傲风 An Unyielding Wind V02-S15-C01 “The Sixth Person”

Last time on An Unyielding Wind: Aotian approves Yufeng’s harem application. Someone’s out for Aofeng’s life.

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Section 15: The Tournament

Chapter 1 – The Sixth Person

“Big Brother, myself, Yun Cheng, Big Brother Xi Yun, Bing Yan. Us five are not weak, and we should have no problems against the Central Cloud Team. Of them, only Yun Cheng is a magus scholar expert, and the others are seven-sword magisters or so. Even if we are missing one person, our magus beasts will win against them.”

In a wide room of the Blue Jade Fragrance, Aofeng and the others were sitting and standing. They had just returned from the evening banquet, and were making their last adjustments and resting. Aofeng was analyzing the enemy’s strength. The mood was not tense. Everyone knew that their chances of winning were high.

No matter how good the Central Cloud City magus beasts were, there were rarely any beasts above seven star divine beasts. They did not have a regent beast tamer. Aofeng’s side had three nine-star divine beasts. Aofeng alone had numerous magus beasts, and the mysterious Chi. There should be no doubts.

But Aofeng felt a hint of uneasiness. For some reason, after sensing the killing intent during the banquet this evening, she had a bad feeling. She had once been a mercenary, and her sensitive sixth sense had saved her many times. Maybe it was a false feeling, but she felt that she had missed something.

“Pity that the Holy Emperor is just passing by and left tonight. Otherwise, it would have been good for him to join us,” Lei Yufeng joked. “Also Kai Ge. He is part of the dragon knight team. It seems that we can just find someone to take up the sixth spot.”

Aofeng nodded, not regretful. Before leaving, Jun Luoyu had said to them, he had not been sent by the archbishop, and he came just to see Aofeng. He had other matters to attend to, and had to leave first.

As they were talking, a knock came on the door from outside.

Their eyebrows rose, and they looked in confusion at each other. From the expressions, no one had invited a friend.

Walking to the door, Aofeng asked warily, “Who is it?”

“Zhui Yun, you have such a bad memory. After getting famous in one night, you throw me aside?” Outside the door, the man’s lazy laugher passed in. Aofeng heard the voice, and immediately had joyful surprise in her eyes as she pulled open the door.

“Qinghong, you came out?”

The man in a black cloak was leaning against the door, his arms crossed over his chest. His lips were slightly pressed together, his eyes narrowed in a smile. The mask made from sandalwood still covered the upper half of his face, but this did not affect the beauty of the lines. His face was still a sickly white. When he saw Aofeng, he seemed to see a treasure, and a light flashed across his narrowed eyes.

It was Yun Qinghong. From the stunning power ripples coming off him, he should have leveled up recently.

“Yes, I finally came out.” The man said in an enchanting and resonant voice, “I came to be your sixth member. Will you welcome me?”

“Of course, this could not be better!” Aofeng said with a soft laugh. When she was together with him, she was always relaxed. Maybe she was affected by the laziness that he emanated that even her anxieties were settled.

She was curious how this person knew that they were lacking one person, and how she became famous in a night. But who could refuse the help of a magus scholar expert? Aofeng could not feel any malicious intent from Yun Qinghong. She even had a feeling that he came just to help her.

“Ha-ha, and me as well!”

Cheerful and lively laughter came from behind Yun Qinghong. A handsome youth poked out his head, his hair and eyes blue and crystal clear like they could speak. He had a small snaggle tooth that was adorable. He came out, jumping into Aofeng’s arms and cuddling, giving everybody a fright.

“Hey hey, Boy, no touching!” As the knight, Lei Yufeng was the first to jump up, and he ran over to pull the youth and glare at him.

Coming up to attack the chest. Could you be more shameless?

Aofeng did not dislike this adorable youth, and waved a hand for Lei Yufeng to put him down. She asked curiously, “Who are you?”

The youth was taken back, blinking his large eyes in hurt and pouting, “Mama, you do not recognize me, wooo wooo”

The blue-haired youth spoke in this tone, and Aofeng’s eyes widened in shock. She said in disbelief, “You are … Lil’ Nine?”

The youth saw that Aofeng recognized him and immediately gave a big smile. He once again jumped into Aofeng’s arms and snuggled hard. “Mama, I am Lil’ Nine, I missed you so much.”

The other people in the room looked speechlessly at this scene. A youth who looked sixteen or so called another youth of sixteen “Mama.” It was so strange.

“When I came out, I encountered this little guy who just finished levelling up. He insisted on coming with me to find you, so I brought him along.” Yun Qinghong walked and rubbed Lil’ Nine’s head. Lil’ Nine turned to look at him, seeming to be a bit afraid, his expression strange, but he said nothing.

“The little snake?” Lei Yufeng remembered, and said in shock, “You can take human form?”

“Yes, Lil’ Nine has grown up, and can help Mama beat bad people! Fight as many people as come!” The blue-haired youth nodded hurriedly and then clenched his fist imposingly.

“Lil’ Nine, you are able to take human form, and your mind has grown up. You should know many things, do not call me ‘Mama’, this will bring me trouble, understand?” Aofeng rubbed the youth’s head and said softly.

Lil’ Nine blinked and nodded intelligently. “Ok, Father!”

Then he harrowed his beautiful blue eyes. “However, when outsiders are not around, I still like to call you Mama.” Then Lil’ Nine shrank down back into the little blue snake, climbing onto Aofeng’s shoulder. He pushed Aofeng’s ear with his tail and said intimately, “Mama, mama~”

In his beast state, Lil’ Nine could stay on Aofeng more easily and refused to go back to human form.

“This little guy …” Aofeng’s ear was slightly itchy, and she was between laughter and tears.

Aofeng explained Lil’ Nine’s identity and origin to everyone else, and started to split up the spirit fruits and valtz she had bought at the auction. The six person team was finalized. The relationship between these people could not be measured by money. No one raised the question of money, and kept their touched emotions inside.

Everyone kept on insisting that Aofeng take four drops for herself, and other people two drops each. Yue Bingyan got a water elemental. Yun Qinghong smiled and refused these two things.

“Valtz is very effective at increasing strength, but after using more, it is not so effective. I no longer need such things. I was able to level up so quickly, of course I already have an elemental spirit.”

Yun Qinghong’s identity was strange, and it was normal he did not lack for such things. Aofeng did not insist, and summoned her magus beasts, planning to split the eight remaining drops of valtz.

Arthurus and the others were very excited when they saw the valtz, but the Crimson Gold Behemoth said, “Master, if I consume this and start levelling up, I will not be able to help you fight in the near future. I will need to sleep a long time to become a super-divine beast. I will not use it now, make the others stronger.”

Helping Aofeng was the priority mission. Arthurus was willing to give up this chance at leveling up. He had never seen a master better than Aofeng. Tomorrow’s event was very important. How could he go into hibernation at this time?

“Big Guy, good job, haha!” Lil’ Nine waved his head and blew bubbles from Aofeng’s shoulder. Everyone gave admiring gazes to Arthurus.

Arthurus forgot himself and laughed out loud, “Of course, the noble behemoth is very moral!” The people who had been feeling admiration towards him broke out in a cold sweat.

Liao Ya, Ben Lei, Si Jian, Meng Yan, Xiao Bing, and Mei Jun each got a drop. Qin Aotian’s magus beast was also a nine-star divine beast and could not use this. Lil’ Nine had just leveled up, and did not have much room to improve so he did not get any. There were two drops left. One was for Yu Bingyan’s Orange Feather Pseudo Phoenix, and the other for Lei Yufeng’s golden roc. After the allocations were done, everyone swallowed the valtz and meditated in the room, digesting the power in the valtz.

Aofeng, like before, went into a state of looking into herself.

After entering the body, the valtz was a drop of blue liquid. When it entered the body, it immediately caused her shamanic power to go wild. Aofeng could clearly sense all the shamanic power around her boiling over in this moment, and circulate in her body at a speed ten times faster than normal.

The light blue shamanic power could not enter the valtz power itself, and could just slowly strip power from the blue drop. The process was very slow. If this continued, she likely would not absorb all four drops of valtz before daytime. If she started to level up, it would take even longer.

Aofeng’s thoughts moved, and she thought of the Magus Divinity Power Source that had helped her numerous times. She did not hesitate, using shamanic power to push the valtz into her energy center.

As she expected, the Magus Divinity Power Source was more powerful than the valtz. When the four drops of valtz entered her energy center, the white burning light intensified. The blue melted quickly like popsicles in the summer, the power turning into a gust of blue mist that went into the whirlpool of the Magus Divinity Power Source. A huge power sprayed out.

“A chance!” Aofeng gave a small smile. As expected, seven-swords came. Her body was shrouded in thick power, the ripples almost affecting the air around her, so hot it was like a sun.

After an unknown amount of time, she suddenly opened her black eyes, and her surrounding power had calmed. With a flash of silver energy, Aofeng eagerly pulled out the magister star. As she wished, there were nine small silver swords in the fifth point of the five point celestial star.

“Peak of nine-swords. The valtz really contains great power.” Aofeng sighed. She looked at the sky outside, it was already bright.

Section 14 Chapter 2 | Table of Contents | Glossary | Chapter 2


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