

If they all got there safely, everyone could forage as much as they wanted.

“Yes.” The foraging team responded.

Pang Yu eagerly rubbed his hands, waiting to start working.

As the population of the territory increased by the day, there were numerous players that went to collect from the resource points whenever they were refreshed.

Due to this, there were not any edible plants near Rising Cloud Town. If you wanted to get something, you had to be daring and walk out.

If Pang Yu was alone, he would not dare to go far from the territory. Now…wasn’t it just walking for an hour? With the team here, what did he have to fear!

He was not the only person who thought like this. Everyone had high spirits and were waiting to depart.

“Let’s go,” Yun Ling ordered and was the first to walk.

Unlike the gentle wind and light sun of the spring days, the weather of the summer was vicious.

After walking for a while, everybody felt that they could not breathe and were sweating heavily.

“Strange, it was fine yesterday, why am I so tired today,” someone muttered. But she did not keep it on her mind and continued to walk with the team.

After walking for twenty minutes, someone shouted, “I have a negative status!”

Just as she spoke, several others said, “Same with me!”

“I also got the notification!”

Yun Ling was walking like usual and not affected at all. Hearing this, she walked quickly next to the player. “Set the system notifications to ‘public’ mode.”

With the “public” mode, the surrounding people could see the notifications that only the player had been able to see.

That person did so without a word.

The window showed, [The sun is scorching, you feel a bit dizzy. The player has a negative state, -1 agility, -1 stamina.]

[Note: Stamina determines HP and the ability to to fight/move/run for long times. The higher the stamina, the less you are affected by the negative effects from the environment.]

She looked at all the players who had the negative status. They were half-grown children, women, old people, or sickly men.

In other words, their stamina was below the average.

Yun Ling thought for a moment and ordered, “Stop walking, and rest for ten minutes.”

The players were overjoyed and spread apart to find a tree for shade.

There was a stream nearby. One person came close, and cupped water up to drink. Then when they splashed their face with water, they felt more refreshed.

The first day of the summer season was so difficult? Yun Ling frowned.

She thought, and then took out a bamboo hat from her cotton backpack. She originally wanted to put it on a weak player and increase their stamina, but when she inspected the attributes —

[Name: Bamboo Hat (Sun Hat)]

Quality: Normal

Durability: 13/20

Equip Effect: +1 Stamina.

Yun Ling:”……”

Block the rain in the spring, block the sun in the summer. It was so all-purpose?

She had thought that after the rain season ended, the bamboo hats were not of use. She did not expect that they could keep being used in the summer.

After resting, Yun Ling had Guard A hand out bamboo hats to the players. When everybody put them on, she led the foraging team back on the road.

This time, it was easier to travel than before. After walking for more than half an hour, no one got a negative status.

When they reached the destination, Yun Ling ordered, “Collect separately.”

The players spread apart, and got to work.

“Summer days…” Yun Ling murmured softly, and looked down.


The spring weather was suitable, and Pang Yu could work for two hours without rest.

But the summer sun was like fire. There were no enormous trees to block the sun around the pond. Soon after he started to work, he sweated heavily, and his vision started to black out.

“If I continue like this, will I get heatstroke?”

Just as he thought this, he heard Yun Ling say, “Rest ten minutes before continuing. Pay attention to your water intake.”

The players were relieved.

Yun Ling had Guard A and the others stay behind to protect the players while she called four mages and went to wander around the surroundings.

Next to the mountain stream.

Six gale rabbits were drinking water. There was one who liked to be clean and constantly licked its fur.

Just as they were off their guard, a dozen fire balls came down on their heads.

At the same time, more than twenty wind blades formed a fan shape and attacked from the side.

With attacks from two sides, the gale rabbits were all killed before they could respond.

The items were floating in the air, 21 x copper coins, 3 x rabbit skins, 2 x rabbit legs, 3 x rabbit meat, 1 x white sewing blueprint.

Yun Ling picked them up, and then ordered Mage A, B, C and D, “Find a place to hide.” If animals come to drink water, cast skills together, and kill them immediately.”

“Yes.” The four mages responded with solemn expressions.


In the bushes, Fang Ya held a blue dagger in hand, not breathing and silently observing.

There were three wild black boars nearby, their heads bowed as they drank water with pleasure from the water source.

One of them was very hot, and flicked its tail in irritation. Then it walked into the water, and had an enjoyable water bath.

One against three was a bit hard. How could she lure the monster away? Seeing there were some weeds nearby, Fang Ya’s eyes suddenly lit up.

[Foraging success. You have obtained 1 x Clover. ]

Fang Ya was a life skills player, and relied on gathering berries, wild vegetables and sweet potatoes to live.

Originally, there were many resource points near the territory, and it was easy to support herself. But after the rain season, everything had changed.

The players were very stingy with their copper coins, and did not rashly spend, afraid of encountering more changes and being trapped in the territory, unable to go out.

Foraging for food could fill her stomach, but not earn her the overnight fee. Out of helplessness, Fang Ya could only start hunting.

For a lone player, killing monsters was not an easy thing. The monsters in groups had to be avoided. The ones that were alone or in twos or threes were their targets.

Fang Ya had spent half a day to find these three wild black boars. If she did not act now, the sky would be dark soon.

If she could not get together 5 copper coins before 6 o’clock, she could not stay in the territory overnight. At that time, it would be a disaster.

Thinking of this, Fang Ya became more determined and started to move.

She threw the clover on the ground, and then threw a small pebble at the wild black boars, trying to get their attention.

A black boar was hit by the pebble, and got very angry, looking up and around. When it saw food on the ground, it ran over in interest.

Fang Ya smiled, and moved the clover further away.

The black boar was very greedy, and was lured away from its fellows like this.

Right now!

Fang Ya held the dagger, and silently recited her skill, wanting to hit the black boar’s neck.

But the other was unusually wary and took two steps back when she came forward.

Her attack missed, and the situation turned.

The black boar howled angrily, and summoned its fellows to help.

Fang Ya wanted to retreat, but thinking that she did not have enough for her overnight fee, she gritted her teeth, and decided to face it head on.

She was thinking this, and there was still a distance to the other two black boars. If she could kill the target before the reinforcements arrived, she may be able to leave unharmed.

Yet unexpectedly, the wild black boar was very difficult. During the fight, it kept on protecting its vitals, stopping her from hitting them.

Fang Ya was not a player skilled in fighting to start with. Seeing the situation turn bad, her fighting grew even more disordered.

When the two black boars charged in front of her, her heart felt cold. She only had one thought left, it was over!


She heard a female voice. In the next moment, skills landed on the wild black boars.

In a flash, the two black boars died.

Seeing its fellows dead, the one black boar was stunned, and momentarily stopped moving.

Fang Ya took the chance, and used all her strength to stab the dagger into the weak spot of the target.

“Argh!!” The black boar screamed in pain.

Fang Ya did not care and continued to attack.

After a few breaths, the black boar fell to the ground.

Fang Ya was covered in wounds. She collapsed to the ground and panted heavily.

Yun Ling appeared with her mage team, and picked up the items.

“Thank you for saving me.” Fang Ya’s gaze was wary. “I am willing to give you the drops as thanks. Just leave the 4 copper coins in the drop to me. The other things, whether it is pork belly or tenderloin can be yours.”

Based on the game rules, the drops belonged to whoever killed the monster.

But the premise was that in 20 minutes, the killer had to collect the items.

Once 20 minutes passed, if the killer did not pick them up, the system assumed the items were abandoned. By then, anyone could take the items.

If this was a usual time, for her own safety, Fang Ya would leave.

But today…there was no way.

Yun Ling glanced and said unconcernedly, “The drops belong to whoever killed the monster. Do not worry, no one will steal from you.”

Fang Ya exhaled in relief.

She hesitantly picked up the dropped items. During the process, she saw the other showed no intention of attacking at all, and was completely reassured.

“Thank you.” Her words were sincere and straight from the heart.

“No need to be so polite.” After speaking, Yun Ling planned to leave with the mage team.

“Wait,” Fang Ya called, “Which territory are you from?”

When she was saying this, she was thinking, if there was a chance, she would pay back the other greatly.

“Rising Cloud Town,” Yun Ling told her.

Fang Ya stilled.

While this place was where several nearby territories met, Rising Cloud Town was the one most far away.

She wanted to say, you are too far from the territory, you are not afraid of encountering danger? Then she thought more, with the other’s team’s power, there was nothing to worry about.

“How is the environment of the town?” Fang Ya could not help but ask.

“Pretty good,” Yun Ling thought. “The crafters do not fear starving, and the life skills players can also buy houses. Some of the roamers that come and stay in Rising Cloud Town for a few days do not want to leave.”

“After becoming an official resident, are there buffs?” Fang Ya asked.

“+100 HP, base recovery speed +2 HP/minute,” Yun Ling answered.

Hearing this, Fang Ya was stunned.

“If there is nothing else, I am going.” Yun Ling waved her hand and left with the NPCs.

Fang Ya was stunned at her spot, not recovering for a long time.

The village where she was at now, once you became an official resident, there was a buff of “+5 agility.” She always thought that this buff was very good, increasing movement speed, and was good for hunting and foraging.

But what did that person just say?

+100 HP?

Base recovery speed +2 HP/minute?

Compared to Rising Cloud Town’s buffs, her residence’s +5 agility was trash!

In Apocalypse Calamity, there was only one life. What was more important than living?

“If she said the truth, should I change territories?”

As the thought rose, it rooted in her mind. Fang Ya was very moved, and wanted to immediately move.


The water chestnuts were shaped like cow horns, and usually floated in the lakes.

Near evening, after returning to Rising Cloud Town, Yun Ling boiled some of the water chestnuts, and then cut them in half with a knife.

The water chestnuts were crisp and sweet, perfect to be snacks.

Yun Ling ate one each bite, and ate very happily.

When it was close to evening, the residents were either cooking or setting up a stall and selling. The smoke curled up. The sounds of chatting and bargaining were mixed together. It was so lively.

Yun Ling ate the water chestnuts as she strolled through the streets, content and at leisure.

She walked to the side of a stall. One person was beating his chest, full of irritation. “Bamboo hats and umbrellas can block the rain during spring, and the sun during summer. What about the straw raincoats? Such a loss, such a loss!”

His fellow comforted him. “Before experiencing this, who could have guessed the game had such settings? Just let it go.”

“You speak so lightly.” The first person murmured, “Bamboo hats, bamboo umbrellas and straw raincoats are all rain gear. Why did I just buy the straw raincoat?!”

If he had bought any of the other equipment, he could continue to use them during the summer. How good would that be?

His fellow looked into the distance. “You said it yourself that it is not very convenient to hold the umbrella. It affects your agility. The bamboo hats can block the wind and rain, but the effect is average. Only the straw raincoats could completely block the rain.”

The first person to speak, “……”

The stabs were right in his heart.

“Never mind, you bought it already, what else can you do?” His fellow said. “The entire rainy season passed, and the durability of the equipment is only one-third. Do you want to return it?”

“Pretend the straw raincoat is only rain gear, and just buy sun shade gear?”

“I still feel I made a loss, and did something stupid.” The first person to speak had a depressed expression, and was very unhappy.

His fellow rolled his eyes, and looked down, picking up wares, ignoring him.

Yun Ling saw there was nothing that she wanted at the stall, and walked away.

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