Sword Dynasty Volume Eight Chapter 53 “True Rebirth”

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Chapter Fifty-Three: True Rebirth

This Jie Fish did not look good, and could even be described as ugly. It was said to be half fish, half dragon, but in reality, it had an enormous catfish head, and a small dragon tail.

It clearly sensed Ding Ning’s presence, and knew that a past friend was coming. So in this instant, it seemed to return to many years ago when its body was light, and was cheering- half of its body suddenly standing up, opening its enormous mouth, and gave a strange sound.

But even when cheering, its enormous mouth was like an abyss, fearsome to see. Its eyes were very large, the pupils a strange orange yellow, and very bright. When it saw Ding Ning flying towards it, its eyes grew even brighter, and a strange light flashed.

But when Ding Ning truly got close to it, just a thousand feet away, especially when it sensed the presence of the other people on the ship, it seemed to remember the orders of its master.

An even more terrifying presence formed in this world. Its enormous mouth closed, and the world seemed to dim in this instant. In the perception of Lin Zhujiu and the others, the world in front of it seemed to suddenly turn empty, like this enormous beast had swallowed everything here.

Its eyes started to show hostility accompanied by the murderousness that cultivators could sense came in a wave.

But Ding Ning did not pause at all, because to him, this was it hesitating. If he also started to hesitate, then he would truly be unable to get close.

His body suddenly grew light. His vital energy surged quickly out of his body, but without any feeling of violence. It caused his body to become a soft and light surge of energy, and as the Jie Fish sucked in, he went with the flow and landed on its body.

When it had hesitated slightly and did not yet have the time to react, just like how Ding Ning had touched it many years ago, his hand softly landed on its body.

His hand landed on its energy sea. Across the thick skin fat, his hand fell and pressed, using as much power as he could muster. But this power was still not violent, but evenly squeezed its entire energy sea.


A vast explosion sounded across the sea. Not just the primal energies of the universe that had just been swallowed, but even the energies which had been stored in the Jie Fish’s energy sea before were squeezed out by Ding Ning like this.

When the energies had been sucked in, they had been invisible, but when they came out of the Jie Fish’s body, they formed a spectacular multicolored pillar of energy that soared in the sky. A shock wave visible to the naked eye spread away across the sea accompanying this pillar of energy, causing waves several feet high to form on the surface of the water.

The Jie Fish’s energy sea was emptied. It immediately felt terror, wanting to fight back, but in the next moment, it felt extremely comfortable in its energy sea. This kind of comfort was like the many old bruises and dirt in its body had been swept away.

Then, it saw Ding Ning’s bright gaze. It immediately understood that Ding Ning had no malice toward it. Then it realized instinctively the benefits that Ding Ning’s actions brought to it. Its eyes grew even more bright, flashing simply with joy that it never had before. Its body swelled up again, its energy sea expanding, and it used all of its power to suck in a breath.

There was a boom, the world shook, and the spectacular pillar of energy immediately dissipated. More energy was sucked in, flooding towards its energy sea. But even before this, many bright lines of light had appeared between the rainbow colored pillar of energy and the world, and these lines of light kept on falling into Ding Ning’s body.

Ding Ning’s body was bright and holy when bathing in the bright lines of light. The Jie Fish’s breath had reached its limit. When it sucked in with all its power, its energy sea swelled up and its body became completely round.

Ding Ning did not linger, and pressed again with his hand. Where his hand was, there was thunder inside the Jie Fish’s energy sea. In its senses, lightning seemed to fall, squeezing and causing the impurities that it could not absorb, and then expelling them as it breathed out.

The thunder roared. Holy lines of light kept on forming in the air, gradually drowning out Ding Ning’s body.

“Thunder Prison, a method that Thunder Mountain of the former Wei Dynasty used to clean the energy sea. I had not thought that he would use it like this. Only he would think of such a method.” Zhang Shiwu looked at Ding Ning’s body bathed in the light, and the Jie Fish who kept on doing its best to suck in and breathe out. He shook his head and sighed. He was always very honest as were his words. At this time, such a scene seemed divine, but to him, Lin Zhujiu, and Zhangsun Qianxue, it was not hard to understand.

Ding Ning’s method was not just using a method from a Wei Dynasty cultivation place to help the Jie Fish shock its energy sea. Even more importantly, he was using this Jie Fish to form a giant formation. In the records of cultivators, some sects could set up large formations which sucked in primal energies of the universe, like artificially created spirit veins. They had twice the results cultivating inside. But the range and ability of such formations to suck in primal energies of the universe was limited, and could not compare to this Jie Fish.

Hearing Zhang Shiwu’s words, Zhangsun Qianxue thought of many scenes back in Changling. She thought of the wall that had been used to record events and the escape paths, and thought of Liang Lian that he had done all he could to kill. From an invincible existence to cultivating again, from many matters which could be easily resolved just by fighting to having to accomplish them by relying on many plans and luck… Regardless of whether it was to get revenge or in cultivation, he had thought of countless possibilities in these years.

She was inexplicably moved, and started to feel happy on behalf of Ding Ning who was in the light now. She knew that by using this Jie Fish to gather large amounts of primal energies of the universe, he could absorb a lot of energy useful for his cultivation, and his realm seven cultivation would become even more stable.

In this life, he received the help of her energy, got the Heaven Replenishing Divine Art, and corrected many mistakes he had made during cultivation. Right now, he was steadying realm seven. If one had to speak of rebirth…at this time, he was truly reborn, back to being the Wang Jingmeng of the past, and no longer had to live through hiding like before.

Ding Ning’s body grew more transparent, and he looked up. A ray of pure star light passed through the cloudy mist in this patch of sea, and fell on to his body. The star energy guided by the Heaven Replenishing Divine Art was cleaning away some of the most hidden wounds in his body.

In this instant, regardless of whether it was the Qin Dynasty, the Qi Dynasty, the Chu Dynasty, or in many other distant places, many realm seven grandmasters suddenly stopped breathing for a moment. They sensed their lifebond swords suddenly shake inside their bodies.

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