Apocalypse Lord Chapter 47 “S-rank Stone Skin”

Last time, on Apocalypse Lord: The Infrastructure Infantry drills the first well and players transplant trees. Yun Ling heads for Sunglow Village.

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Chapter 47 – S-rank Stone Skin


Yun Ling had a conflicted expression. “We are on the road.”

Hearing this, the middle aged man’s eyes dimmed, but he did not insist.

Yun Ling looked around the map. “You are a resident of Sunglow Village?”

The man nodded. “Yes.”

“How about this,” Yun Ling suggested a new plan, “I will have someone carry you, and we will go to Sunglow Village together?”

“How, how can I accept…” the middle aged man was startled.

He never expected the other willing to send him back to the village!

“No matter,” Yun Ling said unconcernedly, “rest here for a while, and then we will return soon.”

“Okay.” The middle aged man was overjoyed.

As they chatted, she learned the middle aged man was called Dong Hao Tian. His wife and child had both passed away, and now, he was living on his own.

“It is so hot!” Dong Hao Tian took several drinks of the river water. “My throat is parched, and I came over to get water. But before I got to the side of the river, I fainted…”

Yun Ling looked closely, and asked, “Does Sunglow Village not have bamboo hats? Do they not sell umbrellas?”

“Yes, but I cannot afford them. “Dong Hao Tian confessed.

Yun Ling, “……”

“Each day, I dig plants from the forest as my meals, and then fight against wild beasts to get the 5 copper coins to buy temporary resident status. What spare money do I have?” Dong Hao Tian sighed. “Just live life day by day. In any case, good days are not possible, so… I just try to not let myself die.”

The numbness and despair in the words shocked Yun Ling. She could not help but ask, “You never thought of changing which territory you live in?”

Dong Hao Tian answered, “I have changed territories three times. Later, I found it is the same everywhere, so I stopped making the effort. At least, I am used to Sunglow Village, and the surrounding environment. It is convenient to hunt.”

Yun Ling was silent.

Dong Hao Tian feared her regretting it, and said anxiously, “I am done resting. Let’s return to the village.”

Yun Ling waved her hand, and indicated for Guard D to carry him.


The more they walked closer to Sunglow Village, the more sparse the vegetation was.

Yun Ling looked in the distance, and found iron mines, copper mines, and even magic mines.

This was a territory with rich mineral resources.

The moment she stepped into the village, the system suddenly notified, [You have found “Sunglow Village”.]

“Finally back.” Dong Hao Tian said, rejoicing.

“You are familiar with this place. Could you lead me around?” Yun Ling asked.

“Okay.” Dong Hao Tian agreed without a word. “You saved me. Leading you around to get familiar is nothing!”

Then he walked ahead and introduced the area to Yun Ling.

“This is the mission hall, missions can be posted here.”

“This is called the Grass Hall, it sells straw sandals, straw ropes, straw clothes, straw shields, straw hats and other equipment.”

“This is the Tailor Shop, it sells cloth shoes, cloth armor, white quivers, and simple bandages.”

“There is a defensive shield above the territory that can stop enemies. But when the HP drops below 25%, 50%, or 75%, it will send a warning to all the players in the territory. Sometimes, when you are sleeping, the system will call you up to help…”

“There is a bakery there. If you get enough flour, eggs, milk, and butter, you can go there and trade for bread, cakes, and biscuits.”

“This is the BBQ shop. The fresh meat that you get from hunting you can bring to an NPC to cook for a fee. Sometimes, it will give a buff, sometimes, the meat becomes inedible.”

After introducing the 6 buildings in the territory, Dong Hao Tian led Yun Ling around the market. “You came from another territory to Sunglow Village because you want to do business? You can buy some specialties at low prices here, and when you return, you may be able to sell at high prices.”

“Specialties?” Yun Ling was puzzled.

“There.” Dong Hao Tian pointed.

There was a white-haired old man weaving with rattan. His fingers were nimble, and he was experienced. Soon, he wove a rattan shield.

Then he took more rattan, and started to weave armor.

Dong Hao Tian said softly, “The rattan shield is 60 copper coins, and so is the armor. They are much cheaper than the system shops.”

Yun Ling:”……”

Rising Cloud Town had crafters that sold equipment much cheaper than this person. She had come this long way not to get slaughtered like a fat sheep.

Yun Ling looked around. “Nothing else?”

Dong Hao Tian shook his head. “Nothing.”

“Where are the women and children? They do not dig for game materials? Don’t they have a lot stored up and cannot sell?” Yun Ling asked.

Hearing this, Dong Hao Tian’s expression turned strange. A long time later, he said in a low voice, “How could women and children survive to today? They died long ago.”

“During the rains in spring, many people could not afford the 5 copper coins for residence, and were driven out of the territory.”

“Ever since then, I have not seen them. They likely…had bad luck.”

Yun Ling was speechless.

Thinking, she asked, “During the early parts of the game, did any teams go through research labs? Or maybe hoarded some experimental equipment?”

Dong Hao Tian said, “People only cared about food, equipment, skills and copper coins. They threw away everything else.”

Yun Ling sighed silently, and thought that she had wasted all this effort. Rising Cloud Town did not have the equipment, and it was even more unlikely for other territories to have some.

The players from other territories were using all their power just to survive.

As she thought, she heard a person say, “A-rank Stone Skin, I will trade for A-rank mage skill or purple equipment, trade only.”

Yun Ling, “???”

What did she hear?!

A-rank Stone Skin!!

Yun Ling dashed in front of the stall owner and said excitedly, “Give me the skill, I will trade!”

The owner was taken back. This was the fourth day since he set up a stall, and the first time someone came to say that they were going to trade with him.

He narrowed his eyes and said warily, “You are unfamiliar, I do not seem to have seen you before.”

Yun Ling said, “This is due to fate, leading me to appear here in Sunglow Village at this time.”

The stall owner, “……”

Dong Hao Tian, “……”

He had an embarrassed expression, and pulled Yun Ling’s sleeve, reminding her not to be impatient.

But how could Yun Ling be calm? Stone Skin! She had gotten three S-rank skills but not gotten the Stone Skin! Do you know how careful she usually was when fighting other people!

The stall owner once again repeated his demand, “I said that I will only trade for A-rank mage skill or purple equipment.”

Yun Ling waved at one of her members.

In the next second, Mage E took off purple shoes, and a purple mage robe.

[Name: Soft Mage Shoes]

Quality: Rare

Durability: 60/70

Equip Effect: +10 Agility.

Special Effect +5 Intelligence

[Name: Magic Robe]

Quality: Rare

Durability: 48/70

Equip Effect: +10 Intelligence.

Special Effect +5 Spirit.

While the durability was a bit low, the two items either increased intelligence or spirit, and were very suited to mages.

Then, Yun Ling took out an A-rank crowd attack card “Burning Heavens” from her cotton backpack.

The three items were placed in front of the stall owner for him to choose from.

The stall owner was shocked and happy. After thinking for a moment, he smiled slyly. “I want all three!”

Yun Ling frowned. “Why?”

If the other wanted to pick two, she would not hesitate. But this person was greedy and wanted all three.

Just because you want the A-rank Stone Skin so much.

The stall owner had an ambitious smile, but said, “I feel that the A-rank Stone Skin is worth this price. How about you think more about it? But be quick, if you are late, someone else will take the card.”

At the side, Dong Hao Tian rubbed his hands, anxious. They all say that one should not be impatient when doing business. Look, you got caught now?

Yun Ling looked at the stall owner for a while and then smiled. “Worth so much? Then keep the card. I will not buy it.”

She left without any hesitation.

The stall owner’s smile froze on his face.

“Wait, wait a moment!” He panicked. “You don’t want the A-rank Stone Skin?”

“In reality, what I want the most is S-rank Stone Skin, yours is barely enough.” Yun Ling shrugged. “Since you feel the A-rank skill card is precious, then keep it for yourself.”

Then she quickly walked away.

The stall owner was dumbstruck.

He managed to ruin a good business.

Thinking back to the attributes of the purple equipment, he wanted to cry. Such good equipment! If he had asked, maybe both would belong to him.

At worst, he could have gotten one of them and some more money.

But now…it was all over!


“That is, ” Dong Hao Tian ran up to follow, and asked carefully, “you are not going to buy it?”

“No.” Yun Ling was cold.

A-rank Stone Skin was just a bit short and not necessary. Since the other used the chance to raise the price, he could keep it.

A mage had no use for a tank skill. If he traded it for skills and equipment that was suitable for his profession, he could greatly increase his own strength, and ability to survive. Now, the other may regret the skill being stuck in his possession.

“Pity.” Dong Hao Tian sighed. “If only you were not so impatient.”

Yun Ling said, “He was the one to raise the price, and not follow the rules of the world.”

“I am not the one in the greatest pain at the business failing.”

“He deserves it!”

Dong Hao Tian had nothing to say.

At this time, an assassin came close, his face covered. “I heard you want to buy S-rank Stone Skin?”

Yun Ling, “?”

“I do, but I do not want to be cheated.” She was expressionless.

The assassin took out a card and said quickly, “Give a price. If you are sincere, I will give this to you.”

[Name: Stone Skin (Passive Skill)]

Quality: S-rank

Skill Effect: When attacked, only a slight pain will be felt, -50% damage received.

Yun Ling. “!!!”

What divine place was Sunglow Village?!

It had A-rank Stone Skin, and also S-rank?!!

“Say, what do you want?” Yun Ling stared at the S-rank card, and did not bear to look away.

“Assassin and archer equipment. If there is nothing I want, you can give me copper coins.” The assassin was very cautious. “Time is limited, I will not wait long.”

“Understood,” Yun Ling answered.

Then she called over Archer H, and indicated for him to give over 1 x Crimson Flame Quiver, 3 x Ice Quiver, and 1 x Gale Quiver.

“Five purple quivers.”

[Name: Power Ring]

Quality: Rare

Durability: 63/70

Equip Effect: +10 Strength.

Special Effect: +20% attack power.

[Name: Bull Ring]

Quality: Rare Durability: 60/70

Equip Effect: +12 Strength.

Special Effect: +3 Stamina.

“Two purple rings that increase power and are suitable for assassins.”

“One for seven, each of them is practical, good enough?” To avoid meeting another profiteer, Yun Ling left room for bargaining.

The assassin thought, “Add on 500 copper coins, and I will give you the card.”

500 copper coins was not a lot. He just feared agreeing too quickly, and the other changing her mind.

“Let me think.” Yun Ling deliberately delayed for time.

The assassin looked around with an anxious look. He gritted his teeth and said decisively, “300 copper coins! I will give you the card for 300 copper coins!”

Yun Ling no longer hesitated. “Deal!”

After they finished, the assassin left quickly with the equipment.

Yun Ling held the card, made sure to use it, and finally, her skill slots were full.

“Seven practical purple equipment that are almost new and 300 copper coins for a S-rank skill card?” Dong Hao Tian was shocked.

Yun Ling did not care. “I think it is worthwhile.”

The ring primarily increased damage and strength, and was not suited for a tank to start with.

She had made the purple quivers.

She had a daily income of thousands of copper coins, and 300 was just a small sum.

If she wanted these things in the future, she could get them.

The S-rank Stone Skin skill was a rare thing that she had wanted from the start of the game and just got now!

Were the two comparable?

She felt they were not.

She threw 20 copper coins to Dong Hao Tian and said in a light tone, “Guide fee, take me somewhere else.”

While she had not bought the experimental equipment, having got the S-rank skill, this trip was worth it.

20 copper coins? About his income for a day, given so easily to him? Dong Hao Tian dazed out looking at the copper coins and could not calm down for a long time.


After a round, Yun Ling did not find anything she wanted and set up a stall to sell the bamboo hats.

According to Dong Hao Tian, sun protection equipment was rare here. Only super strong players and medium sized teams could afford to buy them.

Yun Ling was shocked when she asked the price. “200 copper coins for a bamboo hat?”

“Yes.” Dong Hao Tian nodded. “And they will fight over this. Right now, it is daytime, and not many people are left in the territory. When it is night, everyone will fight to buy when they see you selling bamboo hats.”

Yun Ling did not want to wait until night in Sunglow Village.

She thought, since she had come, she would keep the stall until 3 in the afternoon, and sell as much as she could.

Seeing bamboo hats at the stall, residents came to ask the price from time to time. Hearing the price was 200 each, some sighed and left, others bargained with her, and some just paid.

“No other price.” Yun Ling said this and nothing else, turning to chat with Dong Hao Tian.

“Teams come frequently for business?” she asked.

Dong Hao Tian shook his head. “Some, but not many. It is too far from territory to territory, and there is a question of safety.”

“Also, if they come to Sunglow Village to sell, they may not make money. The bamboo hats they buy in their territory are higher in price than in Sunglow Village!”

“Some buy some rattan shields and armor, going back to sell, and just making money off the hard work.”

“Some unfortunate teams go out and encounter a boss, not even making money, and their teammates are dead!”

“So people said, regardless of whether it is business, or changing territories, players should walk out of the safe area with the thought that they may die.”

Hearing this, Yun Ling had a thoughtful expression.

At this time, a ruckus sounded.

“Where are the two brats! They dare to steal a boss, but not to fight in a team?”

“That assassin is too fast! Blink of an eye and I do not know where he ran off to…”

“Trash! Find them, they cannot be allowed to escape!”

There were more than thirty people in the team, and in a flash, four people to a team, they spread apart.

“Hey, what is going on?” Dong Hao Tian asked the owner of the stall next to him and shoved over a copper coin.

The stall owner took the coin, and said in a low voice, “I do not know the specifics, but it seemed that their boss was stolen, and so they are very angry.”

Another stall owner saw this, and came up, pretending to pick up a bamboo hat, but was actually rubbing his index and middle finger. Then he signaled three, the meaning clear.

Dong Hao Tian understood and gave 3 copper coins.

That person took the money, and said, “Do not listen to their nonsense, in reality, they were the ones to steal someone else’s boss first. After they stole it, they could not win, and went back for reinforcements. But somehow, the other people stole the boss back.”

Dong Hao Tian said curiously, “Where did you hear this?”

“It was an archer who killed the boss. He came to me with an A-rank card, wanting to make a deal. A-rank card, how could I deal with that? After saying a few words, that person hurriedly left.” This person shrugged.

“So that’s what happened.” Dong Hao Tian seemed to realize.

Yun Ling thought of the masked assassin she had done business with. At the time, he had been nervous because he was being chased, and in a hurry to escape?

The boss he had found first had been stolen. He got it back, and now the thieves wanted to get revenge. So sad.

In the blink of an eye, two hours had passed.

The bamboo hats had been sold off.

Yun Ling paid another 10 copper coins to Dong Hao Tian and then led the team to return.

Dong Hao Tian watched the team leave, and sighed at his good luck. By fainting, he encountered a good person, no one had better luck!


After leaving Sunglow Village, Yun Ling found a group of monsters to try her hand.

Now, with the S-rank skill and the purple equipment, she had high defense, high HP, and high recovery. She was like a moving iron fortress that could not be destroyed!

Also, she wore the Fire Feather Cloak, and each second, it would create 3 points of fire spell damage to surrounding enemies.

In other words, if she focused on defense, over time, the monsters would naturally die.

She challenged five stone people in one breath, not letting the NPCs help. Yun Ling used movement, and good dodging to reduce the number of times she was hit.

After three minutes, the stone people were all dead.

Yun Ling rubbed her shoulder that she had purposefully left unguarded and was hit. She had a contented smile. “This feels like being lightly patted by a friend. Doesn’t hurt, but you will know you have been attacked. This is perfect.”

She picked up the drops, and the group headed back.


The weather was hot, and it was usual to not get a good sleep at night. Seeing that their friends and relatives had a good sleep after planting trees nearby, many residents had thoughts, and transplanted some trees as well.

When their doors were surrounded by trees, the surrounding temperature decreased obviously, and even the territory grew much cooler.

During the day, when out hunting, people endured the burn of the sun. At night, back in town, it was breezy, and there were gusts of coolness that removed the heat.

Then get a bucket of well water and have a cold shower. It was so enjoyable!

If one had the spare money, they could go to the restaurant to drink a bowl of mung bean soup.

More than one person sighed. “In other territories, it is just called being alive, in Rising Cloud Town, it is called living!”

Beside the wood shed.

Grandmother Qian had a stern expression as she lectured, “What time is it now? How come you are only back now?”

“I saw soybeans and could not help but gather some more. I forgot the time.” Qiao Qiao accepted the lecture.

Soybeans? She wanted soy milk and bean curd? Grandmother Qian almost laughed.

She tried to suppress her laugh. “Safety first, you cannot do this next time.”

“I know,” Qiao Qiao responded.

“Where are the soybeans? Give them to me, I will make soy milk in the morning.” Grandmother Qian spoiled her granddaughter.

“Here.” Qiao Qiao handed over the soybeans.

Seeing her grandmother take the beans to be soaked, she secretly sighed in relief.

Just now, she had not told the truth. The reason she came back late was when she had been foraging, she had been surrounded by three wolves at the same time.

If she had not been an official resident of Rising Cloud Town, and enjoyed the buff of “+100 HP” she may not… have been able to come back.

If she came back with wounds, Grandmother would be very worried.

So after she escaped the danger, she rested a long time outside before daring to come back. Lucky, she managed to conceal this.

Qiao Qiao had never felt so lucky she was part of Rising Cloud Town. If this was any other territory, she would have died!


There were plants, there were wells, there were fish ponds. The territory was more and more like a farming village. So could the other money making projects get started?

Some came up with the idea of raising livestock.

Raising chickens, ducks, geese, pigs, rabbits. Any of those would be an extra source of income!

If the business expanded in the future, then there was no need to go explore and hunt! A team could be supported completely by the livestock!

With such great aims, people started to act.

Today, a hunting team of ten tore apart the nest of the Gale Rabbits. They caught two adult rabbits, and five young rabbits.

“Brother Rong, we succeeded!” The members were very excited.

The man called “Brother Rong” shook his head. “This is not the end. We have to take them back to the territory, and see if they can be farmed.”

Also, even if they could be farmed, the feed was a problem.

But Brother Rong did not mention these things. He just waved his hand. “Go, back to town.”

The group quickly walked back to Rising Cloud Town.

The moment they stepped into the territory, the system suddenly gave a notification, [Welcome back to “Rising Cloud Town.”]

[You are carrying dangerous items which may pose a danger to residents. Please throw them away before entering the territory.]

“What does this mean?” The members were stunned. “We cannot bring the Gale Rabbits in?”

Brother Rong thought for a moment, and had an idea. “Split the adult and young rabbits, and then try.”

The members did as he said.

Soon, the member with the adult rabbits said in annoyance, “I still cannot come in.”

The member with the young rabbits was shocked and happy. “I am in! I did not get the notification!”

“As expected, only young rabbits can be farmed.” Brother Rong slowly exhaled.


Nearly back to Rising Cloud Town, Yun Ling encountered a patch of berries. She suddenly had a thought, and had the NPCs dig up the bushes.

[Name: Shrub]

Quality: Normal

Use Effect: Every 5-10 days, a batch of berries can be harvested.

Note: It will survive if transplanted within 2 hours of leaving the ground. After 2 hours, it will die.

Once she moved this back into the territory, she would have her orchard.

Good things came in pairs. Yun Ling happily walked back.

When she planted the shrub next to the trees, the system notified —

[Name: Shrub planted by Player “Yun Ling”]

Quality: Normal

Use Effect: Every 5-10 days, a batch of berries can be harvested.

Note: The shrub is the personal property of Player “Yun Ling.” Other players can only pick with her permission.

“If I have nothing tomorrow, I can lead people to move in more shrubs.” Yun Ling calculated.

In ancient times, people relied on hunting to live. But hunting was too uncertain, and affected by the weather, and luck.

Gradually, people moved to develop farming and raising livestock. Then, they had a steady food supply.

She looked at the list of unlockable buildings. The ice house had been unlocked. She gave up on the fountain and the wharf, the greening, well, and orchard could be created on their own, so Yun Ling did not hesitate to choose to unlock the “farmland.”

Farmland (level 1): Can hire people to farm, and get a steady supply of crops. Requires 100 copper coins to open one field. (Currently, at most, you can possess 20 pieces of farmland)

Yun Ling opened all 20 without a word.

-2000 copper coins.

The fields were connected and looked majestic.

“I will leave the last building slot for the blacksmith shop. This way, there is just enough.” After the problem that had troubled her so long was solved, Yun Ling was very pleased.

At this time, she received a system notification, [Player “Zheng Rong Yue” is attempting to farm five young rabbits at Rising Cloud Town coordinates xxx, xxx. do you agree?]

What was there to hesitate about? Of course she did!

Yun Ling decisively pressed “yes.”

The notification changed again, [After the rabbits are raised, they will become the personal property of Player “Zheng Rong Yue.” Do you wish to take a fee?”]

[1. After the player raises adult rabbits, what percentage will be paid as taxes? Should tax payment be in kind, currency, or both?]

[2. To promote the development of the territory and the enthusiasm of the residents, you can choose to not take a fee.]

Yun Ling thought and set up the tax at a rate of 10%, and could be paid in kind or copper coins.

Translator Ramblings: Inevitable things in life, death and taxes.

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