Sword Dynasty Volume Eight Chapter 57 “Six Rooms”

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Chapter Fifty-Seven: Six Rooms

With such a quartet, even if they were realm six cultivators, on the battlefield, they would be able to ash bush and kill a realm seven. Four realm seven cultivators who could form such a perfect killing formation on the battlefield would likely be able to kill any enemy realm seven on the battlefield.

However, when the four killing intents fell towards Ding Ning, Lin Zhujiu and the others by the shore showed no signs of acting. Because the four medicine slaves were facing Ding Ning, and he could not be rivaled by any realm seven. Because then in Changling, such an assault team was nothing.

So right now, in Lin Zhujiu’s eyes, there was a long-lost emotion, a light of hope. No one had ever had a perfect sword essence like him. Back then he first met Wang Jingmeng, when he saw him fight with the sword, he had been amazed. Then in many more fights, seeing him face the enemy, seeing his many sword moves, it was an indescribable pleasure to a cultivator like him.

And now, it had been many years since he had seen a sword like this.

The shadow of the shield and the spear over shadowed Ding Ning on the white beach, locked onto his energy. These two realm seven medicine slaves sensed all the minute changes of Ding Ning’s body and predicted his possible movements.

Ding Ning moved at this time. He turned without any finesse, and faced the spear which first headed towards him. his body moved, the first to change was actually that personal attendant. The surrounding moisture in the air quickly gathered towards the giant horned bow in his hand. The glowing water drops contracted from the ends of the bow, gathering on his fingers and forming a crystal arrow of water.

Terrifying energy rippled off the arrow, and bird cries like a phoenix incessantly sounded in the air.

Ding Ning was slightly surprised. He looked up at the horned bow in the slave’s hand. With this look, this medicine slave paused. He could lock onto Ding Ning’s position but could not attack because Ding Ning was standing at this time under a corner of the shield, a dead corner he could not reach with his arrow.

Ding Ning had just simply turned, and moved forward, but managed to seal his attack. Then he drew his sword.

A simple move.

A lifebond presence surged out of his hand, turning into the Great Punishment Sword. Some violent energies appeared in the air, turning into strange lights which quickly attached to the Great Punishment Sword’s blade. The blade seemed to turn thinner and sharper instantly. Then his sword cut on the tip of the spear coming at him, and then on the shield.

The spear broke as did the shield. This attack had accurately locked onto the energy of the spear and the shield without any finesse.

The tip of the spear fell down by Ding Ning’s side. He passed through the cut shield, and brushed by these two medicine slaves. His sword passed as well, and the heads of the medicine slaves duo floated up.

There were only two of the four left.

The slave with the water arrow on his fingers did not the hesitate. He released the water arrow, and then pulled out the long blade on his back. Subconsciously, he felt that he and Ding Ning were already too close. At such a distance, any minute movement of a cultivator could cause them to easily dodge the direct attack from the arrow. But in his view, such an arrow could still win some time for him. Also, there was still a flying sword with its afterimages still in front of him.


When the arrow was released, there was no sharp sound of the air tearing, but a loud boom. The arrow turned into a water dragon which headed at Ding Ning. A green flying sword fell from the sky, the afterimages mixed together like countless peacock feathers were falling down.

Ding Ning looked up slightly. He looked at the countless sword shadows and lifted his sword. A clear crack sounded among the deep roar of the water dragon moving through the air.

The sword shadows retracted. Where Ding Ning’s sword light fell, the green flying sword’s true body was exposed, having turned into two pieces of a broken sword, falling miserably like a snapped dragonfly.

At the same time, Ding Ning and the water dragon brushed by, and he slashed at the medicine slave who was just pulling out the blade from his back. Rather than a slash, it was more like a swipe. Because Ding Ning’s movement was too smooth and light, and this medicine slave was at the end of his sword tip.

This slash felt as though even if the sword tip sliced his body, it would just leave behind a faint wound. But the medicine slave facing Ding Ning’s attack did not feel like this at all. He sensed that the blade in his hand could not block this attack. Accompanied by a roar from deep in his energy sea, he pulled out the short blade at his waist with his left hand and attacked Ding Ning’s sword tip.

Ding Ning’s gaze landed on his body. His sword move did not change at all, and the sword light cut through the opening between the two blades.

This medicine slave froze. He watched Ding Ning’s sword tip slice across his chest. The tip of the sword only left behind a faint red mark, but in the next moment, there were popping swords from within the red mark as the sword energies kept on moving deeper into his body. His body was cut apart like a piece of paper.

In the end, this medicine slave coughed up blood. His lifebond sword had been cut down, and his energy sea was greatly wounded.

Ding Ning put his sword away, and his gaze landed on the brow of the medicine slave. A red dot appeared on the brow. There had been a drop of fresh blood flying in the air carried along by his sword when he sheathed his sword, and it ended up falling to the medicine slave’s brow. The power of the drop of blood was not great, but to a cultivator whose lifebond item had been destroyed and his internal energies were turbulent, it was enough to be fatal.

There was a soft pop at the back of the medicine slave’s head. A mist of blood surged out of the back of his head. Then this slave’s body drop the softly to the ground.

Ding Ning stood silently. The corpses of the four medicine slaves had fallen around him.

Looking at such a scene, Lin Zhujiu was full of emotion. Even realm seven cultivators, under such perfect sword moves, appeared very frail, no different from low rank cultivators.

The Wang Jingmeng of the past had been this strong. Or rather, the Ding Ning of the present was even stronger.

Lin Zhujiu, Zhang Shiwu, and Zhangsun Qianxue went ashore. They followed behind Ding Ning, passing through the white beach and a mangrove forest, to the buildings of the island.

It was not possible to see clearly from a distance through the white mist. How, they saw that there were six rooms standing in front of them, six enormous warehouses. These six warehouses were made from the dark and heavy wood of the sea. They could not be corroded by the sea wind, but gave off an aged sense.

Each of the warehouses were very large, like Nether Floats beached on the island.

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