傲风 An Unyielding Wind V02-S15-C02 “To the Competition”

Last time on An Unyielding Wind: Yun Qinghong shows up with Lil’ Nine in tow. Lil’ Nine is a good boy.

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Chapter 2 – To the Competition

In the morning, when the first ray of sunlight hit the ground, people started to open their eyes.

“I leveled up! I leveled up!”

In the small room, joyful laughter echoed.

Because it was the first time everyone was using valtz, the effects were enormous. Each person had gone up a sword or star level. Lei Yufeng had stepped into seven-sword level. This was a threshold hard to cross. Because of this, Aofeng had been unable to try for magus scholar rank.

Xi Yun went up a star. After reaching the rank of venerable swordsman and magus scholar, it was very hard to go up a level.

Used with the elemental spirits, Yue Bingyan had risen three sword levels, and become a seven-sword celestial magister as well. She looked at Aofeng, her eyes full of gratefulness. Many times, friendship was not spoken out loud. Before this, Yu Bingyan had never imagined that her, imprisoned in that cage and waiting to be sold, would end up so well. Those were elemental spirits and valtz, worth a thousand gold. This seemingly cold “man” shared it with the others without a blink.

Aofeng did not mention the question of the oath, but Yu Bingyan insisted on swearing an oath of loyalty after the banquet. At this time, she felt she had been very wise.

Qin Aotian had a bit of a small problem. He himself had used the power of the valtz to reach magus scholar rank. But during the process, his nine-star divine beast Ice Feather Divine Eagle sank into deep sleep like it was about to evolve into a super-divine beast. It would not be able to come out and fight in the near future.

Qin Aotian shook his head helplessly. “I did not think that Bing Yu would have a chance of becoming a super-divine beast beast. I miscalculated.”

The Ice Feather Divine Eagle was not a bloodline magic beast, and in usual circumstances, he would not become a super-divine beast, at most a nine-star divine beast. This was due to the bloodline. Bing Yu clearly had good luck, and the chance to evolve could not be stopped. But this timing was really not good.

“Even if you cannot have magus beasts, a magus scholar is far stronger than a celestial magister. Big Brother Aotian, you should be happy. That Yun Cheng said you could not reach magus scholar before thirty five. Frighten him to death today!” Lei Yufeng and Qin Aotian were of similar age. After last night, the two were even more friendly, and Lei Yufeng patted the other’s shoulder, happy on his behalf.

Aofeng’s thoughts moved. She thought of the Giant Agate Python she had thrown into the ring and asked, “Big Brother, can you bond with another magus beast now that you have leveled up? I have a nine-star sacred beast that you can bond with temporarily. I had originally wanted to give it to you, but after seeing Bing Yu, I was too embarrassed. Also, you were only able to bond with one magus beast with your mental power, so I delayed.”

Qin Aotian heard this and warmth spread through his eyes. He nodded and smiled, “My mental power is ordinary, and right now, I can only bond with two magus beasts. But since Little Feng is giving it to me, I will like it even if it is a normal magus beast.”

“You really have a brother complex, even your brother’s farts are fragrant.” Xi Yun laughed at him from the side. Everyone also laughed as well. Aofeng took out the Giant Agate Python for Qin Aotian to bond with.

This magus beast was just to make up the numbers, Aofeng thought. In the future, she would get a more spectacular magic beast for Big Brother.

The many magus beasts had leveled up a star level or two. Of them, Meng Yan had gone through the threshold of a seven-star divine beast. Ben Lei and Liao Ya both became divine beasts and took a great step forward. All of them were overjoyed.

Seeing that everyone was prepared, Aofeng waved her hand. “Depart!”

The six people walked out of the Blue Jade Fragrance with a refreshed air, and moved in the direction of the south gates.

Celestial magisters were too strong, so the great duels were never held inside of Karroll, but outside of the city. Otherwise, one accident would cause many buildings to be ruined, and repairing this would cost a lot of money. This kind of competition was not just for play. Everyone would bring out their full power. It was normal to see deaths during the big tournament. Weapons were blind. Since you were participating, you had to be prepared. No one could complain.

Due to this, Aofeng and the others were always on their guard. Anyone could see the hate Yun Cheng had towards her. Even though Yun Lu had spoken, there was nothing to criticize if Yun Cheng wanted to use the chance to kill her openly. In the world that admired strength and experts, those who retreated were looked down upon, and even more so in a situation like this.

Aofeng’s attitude towards Radiance Magus Church and Central Cloud City was indifferent. She had refused their invitations, and said that she would consider joining them after the event. The two sides had not made trouble for her.

There were lanterns hanging from the streets, and a celebratory air was brimming. The streets were filled with people, the young and talented traveling out of the city. Yesterday’s banquet had been only for the nobility, and the numbers were limited. Today was the most lively day in Karroll each year.

Not far out of the south gates, it was possible to see a large group of knights surrounding an enormous stadium. This was the venue, similar to the Qin Family’s venue. However, this was much larger. When you walked to the base and looked up, the shadow was almost over one’s head. The magnificent air of the imperial house was undisguised.

There were many teams and people from Karroll already gathered to watch in the surroundings. There were many rounds in the tournament, and the first was an open one that anyone who registered could attend.

The young talents who came from all over the empire’s cities formed teams. As they waited to enter, they chatted about the new things that had happened in the city. Most of them were talking about how His Excellency Zhui Yun had taken his mask off last night during the Midautumn Banquet, and was actually His Excellency Qin Aotian’s younger brother, Qin Aofeng. The stunning news had spread at an astounding rate starting last night, and the agreement to fight with the Dragon Knights had passed around the fastest among the teams who came to attend.

Some teams were still chatting when someone exclaimed in a whisper.

“It is His Excellency Qin Aofeng, they are here!”

Everyone looked up, and their gaze moved to the direction of the sunrise. They saw a youth in black magister robes walking at the front.

This group seemed to be all handsome, and would attract stunned gazes no matter where they went. Aofeng’s trademark clothing and Qin Aotian’s fame meant they were immediately recognized. Today, everyone had solemn expressions. Aofeng and Aotian’s cold presences came from inside of them, and Lei Yufeng and the others appeared very calm and charismatic.

The three handsome men of different styles caused whispers from the surrounding women.

“That is His Excellency Qin Aofeng? So handsome!”

“His Excellency Qin Aotian is handsome.”

“Oh oh, and that man who likes a man. He is also very handsome. If not for his sexuality, I would definitely want him.”

Lei Yufeng, who had been immersed under the admiring gazes, accidentally heard this, and almost stumbled. Aofeng and the others had heard as well, and could not contain their laughter, snorting. Lei Yufeng was even more depressed.

This is unjust! I do not like men, but the person I like is coincidentally a man.

“Oh, you came pretty early.” When Aofeng and the others came to the imperial arena, they heard a scornful voice coming from a distance. Yun Cheng and Qin Aoxue were leading their group over. To Aofeng’s surprise, Yun Cheng had not joined the Central Cloud team, but formed his own team.

These people were primarily young people of the Qin Family. Other than Qin Aoxue and Yun Cheng, most of them were spirit magisters. They were all people in Patriarch Qin Lu’s camp. There was also an unremarkable youth with a sword hanging from his waist. Aofeng did not know any of these people.

Aofeng was puzzled inside. He did not join the Central Cloud Team. Just him and Qin Aoxue alone. Did they have the confidence to win? Yun Cheng was not a stupid person, and Aofeng become wary at this change.

Yun Cheng smiled insincerely, “I greatly anticipate fighting you.”

As he spoke, he sent a hidden burst of power toward Aofeng. Inside, he sneered. Today, there is no Holy Emperor to help you!

Qin Aotian noticed his movement, and took a step forward, saying coldly, “We also anticipate fighting Your Excellency Yun Cheng.”

The two hidden bursts of power collided, and both swayed, and took a step back. Seeing this, Yun Cheng’s pupils shrank, his eyes disbelieving.

“Qin Aotian, you…you have become a magus scholar?”

The blurted words cause a ruckus in the surroundings!

“What what? Magus scholar?”

“His Excellency Aotian has become a magus scholar?”

“Heavens, a magus scholar not yet twenty-five years old, even better than Lan Xiu Daren.

Qin Aotian jerked the corners of his lips and nodded. “Thanks to the valtz the castellan of Central Cloud City released, I successfully leveled up. It seems that Your Excellency Yun Cheng’s predictions are not accurate, magus scholar is just a matter of a night. Also, even though you possess a so-called background, you do not seem to be much stronger than me.”

Aofeng secretly laughed inside. Big Brother rarely mocked others, but when he did, he was skilled. Yun Cheng must be feeling complicated emotions right now.

Yun Cheng almost fainted due to his anger. Last night, he said that it was not possible to reach magus scholar until he was thirty, now the other was a magus scholar. This was the heavens at odds with him…

“It is too early to say anything right now. Let’s wait to talk on the battlefield.” The strange man behind Yun Cheng suddenly spoke, the cold voice causing everyone to instinctively shudder. Yun Qinghong’s brows moved. He suddenly looked up as though he had thought of something incomprehensible.


Aofeng looked at this person, and was shocked inside. Just with the presence of the words and the pressure, he was able to affect experts like them. It was not possible. Who was this person? How come he had never been known before?

“I am Yu Chen.” This youth with an unremarkable appearance grinned coldly at Aofeng. “I have long wanted to meet Your Excellency Zhui Yun.”

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