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Last time on An Unyielding Wind: The gang verbally spars with Yun Cheng.

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Chapter 3 – Start

Yu Chen?

Everyone looked at each other, and they did not know who this person was. The magus scholar experts of the continent were not so few that they could be counted, but there were not many, especially when this person looked so young. He would not be unknown, but his age did not fit with his unfathomable presence.

The lazy Yun Qinghong’s gaze turned. He laughed lowly and said, ” Your Excellency Yu Chen is really someone unfathomable. However, I hope you are not a fraud. When the characters Yu and Cheng are put together, it means “to shake.” Your Excellency must want to intimidate all today.”

A cold light flashed across the eyes of the youth, and he instantly locked on to Yun Qinghong. He seemed to want to see something. But Yun Qinghong kept a faint and strange smile, so deep it was like space. No emotion could not be found.

“Humph, only His Excellency Zhui Yun is allowed to suddenly appear, and jump from good-for-nothing to a great genius, but not me, Yu Chen? What is the logic?” The man could not see anything from Yun Qinghong and sneered, glaring at Yun Qinghong. “Also, Your Excellency is also wearing a mask, hiding and not daring to show your face to others. You qualify to speak of me? Compared to me, Your Excellency is more of a fraud.”

With a few words, the two sides started to argue.

Facing such a strong verbal counter attack, Yun Qinghong did not seem angry at all. He sighed sadly and shook his head. “I only fear when I take off my mask, my handsomeness will scare you, and wound Your Excellency’s self respect. These are good intentions, but Your Excellency cannot understand. It is so hurtful.”

The surrounding people sweated. This person was so brave to mock the other for being ugly, and praise himself for being peerlessly handsome.

“Yu Chen” seemed to be angered by his words, his eyes shining with cold light like blades that would cut him up into pieces.

Aofeng was laughing at the shamelessness. He mocked and looked solemn and elegant as usual. This was more irritating than cursing at someone. Look at this Yu Chen, his face was twitching.

“Then how about I help Your Excellency take off your mask, and see if Your Excellency is as handsome as you say!” Yu Chen’s eyes were full of fire. He seemed like he would act right now.

But then Yun Qinghong’s lazy laugh caused him to freeze where he was. “So what if you take off my mask? Your Excellency will just embarrass yourself. Of course, if Your Excellency can put the two characters together and change your face, maybe you have the chance to fight me. Otherwise, let us meet on the field, and determine victory through strength.”

The soft and calm tone contained sharp blades that other people could not hear. Yu Chen’s eyes twitched. He stopped, unable to say a word.

Yun Qinghong winked at Aofeng and smiled. “Let’s go.”

Glancing coldly at Yu Chen and the others, Aofeng made a sound of acknowledgment and led the group towards the arena. Yu Chen was frozen where he stood.

On the way, Aofeng whispered to Yun Qinghong, “You know that Yun Chen’s background?”

Aofeng was smart and could see that in the situation just now, Yun Qinghong had grabbed onto the other’s weakness. He may have known who this person was, and threatened to expose him. The meaning of “changing face” was the other was in disguise. If Yun Qinghong really knew that person’s identity, of course he would feel anxious.

Yun Qinghong did not hide it from her. “Radiance Magus Church, the Chief Elder of Holy Radiance Hall, Li Zhen, have you heard of him?”

“It’s him?” Aofeng raised her eyebrows and recalled in surprise. Right, back in Neversetting Sun, his son Li Qing had died because of her. Now, he probably came to get revenge. When the characters Yu and Chen were put together, it was the character Zhen. Yun Qinghong had warned Li Zhen at the start. He must know the other.

“How strong is he?”

“Eight-star venerable swordsman.”

“So strong?”

“Of course, Li Zhen is in charge of all of Holy Radiance Hall. His strength as a swordsman is undoubted. Other than the legendary Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya, other people are not a match for him, including Venerable Swordsman Lei Ting. Of the three venerable swordsmen of the Kaya Empire, other than His Excellency Lei Ting being an eight-star venerable swordsman, the other two are just at seven star. This old monster was only in the mood to have a son when he was more than two hundred years old. But then, because of you, Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya killed him with a blow. Do you think he is mad?” Yun Qinghong said easily, very familiar with the strengths of these powerful people.

“More than two hundred years old……” Aofeng’s eyes were so wide they almost popped out of her face.

“What, you are so shocked?” Yun Qinghong smiled mysteriously. “The age limit for magus scholars and venerable swordsmen is five hundred years. If you get married at four hundred and have children, it will be fine. After entering divine rank, your life will be extended. That person in Central Cloud City is several thousand years old. Didn’t he have children as well? In reality, all of the people in Central Cloud City are the bloodline of that person, but after thousands of years, the branch bloodlines are very distant, and they do not count as close relatives. And some of the branches are pushed out. If any of them have a strong and talented person, they will be killed.”

When speaking of “that person” in Central Cloud City, a strange look flashed through Yun Qinghong’s eyes. But the look passed quickly, and no one sensed it.

“So that is why.” Aofeng nodded, and did not speak.

“You do not ask me why I know so much, why I do not expose him?” Yun Qinghong’s gaze was very gentle.

“You know but you still ask.” Aofeng rolled her eyes at him and said coolly, “I believe in myself, and also believe in you.”

So what if he was an eight-star venerable swordsman? If you come, I will keep you company. I do not believe that I cannot kill you with numbers!

The other clearly paused in his steps. Then, the lazy black eyes grew bright, and the smile even deeper.

I do know, but I like to hear you tell me in person. Each time I hear you say in that cool but firm tone “I believe you,” I feel very comfortable.

At the entrance, the guards saw Aofeng and the others at a distance and immediately came to greet them. They counted as a VIP team, and naturally did not need to line up and wait. Ushered by the guards, they drew their lot, took their little tokens, and then went into the venue. Aofeng and the others went in, and then their sight lit up. Ahead of them, there were a hundred large platforms.

“This is the arena.” The usher said to them with a smile. “Based on the lots you had drawn, six people to a team, you will be registered. The rules are very simple. Battle until you force the other teams’ members out and off the platform. Then they will lose their qualifications, and will not be allowed back in. Within a set time, the teams with the highest number of members remaining on each platform will attend the next round, and then compete again, one team out of ten passing. After a hundred teams are selected for, then it will be the final competition. At that time, the entire arena will be screaming for you.”

This selection was undoubtedly fair. Even if you accidentally encountered a strong team in the first round and did not have a good result, you might not be eliminated. Each platform had slots for ten teams. However, this did not preclude some domineering people from clearing everyone off the platform in the set time, and speeding up the elimination.

An arena with a hundred platforms was astoundingly large. Aofeng and the others looked over and saw the audience was blurry. The space was so vast it could not be described in words. With just a look, one would feel boundless.

Everyone had entered the thirty fourth platform according to their lot. There were many teams waiting there. Seeing Aofeng and the others walk over, some people immediately wailed.

“Your Excellency Qin Aofeng……”

“Heavens……we are so unlucky…”

Of course, because the entire country could attend the competition, there were strong people and some eager people staring at the Qin “brothers” with challenging gazes.

More people arrived. The stands were filled with people. The sun had risen to a blinding height. From a magic medium which seemed to broadcast, a strong voice sounded. This was the symbol of the Kaya Empire’s strength, Venerable Swordsman Lei Ting.

“Welcome to those who have come from afar to attend the Kaya Empire’s Great Tournament. Young warriors, let your spirits burn. However, I must remind everyone that you are allowed to use any tactic here, any weapons. If you are not careful, you may lose your life. But I believe that this will not stop our warriors. The brave are fearless, the brave are invincible!”

Out of respect for the expert, the surrounding people seemed to be infected and he shouted, “The brave are fearless, the brave are invincible!”

Venerable Swordsman Lei Ting heard the deafening roar from where he stood high up on the platform. He nodded in satisfaction. “Now, I announce the Great Tournament has officially started!”

As he finished, power rippled strongly in the arena. Blinding green color, inky green magus power and light blue shamanic power rose up and waves. The bright silver patterns of the rules flashed. The magus beasts dazzled everyone’s eyes, there were flying ones and ground one, all kinds of things.

The birds cried and the beasts roared!

Aofeng’s knowledge was broadened. Such a grand scene truly looked shocking.

She smiled and tapped the smooth head in her arms. “Lil’ Nine, have you slept enough? Not going to get up?”

“Ha-ha, it has started?” A blue little head popped out, large eyes looking around, still slightly confused.

“If you do not want to, I will put you away, and summon other magus beasts. Yesterday, did you not fuss about wanting to be the first to come out?” Aofeng looked with amusement at the little guy. He drooled while sleeping……

“Hey, no, no, no, I am here!” Lil’ Nine panicked, and shook his head quickly, jumping out. He immediately turned into a blue haired and blue eyed youth.

The roaring beasts in the arena suddenly stopped. A wild wind storm swept the field as Lil’ Nine’s presence was released, the entire place seemed to suddenly quiet.

Chapter 2 | Table of Contents | Glossary | Chapter 4


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