傲风 An Unyielding Wind V02-S13-C02 “Qin Aofeng = Zhui Yun?”

Last time, on An Unyielding Wind: Aofeng stuns the party with her rugged good looks.

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Chapter Two – Qin Aofeng = Zhui Yun?

“He is my younger brother, Qin Aofeng.” Qin Aotian took a step forward, and blocked Aofeng with his tall body, blocking the sharp glares from the people of Central Cloud City. He maintained his image as a “brother complex” who protected his younger brother.

“Your Excellency? You have a younger brother?” Shang Qian was shocked. He looked at Qin Aotian and then at Aofeng. He found that the two of them were slightly similar in presence, and their cool appearances were similar in many places.

“Yes, my younger brother, a sword master.” Qin Aotian looked proudly at Aofeng and introduced her to everyone. He did not want Aofeng to get slighted. Speaking of Aofeng’s strength was the best and quickest method to gainress respect.

Qin Aofeng? Such a young celestial rank sword master? The younger brother of His Excellency Qin Aotian?

Mo Ling and Yu Fan’s eyes widened at this. They looked at Aofeng with surprise. Qin Aotian was famous in the empire and even on the continent. No one in Karroll did not know of him. But…how could Aofeng be Qin Aotian’s brother? Wasn’t…wasn’t he Zhui Yun?

Thinking of the first time they met Aofeng, Mo Ling and Yu Fan felt it strange. The Qin Family was an important family in the empire, if Aofeng was Qin Aotian’s younger brother, and so talented, why had Aofeng been so unknown all this time? And going to a place like Neversetting Sun?

“Captain, you really are Qin Aofeng?” Yu Fan asked in shock. Some people would use fake names when training outside. He thought of this situation.

“Yes, I am Qin Aofeng.” Aofeng nodded. She glanced in the direction of the Qin Family. She sneered. “That Qin Aofeng called the good-for-nothing Seventh Young Master of Qin City. Because of a lack of talent, an embarrassment to the Qin Family’s main bloodline. From a young age, I was exiled to the south of the Neversetting Sun Forest, and recently came back. It is normal that everyone doesn’t know me.”

“Good-for-nothing Seventh Young Master?” Mo Ling and Yu Fan were almost scared to death. Was this a joke? Good-for-nothing? Lack of talent? If you do not have talent, how will others survive? If you want to mock others, you do not have to do this!

The two cast puzzled glances at the Qin Family, like they were looking at idiots. They exiled the youngest celestial magister of the continent, a regent beast tamer for being a good-for-nothing. How could you do this, something that even a pig would not do?

“Yes, exiled for being a good-for-nothing.” Aofeng’s lips were curved in a smile. She looked disdainfully at the Qin Family members with their flushed faces. In the end, she looked at Qin Ding. Seeing that face which appeared somewhat bleak, she thought of what Qin Aohai said this afternoon, and swallowed more of her words.

Seeing Aofeng remain silent, Qin Ding’s expression gentled slightly. While Aofeng was as rebellious as Qin Shuo, Aofeng had some more intelligence and was more attentive than Qin Shuo. Aofeng should not end up like Qin Shuo…

Shang Qian seemed to see something from this, and looked at Aofeng with a different gaze. He thought inside, no wonder Luoyu went to welcome Aofeng. Aofeng had such terrible relations with the Qin Family. Such a young sword master would become a venerable swordsman sooner or later. If recruited into Radiance Magus Church, Aofeng may replace the chief elder of the Radiance Hall, and manage the holy warriors.

Each faction had their own warriors, and not all of them were magisters. However, the four families had less. In Radiance Magus Church, powerful sword warriors were not low in status. The warriors of the Holy Radiance Hall and the auditors were two areas of the same level, and the holy knights were included in the holy warriors.

At this thought, and seeing the expressions of the people from Central Cloud City, Shang Qian knew why Jun Luoyu had thrown the burden to him. A hint of a smile flashed through his eyes. The old man interrupted, “Ha-ha, so this is Your Excellency Qin Aofeng. Such good fortune to meet you. The Radiance Magus Church admires young heroes like Your Excellency Qin Aofeng the most!”

Shelter! Open sheltering!

“Your Excellency Shang Qian, it is fine that your Radiance Magus Church admires His Excellency Qin Aofeng, but there is something that we hope the Holy Emperor and His Excellency Qin Aofeng would give us an explanation.” Yun Lu, who had originally wanted to catch Aofeng and demand answers, was extremely resentful after being blocked by Shang Qian.

“Oh? What is the matter? Your Excellency Yun Lu, tell this old man.” Shang Qian chuckled slowly, and his careless attitude was clearly biased towards Aofeng.

Waiting for a chance to speak, Yun Cheng snorted coldly, and stared harshly at Aofeng and Jun Luoyu. “This person called Qin Aofeng dares to curse at members of Central Cloud City. The Holy Emperor is protecting him. Is this the relationship of many years between Radiance Magus Church and Central Cloud City?”

Aofeng coldly rolled her eyes. She did not remember that she had been “cursing.”

But everyone could hear that Yun Cheng was just finding an excuse, and was exaggerating.

Shang Qian’s eyes flashed, and he said with a sleek laugh, “Old Friend, you also say that Radiance Magus Church and Central Cloud City have many years of friendship. Will you hate us for such a minor matter? The Central Cloud City friends will not be so small-minded, right?”

Yun Cheng stilled, and looked embarrassed. Shang Qian, this old fox, was saying that they were petty in holding onto this matter? In public, if they continued to pursue this, Central Cloud City’s reputation would likely be damaged.

Seeing that Yun Cheng could not win verbally, Yun Lu frowned. He said shamelessly in a cold voice, “Your Excellency Shang Qian, you cannot bully people too much. Should the matter of this person cursing at Central Cloud City be forgotten like this?”

Aofeng heard this, and could not but laugh sarcastically. “Of course this should not be forgotten. Why don’t you speak of how Your Excellency Yun Cheng stopped me from entering the venue? How does he qualify to block my path? Also, I curse Yun Cheng, and it is giving him face. I may not curse other people even if they want me to!”

This this this…what kind of tone was this? Like if he cursed Yun Cheng, Yun Cheng should thank him?

Such an arrogant tone that people could not imagine.

Aofeng raised an eyebrow, her smile enchanting. She was not very blatant, but if someone came to insult her, she would not be any less devious than anyone else!

Shang Qian frowned, and thought, this Qin Aofeng does not know his own measure. This old man is trying to protect him, but he cannot be so arrogant. Just a sword master. This Yun Cheng was a magus scholar.

Aofeng’s tone completely dismissed Yun Cheng which was too much even if she was a sword master.

The smell of fireworks grew stronger, and reached a peak at this moment.

When Yun Cheng got laughed at by a little brat with such a tone, if he could bear this, he likely was not a person!

“I have to qualify to block you? Qin Aofeng, you think that you can ascend to the heavens because you are a sword master!” Yun Cheng’s handsome face almost twisted. He pointed at her nose and said, “What are you? I, Yun Cheng, am at least a captain of Central Cloud City. Just because I am a member of Central Cloud City, my status is much higher than yours! Also, this is the Kaya Empire, do you know who the empress of the Kaya Empire is? The Holy Maiden of Central Cloud City. In terms of status, even the Holy Emperor and Chief Elder Shang Qian cannot be rude. When Empress Su Ya arrives, you will have to leave!”

“Yun Cheng, you are seeking death!” Qin Aotian could not tolerate someone scolding Aofeng like this. His expression turned cold and he was about to act.

Before the fight started, a loud announcement sounded.

“Presenting His Majesty Mo Qi, Empress Su Ya, His Highness Mo Leng, His Highness Mo Lian, and His Highness Mo Zhu!”

The tense atmosphere in the hall immediately paused and everyone’s gaze turned to the door. The members of the imperial family walked in, all dressed grandly with a noble air. The beautiful Empress Su Ya and the beautiful youth Mo Zhu caused many gasps.

At the front, His Majesty Mo Qi naturally saw Aofeng and the others. His eyes lit up slightly, and he walked over with a smile.

“Envoys, you are here too? Are you all gossiping?”

“Greetings, Your Majesty! Empress!” Out of politeness, everyone bowed first to the emperor of the top country.

After the bows, Yun Cheng spoke with an anxious expression, ” Your Majesty, Your Excellency Holy Maiden, it is like this. Today, there is a junior who does not know his limits that dared to curse at Central Cloud City. Holy Maiden, please take charge.”

“Oh? This is something like this?” His Majesty Mo Qi’s brows moved, and he was going to ask when Empress Su Ya next to him looked around. She suddenly had an expression of joy, and took a few steps to walk in front of Aofeng.

“It’s you! Zhui Yun, you really came!”

Empress Su Ya and the emperor did not attend the auction and had been preparing for the banquet. They had only heard that Aofeng was coming, and Su Ya was very excited upon seeing Aofeng.

“Empress, you know His Excellency Zhui?” The eldest prince Mo Leng saw Aofeng already, and his eyes moved. He smiled and said to His Majesty Mo Qi by his side. “Father-Emperor, this is the person I mentioned to you, a popular person in the capital recently, His Excellency Zhui Yun! Just now, it was His Excellency Zhui Yun who brought an unprecedented wave for our auction. Hadn’t you wanted to thank him?”

Mo Qi’s eyes lit up. He said in shock, “Your Excellency Zhui Yun? He is the regent beast tamer, the youngest celestial magister on the continent, Zhui Yun?”

“Yes, Father-Emperor, that day, I even met His Excellency, and saw his celestial rank magus beasts. His Excellency Zhui Yun is a young hero, so handsome and elegant, the dream lover for countless young women!” Mo Leng kept on praising Aofeng, his laughter echoing through the hall. Then he found that he was the only person laughing, and stopped in confusion, looking around.

When he looked, he was given a scare.

At some unknown time, all of Lapala Banquet Hall sank into a deathly silence, and there was no more sound.

Everyone gaped, and looked with shock and horror at Aofeng like they saw a living dinosaur.

This Qin Aofeng…was His Excellency Zhui Yun?

Translator Ramblings: In a world with dragons, a living dinosaur is not so shocking.

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