Sword Dynasty Volume Eight Chapter 56 “Shield, Spear, Sword, Personal Attendant”

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Chapter Fifty-six: Shield, Spear, Sword, Personal Attendant

The Jie Fish slowly sank. Ding Ning’s figure passed through the thick white mist, and he officially landed on the Jiaodong Commandery’s secret land.

He stepped onto a clean white beach. When his perception sensed downwards, he knew that this region where the warm and cold currents met and on the path of the floating island had originally been formed from a coral reef. Jiaodong Commandery had planted many water grasses below. The grasses slowly took hold of all of the debris under the island and they were hollow inside, having a great ability to float, causing this floating island to grow steadier and more buoyant over time.

The moment that he truly stepped onto the island, the pure white beach instantly turned black. A dark power surged out of the depths of the island and swept at him.

This dark power was not the same as the yin energy that the Qi cultivators possessed. It was not formed from the energies given off by dead things, but seemed to be a special material that had formed over hundreds of years in a dark abyss. This kind of power was hard to deal with using the normal methods of the cultivation withhold, so in the perceptions of any cultivator, it was naturally more terrifying.

The pure white beach turned black, and a dark wind blew like there were several enormous shadows sweeping towards Ding Ning. But an unspeakable bitter smile appeared at the corners of his mouth.

This was the power of a formation, coming from the past You Emperor. And this power was one that he had told Zheng Xiu in the past. In other words, on the original foundation of Jiaodong Commandery’s formation, Zheng Xiu, who had been chosen to determine the fate of Jiaodong Commandery, had added such a formation here after taking over the true Jiaodong Commandery.

Such a formation, and the Jie Fish loyal to her became two locks, so that her family members in Jiaodong Commandery could not enter this place. Other than herself, only the ones she sent could enter this place.

But such methods originally came from him. Many years ago, she entered Changling, and in the end stole everything from him and Ba Mountain Sword Field. But she never had thought that he would be able to appear here after many years, and step onto her secret land.

Ding Ning stretched out his right hand. He did not make any extra movements, and just let the Nine Death Silkworm flow out of his body.

Accompanied by the whispers, countless invisible silkworms consumed the enormous shadows. In the next moment, cracking sounds came from deep within the island.

The dark powers suddenly seemed to collapse, like they were so afraid they destroyed themselves.

The Nine Death Silkworm had been the ultimate method of the You Emperor. It was like the main outline of all these methods. To yin energy of such a level, any energy from the Nine Death Silkworm was extremely strong.

As the beach turned back white, the invisible power which restrained the mist on the island also faded greatly. When the ocean wind blew, the mist onto the island dissipated, and the view grew clear.

Zhang Shiwu, Lin Zhujiu and Zhangsun Qianxue were on the snail ship which was very close to the beach where Ding Ning was. But at this time, four fierce fiendish energies shot from the corners of the island, all of them with a thick medicine energy, heading at Ding Ning.

These were the guardians of the island, true death warriors. Their minds had been lost through all kinds of medicines. They were medicine slaves who felt no terror or pain. Even more importantly, these medicine slaves were realm seven cultivators to start with.

Even though they had lost their minds, turning to machines who only knew to kill, because they had no emotions, so from a certain point of view, their combat power was stronger than before, and some of their attacks were illogical.

At this time, these four medicine slaves were targeting Ding Ning who first stepped onto island. Among the four fiendish energies, a figure that was as black as iron broke through the air and charged at the front.

This was a very large cultivator. His body was even larger than Marquis Xu of Hengshan. Some medicine had been used to stimulate his bones and flesh. He had no excess fat on him, only hard muscles which were sharply defined like rock.

Such a large cultivator was faster than the other three medicine slaves. Also, his attack was unusually direct and unreasonable. He used his body to crash towards Ding Ning. He was like a giant black stone from a catapult, crashing over crudely, but during the flight, he kept on moving energy to gather at his body.

As the energies gathered, twisted black lines appeared in the air around him. These black lines were very similar to the patterns of the Qin Dynasty’s hundred tempered iron, like the patterns formed when the ore was folded and beaten constantly. When he was just a hundred feet away from Ding Ning, a giant round iron shield seemed to form around his body.

He became a giant shield.

Of the three medicine slaves following him, one of them was thin and tall. Lifebond energy surged in his hands, forming a deep blue lifebond spear. This long spear was over thirty feet long. As he dashed and stabbed, the deep blue tip of the spear passed through the black line patterns without any hindrance, overtaking the giant shield.

Such a scene felt like this first medicine slave left a hole for the second medicine slave when raising a shield, and the second medicine slave accurately piercing the opening with a spear towards Ding Ning. The thrust of the spear was faster than the shield, but it was not the fastest.

Right behind the second medicine slave, there was a medicine slave who was similarly huddled behind the giant shield. As his lifebond energy surged, a sword light appeared. His lifebond item was a deep green flying sword. This flying sword was so fast it created sonic booms in the air with a series of explosions, it was like there were thousands of flying swords heading at Ding Ning.

Also of the four medicine slaves, the last medicine slave’s weapon was even more special. The moment he appeared, he held a giant bow in his hand. Strange mist and strong energy vibrations sprayed out from the two ends of the bow. It clearly was a bow made from the horn of some giant beast from the ocean. There was likely no need for arrows. Just by this bow and his own vital energy, it was possible to gather large amounts of energy to form arrows.

He did not carry a quiver on his back like the Qin archers, but a long blade on his black and a short blade hanging from his waist. Such a kind of attire was that of a personal attendant who had been trained in body and reaction speed far beyond most cultivators.

In the armies of the Qin Dynasty, some of the swordsmen who used flying swords would be equipped with a personal attendant like this. When a powerful swordsman was using all their power to control a flying sword in fight, on the chaotic battlefield, such a personal attendant could prevent the other from being ambushed by some lower ranking cultivators, or be hit and killed by the turbulent flows of energies.

Shield and spear, flying sword and personal attendant. This was a powerful team on the Qin Dynasty’s battlefields. These four people together here were also a powerful team. Even more importantly, they were medicine slaves, and realm seven grandmasters.

When four killing intents fell towards Ding Ning at the same time, even the Jie Fish by the water sensed the terrifying nature of the combined attack of the quartet, and it started to tremble slightly.

Chapter 55 |  Table of Contents | Chapter 57


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