Apocalypse Lord Chapter 55 “Sea”

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Chapter 55 – Sea

“The durability of the storage backpack from before is about gone?” Yun Ling took out the brown leather backpack she had made. “This is rare equipment, 8 slots.”

Each time, she gifted what was most urgently needed and in short supply, so people could not refuse it. How did she do this?

Lu Chuan accepted the brown leather backpack and sat down opposite her. “How come you thought of eating hot pot?”

“It is the winter, hot pot is the best!” Yun Ling was righteous.

Lu Chuan picked up some of the noodles. “You have been very busy recently?”

Yun Ling said, “As long as life does not end, hoarding will not stop.”

This was the basic professional duty of a hoarding fanatic.

“You have been busy outside each day, do you know that the residents are almost unable to make winter clothing?” Lu Chuan mentioned casually.

Yun Ling stopped. “Why?”

“They had not expected to need so much clothing, and did not prepare enough materials,” Lu Chuan said. “Some are worried that if there are no materials to make winter clothing, what about the residents who do not have adequate winter gear.”

A thoughtful look appeared in Yun Ling’s eyes. “Thank you for reminding me.”

As a lord who liked to hoard, from the start of Apocalypse Calamity, she had madly hoarded game materials. It had been more than one hundred days since the start of the game. She had worked day and night, not daring to slack off.

So while the residents had no more materials, there was still a lot of stock in the warehouse.

She just needed to bring out the extra materials, and the problem would be solved.

“There are so many matters in the territory, and it is normal that you cannot attend to all of them.” Lu Chuan took out a piece of paper from his pocket.

“What is this?” Yun Ling was curious.

“Map.” Lu Chuan picked up some bean curd and ate as he talked, “Recently, as winter came, it is rare for the monsters to attack the territory. I had free time and went around the surrounding area.”

“With Rising Cloud Town as the center, all the important resources within three hours on foot are labeled on the map. See if this can help.”

Yun Ling:”……”

If she did not know that this person was a player, she wanted to name him “Assistant A”! How could he be so considerate, and so capable?

“Rising Cloud Town has the potential to dominate the game. If you are willing, I can help you become the top person in the game.” Lu Chuan softly said such exciting and moving words.

Yun Ling was unaffected. “I am a life skills player, I have no great ambitions. I want to hoard food, produce, recruit, and build.”

She was busy everyday with foraging that she did not even explore the areas a bit far from the territory.

“Then never mind.” Lu Chuan drank the fish soup, in a good mood. Then he sighed for the nteenth time, it had been correct to come to Rising Cloud Town.


“The materials are all used up,” Grandmother Qian announced the bad news.

Qiao Qiao had a headache. “Nothing left at all? I wanted to make knee pads for you.”

“Nothing at all, all gone,” Grandmother Qian explained. “A few days ago, Xiao Fan came and said that the cotton shoes were wearing out, and I used the last bit of materials to make a new pair for him.”

Qiao Qiao’s expression fell. She was very annoyed. “We stocked up so much in the autumn, why did they not last?”

But she knew that at the start, they had prepared on the assumption that one person would have three pieces. But then, they started to knit scarves, make gloves and cotton quilts. Of course the materials were used up quickly.

In reality, they had lasted until now because they had enough stock. Ordinary families had finished their materials a few days ago.

“What do we do about the winter gear that Xiao Fan and the others are still missing?”

Qiao Qiao was worried when she saw a student run in to announce good news. “The tailor shop is selling materials to make clothing! Everyone, come quick and buy!”

Qiao Qiao and Grandmother Qian exchanged a look, and both started to run.

On the shelves of the tailor shop.

[Name: Linen Cloth]

Quality: Normal

Use Effect: Sewing material.

Price: 5 copper coins.

Note: Stock is limited. Each person is limited to buying 5 pieces per day.

[Name: Cotton cloth]

Quality: Normal

Use Effect: Sewing material.

Price: 10 copper coins.

Note: Stock is limited. Each person is limited to buying 5 pieces per day.

[Name: Silk Thread]

Quality: Normal

Use Effect: Sewing material.

Price: 2 copper coins.

Note: Stock is limited. Each person is limited to 5 balls per day.

[Name: Rabbit Skin]

Quality: Normal

Use Effect: Sewing material.

Price: 10 copper coins.

Note: Stock is limited. Each person is limited to 2 per day.

[Name: Wool Thread]

Quality: Normal

Use Effect: Sewing material.

Price: 10 copper coins. Note: Stock is limited. Each per is limited to 5 per day.

At the price, the players were dumbfounded.

One person shouted, “In the mission hall, linen cloth is 1 copper coin per piece, cotton cloth 3 copper coins per piece, and silk thread 1 copper coin per 3 balls. The trash system is making a profit on the difference!!”

“Never mind,” his friend urged. “It is cold outside, and it is very good to even be able to buy materials. Just take the loss.”

Another person said, “You sell to the system at the clearance price. The system sells to you at the normal price. Can they be the same? Not just Apocalypse Calamity, in any other game, is it not like this?”

The player who was unhappy, “……”

This seemed to be right.

During their days, the players surged up to fight.

That person did not think more, and joined the frenzy to buy.


In the stone house, Yun Ling was studying the map.

Wheat field, rice field, cotton field, and sisal field. These were all labeled and could be very convenient for foraging.

The most surprising thing was, from Rising Cloud Town, walking about two hours through a forest, there was a sea at the end.

“If people go fishing, will Rising Cloud Town never lack for food?” Yun Ling was excited, and immediately had many thoughts.

Before she could think, the system notified [Player “You Qing Wen” requests to enter. Will you allow it?”]

How come she was here?

Yun Ling put away the map, and let the other in.

You Qing Wen came as usual with gifts to increase the good feelings of the lord. “This is snowflake cake, made from milk, chestnut powder, and white sugar, have a taste.”

Yun Ling:”……”

The other was really treating her like an NPC.

She took a bite and her expression was surprised. “Delicious.”

“I just knew you would like this.” You Qing Wen said as she touched her linen backpack. “I have another surprise for you. Look, what this is!”

Yun Ling looked. That was a non-woven bag filled with some black powder. It looked a lot like…

“Hand warmers?” she said uncertainly.

“Correct! Simple hand warmers!” You Qing Wen said in a light tone. “Didn’t I pick up a researcher? Ever since working together to make salt, everyone made a lot of money. Other than splitting money, we were not in much contact.”

“A while ago, he said he wanted someone to help him with an experiment, so I did not think much and went myself. But then he just worked for a while and created hand warmers. This is a divine weapon for the winter!”

“See, once they were made, I came to tell you.”

Yun Ling was speechless for a while.

Rising Cloud Town was really a good place.

The good was that there were deus ex machina everywhere that would improve the players’ game experience.

“Are the hand warmers hard to make? How much is the daily output? How much are you planning for the price?” Yun Ling asked several questions in a row.

“I heard that inside is high purity iron powder and catalyst. “You Qing Wen did not actually understand. She just told what the researcher said. “Materials have to be prepared, and the tailor needs to sew iron powder and the catalyst together, and it is mainly the sewing that requires effort.”

“One day…maybe thirty pieces. The price has not been determined yet.”

“There are not a lot of hand warmers, and it is not suitable for mass scale selling.” Yun Ling suggested, “How about I buy them all, and pay 20 copper coins each?”

You Qing Wen was overjoyed, but said, “How can I let you do that?”

“I have a team, and we will go out in the winter. Because it is too cold, and their stamina is on average low, halfway, people will always get negative statuses,” Yun Ling said seriously. “If I give them hand warmers, they may be able to work freely.”

“Okay, then it is a deal,” You Qing Wen said readily.

Yun Ling thought and took out the brown leather backpack, saying solemnly, “You have gained high goodwill, and the lord has decided to give you a special reward.”

You Qing Wen was overjoyed.

The tailor shop only sold linen and cotton backpacks. Brown leather backpacks had never appeared.

Such a storage backpack with many slots and high durability was a definite treasure!

“Thank you, Lord.” You Qing Wen took the backpack and could not put it down.

Yun Ling inspected the hand warmers, and then gave a faint smile. “It should be me thanking you.”


The workshop.

Zhang Heng was focused on his work. When he finished, he looked up and was given a fright. “Boss? When did you come?”

Yun Ling said casually, “I just remembered you, and came to look.”

At the start, she had hired Zhang Heng in the hopes that he could make salt, sugar, and ice.

Now, there was the ice house, and for salt, there was the researcher that You Qing Wen knew. Zhang Heng…he became dispensable.

While he could create a hundred bags of salt, compared to the other worker, this was not enough.

Zhang Heng felt weird under the gaze, and had a bad feeling.

“After being in the workshop so long, other than making salt and sugar, do you have any other results?” Yun Ling asked.

“……making paper?” Zhang Heng tentatively answered.

She almost forgot. He made the paper for packaging the salt.

Her worker had a speciality.

Yun Ling felt a bit better and asked, “Is there anything else?”

“Purify water and make fresh water?” Zhang Heng said firmly. “Not that I am not able, but the equipment is limited, and I cannot use my talents fully.”

“Then try to shine more in the areas you can.” Yun Ling ordered. “Make more paper.”

Then she turned and left.

Zhang Heng, “???”

This was done?

She really just came to casually ask?


[Name: Hand Warmer (Winter Item)]

Quality: Normal

Use Effect: Heating.

Yun Ling tried one.

The system notified, [You have received the buff status: protected from the effects of the cold for 1 hour.]

“It will be more convenient to go out now.” Yun Ling was satisfied.

In the morning, she had Guard A take Pang Yu and go out to forage like normal. She led twenty people towards the sea.

Along the way, Yun Ling used the map and compared to the surrounding scenery to confirm her direction. In the end, she had to admit, “The map is so good…”


Xue Cheng Ming was a beta player.

In the early stages of the game, he realized that the real world had turned to the game world. So he decisively searched for high level skill cards.

In the end, his luck was not bad. He had learned S-rank, A-rank, and A-rank skills, and gathered a group of loyal subordinates, finding a suitable territory to live in.

Compared to the total population of the country, the beta players were too small a number. From the start of the game until now, he had never encountered a second beta player.

Xue Cheng Ming thought that he would become an important person because of his foreknowledge. But when winter started, he and his subordinates were almost frozen into ice statues…

The purple and orange equipment they wore were not resistant against the cold at all. Xue Cheng Ming wanted to cry.

To his embarrassment, the monsters hibernated in the winter. They could not find their tracks. Killing monsters and getting winter equipment was not possible.

In the territory, the few tailors who had “Elementary Sewing” were busy, and made winter clothing day and night.

He ordered, at a high price, but the cotton shoes that were made were crooked, the size wrong, and did not fit his feet. The durability was 8/8, and almost the same as wasting materials.

Even like this, the other players still snatched it up. Ordinary people were even unable to line up!

If he had not gone to fight monsters, and got some blue and white winter equipment, and if the members had not worried that their usual equipment would be worn down and they would have no equipment left, so they kept some low level equipment rather than selling them, the team would have died already.

Xue Cheng Ming was anxious about the present state of the team, but helpless. Suddenly, a light flashed, and he had an idea.

“Hunt the players of Rising Cloud Town as targets?” The members were stunned when they heard their boss say this.

They were experts of the game, and could make a living by hunting monsters. They had never done anything wrong. Attacking players without cause, this…

The members could not get past their mental hurdle, and no one spoke first.

“The winner is the king, the loser the bandit. Only the one who survives is the winner.” Xue Cheng Ming was in a heavy mood. “I do not want to do this, but there is no other way. If we do not get enough winter clothing, everyone may die.”

“Once you are ill, you must not get cold for three consecutive days, and work less than an hour per day in order to recover. People get the cold because they do not have winter clothing. How do you not get cold for three days in that case?”

“If we do not think of solutions, we will die.”

“Rising Cloud Town is the largest territory in the game. I heard that they do not lack for winter clothing, and they are very close to our territory. If we target it, attacking the residents is the best choice for the team.”

The members had various expressions, and their thoughts were moving.

Xue Cheng Ming pointed out, “Mo Qi, Leng Bai, you two go to Rising Cloud Town to see the situation.”

Mo Qi wanted to say something, but Leng Bai pulled her and nodded. “I see.”

The discussion ended.

Mo Qi was a girl, and at this time, she had a cold expression as she said in a bad tone, “What are you thinking? Are we really going to kill people to get equipment? This is not a game. The other does not come back to life after being killed!”

“No matter what, you having a conflict with him is of no benefit,” Leng Bai said coolly. “We will go to Rising Cloud Town first, and speak of the rest later.”

Speak of what! Was everyone like Xue Cheng Ming, and had no bottom line? She was willing to die rather than kill people casually!

Mo Qi was full of anger and wanted to kick everyone she saw.

Mo Qi and Leng Bai were both archers, and had most of their points on agility, so they were very fast when they ran. After a while, Rising Cloud Town was ahead of them.

Mo Qi was wary, and thought, if Leng Bai was going to attack innocent players, she would attack back.

Luckily, Leng Bai did not have such thoughts. “Go, let’s go in.”

Rising Cloud Town had friendly residents, a harmonious territory and atmosphere.

Mo Qi, “……”

The more she looked, the more she felt she was a bad person.

Leng Bai walked around and concluded. “Winter gear and cold expelling food can be bought with money. No need to kill people.”

Mo Qi nodded. “Yes! Exactly! It is like this!”

Leng Bai said, “I do not know what the others are thinking. Maybe some agree with Boss’s suggestion, and will want to kill the objectors.”

Mo Q thought, we can trust the character of the team members, who would be scum? Before she could speak, she thought of the leader’s words, and could not say a word.

You knew a person’s face but not their heart.

Leng Bai continued, “How about we secretly leave the team? Then we work together and live in Rising Cloud Town?”

Mo Qi thought hard for a while, and then said cautiously, “We can only do this.”

Leng Bai said, “Go buy winter gear first?”

“Okay.” Mo Qi said and walked first.

Leng Bai fell behind, a faint smile appearing. “Stupid, being kidnapped, and counting money for them.”

All the people sent to Rising Cloud Town to investigate did not come back.

Xue Cheng Ming did not believe it, and sent two more assassins to investigate and search for the missing team members. In the end, they did not send any messages.

He sent three more warriors, and told them before leaving to only investigate, and not fight. But they left, and disappeared.

The enormous Rising Cloud Town was like a bog. It would silently swallow all the hostile players.

“Boss, what to do?” Everyone looked at Xue Cheng Ming and waited for his decision.

If they retreated now, wouldn’t the players they had sent before have gotten sacrificed for nothing.

Thinking of this, Xue Cheng Ming said firmly, “The plan does not change. We cannot continue on this path, so let’s think of another way.”

As he finished speaking, sighs sounded.

One person stood up, and said in a muffled voice, “Sorry, our thinking does not agree, I am leaving the team.”

After he said this, there were more people who stood up.

“What is going on with you? Have you forgotten how Boss usually treated you? The reason he wants to hunt the residents of Rising Cloud Town is for the entire team!”

There were people who agreed with Xue Cheng Ming’s thoughts and spoke for him. Pity that there were only a few of these people.

Soon, most of the team left, and only a few were willing to follow Xue Cheng Ming.

After the change, Xue Cheng Ming’s expression was uncertain. After a long time, he said slowly, “Go, let’s go to Rising Cloud Town and see. What kind of bog is it that it can swallow everyone!”

Xue Cheng Ming charged to Rising Cloud Town with a murderous air.

But the town was peaceful, and had no signs of fighting at all. The members who had followed Xue Cheng Ming were startled, and their eyes confused.

“Boss, such a coincidence. I did not expect to meet you here.” A familiar voice sounded behind him.

Xue Cheng Ming turned around, and saw Leng Bai, Mo Qi and other members of the investigation team and the players who left the team standing together. He was shocked and angry. “You?!”

“I privately asked, and everyone does not agree to your actions, so we started another team to live in Rising Cloud Town,” Leng Bai said slowly. “Right now, I am the leader, Mo Qi is the deputy. Please take care of us in the future.”

Xue Cheng Ming smiled in anger. “You think you can stop me if you do this? I will hunt the residents of Rising Cloud Town! Just wait, you will also not be able to escape.”

His gaze was poisonous like an evil ghost.

The residents who were watching, “???”

Coming to Rising Cloud Town and saying that you would hunt the residents, Brother, I find you very brave!

You are not stupid?

“What are you looking at!” Xue Cheng Ming was so angry he had lost his mind. “If you keep on looking, I will kill you all!”

He was just speaking a threat, but in the next second, he received a system notification, [You have been put in the Rising Cloud Town blacklist.]

[You are forever forbidden from entering this territory.]

Not just Xue Cheng Ming, but his followers were also kicked out of Rising Cloud Town.

In the blink of an eye, Xue Cheng Ming and his fellows were outside the territory defensive shield.

“What is going on?”

“What is the situation?”

“Why have we been blacklisted by the territory?”

Everyone was confused, and did not understand.

In the next moment, Archers A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H appeared and shot arrows, hitting them half to death.

“This is only a warning.” Archer A had a cold voice. “If this happens again, you will not be spared!”

Xue Cheng Ming, “???”

When did the system guards get so smart? They knew to protect the safety of the residents and kill the danger in the cradle?

“Boss, let’s go.” Seeing the residents of Rising Cloud Town have hostile gazes, his subordinate shrank back. “We are outnumbered, and even a hero cannot win against a crowd.”

If they did not go, he feared he would get a cold and be unable to leave.

Xue Cheng Ming saw that he had caused public anger. The surrounding people looked at him with fiery gazes, as though they wanted to come and beat him up. He froze, and agreed to a strategic retreat.

“You dare to run wild in Rising Cloud Town, I think you do not want to live.”

“So what if you have orange equipment? Like no one else does?”

“In the future, do not let me see you. I will beat you up each time!”

The residents of Rising Cloud Town had no fear of experts, wanting to band together. Bully the few with their numbers and teach the other a lesson.

Leng Bai sighed at this. “Rising Cloud Town is such a wondrous place.”

Based on his observations, high level combat players were not as welcome as high level life skills players. Who would believe it if he said it?

At the same time, Mo Qi gave a happy smile. Everyone had moved together to Rising Cloud Town to live together, and gotten rid of Xue Cheng Ming. This was very good.


Traveling based on the map, Yun Ling soon reached the sea at the end of the forest.

There was a briny scent in the air. There were waves slamming on the beach, fish, shrimp, and crabs being washed up on shore.

Seeing this, Yun Ling ordered, “Spread apart, and collect the fish, shrimp and crabs that have washed up into the baskets.”

The NPCs accepted their orders.

As they were busy, Yun Ling walked along the shore, and observed the sea.

There was seawater. This meant it could be used to create salt, and also fresh water could be separated.

There was fish, shrimp and crabs. This meant there was rich sea produce. Even in the winter, they could hunt.

It was just a bit remote, far from the territory, and would take some time to come and go back.

Wharf: Can build boats and go out to fish. Requires 100 copper coins to build.

Yun Ling looked at the buildings waiting to be unlocked and was moved.

“I wonder if there are people in the territory who know how to make fishing boats.” She thought inside. “If they know how to make boats, fishing nets, I can save on the building.”

It was not easy to manage. She had to be thrifty, and save building slots if possible.

Yun Ling planned to put up an employment post when she returned.

She glanced at the fish swimming in the sea, took out her fishing rod, and tried to fish in the sea.

Just as she threw out the hook, fish immediately came to bite. It was so quick it was incredible.

“If I had a fishing net and spread it, how many fish would I catch?” Yun Ling could not help but sigh.

But it was not important if there were no fishing nets.

The NPCs ran around, picking up, and filled a basket. Adding on Yun Ling throwing the hook and fishing, by the afternoon, two grass baskets were full.

“Spicy shrimp, fragrant spicy shrimp, grilled shrimp, braised shrimp, boiled shrimp, salt and pepper shrimp, fried shrimp, steamed crabs, fried crabs, crabs with scallions…”

Yun Ling said a string of dishes, and made herself hungry.

She looked at the sky, and put away her fishing rod. “Go, let’s go back.”

The NPCs held the grass basket and silently followed.

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