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Chapter Three – Kiss Me

Now, Aofeng suddenly understood it all. So he was the big boss of the Black Magus Church!

No wonder all of her actions seemed to be in that person’s control. He was right beside her! The car pooling that day had not been a coincidence. He had come to find her, and he may also know that she had the Magus Divinity Power Source in her body, that she may be that so-called holy maiden of the Black Magus Church. Otherwise, just after she met him, why would he have helped her……

Yun Qinghong’s eyes glittered. His attention had never left Aofeng. How smart was this man? With a glance, he understood what Aofeng was thinking.

Taking advantage of the uproar, Yun Qinghong quietly said to Aofeng, “I gave the money, the purple dragon is also mine, I will not say more of other things. I know you believe I have no malicious intent.”

Aofeng’s heart heated up, and her gaze became much warmer instantly. Her gaze met his. After a pause, both had mirth in their eyes.

They were both smart people. They did not have to say too much. If there were really other intentions, who would not have felt it?

“I do not want to say thank you to you, but I owe you a great deal.” Aofeng looked directly into Yun Qinghong’s eyes and said in a low voice. “I know that you never wanted to get anything from me, but I will repay you for what I owe, no matter if it is to the Black Magus Church, or to you as a person.”

She liked freedom, and was not willing to be restrained by a faction. But she could help a certain person, not for that trillion obsidian, but because he was good to her. No amount of money could buy her pride, but a bit of sincerity could touch her.

Yun Qinghong’s eyes were bright like stars. He laughed sortly. He liked this personality the most.

“Who says that I have never wanted to get anything from you.” The man gave a devious smile. He suddenly had the thought of teasing this person. He went close to Aofeng’s ear and gave a low devious laugh. “If you really want to pay me back, how about giving me a kiss? I have been thinking about it everyday.”

Hearing this, Aofeng immediately stilled. She gave a rare blush and then glared at him. She was even more sure of her previous guess. Damn it. How much did this man know of her?

Of course, this was also a sign of trust in her. At least, the meaning of the words was that he knew that she was a woman, and this would stop her from overthinking. if Aofeng did not have a clear and smart mind, she would not have thought of all this when she was being “flirted with.”

Since Yun Qinghong was the Demon Emperor, of course he would know everything about the Black Magus Church. It was not strange that he had some way of knowing that she was the “Holy Maiden” with the Magus Divinity Power Source.

Seeing Aofeng show rare embarrassed irritation, Yun Qinghong did not blink like he was enchanted for an instant. He nodded seriously and then said seriously to himself in a low voice, “I am speaking the truth, you owe me a kiss.”

“Hey, is anyone as shameless as you! ……” Aofeng rolled her eyes and had the impulse to kick him.

The two were chatting for a while. The surrounding storm had calmed slightly. Lan Xiu, as a special expert of the empire, had the duty of maintaining the rules of the competition.

Even though the two sides had grievances, other than the participants, no one else could interfere. Regardless of whether the Kaya Empire disliked unorthodox members or not, since “anyone” could participate in the tournament, and the other was attending, they could not interfere in this competition, even if it was just for face.

Yun Lu walked back to the stands with a black face. His gaze did not leave Yun Qinghong’s lazy and slender body like he was saying, “Boy, when the competition is over, you are finished!”

The seven-star magus scholar Yun Lu sensed the power vibrations coming off Yun Qinghong. At most, he had just reached magus scholar. Even with the help of the Scythe of Death, at most, he could match a magus scholar several sword-levels above him. With Shang Qian of the Radiance Magus Church to help, he believed the other could not escape.

“The competition will continue!”

With a shout that rang out over the entire arena, the fighters on the ten platforms started again. Strong winds blew while Aofeng and the others stood idly in a corner. No one dared to come offend them.

Their team was so terrifyingly strong. One Aofeng, one Yun Qinghong. The two showed their super-divine beast and top class divine magic medium. They had become existences that could not be surpassed in the hearts of other people. Also, what about Qin Aotian, Lei Yufeng, Xi Yun, and Yue Bingyan?

They gathered together and teased Yun Qinghong who had been hidden so well. Other than shock at his strength, no one had other opinions about him. Qin Aotian and the others did not have good opinions of the Radiance Magus Church and Central Cloud City, disregarding Jun Luoyu who was very good to Aofeng.

The second round passed like this. Aofeng and the others successfully passed. From the hundred teams on each platform, ten teams were selected. In total, there were a hundred teams in the semifinals. This time, there were only two platforms. From the fifty teams, only the five strongest would be chosen. The competition immediately grew fierce.

The ten large platforms in the center moved again, five each turning into an enormous platform that took up almost half of the space. There was suddenly a lot more room to move, fifty times bigger than the platforms at the start!

There were many experts in the semifinals. There were no more senior magisters or senior swordsmen. Even the low level spirit magisters and sacred swordsmen were few. Almost all of the elite of the empire younger than the age of thirty-five were gathered here. The fierceness of the fighting that was about to occur could be seen. In this field that was full of celestial magisters, Aofeng and the others would be attacked. There were not many among the experts that would mutually remain at peace.

This time, Aofeng and the others did not meet with Qin Aoxue and Yun Cheng’s group. But they countered the Dragon Knights. Ye Sha and the team representing the Imperial School was also on this platform. These were the teams who were the most likely to win.

“Your Excellency Zhui Yun!” Once she got onto the platform, several familiar voices sounded. Aofeng turned back to look, and found Long Jiu and the others who had gone with her to the Sword Deity Valley. They had successfully reached the semifinals and happily ran over, like they saw a hero.

“It’s you?” Lei Yufeng recognized them, and said in surprise.

“And us as well, Your Excellency Zhui Yun, and us too!” Several more voices sounded. A team ran over from afar. When they came close, it could be seen they were the people that had been helped back in the beast tamer union. They came over to greet when they saw Aofeng.

Because Zhui Yun’s name was so famous, people liked to call Aofeng “Zhui Yun.” Many people could not change.

“Little Feng, your relations with people are too good?” Qin Aotian put an arm around Aofeng’s shoulder, like he feared so many men stealing his precious baby sister.

Aofeng winked at him. “Big Brother, have you forgotten my identity? How can I not have any relations at all?”

What was the strongest part of being a regent beast tamer? Of course it was the personal connections!

Aofeng had helped a considerable number of people tame beasts. They were almost all leaning to Aofeng’s side. The fighting coming up would be fierce, but these people would not make trouble for Aofeng.

Seeing so many celestial magisters gathered together, Aofeng’s eyes flashed with light. She said to Long Jiu and the others, “In this, since five teams from this platform can be promoted, and there are experts all around, it is best for people who know each other to work together. We can team up, three teams, we can work together. It will be easier for us to get promoted in this melee battle of fifty teams. What do you think?”

If this was a normal team, then she would not so easily trust the others to team up. Even if there was a partnership, there was a chance of this breaking at any rate. It was hard to avoid someone stabbing her in the back.

But Aofeng’s reputation as a regent beast tamer would convince the group. The teams would be securely united. Having a strong ally was better than a strong enemy. These people who knew Aofeng had magus beasts with higher levels than other people.

“This is a good idea, I am the first to agree!” Long Jiu raised a hand.

“I also agree, this will save a lot of energy for the final battle.”

The other people also stated their agreement. After a while, everyone agreed. Aofeng undoubtedly had a great power to rally people.

Nodding, Aofeng solemnly said, “But I must remind you, it is fine in the next battle, but in this one, no one can attack the teams on our side. Otherwise, if there is a situation where a position is not available and people scheme, do not blame me for not being polite.”

Since they had teamed up, she had to kill the danger when it was in its infancy. For fame, many people would do everything. Since she was uniting everyone together, Aofeng would not allow the alliance to be broken.

“No problem!” Everyone agreed. No one liked being stabbed in the back.

Aofeng nodded, and the three teams gathered into a corner of the platform.

Then, as the call for the start of the semifinals sounded, grand silver patterns spread through the platform. All kinds of magus beast armor appeared, all of different colors. In a battle of such a level, the celestial magisters had to use magus beast armor to protect themselves. Otherwise, they may accidentally die.

On the stand, there were deafening shouts. Many people were screaming at the top of their lungs. It was rare to see so many celestial magisters fighting together, even for a great duel. This year’s final had the temptation of a third class divine magic medium, so everyone was going mad.

“Come out, my friends!”

Seeing everyone else in the surroundings use their magus beast armorization, Aofeng did not hesitate. She lifted a hand, and the nine-sword celestial magister’s five pointed star appeared under her feet. Behind her, magus beasts appeared one by one, forming a row. Such a grand summoning scene caused many people’s eyes to bulge out.

“So many divine beasts…..”

“It is His Excellency Qin Aofeng!”

“Damn, even if he is a regent beast tamer, he should not have this much. Do high ranking magus beasts not cost money?”

Cursing sounded from all directions.

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