Sword Dynasty Volume Eight Chapter 54 “Paying Tribute”

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Chapter Fifty-Four: Paying Tribute

This was a kind of resonance between realm sevens. When large amounts of primal energies of the universe flooded towards one place, when some of the primal energies that were connected to a person were pulled as well, then these realm seven cultivators would sense it.

Of course, this kind of resonance usually existed when people were fighting nearby, or when someone suddenly had a breakthrough within several dozen miles. Life bond energy was something that had been transformed by the merging of primal energies and a cultivator’s energies. They were not the same as the primal energies which existed in the world. Lifebond energy was unique to oneself. Other people could not mimic it, much less cause a resonance. The only possibility was if someone’s understanding of lifebond energy far surpassed them, and in some aspects of sword essence and energy, surpassed their lifebond energy’s own laws.

Such a thing in the world of cultivators meant being above them in cultivation. So when their lifebond items shook, these grandmasters naturally felt terror. Other than a few young grandmasters like Li Xixing who just reached realm seven, the other grandmasters had lived a long time, walked long paths, and seen many things that other people could not imagine. But in their knowledge, especially in the minds of the grandmasters who had entered or been close to Changling, back then Ba Mountain Sword Field had been at its peak before they reached realm seven, there was only one cultivator in the world that could cause such a resonance.

That person was recognized as the first of the sword after the Zhao Dynasty and the Zhao Sword Furnace were destroyed, Ba Mountain Sword Field’s Wang Jingmeng. When he fought his way into Changling, and faced all of the grandmasters from the different dynasties the sword in his hand had once caused energy resonance from all of the cultivators in Changling. Some of the lower ranked cultivators had been shocked, unable to grip their swords. When their swords fell to the ground, they vibrated in Wang Jingmeng’s direction like they were worshiping. This was the scene of all swords paying tribute.

Now, from the memories of many people, that familiar feeling appeared. Even if it was for a very short, almost non-existent moment, but that respect and awe, that feeling of invincibility and superiority was enough that people were certain that that person had returned.

In Changling, there was a cultivator who was not young compared to Li Xixing, but very young compared to the other grandmaster who silently sensed this resonance that was rare to see even once in a thousand years.

He was the leader of the God Killing Army, Bai Qi. Unlike other people, he and Ding Ning had once had a fierce fight. After he returned to Changling, he started to investigate and think about many things. So from the energy resonance, he sensed more than other people, and at a deeper level.

When he looked in the direction of Jiaodong Commandery, the scene which appeared in his mind was Ding Ning looking back at Changling. But unlike how he was looking over, in the scene in his mind, Ding Ning was looking down at Changling from very high up, sorrow in his eyes.

At this moment, Bai Qi understood completely. When a person was truly invincible, then he would disdain to use many lowly methods, and would not even think to use them. Some people were already strong enough but had never become the first sword of the world, had never been truly invincible.

The energy resonance was only for a moment, but Bai Qi was silent in thought for a long time. Then he started to walk, and left the imperial tomb.

The predecessor of the God Killing Armory was the previous Qin emperor’s assassin army. They guarded the previous emperor’s tomb. When Zheng Xiu took control of Changling, the God Killing Army changed completely, becoming an army of ghosts that was born to get revenge. But now, the God Killing Army no longer existed.

When Ye Celeng and Shen Xuan left Changling, when the people around Zheng Xiu died, Changling needed new leaders. Or rather, the mistress of the imperial palace needed new supporters. So when the order arrived, he walked from the darkness into the light.

He went from the commander of the God Killing Army to the vice chief of the Warden’s Office. And he was certain that soon, he would be promoted from vice to chief.

Many of the troops and generals within the Chu border had used silence to respond to the orders of Changling’s mistress. She needed a person powerful enough and cold-blood enough to control the Warden’s Office, and once again take control of most of the troops and generals.


“He advanced faster than I imagined.”

Yuanwu looked up and said slowly to Xu Fu next to him.

His carriage had already entered the Qin lands, and was slowly passing through Guanzhong. In half a day, they would reach the most important city of Guanzhong, Changluo. He was one of the people most familiar with Wang Jingmeng. From the moment he saw Ding NingFight, he was certain that Ding Ning was not the heir of the Nine Death Silkworm, but the Nine Death Silkworm reborn, so the resonance of the energies in his body were exceptionally strong. His entire energy, and even his soul was vibrating fiercely. As a result, there were circles of holy light constantly spreading around the carriage, driving away all dust in the surroundings, like a miracle.

Xu Fu bowed his head. There seemed to be a faint red light coming out of his energy sea. “If we fight now, I will win.” He took a deep breath and slowly responded to Yuanwu.

Yuanwu smiled faintly. He naturally understood Xu Fu’s meaning. He also knew that he spoke the truth. And for a person like Xu Fu who was never proud to say such words, it could only be to comfort him, so he would not be anxious.

“You can win now, but soon, can you still win against him?” He looked at Xu Fu, and then his smile faded. He shook his head and said softly, “Maybe soon, even if my wounds are healed, you and I working together may not win against him.”

Xu Fu looked up at him and said, “There will be other ways.”


In a quiet courtyard in Guanzhong, it was a lotus pond. In the bamboo tower by the lotus pond, the handsome Ye Xinhe was sitting silently.

He had once been a famed swordsman of Ba Mountain Sword Field, one of the leaders when the Qin Dynasty fought the other three dynasties. But those great wars, and even the battle of the Deer Mountain Conference where he almost died did not leave behind any trace on his timeless face.

His lifebond energies were resonating. Many fine lightning fell from the sky, falling to the lotus pond, carrying mysterious vitality which caused the lotus flowers to madly grow and bloom.

Feeling this resonance, sensing the return of someone from the past, this swordsman of Ba Mountain Sword Field did not feel any terror or anxiety. A faint scornful smile appeared on his lips.

People could not understand such feelings. But to start with, people did not know what he thought, because no one knew why he had betrayed Ba Mountain Sword Field and Wang Jingmeng.

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