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Chapter 50 – Autumn Harvest 2

“From the map, it appears to be another half an hour of travel before we can reach Rising Cloud Town.” Ren Shi Le said as he handed water to a member. “Sit down and rest. After a while, we will go straight to Rising Cloud Town, and there will be no more resting along the way.”

The team members found positions and sat down.

“Autumn is such a good season.” One person opened a bamboo tube, and poured water into his mouth. He wiped his mouth, and then said, “The temperature is suitable, not hot or cold. Traveling on the road is safe, and if you see the monsters beforehand and avoid them, they will not chase you relentlessly like they are mad.”

“So I picked the autumn season to travel for business.” Ren Shi Le patted his linen backpack. A clever light flashed through his eyes. “Ever since the ranking existed, Rising Cloud Town was always first. They must have developed well, and the territory should have some specialties.”

“If we buy them and go back to sell, we must make a good profit!”

Thinking of how much they would make, the members all had knowing smiles.

After the rest, Ren Shi Le was the first to stand up. “Let’s go, keep on traveling.”

The closer to Rising Cloud Town, the more the surroundings looked like they had been dug up. On the way here, no resources were left.

Someone asked hesitantly, “Is Rising Cloud Town full of life skills players that focused on foraging? This place has been cleaned too much!”

Ren Shi Le was stunned inside but did not show it. He said coolly, “We will know when we enter the territory.”

[You have found “Rising Cloud Town.”]

As the system notification sounded, a group of people stepped into the territory.

When they looked around, everyone was dumbfounded.

There were pine and cypress trees scattered around Rising Cloud Town, and this looked different from other territories.

As they walked in, there were neat rows of wood shelves, all of them with meat hanging from them.

Everyone was shocked, their mouths wide. At this time, a wave of fragrance came at them.

One member’s nose moved and he said in shock, “It is smoked meat! Our village made smoked meat before, it smelled like this!”

At another look, there were several bonfires burning. The pieces of meat were red and shiny, looking very attractive.

“Gulp —” the team members swallowed.

Walking in, there was a forest of tents, and neat rows of wood houses.

This was not much. Even more importantly, there were fences around the wood houses which circled around a piece of land! At this time, there were residents taking care of the shrubs and picking berries. Also, people were picking sweet potatoes out of the ground, planning to roast it, and use it as lunch.

At the very front, there was a row of stone houses, very magnificent, and took up the largest area. Everybody looked around, and fell silent.

“Selling kiln baked bread! Delicious kiln baked bread! You can add pork floss and fruit jam. If you want, come and buy! Just out of the kiln, still hot.”

The shouting reached everyone’s ears.

“Boss.” The members pressed on their shriveled bellies, and looked pleadingly at their leader.

“Go.” Ren Shi Le pressed his lips together. “You can buy whatever as lunch. Once you have energy, continue to walk around.”

“Long live the boss!” The members cheered, and eagerly charged to the girl who was selling bread.

“How are you selling the bread?”

“What do you mean by kiln baked bread?”

“If pork floss is added or the jam, what is the price?”

Everyone asked, like they had just come from the mountains, and never seen the world before.

Xia Xi patiently answered. “One piece of bread for 4 copper coins.”

“Usually, bread is baked in the oven, and the kiln baked bread is different. I made a bread kiln myself, and baked it myself. It tastes better than normal oven baked bread.”

“A spoon of pork floss is 1 copper coin. Two spoons of jam, 1 copper coin. I just earn the cost.”

Ren Shi Le saw the kiln baked bread was long and wide, and very thick. Probably, each person would be filled with one loaf, so he bought fifteen.

“Add pork floss to mine!”

“I want two spoons of jam.”

The members excitedly stated their orders.

“Okay.” Xia Xi answered, and added the ingredients, before handing them to the customers.

The members had traveled for a long time, and were very hungry. When they got the bread, they were not polite, and took a hard bite.

After they took a taste, they were stunned. “How can it be so delicious!”

“Is this jam made from the berries?”

“I had not expected berries could be made into jam. Usually, I just pick and eat them.”

“Where did the pork floss come from?”

“It is so delicious! I want another spoon of pork floss…”

There were so many questions, Xia Xi could not answer them all, and picked some questions. “The bread coming out of the bread kiln is very delicious. I have a very good business, and the next step is to develop new flavors.”

“The jam is made from berries. After they are processed a little, it is very good with the bread.”

“The pork floss is also called pork velvet. It is powder after the meat is dried.”

Ren Shi Le silently chewed on the bread, and felt that the members were embarrassing and did not want to look.

He interrupted the members from their questions and changed the topic. “We are from outside, we just came to the town. What specialties does Rising Cloud Town have? Could you tell us more about it?”

Xia Xi stilled, and did not react for a moment.

“Speciality? I never heard…” she murmured.

Had they come for nothing? Ren Shi Le’s heart sank.

Thinking, he changed how he asked the question, “What is Rising Cloud Town like usually? Can you talk to us?”

She knew this question.

Xia Xi became alert, and said, “At 8 in the morning, the hunting teams will go out hunting, and the life skills players stay in the territory to work.”

“See that old grandfather over there, he knows how to use straw to weave straw sandals, and also straw clothing. He is very good! Now, he managed to buy a house, and still comes out every day to set up a stall.”

“The person next to him is a bamboo worker. He usually cuts up bamboo to make bamboo shields, and bamboo spears. He sells equipment, and sometimes sells bamboo hats. If needed, you could find him to make custom furniture.”

“There are two brothers over there, one makes wood racks, the other straw rope. Recently, the families are all making dried meat, and the wood racks and straw ropes are selling well.”

“There is a pair of grandmother and granddaughter who are very good at cooking! They usually make dried sweet potatoes, fried peanuts, and also soy milk and rice wine. Recently, they picked up firewood to make smoked meat. Her family has the most delicious food!”

“There is also a woodworker over there who was a craftsman before the apocalypse. First, he did not know what to do. But then he went to see the Woodworking Workshop. Later, he came back and started to make wood spears, wood shields, and wood bows. I heard that he got married a few days ago.”

“Beside him is Aunt Li, she is the best at working with her hands. She usually buys cloth to make cloth armor and belts. Her quality is as good as the system shops, but her goods are much cheaper.”

Weave straw sandals, weave straw clothes?

Cut bamboo to make bamboo shields and spears? Occasionally selling bamboo hats?

Two brothers, one making wood racks, the other straw ropes?

What else was there? Dried sweet potatoes, fried peanuts, soy milk, rice wine?

Listen, was this human language!!

The team members were stunned, and frozen like statues.

Ren Shi Le suspected that he had not woken up this morning, and he was dreaming.

One team member was expressionless, and complained, “I finally know why she says that Rising Cloud Town has no specialties.”

The above items, in any territory, counted as a specialty. But Rising Cloud Town was like a deus ex machina. It had what other territories did, and it also had what other territories did not!

So the residents felt that these things were everywhere, and did not count as “specialties.”

After understanding this, the members burst into tears. What kind of life did the residents of Rising Cloud Town live that they thought such rare treasures were ordinary items!

“There really isn’t anything special about these things,” Xia Xi said seriously. “There are so many straw sandals in the territory it is a flood. Many people know how to weave them.”

The team members, “……”

In their territory, only the system shop sold them, very expensive and in low quantities.

“I understand.” Ren Shi Le said with difficulty, “Thank you for telling me.”

“You are welcome. You have bought all of my bread. I am done. I should pack up and go home.” Xia Xi cleaned up, waved at the group, and then walked briskly in the direction of home.

“Boss,” one member had a sad tone and a pained expression. “I do not want to travel for business, I want to live here.”

Traveling for business but then the person was gone was a situation like this.

“You think you are the only one with such a plan?” Ren Shi Le glanced at the other and then looked into the distance. He said quietly, “I also want to.”


In the mine.

Five strong youths were swinging shovels and working to mine.

“I have dug iron ore, 5 copper coins!”

“Ha, cold iron ore, 8 copper coins!”

“Hey hey, 2 copper ore, 6 copper coins!”

They were all familiar with the prices of the ore. Almost the instant they mined the ore, the players could calculate their income.

“After working for this long, I have earned about thirty copper coins?” One person became more excited, wanting to spend all his time mining except for the time to eat and sleep.

“If you are unlucky, you will get twenty copper coins and if you are lucky, more than forty,” someone said next to him. “It is tiring to mine, and you have to prepare your own metal shovel, but money comes so quickly!”

“If you work hard for half a month, you will have the money for a house. Then, buy official resident status, buy a house, what else do you have to worry about?”

His friend heard this, and felt it was right. So he worked even harder, and sometimes did not even stop to rest.


In the Blacksmith Shop.

Blacksmith A was very busy as the bellows wooshed.

Every time he smelted a piece of ore, Yun Ling would receive a system notification.

[Smelting success, 1 x coal.]

[Smelting success, 1 x iron.]

[Smelting success, 1 x copper.]

[Smelting success, 1 x cold iron.]

Iron, copper, and cold iron were all materials for creating equipment, but the coal was different. This was fuel, this could be used to make high level torches, and also for heating in the winter.

There had to be many preparations to be made for winter, not just hoarding food.

Yun Ling had people start to create winter clothing, hoard large amounts of wood, and fur materials.

With coal, there was enough fuel, and she was more confident of passing the winter.

Yun Ling inspected the attributes of the NPCs and could not help but mutter. “Need to smelt and need to forge, just Blacksmith A is not able to do all this. When will Blacksmith B, Blacksmith C, and Blacksmith D come? Come quickly, there are things for you to do…”


The autumn was clear and refreshing.

The residents added equipment, and planned to hunt more, hoard more, and earn more while the weather was good.

Maybe because these were “harvest days,” the hunting teams would return with full hands each time.

With spare money, the residents were willing to spend, and the small town became lively.

As the lord of the territory, the owner of the system shops, Yun Ling had a lot of money coming in each day. When she had the spare money, she would immediately upgrade the buildings.

[The Woodworking Workshop is upgraded to level 2.]

[The Blacksmith Shop is upgraded to level 2.]

She looked at the territory attributes, and saw the new figures —

[Territory Name: Rising Cloud]

[Level: Town.]

[Population Capacity: 5000]

[Existing Residents: 1736]

[Unlockable Buildings: 10]

[Existing Buildings: 10]

[Existing building detail:

Warehouse (level 2): Omitted.

Mission Hall (level 2): Omitted.

Woodworking Workshop (level 2): Omitted.

Tailor Shop (level 2): Omitted.

Residence (level 2): Omitted.

Defensive Shield (level 2): Omitted.

Restaurant (level 2): Omitted.

Ice House (level 2): Omitted.

Farmland (level 2): Omitted.

Blacksmith Shop (level 2): Omitted.]

Other than the fact that the population was increasing slowly, everything else was perfect.

“It takes 200000 copper coins to upgrade a building from level 2 to level 3. From a town to a city, I need 1 million copper coins.” Yun Ling’s heart shook after she calculated the costs.

“Just do it slowly.” She gave a quiet sigh.


Inside Rising Cloud Town.

The wood racks were all standing, and the dried meat swayed in the wind, forming an unique scene.

After the rainy season, and the burning sun, many families did not have any food left, and were preparing food. When they saved up a bit of food, and had a little money left, they started to hoard other resources.

“Firewood for sale! Useful firewood! 2 copper coins per bundle!”

“Cotton, freshly gathered cotton! Limited quantities, first come, first served.”

“Cashmere vest, a new cashmere vest! Blue quality, increases defense and HP, very warm! Just one price, 500 copper coins!”

The firewood referred to tree branches, straw, and other items. These could be used as fuel, but the effects were average.

The stall owner knew this, so he sold them cheaply, and just earned the cost of labor.

People had to prepare winter clothing. Cotton was an essential material. The seller thought he processed something rare, so he did not even report a price. One person sat quietly on the ground, waiting for the customers to come.

When players sold equipment, they were usually cheaper than the system shops.

New blue equipment, the system shop would sell for 500 copper coins, while the players would sell from 300-400 copper coins.

It was almost winter. The cashmere vest could increase attributes, and also be used to keep warm. So the owner set a high price, the same as the system shops.

Items were expensive when they were rare.

The owner of the cashmere vest was surrounded after he shouted. Many high level players were interested.

Yun Ling walked around, in a good and relaxed mood. She did not go to fight for the cashmere vest with the others, but went to the small stall, asking, “How are you selling the firewood?”

The ones who picked firewood were mostly half-grown children. The eldest among them twelve or thirteen, and the youngest seven or eight.

If they sold the firewood, they could help support their families.

Also, if they could not sell this, as it was near winter, they could keep it for their own family use.

When the times were not good, even children had to work.

Seeing a customer come to ask, the eldest boy said seriously, “2 copper coins per bundle.”

Yun Ling looked down, and found the firewood were all tied securely with rattan. “This counts as a bundle?”

The boy nodded hard. “Yes.”

Yun Ling glanced at the firewood on the ground. “I want it all.”

The boy, “???”

Yun Ling paid 12 copper coins, and did not need the children to help her move them. She put the firewood into her cotton backpack, and then started to wander again.

“Brother! We earned 12 copper coins!” a child said excitedly.

“Should we give the money to our parents?” One girl looked at the copper coins with reluctance, like a little miser.

“We won’t!” Another boy argued. “Dad and Mom did not tell us to pick firewood, do not make trouble…we earned this money.”

The oldest boy thought. “Go, let’s buy malt sugar to eat! We can buy some sweet potatoes to take home with the remaining money.”

If his parents knew they came home with food, they would be excited.

Thinking of the sweet malt sugar, the children were greedy. Someone immediately said, “Tomorrow, I will pick firewood again! I want more malt sugar!”

“Okay, let’s go together.”

The children ran to the stall selling malt sugar as they spoke, and paid for the sugar.

“It is you all.” Hu Da Cheng recognized these children.

During times like these, those who were able to support the old and young were capable.

But there were many people in the family, and money was tight.

“Uncle, we want 8 pieces of malt candy,” the oldest boy said seriously.

1 copper coin could buy 2 pieces. So 8 pieces was 4 copper coins.

“You buy a lot, so I will give you one extra,” Hu Da Cheng said cheerfully.

“Thank you, Uncle.”

The children lined up to get their candy, and shoved the candy eagerly into their mouths.

“So delicious.”

The children could not help but show happy smiles.


The Tailor Shop.

Tailor A made cotton shirts, Tailor B made cotton pants, and Tailor C made cotton quilts. Yun Ling was free, and stayed in the workshop, making a wool hat.

[Name: Wool Hat (Winter Hat)]

Quality: Normal

Required Materials: 5 x flannel, 1 x silk thread

Equip Effect: +2 Stamina.

The workshop had all the tools.

Yun Ling threaded the needle, and soon finished the wool hat.

She tried to put the hat on her head. It was warm and protected her ears, as well as looked pretty good.

“Lu Chuan and You Qing Wen frequently gift me delicious food. When preparing for the winter, should I prepare their portions as well?”

Thinking, Yun Ling took the flannel and silk thread, getting busy again.


Day 78, the residents started to make winter clothing.

Grandmother Qian took a thick needle ground from animal bone, threaded in silk thread and started to make clothing.

The cotton shirt had two layers, both cotton, and inside was filled with cotton, duck down, or geese down. Now, the cotton shirts would be very warm.

Qiao Qiao did not know how to make this, so she took twenty wool threads and two wood sticks, and focused on knitting a scarf.

The two worked as they chatted, and occasionally observed the status of the meat hanging in the wood shed.

Some residents were moved, and could not help but ask “Grandmother Qian, what is the cotton shirt made out of? Could you teach me?”

When one person spoke up, many agreed. “Yes, teach us! It is almost winter, we cannot be without winter clothing.”

“Qiao Qiao’s knitted scarf is very good looking. If you go out in the winter with this, it will be very eye-catching?”

“I promise I will listen, and not make trouble more you!”

Grandmother Qian had a distressed expression.

In her view, making clothing was not a very hard craft, and she was happy to teach if people wanted to learn. But right now, she was the only one making winter clothing. She did not just have to make for herself and Qiao Qiao, but also Xiao Fan and others. She did not have enough time.

Grandmother Qian wanted to refuse when someone said first, “How about this, it is like you open a hobby class, and teach everyone to make clothing. If you have the time, say a few things, and if not, let us figure it out. In the end, it is up to us how much we learn, and you do not have to be responsible. Is this okay?”

…if she did not agree to such conditions, behind her back, people would talk about her.

“Okay.” Grandmother Qian agreed. “But I do not have extra tools here, or extra materials. You have to prepare these yourself.”

“Okay.” Everyone was overjoyed, and fought to sign up.

In the end, everyone paid 10 copper coins, and the “clothing” hobby class officially started.

“First, you have to make a pattern, and understand what the final clothing will look like.”

“With a sample, you can change size, and just follow along.”

“When sewing, pay attention, the stitches have to be tight. Otherwise, the duck or geese down will easily come out.”

People started to feel that 10 copper coins for a hobby class was really cheap! Later, they discovered that it depended on the person whether or not they could make clothing.

Some residents had clever hands and got started with a little help. Others were not skilled, and could not do it no matter how they practiced. Not just winter clothing, they could not make small articles like gloves and scarves.

A few days later.

Someone gave up and asked, “Grandmother Qian, I think I cannot make clothing. Could I pay you for the work and you help me make it?”

Before waiting for Grandmother Qian to answer, she said, “Don’t worry, we will prepare the materials, and you do not have to worry.”

“I have to make winter clothing for several people, and may not have the spare time,” Grandmother Qian said.

Hearing this, that person had a disappointed look.

Grandmother Qian then said, “But you do not have to worry.”

“I see that there are several students with good skills. In a while, just find them and have them make for you.”

“If you are willing to wait, I can accept the order after finishing what I have now.”

That person was happy. “Grandmother Qian’s skills are the best. I will wait.”

Hearing that this could be ordered, the ones who were in better states gave up on struggling. “I want to order!”

“So do I! Wool hats, scarves, winter clothing, cloth shoes, gloves, it is best to have one of each!”

“And also cotton quilts. The winter is coming. I am afraid of the cold. My old quilts cannot keep out the cold.”

They surrounded Grandmother Qian chatting, their gazes full of expectation. They looked like they were wishing to Santa Claus …

“One by one, speak slowly, and I will write it down,” Grandmother Qian said good-tempered.

The students lined up, and placed their orders.

Some who were not in good situations did not have the money to spend. So they did not dare to come close to Grandmother Qian. They bowed their heads, continuing to fight with the bone needle, silk threads, and cotton cloth.

So what if what they made was a bit ugly? As long as these could be used. At least, it saved money.


“Surround it! Quick! Do not let it run away!”

“Use crowd attacks, kill them.”

“Attack faster, kill as many as you can.”

Surrounded by the hunting team’s attacks, over a dozen sheep fell to the ground, and the items appeared all over.

Only three made their way out of the encirclement and ran away in a panic.

The hunting team members did not give chase, happily picking up their harvest. “Ha, so many mutton pieces, we are rich!”

“Look at this wool. Enough to make a scarf.”

“Here is a pair of wool knee pads, blue equipment, who wants it?”


Three people spoke up at the same time.

The leader looked around and gave the knee pads to the person who had made the most contribution.

The other two were envious but not hateful. The team was enjoyable and fair. There were more chances in the future. It would be their turn one day.

As the group was splitting up the spoils, the members were all grinning. At this time, someone shouted in shock, “Enemy attack! My HP is dropping!”

Looking around, there was nothing in the surroundings.

The leader was experienced and quickly reacted. “It’s a shadow monster! Quick! Fire attack!”

“Fireball spell.” The fire mage decisively attacked.

A combat player took out a torch from his backpack to burn the shadow.

“Why is it still alive?!” The HP of the player being attacked continued to drop. He paled.

“Do not worry about your mana, use all the fire spells.” The leader was decisive.


“Flame Blade.”

“Burning Heavens.”


The team members used their skills.

The shadow was incomplete in shape like it had been wounded. But it persisted in attacking like it wanted to kill the player.

Someone inhaled in shock. “Still not dead? Is this a boss?”

Hearing this, everyone present felt cold. No one knew if they would be the next one.

Unable to be killed, and he could not hide. Was he fated to die?! The player being attacked closed his eyes in despair.

In the last moments of his life, he suddenly realized that even if this was a harvest day in autumn, Apocalypse Calamity was a dangerous survival game, and a little carelessness would cause death.

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