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Chapter 61 – Cruel Heat 2

“Come, summer clothing, iced drinks.” Yun Ling knocked on the door of her neighbor and came to bring warmth.

“Come in to speak?” Lu Chuan turned to the side.

“No,” Yun Ling shook her head, “I have other things to do.”

The lord was very busy.

She had to manage the matters of the territory, and on special days, she had to give special gifts to the players who she had positive feelings for.

Okay. Lu Chuan just stood at the doorway and spoke. “The temperature is too high. At this temperature, normal players cannot go out at all.”

“Even if they stay in the territory, they may get heat stroke. Several of the residents have already fainted.”

“I guess we need ice cubes to pass the summer.”

Assistant A was so capable. How much to employ him? Such thoughts moved uncontrollably through Yun Ling’s mind.

In the next second, thinking that Assistant A had 4 S-rank skills, and the “Advanced Grilling” life skill, her expression tensed, and she instinctively grabbed her wallet — he must be super expensive, never mind.

“What is it?” Lu Chuan saw the person in front of him suddenly grow nervous and asked.

“I suddenly realized that the present situation is very dangerous!” Yun Ling solemnly responded.

A hint of mirth flashed through Lu Chuan’s eyes. “Not so urgent. There is a mine not far from Rising Cloud Town. Inside, there are rich saltpeter resources. If you make some iced drinks and sell them cheaply, the residents will be able to move freely. Then, once more is mined, the demand and supply will balance.”

Yun Ling:”……”

In reality, there was a super amount of ice cubes in the ice house.

There was a lot of saltpeter in the warehouse.

If she used all of it, she probably could have the residents of the territory safely pass the summer.

The hoarding fanatic was this terrifying, but she did not say anything.

“Thank you for your suggestion,” Yun Ling said calmly.

Lu Chuan looked at Yun Ling and smiled warmly. “For the territory.”

Yun Ling sighed inside. Such a good resident. If all of them were like Lu Chuan, she would not be so worried.


The workshop.

Zhang Heng gaped. “So much saltpeter?!”

“Train the soldiers for a thousand days, use soldiers for a time,” Yun Ling said solemnly. “Make ice, you will be promoted and your salary increased, you will marry a rich woman, and then climb to the peak of life.”

What if he did not reach Boss’s demands? Would he become unemployed, and become one who needed help?

Zhang Heng did not dare to ask and said, “I will work hard.”

“Working hard is not enough,” Yun Ling corrected. “You have to put your all in.”

Zhang Heng, “……”

He gritted his teeth, clenching his fists, and corrected, “I will put in my all!”


Yun Ling did not put all her hopes on Zhang Heng alone. After giving the orders, she left the workshop, and turned to find You Qing Wen.

“This is the summer gift bag from the lord.”

“This is saltpeter, a material to make ice.”

“Does your researcher know how to make ice?”

You Qing Wen said, “Yes, a while ago, he had us search for saltpeter.”

Some people, even if they themselves were not strong physically, could direct others.

For example, high level life skills players.

For example, researcher experts.

Even more importantly, the players were willing to be ordered and helped.

“He provides skill, we provide the labor and materials. We split the goods, no need to refuse,” You Qing Wen said.

“Let’s work together, I provide the materials, the researcher the skills, and you help make the connection. After the goods are sold, the profits will be split 1:1:1. How about it?” Yun Ling suggested.

You Qing Wen was shocked. “Not putting it into the system shop to sell?”

“No, “Yun Ling shook her head, “the ice is key to safely passing the summer. If it is priced high, the residents can’t afford it. I plan to sell at a super low price so everyone can go out in the heat.”

If they were selling from the restaurant, it was convenient, but this did not suit the usual style of the system, and could easily cause suspicion.

You Qing Wen realized. “Now, the hunters will hunt, the foragers will forage, the miners will mine, the residents will live normally.”

Yun Ling nodded. “Rather than everyone being trapped together in the territory, it is better to have them all go out and search for more game materials.”

“Understood.” You Qing Wen patted her chest and guaranteed. “Leave this to me! I will get this done for you!”


In the territory, the residents hid under the trees for shade.

People had leaf fans, and as they chatted, one’s head suddenly tilted, and they fainted.

“Another one fainting!!” The residents hurriedly helped lay this person out.

Leng Bai had been with Nan Yun, planning to have her make ice and sell at a stall.

“What will the price be?” Nan Yun asked.

If the price was too low, she would feel it was unprofitable.

If the price was too high, the residents could not afford it, and the stall would be a waste of time.

Leng Bai thought deeply, and did not speak.

At this time, a loud voice sounded, “Selling iced water! A cup for 5 copper coins! With a drink, you will become cold!”

“Red bean shaved ice! Just 20 copper coins per bowl! If you want, come quickly!”

“Ice cube giveaway! 2 copper coins per piece, everyone limited to 10 pieces!”

The last second, everyone was wilting and dispirited in the heat.

In the next moment, hearing the shouts, everyone charged to the stall. “One portion of red bean shaved ice. No one steal from me!!”

“Quick, a cup of iced water to save a life!”

“I want ice cubes, 10 pieces.”

Leng Bai, “……”

Nan Yun, “……”

“I had thought with the summer being too hot, most players would not manage to make it through. I had not thought that Rising Cloud Town would have so many capable people, and there is no need for us to worry for nothing.” Leng Bai smiled scornfully. “Let’s go.”

Nan Yun did not change tracks quickly. “We are not going to sell ice?”

“No,” Leng Bai said coolly, “we do not have enough for our own team, no need to sell at low prices.”


Putting on the linen shirt and pants, the bamboo hat, and taking a drink of the heat relieving drink, Yun Ling led the team away.

Because the number of combat NPCs had been increasing, there were almost a hundred of them. Yun Ling divided them into three teams, and had them move in different directions.

The weather was very hot, and the ground was burning. Even the air had a hint of heat.

Yun Ling led one team, planning to go tour the sea.

While she had put out the employment notice for a long time, no one had come to be hired. There was still a while before the territory upgraded, but this did not stop her from going to look frequently, and trying to use the resources of the sea.

Speaking of nothing else, there was kelp and seaweed. They were good food materials if they were harvested.

On the way, as the group traveled, there was the sound of arrows coming suddenly behind them.

Yun Ling instinctively dodged.

She turned to look. There was a group of centaurs looking at them.

The centaurs were half horse, half man. Their upper half was man, and their lower half was horse. They were able to move quickly, and were skilled in archery.

Seeing the players look back, the centaurs drew their bows, and aimed at their targets.

“Enemy attack!” Yun Ling shouted a warning.

Just as she shouted, the warriors moved to the front, and blocked the rain of arrows.

The mages raised their staffs, and cast their skills.

Of them, the most obvious was Mage H.

With just a single “Fire Storm,” there were immediately countless flames rampaging through a square area. The twelve centaurs standing in the area were all seriously wounded.

Then with a “Spirit Burn,” a lightly wounded centaur was instantly killed.

Seeing this, the others helped, and immediately, a third of the enemies were killed.

Yun Ling charged at the monsters with the Fish Scale Shield. Her Fire Feather Cloak shone, and caused the enemy troops to shout as they were burned.

“Fire Storm!” After the skill cooled down, Mage H used the crowd skill again.

This time, more centaurs were wounded, over sixteen.

The other NPCs helped, and worked to clean up.

After the battle finished, Yun Ling looked at Mage H with approval. “Good job.”

Mage H bowed with a calm expression, no pride to be seen.

“Okay, let’s walk.” Yun Ling was the first to start.


The ice cubes were selling well, and the residents’ tiredness was swept away, and they were refreshed again.

Because the price of the ore had been high since the spring season started, Tian Zhe Han called his members, and went to mine together.

After walking for a while, the priest muttered, “Strange, why do I feel it is so hot?”

“I also……” his fellow wanted to say the same and then he looked back, and was stunned. “Quick, run! The forest is on fire!!”

Everyone, “???”

Behind them, the trees were burning, and the fire was spreading in all directions.

“Return to the territory!!” Tian Zhe Han was decisive.

They all sprinted away.

Luckily, they were not far from Rising Cloud Town, and after running three minutes, they entered the range of the territory.

Seeing the defensive shield stop the fire outside the territory, Tian Zhe Han still felt lingering fear. “The game has many ways of tormenting people, we cannot let down our guard……”

After resting for a moment, before they could consider what to do next, the defensive shield warned, [Warning! Warning! The HP of the defensive shield has dropped by 25%! Players, please act, and put out the fire as soon as possible.]

Tian Zhe Han and the others, “???”

The territory residents, “???”

“What are you dazing about for? Quick, put out the fire!!”

The residents carried the water buckets and went to the well or the stream to get water.

After a long time, everyone finally managed to put out the fire by working together.

“What kind of game is this? So difficult!” Many players collapsed to the ground, wanting to cry.


Near dusk, the players came back with gains, and Rising Cloud Town became lively again.

“I harvested silver fungus! I can make my own silver fungus soup, and not have to buy from the restaurant!”

“I got tea leaves, and I killed a wild cow, and picked up milk. Milk tea, here I come!!”

“I dug up a big watermelon. At night, I can switch between the watermelon and the iced water, and live like a god!”

The air was filled with happiness. Each resident had a sincere smile.

Mo Qi had mixed feelings. “In other territories, just the lack of ice is enough to take down most of the players. Struggling to live will be the theme of the entire summer.”

How to go outside without getting heatstroke?

How to get more saltpeter?

How to make more ice?

How to get more food, so parents and relatives do not starve?

For ordinary players, each of these were hard problems.

But the residents of Rising Cloud Town, they solved all the problems on the first day of the summer. This efficiency……they seemed to have a cheat.

“Each time I think that I have seen how Rising Cloud Town is different from the rest, life will give us new surprises,” Mo Qi was very emotional.

“Over time, you will get used to it.” Leng Bai had a cold expression. But when he was speaking, his mind was not calm.

The more he had suffered through the game, the more he knew how rare and valuable the peace in front of him was.

Mo Qi’s frown relaxed, and she gave a sincere smile. “This is the first time I feel that everyone can overcome the difficulties, and live longer.”


“These are the materials from killing monsters.”

Crash crash, the materials formed a small mountain.

“These are blueprints for life skills players to use.”

Touching the pocket, about eighty blueprints were handed over.

“White and blue equipment, all from killing monsters. I do not need them, and do not want to bother with setting up a stall, so I am giving it to you.”

Yun Ling looked at the large pile on the table, and then looked speechlessly at Lu Chuan.

After a while, she asked, “Why give them to me?”

Lu Chuan said, “You said you liked them.”

Yun Ling was silent.

You Qing Wen also gifted her pastries as gifts. However, that was to increase the positive feelings of the lord to obtain special equipment/items.

Lu Chuan was different.

He gave grilled meat when he had some, equipment when he had some, game materials when he had some, and he was almost going bankrupt in order to get positive feelings!

Yun Ling could not help but ask him, “Is there something you want?”

If she took the offering, and fulfilled the wishes of the residents, she could pretend to be a summoned dragon.

“I do not want anything,” Lu Chuan said unconcernedly. “In any case, these are not very valuable. Just take them.”

“How can there be people who do not want anything in return?” Yun Ling could not understand.

Lu Chuan said, “Aren’t you very happy when you gather materials? Maybe other people’s pleasure is to get the lord’s positive feeling to the maximum.”

Yun Ling:”……”

You win.

“You are the one saying you are giving them for free,” Yun Ling said as she cleaned up.

“Yes, I said so.” Seeing Yun Ling put away the items joyfully with a bright expression, a hint of mirth flashed through Lu Chuan’s eyes. He was in a very pleased mood.


Lu Chuan’s guess was right.

The ice cubes were provided. The residents would drink a cup of iced water each day and night. During the day, they could move freely, and the territory kept on going.

Save copper coins, upgrade buildings. This was just a matter of time.

Day 167.

[The ice house is upgraded to level 3.]

[Ice House (level 3): 2000 square meters in area, can provide 1 cubic meter1 of ice each day. Can refrigerate food, and extend shelf life.]

Now, there were 1000000 ice cubes, enough for the residents to use.

Day 178.

The system showed —

[1. Unlock 8 different buildings. (Completed)]

[2. Upgrade 4 buildings to level 3. (Completed)]

[3. For 30 consecutive days, have over 3000 residents. (Completed)]

[4. For 30 consecutive days, the daily territory income surpasses 10000 copper coins. (Completed)]

[5. Territory possesses 100 combat system guards, and 20 life system NPCs. (Completed)]

[All conditions are met. Will you pay 500000 copper coins, and upgrade the territory to a city?]

Yun Ling glanced at her savings, and said regretfully, “Not enough money, I have to save a bit more.”


The summer left, the autumn came, and the winter was about to arrive. In the blink of an eye, it was another year.

The autumn was the same as before, still 20 harvest days, and 10 peace days.

Because of the painful lesson from last year’s winter, the residents did not dare to slack off, and had used the opportunity to hoard.

On day 212, before the winter season came, she got 500000 copper coins.

The long journey to save money finally ended and Yun Ling eagerly pressed “yes.”

Then, many system notifications appeared.

[Upgrade success.]

[Territory area has expanded.]

[Congratulations “Rising Cloud Territory” for being the first to become a city. The lord is rewarded 10000 experience points, 100000 copper coins.]

[Congratulations, Player, for leveling up two times.]

[You have received 6 free attribute points to be allocated at will.]

[Congratulations “Rising Cloud City” for being the first to become a city. Unlockable buildings +1.]

[Congratulations “Rising Cloud City” for being the first to become a town. Resident buff +1]

[Please select 2 of the following four options as the reward. (all official residents can enjoy the buff status)]

  1. Leveling speed x1.1.

  2. Life skill levelling speed x1.1.

  3. +5 Agility.

  4. +5 Spirit.

Looking at the four choices, Yun Ling was deep in thought.

There were many life skills players in Rising Cloud Town, and any who had unlocked their skills early had reached intermediate level at least. Some who had worked hard had even reached advanced.

Was there a level higher than advanced? Yun Ling did not know.

But when the game had been online, she had “advanced cooking” and “advanced sewing.” During this time, she had made many things, several purple pieces of equipment, and she had become very practiced. But she was still “advanced cooking” and “advanced sewing.”

“If the life skills max out at advanced, picking choice 2 will be a loss,” she thought.

As to choice 1, the higher the level, the more experience points were needed. The buffs were good for the residents to level up.

And choices 3 and 4 were akin to adding 1.5 levels to increasing agility and spirit.

“The increase in agility and movement speed, regardless of if it is traveling or fleeing, will be of help.” Thinking, Yun Ling chose 1 and 3, and added her fee attributes points to stamina like usual.

She opened the territory attribute window and saw —

[Territory Name: Rising Cloud]

[Level: City. (Max)]

[Tax: 5%. (0-100%, the lord has the power to adjust it independently)]

[Population Capacity: 30000]

[Existing Residents: 4623 (Temporary Residents 2414)]

[Unlockable Buildings: 13]

[Existing Buildings: 10]

[Existing building detail:

Warehouse (level 3): Omitted.

Mission Hall (level 3): Omitted.

Woodworking Workshop (level 2): Omitted.

Tailor Shop (level 3): Omitted.

Residence (level 2): Omitted.

Defensive Shield (level 3): Omitted.

Restaurant (level 2): Omitted.

Ice House (level 3): Omitted.

Farmland (level 2): Omitted.

Blacksmith Shop (level 2): Omitted.]

After the territory was upgraded, she had received 100000 copper coins as reward. Yun Ling thought and spent all the money.

[The farmland is upgraded to level 3.]

Farmland (level 3): Can hire people to farm, and get a steady supply of crops. Requires 100 copper coins to open one field. (Currently, at most, you can possess 100 pieces of farmland)

Seeing the city at max level, and many buildings at level 3, Yun Ling was very satisfied, and felt that her life was good.


The noise of the town upgrading to a city was so much that the players in the territory were alarmed.

“Damn, upgraded again?” Some people detected the change immediately.

The defensive shield expanded and covered more area. When it stopped, the area of the territory had grown more than five fold.

Looking at the endless defensive shield, one player sighed. “How much time would it take to walk from one end of the territory to another? Would it take an hour or two?”

Someone else exclaimed in shock, “Ah ah ah! It is the sea over there! In the future, Rising Cloud Town will be connected to the sea?!”

Other people opened the system window and checked the rankings.

On there, written clearly, it was written —

[Global Territory Ranking (same levels ranked by upgrade time)]

  1. Rising Cloud City, S City

  2. Xin Tong Town, F City.

  3. Green Bamboo Town, A City

[Global Territory Existing Buildings Ranking]

  1. Rising Cloud City, 10

  2. Xin Tong Town, 8

  3. Green Bamboo Town, 8

“As expected, our territory is the first to upgrade.” The player who spoke was full of pride, as though he was proud to be a resident of Rising Cloud.

“I wonder what other new buildings will appear…” the other person was full of anticipation.


At the same time, the official residents hunting outside suddenly realized that they had become more agile.

They had originally just barely been able to avoid the attacks of the monsters. Suddenly, their reactions grew faster, and they could easily dodge the attacks.

What was this? The players were puzzled.

When they got the prey and checked the attributes, they found their buffs had become —

[HP +100.]

[Base recovery speed +2 HP/minute.]

[Leveling speed x1.1.]

[Agility +5.]

“These buffs are strong.” The player could not help but exclaim.


S City, Aspen Town.

Twelve players were gathered together and talking in low voices.

The archer had a dark expression. “After the monster attacks in the spring, half of the players and system guards died.”

“Hot temperatures in the summer, another half died from the heat.”

“It is already like this, and you still do not bear to leave Aspen Town?”

His teammates were silent, and had conflicted expressions.

The archer slowly exhaled and said, “Yes, Aspen Town was once glorious. At the start of the game, when the rankings just came out, on the prosperity ranking for S City’s territories, Aspen Town ranked second, just below Rising Cloud Town.”

“But now, the situation is very different.”

“Look how many residents are left in the territory! Then look at the buildings that have been unlocked! Is this place even habitable? It is clearly in decline.”

“Our team’s mage has an ice skill, and we luckily managed to survive the summer. But if we continue to stay in the town, I cannot say if we can pass the winter.”

“The autumn has good weather, and the monsters will not give chase when they encounter players. It is the best time to move. Decide whether or not to go, I do not plan to stay here any longer.”

In the end, the archer became irritated.

Just after the summer season, he had suggested moving to Rising Cloud Town.

His teammates had said the food was used up, and it was not a good time to move. They had to prepare food first.

When they managed to save up some food, they said that the autumn harvest was rare, and they should focus on the hunting.

If they were traveling and did not have enough stamina, they would easily get a negative status. If they did not kill monsters, they would not get good equipment. Without good equipment, if they went to a new territory, won’t they be bullied?

The matter of moving was delayed again. Seeing that if they did not move, it would be winter, the archer could not endure it any longer, and gathered everyone, forcing them to make statements.

If they wanted to leave, go now, stop making excuses to delay.

If they wanted to stay, he would not stay with them! Even if he had to leave the team, he had to leave Aspen Town, and go to Rising Cloud Town to live!

“This is not as simple as you think.” The warrior sighed. “We have so much stuff, how to bring all of it?”

“In the team, there are three linen backpacks, and one cotton backpack. After storing the food and equipment, there is not enough space in the luggage.”

“Without tents, where do we live? Without furniture, how do we live after we move? Just thinking about it, it feels inconvenient.”

The archer laughed in anger. “We are about to die, you still worry that you will have inconvenience in your life? If the stuff cannot be brought along, then just throw it away. As long as you can live, so what if it is a bit harder and more tiring?”

Then he snorted coldly, “If you had listened to me and we moved early, we would have reached the new territory already, and prepared new furniture!”

“You cannot say that,” the priest argued. “Rising Cloud Town is prosperous, but who knows if the residents are easy to get along with. If we encounter large teams who suppress others and are very strong, we will not even have a place to cry.”

“In the end, the territories are too far from each other, and it is not easy to communicate. If we were close, and we knew the state of Rising Cloud Town, if it was even a bit livable, without needing you to urge, I would immediately pack up and go.”

“The news is little, and the place is unfamiliar, we know nothing.”

“We need to think well about whether we should change territories to live in or stay in Aspen Town.”

“It is Day 212, we have thought enough.” The archer was expressionless. “Rising Cloud Town is far. If we do not start now, we will not reach it before winter starts.”

“If you want to go, come with me. If you want to stay, we can part ways.”

“Just say if you want to leave or stay, do not keep beating the drum.”

The teammates were silent.

They did not know the road ahead, but there was no road behind them. It appeared no matter what they chose, it was a path to death.

After a while, a female mage stood on the archer’s side, and used her actions to express her attitude.

After a while, two assassins walked next to the archer and the mage. The other people sat silently, not making a sound but not moving.

“Okay.” The archer nodded. “We are packing to leave. You can do as you wish.”

Then, the archer walked to the tent to use the time wisely.

Editor’s ramblings: I don’t think the author really thought about how much ice people needed. And they didn’t think about how much ice is in a given volume. The ice house, at level one, made 1,000 ice cubes per day. At level two, they said it would make 100 cubic decimeters of ice per day, which is 100,000 ice cubes, though the original text says 12,500 ice cubes. With 4623 residents, that’s 2-3 ice cubes per person with their number or 21-22 if you actually do the math. Now they’re saying level 3 is one cubic meter, which would be 1,000,000 ice cubes, though the original text says 125,000.

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  1. 1 cubic meter of ice weighs in at just over a ton (2022 lbs or 917 kg). 
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