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Section Seventeen: The Final Battle of the Great Tournament

Chapter One – The Brilliance of the Final Battle

But was this weakness really a weakness?

Sometimes, a mindset and experience was very useful, but sometimes, it was something that would harm people. For example when first meeting Aofeng, a nine-sword senior magister, a spirit magister may not respect her, but if a normal spirit magister did not, they may get bitten by Liao Ya to death.

Li Zhen was too proud, so he made the serious mistake of underestimating the enemy. Sometimes, experience would kill people!

As the Dragon Knights were knocked over, the other attendants on the field were shocked by the wild battle combat power of Aofeng’s little team. Qin Aotian and Xi Yun’s deep blue shamanic power and sword energy were things others were helpless against. Other than the known Yun Cheng, there were no other rank five experts seen in the competition. To become a magus scholar before the age of thirty-five, other than astounding talent, one needed outside help and luck. Most people did not have such conditions.

On Aofeng’s side, there were many people and high ranking magus beasts. People who wanted to fight Aofeng and the others had to weigh themselves. There were not many fights around their camp.

There were fearless people shooting celestial magic techniques, trying to knock the spirit magisters on the outside of the team down. However, those people were all mobbed by the high ranking magus beasts led by Lil’ Nine and beaten miserably. The three teams managed to rank in the top five of this competition without getting eliminated, and everybody was very happy.

Entering the top ten of the competition meant that they could take positions in the imperial court. They could even be invited for important roles. The ones who managed to make it here were all experts among experts.

“Come here.” Aofeng narrowed her black eyes and looked up at the blinding colors in the sky.

Right now, the sun was setting. Without knowing it, this great battle had continued for almost a day. The final battle was coming. As the platforms combined into an enormous platform, the entire arena boiled over. Glory would be given to these young war heroes. They may not care about the title of the empire, but no one disliked the feeling of being admired by tens of thousands of people.

Yun Cheng and Ye Sha’s teams had been on the other platform. The two had saved up some strength and did not fight against each other, so they both reached the final battle.

As the horn for the start of the battle was blown, excited shouts came from all four sides. There was no easy way to smooth over the conflict between the two sides of the Qin family or the grudge between Yun Cheng and Aofeng. When both sides met, great battles would occur!

The teams each took a corner of the platform. From a distance, Yun Cheng, Aofeng and the others looked at each other. Everybody could see the sparks between them.

“Qin Aofeng, Qin Aotian, I did not expect that it would take until the final battle to encounter you. But your good luck stops here!”

“You should feel lucky. Otherwise, you would have ended up with your teammates.”

The leaders Yun Cheng and Aofeng exchanged words coldly. Then, both sides pushed off and quickly clashed together!

The battle was about to start!

The other eight teams all moved to the side consciously. Even though all the teams had extraordinary power, they would not dare to rampage in the face of two terrifyingly strong teams who possessed magus scholar experts. At least, in tacit agreement, no one started to attack any others, but squeezed into a corner, looking at the two teams. They watched silently, and left the entire platform.

Which of the two who won would undoubtedly be the victor. No one was willing to miss the spectacular battle between experts.

In a flash, there was a full confrontation between the nine people on the two teams. Because the people who were knocked off the platform would be disqualified, some teams did not have all their members. Aofeng’s teams still had six people, while Qin Aoxue and the others had three spirit magisters eliminated in the last round. If the people who were weak were left in, they would be an obstruction.

Aofeng’s side used old tricks. They focused the power of the six and formed a blue shamanic barrier. Qin Aoxue and the other two people did not show weakness and faced this head on. Deep blue venerable swordsman energy surged out. Aofeng and the other five suddenly felt suffocated.

“Deep blue energy?”

“Who is that unknown person, a rank five professional? How come I have never heard of him!”

“No wonder Yun Cheng spoke so arrogantly all this time. So he had a hidden helper. Now, there is something to see!”

A small storm started in the arena. Everyone talked and pointed. Ordinarily, they did not have a good outlook on Yun Cheng. They had not expected that a person would appear at this key time. In the stands, Qin Lu’s expression got much better.

Two rank fives against two rank fives. Before Li Zhen’s strength was confirmed, it was hard to predict victory.

Aofeng was full of disdain. She twisted her lips and thought, an old yellow cucumber painted green. So old and pretending to be young. I curse your cucumber to break soon!

“So strong, what rank is this person?” Xi Yun panted and asked, his eyes wide.

“Everyone, be careful. He is an eight-star venerable swordsman,” Aofeng lowered her voice to say to the others, but her fighting spirit did not fade from her eyes.

Eight star-venerable swordsman? The people not in the know inhaled sharply. They looked with grimaces at Aofeng who was not willing to give in at all and had a determined expression. Were there any eight-star venerable swordsmen under thirty-five years old on the continent? A newborn calf did not fear the tiger. The other was clearly a fraud and Aofeng still wanted to fight him.

Forget it, young life was used for madness!

The strong fighting spirit that Aofeng gave off infected them. The others grew alert and attacked at full power.

A shocking confrontation came. The figures charging forward shook. Both sides were affected. However, Qin Aoxue and the other two only took a small step back while Aofeng and the others took a long way back before they could stabilize themselves. For the first time, they were in such a sorry state.

Six against three, but the ones who lost were Aofeng and the other five who had had smooth sailing all this time. This caused gasps from the stands. Aofeng and the others were experts above seven-star celestial magisters, and two were even magus scholars!

Aofeng looked at Li Zhen who was smiling smugly. She held her hand up and looked at it, murmuring, “Is this the power of an eight-star venerable swordsman……”

So strong. In the moment of contact, Aofeng almost had the thoughts that it was insurmountable. Luckily, this thought was destroyed by her confidence. Otherwise, not just in this competition, even in her future cultivation, this would become a difficult obstacle. If it formed a thought in her mind, it would be very troublesome.

“Of course not, he would not dare to use eight-star power right now. If he does, Lan Xiu will recognize him.” Yun Qinghong had a faint smile. “His strength now will be suppressed to around the four to five star level. You need to know, the power of a magus scholar will increase exponentially with each level. A four to five-sword magus scholar can equal dozens of one-sword magus scholars.”

A formidable enemy! As expected!

Aofeng took a deep breath. Her eyes flashed. Should she summon Chi?

Then she shook her head to get rid of the thought. Now, she could summon Chi to appear and help her fight without any restraint, but after many times, Aofeng found that she had an excessive dependence on Chi! This was not a normal dependence, but a mental one that may become a mental demon.

If Chi was present, everything could be defeated, and Chi would not leave her. But if she started to have such thoughts, her motivation would leave her, and her cultivation path would come tot an end. Aofeng could use magus beasts to help her fight, but she could not purely rely on Chi. She secretly made a decision that unless it was a time of true danger, she could not easily summon Chi.

Thinking of this, Aofeng thought for a moment, and then shouted in a clear voice, “Meng Yan, full-body armorization, Xiao Bing, Liao Ya, Ben Lei, Si Jian, Mei Jun, Arthurus, partial armorization!”

Combined magus beasts armor!

Silver light flashed. Aofeng was revealed in handsome armor. Black robes, black boots, a pair of grand silver wolf wings, two white burning clouds under her feet, a fine mask on her face, a while tasseled belt on her waist, white tiger hooked arm guards on her hands. But compared to last time, now, Arthurus had turned into a crimson gold bow that Aofeng wore on her back.

“Nine-sword celestial magister!” Li Zhen was very shocked. Previously, there had been many people, and everyone had been in armor. People would rarely notice what kind of star was under a person’s feet as they flashed and disappeared so quickly. But now, when Aofeng armorized on her own, everyone could see the five point celestial star under her feet clearly.

“Such terrifying leveling speed!”

“Damn, is he drinking valtz like water!”

Everyone, no matter if they knew her or not, could not help but twitch. Aofeng had just become a celestial magister. How long has it been since then? Aofeng had reached the peak of celestial magister!

Li Zhen rejoiced inside that he had come early. If there were a few more months, he may not have any hope in getting his revenge at all. With the strangeness of this brat, it would not be strange if the brat suddenly became a seven-sword magus scholar.

“Just with this armor, you cannot do anything against me. Celestial magic techniques cannot scratch me.” Li Zhen smiled coldly and said. His strength was such that even if Aofeng was in armor, it did not make a difference. His sword could even cut through divine beast armor!

Aofeng ignored Li Zhen’s sneer and pointed at the sky with a finger. Under the bright sun, a light blue giant sword appeared. The air in the surroundings immediately fluctuated. Black flying swords appeared around Aofeng’s body, each of them merging into the giant sword of light.

After a moment, a pitch back giant sword exuding pressure suddenly appeared in front of everyone. Under everyone’s wide gazes, Aofeng gripped the sword hilt and swung hard, the tip of the giant sword pointing right at Li Zhen’s nose.

“Old man, a celestial magic technique will not work, so what about this?”

The latter’s eyebrows jumped up. His eyes widened in disbelief and he murmured, “This……this is Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya’s……”

Chapter 4 | Table of Contents | Glossary | Chapter 2


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