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Chapter 59 – Siege 3

Day 132.

In the morning, Kang Yue slowly woke up. The first thing to do was to check if there were still monsters around the territory.

“Warriors, hold on!!”

From afar, the players and the monsters were locked in combat. The players on the night shift had tired expressions. They likely had not rested the entire night.

Seeing this, Kang Yue felt cold. She had thought the monster attack was just a sudden situation, and after a day or two, it would be fine. But the monsters came endlessly.

How could she go out to forage?

How could she go out to hunt?

Kang Yue held her forehead and was full of distress.

“It seems that I can only choose an area, and join the territory defense.” She took a deep breath, her expression serious. “I hope the large teams will not be very territorial, and leave a little bit for the single players.”

She had seen many arrogant team members and she was anxious.

But the monsters had surrounded the territory, and she could not leave. She could not just wait to die, and had to try.

After looking around, Kang Yue chose the south.

To avoid causing any enmity, she was careful, coming closer step by step.

“Hey, where did you come from? Do you have a team?” An archer saw her and asked.

“I do not have a team, and usually hunt on my own. Right now….I cannot go out, and my income is gone,” Kang Yue said honestly.

“You do want to join us?” the archer asked. “If you join the team, the drops will be split based on your contributions, and we will try to be fair.”

What kind of divine team was this? They were proactively taking her in, and said that they would split drops based on contributions, and try to be fair!

Kang Yue was stunned.

She thought and said, “If I am unaccustomed, can I leave?”

What if they used the excuse of fairness and tried to have her work for free? She had to be on her guard.

“Yes,” the archer said briskly, “You can go to all four directions, it is the same everywhere.”

“Rising Cloud Town has a top expert. Supposedly, if anyone dares to steal drops and attack players, they will be driven out of the territory.”

“A player did not believe it, and tried, and then died as a result. Many people saw it with their own eyes, and now, they are following the rules when fighting monsters. People do not dare to break the rules, do not worry!”

Kang Yue stilled. A long time later, she sighed. “Rising Cloud Town is a good place.”

Even in the apocalypse, there were laws. This was so good to ordinary players!


Getting up in the morning, Yun Ling first found the guards to learn the situation in secret. She kicked all the players who did not follow the rules, and tried to benefit because of their strength and their little smarts. Then she idly ate breakfast.

“Sorghum rice! Sorghum rice!”

“Sweet potato cake! Fragrant and crisp sweet potato cake!”

“Meat bun, delicious meat bun!”

Walking along the street, there were many calls. The smell of food spread, and caused her stomach to rumble.

Yun Ling stopped in front of the sorghum rice. “How are you selling?”

The stall owner saw someone asking, and immediately introduced, “This is the orthodox sorghum rice! There is sorghum, wild vegetables, sauce, and meat. Smell it, isn’t it so delicious? Such a big bowl for 10 copper coins!”

Yun Ling had come because she smelled the food. Hearing this, she inspected the attributes of the food.

[Name: Sorghum Rice]

Quality: Normal

Use Effect: Base recovery speed +1 HP per minute (lasts 1 hour)

Compared to the food from the restaurant, this was inexpensive and delicious.

“I want a bow.” Yun Ling decisively took out the money.

“Good.” The stall owner happily took the money, and then handed over the rice. “You can eat here. After you eat, return the wood bowl and spoon to me.”

“Okay.” Yun Ling found a place to sit and eat slowly.

She looked at the territory window, and saw the attributes show —

[Name: Defensive Shield]

HP: 13636/20000

Use Effect: Block incoming enemies

Base Recovery Speed: 2 HP/minute.

It was like an old person, trying to recover health but always on the edge of life and death.

If she upgraded the defensive shield to level 3, would the situation be better? Yun Ling thought. At least, the base recovery speed would increase.

But it would take a hundred thousand copper coins to upgrade a level 2 building to level 3!

After the upgrade, she would not have any spare money left. If the attacks were strong, and the defensive shield was on the verge of falling……

Yun Ling kept on pondering, and decided to wait.


After the meal, Yun Ling walked towards the blacksmith’s shop, and took the small animal traps she had ordered.

When she saw the products, she stilled. “Why are there only 22?”

Blacksmith A had a distressed expression. “Iron ore is needed to make animal traps. A lot had been used to make metal pots, picks, knives and shields. There are not enough materials, and this is how many could be made.”

Yun Ling reacted.

The residents were trapped in the territory, and unable to forage, hunt, or mine.

The materials were limited. It was not very easy to even make 22 animal traps.

She did not blame the worker, just saying, “If there are extra materials in the warehouse, remember to make more. I have use for them.”

“Yes.” The blacksmiths responded.


The so-called “small animal traps” were in reality small animal snares. They could be buried in the ground and wait for the enemy to step on them.

Once the trap was set off, the enemy’s movement speed would decrease, and they would be waiting for the slaughter.

Because there were only a few, Yun Ling buried all of the traps near the east so the NPCs could use them against enemies.

“Hello.” A timid voice sounded. “Are more people needed here? May I join the team and work together with you to protect the territory?”

Yun Ling looked up and smiled warmly, “The members here are used to working together. If someone new joins, and they have to get accustomed, their efficiency will decrease. So we are not recruiting, it is best if you go somewhere else.”

While they were refused, the other was friendly, and the words made sense.

The player did not linger, and turned to the north to try their luck.

Gazing at the endless wilderness, Yun Ling thought, as the lord, she had to be in charge of an area and make sure that there was a steady source of game materials. This was better for the territory.


Around the town, the combat players were fighting hard.

At the center of the town, the life skills players did their best to make recovery items.

One old master was making Rolling Donkey.

Rolling Donkey was made mainly from soybean, the inner layer being red bean paste, the middle sticky rice, and the outer layer was wrapped up in soybean flour.

When it was made, it was yellow on the outside. A bite would be fragrant, sweet, and sticky, with a strong soybean fragrance. It was delicious.

Nearby, an old grandmother was making crêpes.

Pre-heat the oil in the frying pan, and then add a spoon of the dough. The dough was spread out over the pan into a round flat bread, and then eggs were added.

When the eggs turned solid, the crêpe was turned. Raw vegetables and smoked meat were added. Then sweet sauce was brushed on, and the crêpe was done.

Other people were grilling lamb, beef, pork belly, and gluten skewers. When cumin was added, and then secret seasoning, the smell could drift out three miles!

The combat players were drooling, and even the life skills players could not help themselves.

One said, I have materials, you make a crêpe for me, the other said, you have a good sauce, grill a few skewers for me.

After a while, the life skills players stopped selling, and all started to eat……


The fighting continued.

The players worked together, resting in shifts, and finally could deal with this. But even so, if they were not careful, people would be wounded and killed.

“Be alert, be alert!” One team leader shouted, “If you are not in the right condition, immediately retreat. Do not force yourself, your life is more important!”

“Members, pay attention to shielding and helping your fellows retreat.”

Everyone focused, and used all their attention. The fatality rate lowered again.

Mo Qi looked around, and found that none of the team members had died. She could not help but sigh. “+ 100 HP, base recovery speed +2 HP/minute, the buffs that official residents enjoyed are so strong! If this was any other place, the team would have lost members already. But in Rising Cloud Town, no one died, and we are not in a hard situation.”

No matter how intense the fighting, she had the confidence to deal with it. The difference was so great.

Leng Bai said, “In other territories, recovery items would be fought over madly. In Rising Cloud Town, recovery items are so plentiful that they cannot be sold out. This is the difference.”

So many to the point that they could not be sold out?

Mo Qi instinctively wanted to argue. But when her mouth opened, she was unable to speak a word. This was the truth.


[Name: Small Animal Trap]

Quality: Normal

Durability: 16/20

Use Effect: After stepping into the trap, depending on their size, the target will be trapped or their movement speed will be significantly or slightly decreased.

Yun Ling scattered the traps in the east, and found it was much easier to fight the monsters.

There were monsters who constantly stepped into the traps, and were trapped on the spot.

The NPC focused their attacks, and quickly killed the target, easily winning.

The only shortcoming was likely —

“The durability drops so quickly!”

Yun Ling thought. Based on this speed, in two to three days, the small animal traps would be scrap.

The iron was almost used up, and no new hunting traps could be made.

“I have to think of a solution.” Yun Ling sank into deep thought.


In a wood house in Rising Cloud Town.

There were over thirty people having a meeting in the room.

One assassin was the first to speak up, “We cannot just stay in the territory. We have to think of a way to earn money.”

Just after he spoke, someone asked, “The monsters are attacking the territory. Other than waiting patiently or joining the fighting, what else can we do?”

“You are wrong.” The assassin smiled mysteriously and then analyzed, “I have gone to the mission hall, and found the prices of ores have changed.”

Right now, the price list was —

[Acquisition of copper ore. 5 copper coin per piece.]

[Acquisition of iron ore. 7 copper coin per piece.]

[Acquisition of cold iron ore. 10 copper coin per piece.]

[Acquisition of black iron ore. 18 copper coin per piece.]

[Acquisition of blackgold ore. 35 copper coin per piece.]

No matter what they mined, they would earn a lot.

“I do not agree! Going out is too dangerous!” another person firmly objected.

“It is not so terrifying,” the assassin said. “Our team has 35 people. If we go out and then encounter a beast wave, we will be able to fight back.”

“If we take along supplies, we can mine and also hunt.”

“You mean,” Tian Zhe Han slowly said, “our team is strong, and can go out like usual?”

“Right.” The assassin nodded. “Last year, we grabbed fish, and when we sold during the winter, we made a lot. Everybody has good equipment.”

“Right now, the fishpond is empty. We have to catch more fish fry to put in.”

“If we want to raise the fish fat and large, we need to forage for food and prepare feed.”

“The price of the ore is rarely so high, and it is worth it to go out once.”

Seeing Tian Zhe Han silent, the assassin changed the topic in the next second, “Of course, this is just my personal opinion. Whether or not we go out depends on Boss’s opinion.”

After thinking for a long time, Tian Zhe Han had a determined gaze. “Go, we will seek riches in danger.”


In the Blacksmith Shop.

One player hurriedly stepped into the stop, and asked, “Are there machetes?”

Blacksmith A responded, “The iron ore is all used up. Right now, materials are lacking, and they cannot be made.”

The player was stunned.

The raw materials were lacking, and the shop did not have any stock. The NPCs would only make new equipment once the raw materials were available again. This was basic knowledge of the game.

But before this, Rising Cloud Town’s system shop had never lacked for materials, and he had forgotten this.

During his daze, another person ran into the Blacksmith Shop. He walked next to the shelves, wanting to buy, but found that the goods he wanted were not there.

This person turned and asked, “Where are the short blades? Why are the short blades missing?”

Blacksmith A gave the same answer. “The iron ore is all used up. Right now, materials are lacking, and they cannot be made.”

The two customers looked at each other, and could not speak for a long time.

The one who came in later was the first to recover. “What to do? Facing the monster wave, the wood sticks and wood spears are not good! They are low in offense, and they cannot break through their defense, and they are very easily worn out and broken down. After fighting a day or two, there was -15 durability. I will use up about one every three days.”

“You can try the copper sword,” Blacksmith A promoted other goods at the appropriate time.

The player, “……”

“I can only do this, just buy one first and deal with it.” He sighed, feeling very helpless.


In the stone house, You Qing Wen was inventorying with Zheng Ming Yue.

“143 white, 59 blue, 6 purple. Enough to last for a while.”

After they finished, You Qing Wen sighed softly, and her expression relaxed slightly. “When fighting monsters, new equipment will drop. This is enough to last until the spring beast waves finish.”

Zheng Ming Yue rejoiced inside. “Lucky that after durability appeared, we did not sell the equipment we had gotten. Otherwise, I do not know where to buy equipment if we need some.”

“Are the system shops not selling?” You Qing Wen said curiously. “While expensive, the quality is good.”

“You did not hear?” Zheng Ming Yue looked back in surprise. “The blacksmith shop is lacking iron ore, and the iron goods are no longer being sold.”

You Qing Wen, “……”

The hoarding fanatic like the lord of the Rising Cloud Town had a day where she was lacking materials? The world was mad.


The intelligence of the people was endless. A shortage of the materials could not stop the clever players of Rising Cloud Town.

“Selling metal spears! New metal spear, blues quality, only 200 copper coins!”

“Steel spear, blue quality, durability 33/40, 150 copper coins, come quickly.”

“Bronze stick, blue quality, durability 40/40, you can have it for 220 copper coins!”

“Steel bow, blue quality, durability 40/40. Just one price, 180 copper coins!”

In the system shop, one white equipment was 100 copper coins, and blue equipment was 500 copper coins. But the transactions between the players were not this price.

The market price was about half of that, and then they could sell and buy.

Recently, the monsters had been madly attacking the territory, and many players had gotten rich gains. As they could not use some items, they would set up stalls, trading for practical items, or selling for new equipment.

Some close combat players came out of the blacksmith shop with hung heads. Hearing the shouts, they first stilled, and then felt a wave of joy.

Iron spear? Steel spear? Bronze stick?

This was pretty good!!


Day 134.

Yun Ling had one hundred and forty thousand copper coins, and finally decided to upgrade the buildings.

She looked around the “warehouse, mission hall, woodworking workshop, tailor shop, residence, defensive shield, restaurant, ice house, farmland, blacksmith shop” and then in the end, she landed on the “defensive shield.”

[The Defensive Shield is upgraded to level 3.]

[The maximum HP is now 100000.]

[Base recovery speed: 5 HP/minute.]

“Now, this can endure more beatings.” Yun Ling closed the window contentedly.


When there was enough strength, the monsters laying siege to the territory was a good thing. The hunting teams did not have to go out and could fight monsters as much as they wanted.

If they were thirsty, people prepared water.

If they were hungry, there were chefs who delivered delicious meals.

If they were tired, they could tell their teammates, and go to the side to rest.

At other times, they just had to fight as hard as they could, pick up equipment, and split the goods equally.

More than one person sighed. What good days were these! They wanted this to continue.

This air lasted for ten days.

On Day 145, a drizzle came down from the sky.

Mo Qi had a serious expression. “Six straw hats, four straw raincoats, the rain gear is not enough.”

Last year, they could only stay in the territory when it was raining, unable to do a thing. They could not do such a thing this year.

With the monsters attacking, even if the rain would decrease the durability, even if there was not enough rain gear, they had to go out at the front.

Leng Bai murmured, “Rising Cloud Town has so many life skills players. Maybe someone knows how to make straw hats or raincoats. We can wait and then go ask, see if we can buy some.”

Mo Qi was not optimistic. “There are nearly three thousand players in Rising Cloud Town. Even if someone knows how to make them, they cannot keep up with demand.”

This was pure handiwork, and the demand was so great.

“Maybe Rising Cloud Town can create miracles?” Leng Bai was full of anticipation.

The team members were all living in one stone house. After eating, they went out together.

In the territory, they saw people with umbrellas, some with bamboo or straw hats, some in straw raincoats and completely enveloped.

Mo Qi, “???”

She was dazed where she stood, and unable to recover.

The team members were very shocked. “Am I hallucinating? Everyone has rain gear? And there is extra being sold at stalls?”

At this time, someone started to shout, “Straw rain coats, brand-new straw coats, 40 copper coins each!”

“So I am not just seeing wrong, but also hearing wrong. It must be that I did not wake up early today.” The team members were all dazed.

Faint mirth flashed across Leng Bai’s eyes. “Rising Cloud Town is really the first ranked territory, they always give people surprises.”

As he spoke, he was the first to start walking. “Let’s go buy rain gear.”


In the Blacksmith Shop.

Yun Ling found the workers were making a batch of small animal traps. There were many, a hundred.

She asked curiously, “Where did the raw materials come from?”

Blacksmith A reported, “Some teams went out to mine, and got iron ore.”

“Some also attacked the enemies, and got iron ore as spoils.”

“Other people came to ask with materials, requesting equipment to be made, paying with ten pieces of iron ore or copper ore. I saw that it was not hard and agreed.”

“You did very well.” Yun Ling was very satisfied.

Blacksmith A humbly bowed and did not take the praise.

It was raining outside the territory, and there were no customers in the shop. Without outsiders here, Yun Ling was much more casual.

She walked next to the shelves, and after looking for a moment, she asked, “How has business been recently?”

Blacksmith A answered, “Metal pick, small knife, kitchen knife, short knife, steel knife, machete, bronze sword, chain mail, bronze helmet, bronze shield, metal shield. As long as we can make it, it will be sold.”

Some equipment was easy to make and easy to replace, like the straw sandals.

Some equipment was hard to make, and could not be replaced, like the steel knives.

When players fought monsters, they would occasionally pick up a steel knife or two, and they could not get it at any other time.

So even though the system shop’s price was higher, the players could only endure this.

There was no other reason than this was a monopoly. This was the only one that had a long-term steady supply of the equipment that could not be obtained through other channels.

Luckily she had unlocked the “blacksmith shop.” Yun Ling rejoiced inside..

She thought and said, “You can stop making small animal traps for now, no need to prepare them specially. Forge more equipment, the residents have needs.”

“Yes” the five blacksmiths responded.


Without knowing it, she had another hundred and sixty thousand copper coins.

Looking at the nine choices of the “warehouse, mission hall, woodworking workshop, tailor shop, residence, restaurant, ice house, farmland, blacksmith shop,” Yun Ling found it hard to make a decision.

As a hoarding fanatic, it was good if the warehouse was as big as possible, and the shelf life as long as possible.

But if the mission hall was upgraded, then more outstanding NPCs would come.

The woodworking workshop, tailor shop, restaurant, and blacksmith shop had to be upgraded to recruit more workers.

The farmland had to be upgraded to get more land and be self-sufficient.

But there was no hurry to upgrade the residences and ice house right now.

Yun Ling thought it over, and in the end, decided to upgrade the mission hall first.

[The Mission Hall is upgraded to level 3.]

[Each day, 5 NPC will come to visit, and will stay for 48 hours.]

[You will have more chances to get higher level and better quality NPCs.]

“Higher level, and better quality? What kind of NPCs would that be?” Yun Ling was full of anticipation.

At dusk, the system refreshed a super strong NPC.

Level: 12

Attributes: Strength 6, Agility 8, Stamina 10, Intelligence 21, Spirit 20.

Combat Skills: S-rank Fire Storm, S-rank Spirit Burn

Life Skills: Advanced Sewing

Craftable Items: Linen Backpack (white), Cotton Backpack (blue), Brown Leather Backpack (purple), Mage Robe (blue), Moonlight Robe (purple), Satin Shoes (blue).

Employment Price: 30000 copper coins.

This could be an attacking mage, and also a shop worker. Being skilled in the literary and martial arts was probably like this.

But……30000 copper coins!!!

Yun Ling’s breathing stopped, and she felt her heart hurt.

But dual S-rank skills were rare, and the Moonlight Robes (purple) were very good. Yun Ling closed her eyes, and steeled her heart, confirming the new hire and giving the name “Mage H.”

“Willing to work for you, Lord” Mage H was a warm and elegant middle aged person.

From his face, other people could not guess that he was worth 30000 copper coins!

Focusing, Yun Ling barely calmed down. “Come with me to the warehouse to get equipment. In a while, you will go onto the battlefield.”

Only when the offensive mage worked hard and killed more would she recover her losses as soon as possible.

“Yes.” Mage H responded with a good temper.

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