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Last time on An Unyielding Wind: The Central Cloud team has a powerful formation. Yun Qinghong has a powerful weapon.

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Chapter Two – Demon Emperor Yun Qinghong

“Desist! Desist!” Yun Lu’s shocked shout rang through the clouds. “Yun Lei, quick, forfeit! You are not a match for him!”

He did not care about any embarrassment!

Yun Qinghong’s divine magic medium was not something that Yun Lei and the others could endure. He was not just a magus scholar, his power was extremely strange.

Even in the Central Cloud battle formation, the power that Yun Qinghong gave off could be clearly sensed. This was not any sort of pressure, but a pure feeling.

Endless darkness seemed to suddenly descend on the world the moment the enormous scythe above his head appeared!

The demonic eyes were more deep than usual, and even had a hint of excitement at the slaughter that was about to come. Cold and bloodthirsty, but this strange and eerie air successfully attracted everyone’s gaze.

Aofeng’s black eyes swept across the half exposed lines of the pale face. Her heart jumped. She now discovered that this man was very evil!

Yun Lu had shouted for the five to forfeit, but Yun Qinghong was even faster. The scornful curve of his mouth increased. The man lightly leapt, flying like a swan into the air.

The five people of the Central Cloud battle team had been holding on before this. Now, they found that the man’s strength was so great it was terrifying. His body seemed to spit with threads of pure dark purple powers of darkness like they would devour everything.

The feeling of death reached them. The captain in the north could not help but shout, “No! We admit……”

“You do not qualify.” A cold voice interrupted the words. The man’s lips raised coldly. He narrowed his eyes deviously and said, “Because, I do not agree!”

The enormous Scythe of Death drew a violent and harsh curve in the air. While it was daytime, it looked like darkness. The air on the platform was very dark. A rainstorm swept the ground. A strange black whirlpool formed with the man as the center, like a demon opening its great maw and wanting to consume all life in the surroundings!

It was so fast!

The five people of the Central Cloud battle team’s voices were drowned out in the flood of the wind storm. The shamanic power barrier that they wanted to try to use to defend themselves with was like a thin piece of paper, and could not stop that sharp scythe.

Yun Qinghong’s Scythe of Death drew a black circle that easily broke their defenses, slicing across their bodies. Everywhere the scythe passed, all was destroyed!

Everything returned to silence. The terrifying gusts of wind stopped. The enormous shadow of the black scythe disappeared. The platform was silent. The captain of the Central Cloud battle team had a stunned look in his eyes which were protruding out. He was looking forward, and the scene seemed to be frozen.

Yun Qinghong held the pitch black scythe longer than he was tall in one hard. He stood elegantly in the air. A lazy and devious smile once again came onto his face. He said in a low voice.

“Waltz of the Death God!”

At the last word, the five of the Central Cloud battle team who had looked fine suddenly tilled, their bodies tearing apart. The top half of their bodies slid diagonally down from the waist. Fresh blood burst out, spraying several meters away. Their upper halves hit the ground with a bang while their lower halves were still standing, becoming human pillars.

After a short silence, the screams of the women were deafening. Countless people were stunned by this grand and bloody scene!

“So scary.” Aofeng and the others looked in shock at this scene. No one had expected that the lazy Yun Qinghong was the most terrifyingly strong of the six of them. Aofeng thought that if she did not use magus beasts, with her own strength and the Cicada Wing sword, she could not do this.

Crisp and agile, showing off his ability.

Killing five seven-sword celestial magisters instantly!

At this time, Aofeng finally experienced the meaning of Chi’s words. “This world is very large. Do not just look here. Your future will not be limited to this Luska Radiance Continent.”

There were the stronger among the strong, people who were better, and worlds that were large. When Aofeng came into contact with this level, she once again felt like she was being looked down on.

“Heavens, what…what is he doing!”

“He wants to die. Does he want to die and is too embarrassed to say so!”

“Mad, he is mad!”

As the women screamed and vomited, the men felt their hairs stand on end due to waves of fear. No one had expected that Yun Qinghong would be so daring to kill five captains of Central Cloud City.

This was the Great Tournament of the Kaya Empire! And the empress of the Kaya Empire was the holy maiden of Central Cloud City. Even the Chief Defender of Central Cloud City, Yun Lu, was present. But he still dared to ruthlessly kill under the public eye!

For centuries, no one had dared to challenge Central Cloud City. Now, today, it received a heavy blow! Yun Qinghong’s actions to them were a naked challenge!

Yun Lu was dumbstruck. He had not expected such a situation to occur. When the other halves of the five people in the team fell to the ground with a bang, he erupted in anger, his face twisted.

“Bastard!” The shout rang out. Yun Lu flew like lightning, the air around him rippling. He was like an enraged lion, wanting to tear the man on the platform to pieces!

But another figure turned into a ray of blue light and flew. It left later but arrived first, reaching the platform before Yun Lu. It was Lan Xiu. He waved a hand, managing to stop Yun Lu. He said in a cool voice, “Yun Lu, this is the Great Tournament of the Kaya Empire. Based on the rules, you cannot interfere. Do you want Central Cloud City to be laughed at by the millions of people on the continent for bullying those younger than you right after you have lost in the competition?”

At these words, Yun Lu’s body froze. Lan Xiu spoke to his weak point. The world of Luska admired strength, and cared greatly about the rules and promises. You had to admit your losses. If you lost and did not admit it, coming later with reinforcements to make trouble, people would look down on you. Even if you did do this, you had to wait until there was no one around.

“He is the first to break the rules, he killed the people who forfeited!” Yun Lu pointed at Yun Qinghong who had gently landed on the ground elegantly. “Our battle team already forfeited, but you still killed them. This is outrageous!”

“How could this count as them forfeiting? When did they say the words forfeit fully? They only said ‘admit’……how do I know what they want to admit to? Oh, what did they want to admit to……” Yun Qinghong still had that lazy and devious smile that radiated innocence. He rubbed his chin like he was seriously considering this question.

“You……” Yun Lu almost vomited blood. This guy had killed people, and was vigorously twisting the truth, speculating about “what they wanted to admit.” This was nonsense!

The surrounding people almost fainted at the youth’s shamelessness.

Lan Xiu shook his head, glancing at Yun Qinghong with his light blue eyes. He stopped Yun Lu who almost lost his rationality because of the “logic” and had an expression of appreciation. “I had not expected this generation’s demon emperor to be such a young person. The Black Magus Church has not declined completely.”

Then he turned to Yun Lu, whose eyes had gone wide, and said, “The Demon Emperor has appeared, and come to attend the Great Tournament, he must want to compete against the Radiance Magus Church and Central Cloud City. It is normal for enemies to take the chance to kill each other at a competition like this. If the Central Cloud City team had not been careless, how could he have succeeded?”

“Black Magus Church? Demon Emperor?”

This explosive news caused the entire venue to shift. On the stands, the three Venerable Swordsmen, and the Radiance Chief Elder Arbitrator Shang Qian jumped up.

“Lan Xiu Daren, you……how do you know?” Yun Lu stared at Yun Qinghong and asked in disbelief.

Lan Xiu glanced at Yun Qinghong and the black scythe, saying, “You have not discovered it yet? If his body does not have the great darkness elemental, how could he so easily form the darkness killing energy into a sharp blade? Also, this Scythe of Death is a top darkness living divine magic medium. Other than the moldable token passed on by the generations of demon emperors, how could there be a second darkness living divine magic medium on the continent?”

“Darkness living divine magic medium?” It was the first time many people heard of something like this, and they turned around, talking with others.

At this time, a strange hoarse voice halved. “Ha-ha, I had not expected that someone on the continent would recognize me, Wicks. Such a prize. Our Demon Emperor Qinghong will restore the Black Magus Church with this great one’s help. Just wait!”

The arrogant laugh caused goosebumps. The surrounding people had frightened expressions, and collectively took several steps back. They pointed at the black scythe that had jumped up by itself and said, “It……it is speaking……”

A living magic medium was a magic medium that had a soul. They had their own thoughts and strength. Even if their master was not using them, they could have extraordinary power. They were a rank higher than a first class divine magic medium. Even celestial fire crafters could not forge something like this. The soul would only appear after all sorts of special conditions to nurture it were met.

When this living divine magic medium appeared, Yun Qinghong’s identity was undoubted!

The Black Magus Church, after hiding from the world for many years, finally appeared in public! Also, this was the highest ranking member of the Black Magus Church. This was the Demon Emperor, equal to the Archbishop. How could people not be shocked?

Everyone knew that from centuries ago, the Radiance Magus Church and the Black Magus Church were arch enemies. More than a decade ago, the last demon emperor had been killed by the castellan of Central Cloud City in a rage. This caused Radiance Magus Church to get the upper hand in the faith of the continent. It could be said that the fall of the Black Magus Church was completely created by the Radiance Magus Church and the Central Cloud City working together. Their new Demon emperor coming out to the world now was of course to get revenge. Now, it made sense that Yun Qinghong would use this chance to kill these five people.

Yun Lu had a black face. The major factions were calculating how much power the Black Magus Church had upon their reappearance. Would they greatly change the state of the continent? The people present all had different thoughts.

Aofeng had wide eyes and thought of something else.

Yun Qinghong was the Demon Emperor. That purple haired and purple eyed super-divine beast was of Black Magus Church. Then his master should be the Demon Emperor. Then was the person who gave her a trillion obsidian Yun Qinghong?

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