Apocalypse Lord Chapter 66 “Eternal Night 2”

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Chapter 66 – Eternal Night 2

After the exploration, Lu Chuan returned to the territory, and found Yun Ling. “Grilled cod can be used to get night vision. I tried it, and it is very convenient for going out. Even without torches, your movements are not affected.”

Lu Chuan thought that he had made a great discovery, but the other had a calm expression and nodded after hearing. “I also learned this. If you have cooking skill, you can make steamed cod, and cod stewed with tofu, you can also get night vision.”

Hearing this, Lu Chuan sighed — it was so hard to get positive feelings of the lord to increase.

Thinking about this, he said, “I went out and encountered many fish people. After killing them, special equipment dropped.”

Then he took the items out.

Yun Ling looked closely.

The items attributes were —

[Name: Cod Liver Oil]

Quality: Normal

Use Effect: Temporary night vision (lasts 1 hour).

“So in other words,” Yun Ling analyzed, “use the dishes made from cod to get night vision. If you kill special monsters, there is a chance to get special items and you can also get night vision.”

“Both methods have shortcomings,” Lu Chuan warned. “Right now, the players mostly fish, but they may not catch cod, it may be bass, eel, carp or others.”

“You can get night vision items from monsters, but the drop rate is low. I killed over twenty, and only got three portions of cod liver fish.”

Yun Ling smiled and said meaningfully, “In the past, cod was hard to get, but it does not mean that it will be difficult in the future.”

The wharf had been unlocked, and there were many fish waiting for the fishing boats to go and catch them.

After waiting two days, the system finally spawned NPCs with the correct profession.

Level: 2

Attributes: Strength 10, Agility 6, Stamina 6, Intelligence 5, Spirit 5.

Combat Skills: None

Life Skills: Intermediate Woodworking, Elementary Fishing.

Craftable Items: Fishing Boat, (Wood) Harpoon.

Yun Ling was overjoyed and then gave the name “Fisherman A” and quickly arranged for him to start making fishing boats.

[Name: Fishing Boat]

Quality: Premium

Required Materials: 100 x Wood.

Use Effect: After being made, the boat can be used on the water to fish. (At most, carries only 2 people)

100 x Wood??

After seeing the required materials, Yun Ling was silent for a moment and then felt sincerely grateful.

Luckily, she was a hoarding fanatic. Otherwise, in the winter when fuel was scarce, who else would bear to take out so much wood in one go?

“I hoard, I am happy. The more I hoard, the happier I am.”

Yun Ling murmured as she allowed Fisherman A to go to the warehouse to move materials.

After arranging the new NPC, the system notification jumped out.

[F City — Xin Tong Town — Zhao Xin Tong: Please check today’s food.]

[F City — Xin Tong Town — Zhao Xin Tong: Boss, you asked previously about the wharf, is your territory near the water, and you are planning to unlock it?]

[F City — Xin Tong Town — Zhao Xin Tong: After the fishing boats are built, the NPCs will go out on the boat together, and then use harpoons and fishing nets to catch fish. If there are not fishing nets, the efficiency will be very low with the harpoons and you cannot get things like kelp.]

“I have unlocked the wharf already,” Yun Ling admitted, “I also want fishing nets. But I cannot get them through buying at high prices or trying to get blueprints.”

She suspected that there were no fishing nets in the game!

[F City — Xin Tong Town — Zhao Xin Tong: The fishing net blueprints will only drop by killing the merpeople boss. But the merpeople are not commonly seen and they stay in the sea. I spent a lot of effort to get just one.]

[F City — Xin Tong Town — Zhao Xin Tong: Luckily there is an old fisherman in my territory who knows how to weave. Usually, I just order it privately, and buy from him alone.]

[ F City — Xin Tong Town — Zhao Xin Tong: If Boss needs some, I can help you order.]

Yun Ling became alert. “Yes, twenty first.”

[F City — Xin Tong Town — Zhao Xin Tong: Opening with twenty, as expected of the boss (Laugh and cry).]

[F City — Xin Tong Town — Zhao Xin Tong: It’ll take two days for the first 10 fishing nets, and the others after 5-7 days.]

Yun Ling said, “Okay.”

The matters were gradually getting on track. What she had to do next was just wait.

Day 225.

Because of the close cooperation with Xin Tong town, Rising Cloud City received a batch of cod products that could be sold to the residents.

[Name: Steamed Cod]

Quality Normal Use Effect: Temporary night vision (lasts 1 hour).

Price: 50 copper coins.

“Night vision? Are these like the heat relieving drinks in the summer, the night vision is to help the players adjust to the night environment?”

“I had not expected cod to have such an effect……”

“The goods from the restaurant are as expensive as usual. Did any expert predict this and learn cod recipes beforehand? We can catch our own cod and cook it ourselves!”

“Even if there are no recipes, the cooking masters can cook cod! After eating the food, we will enjoy the buff effect. Now, the question is, where did the cod come from?”

The residents were making noise and talking about everything.

Before the restaurant menu was changed, there were only a few people who knew that cod products could give night vision. Most people were confused and limited in their thinking.

After the restaurant menu changed, players suddenly realized — so other than the torches, there was also this way! They immediately gathered the power of the crowd and came together to think of ways.

Seeing the new dishes on the shelves, Tian Zhe Han’s thoughts moved — in the past, when the team killed a monster, they had picked up a fishing net. The reason that he had dug a fishpond was because the fishing net was useful and it was easy to catch fish fry. Now, it seemed the fishing net had a new use.

The only problem was he did not know where to go to catch fish.

In the lakes, rivers and streams he had gone to before, he had seen many species, but no cod.

A light flashed through his deputy leader’s eyes. ” Cod is a salt water fish, there is a seaside near Rising Cloud City.”

Tian Zhe Han immediately understood. He said lightly, “We will not mine today, let’s visit the sea.”

Just as Yun Ling accepted the saying that “fishing net blueprints would only drop after killing the merpeople boss” and was preparing to go get a team and kill merpeople, the system unexpectedly spawned a new NPC.

Level: 3

Attributes: Strength 8, Agility 8, Stamina 7, Intelligence 5, Spirit 5.

Combat Skills: None

Life Skills: Advanced Sewing, Intermediate Fishing.

Craftable Items: Linen Fishing Net (White), Cotton Fishing Net (blue), Silk Fishing Net (purple).

Yun Ling:”……”

This was likely the majesty of the level 3 mission hall.

The NPC talent she thought would not appear actually appeared.

Yun Ling sighed and named “Fisherman B”, ordering him to prepare cotton fishing nets.

Day 226, early in the morning.

[F City — Xin Tong Town — Zhao Xin Tong: Through movement of resources and planning, 10 linen fishing nets have been prepared!]

Somehow, Yun Ling sensed an air of “praise me, praise me, praise me well.”

She laughed. “Thank you.”

[F City — Xin Tong Town — Zhao Xin Tong: Boss, you are welcome!]

[F City — Xin Tong Town — Zhao Xin Tong: Right, let me tell you the precautions you need to pay attention during use.]

[F City — Xin Tong Town — Zhao Xin Tong: Because it is player-made, the durability limit is low. Also, linen products are prone to getting wet and moldy on rainy days. So during old times, when people fish for two days, they will have to spend three days drying the fishing nets.]

[F City — Xin Tong Town — Zhao Xin Tong: I have found people to test that it is best to do so in the game as well. Fish for two days, dry for two. This way, the fishing net efficiency is the highest.]

[F City — Xin Tong Town — Zhao Xin Tong: In the end, this is a consumable, and after a while, it will be worn down and will not be usable. But Boss, do not worry, other than you, I do not plan to sell the fishing nets to others. If I only provide them to Xin Tong Town and Rising Cloud City, it should be fine.]

At this moment, Yun Ling had complicated feelings.

While she was very grateful for Zhao Xin Tong’s generosity, she already had a better choice, and did not need to buy fishing nets from outside.

But facing the other’s kindness, she could not just directly refuse. Thinking, she said, “How are the self-made fishing nets? Let me see.”

[F City — Xin Tong Town — Zhao Xin Tong: Okay.]

Zhao Xin Tong showed the attributes of the nets.

[Name: Linen Fishing Net]

Quality: Normal Durability:12/12.

Use Effect: Fishing.

Yun Ling:”……”

She was speechless and did not know what to say.

[F City — Xin Tong Town — Zhao Xin Tong: How is it? Isn’t it great!]

Yun Ling silently showed the linen fishing nets and cotton fishing net attributes to the other side.

[Name: Linen Fishing Net]

Quality: Normal

Durability: 20/20

Use Effect: Fishing.

[Name: Cotton Fishing Net]

Quality: Normal

Durability: 40/40

Use Effect: Fishing.

[F City — Xin Tong Town — Zhao Xin Tong: ! ! !]

[F City — Xin Tong Town — Zhao Xin Tong: Didn’t you say that you could not get fishing nets?]

[F City — Xin Tong Town — Zhao Xin Tong: Can there be any trust between people!]

At this time, Zhao Xin Tong had tears covering her face.

It had been Boss saying that she needed fishing nets, so she had been daring in recommending herself.

If she had known before that Boss had people in this area before, she would not have humiliated herself……

12/12, 20/20, the difference between this was like the boss getting full marks while she just reached the passing line. Not to mention 40/40, that was a leapfrog!

Yun Ling said, “This is a misunderstanding.”

Yun Ling said, “In the past, I was unable to buy, but recently, the system spawned an NPC who knows how to make different kinds of fishing nets.”

Yun Ling said, “In the past, I agreed to buy 20 fishing nets, and this will not be changed. Do not worry.”

[F City — Xin Tong Town — Zhao Xin Tong: ……but I am too embarrassed to buy.]

[F City — Xin Tong Town — Zhao Xin Tong: Boss, can we talk about this? If you have extra fishing nets, can you give some to me? I find it annoying to replace fishing nets so often.]

[F City — Xin Tong Town — Zhao Xin Tong: In the past, I had no choice and had to deal with it. But now there is a better choice, and I do not want to bear it!]

Yun Ling readily agreed. “Okay.”

In the blink of an eye, the buyer and the seller changed positions, and Rising Cloud City once again became a supplier.

Zhao Xin Tong felt fear. I had been too proud in wanting to think I could support the boss.

Day 227.

The fishing boats entered the sea, and the fisherman took the fishing nets and set sail.

One needed fishing skill in order to take a boat onto the water.

Those who had “Elementary Fishing” had a harvest of about 80-100% of the average.

Those who had the “Intermediate Fishing” skill had a harvest of 90%-110%.

Those who had “Advanced Fishing” skill had a harvest on average 100-120%.

Because manpower was short right now, Yun Ling sent out everyone who could be sent out. In the future, when there were more NPCs, the boat builders, the net weavers and the fishermen could be divided.

“I hope there is a good harvest.” Seeing the fishing boats move away, Yun Ling had an expression of anticipation.

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