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Chapter 69 – Spring of the Third Year

Spring, the sunlight was warm, and the breeze was gentle.

Lu Chuan was eating the egg roll that he had bought when the system suddenly sounded. “Players Zhu Xing Guo and Lu Xiu Li request to enter. Will you allow it?”

Who? He did not know them.

Lu Chuan pressed refuse.

After a drink of soy milk, the same system notification came again. “Players Zhu Xin Guo, and Lu Xiu Li request to enter. Will you allow this?”

What did this mean? They were staying by the door and refusing to leave?

Lu Chuan thought for a moment, and agreed. He wanted to see why the other was insisting on coming in.

“Good morning, sorry for the disturbance, please forgive us.” When the door opened, a man in his thirties walked in with a large smile.

He was fat and he looked honest. When people saw him, they could not avoid feeling close.

There was a woman in her twenties following him, with bright and beautiful features. Her features were very soft and moving, and also very seductive.

Lu Chuan saw this, and only had one thought in his head — she looked weak, how had she survived until today?

“I am Zhu Xin Guo, this is Miss Lu Xiu Li,” the man introduced.

“Why knock on the door?” Lu Chuan headed for the main subject.

Zhu Xin Guo patiently explained, “Today, we received a system warning that if we make it through the third year, the game will end.”

“After the hardship of the winter season, a third of our teammates have been lost, and we have almost exhausted our supplies.”

“Right now, we are low on manpower, and need new blood. It would be wonderful if experts are willing to join!”

Lu Chuan glanced at Zhu Xin Guo. “You need to take along a female player to invite players to join?”

The implication was clear. They were trying to use seduction.

Zhu Xin Guo had a calm expression and said slowly, “Our team is in a special situation, and we have taken in mostly weak female players. If the members get together and make a good match, then it is a good thing, right?”

As he spoke, Lu Xiu Li went forwards with a smile, like she wanted to get close to speak.

But then along the way, her foot twisted, and she fell towards Lu Chuan’s arms.

Lu Chuan was an archer, and naturally had added points to his agility. Seeing this, he dodged to the side, and his voice was icy. “Do not even think of trying to stage a crash.”

Zhu Xin Guo, “……”

Lu Xiu Li, “……”

The air was awkward for a moment.

Zhu Xin Guo coughed softly. “How is this staging a crash? You are joking, she was just not careful.”

“I have a girlfriend.” Lu Chuan looked coldly at the pair, and lied. “She wants to crash into my arms because she wants an expert to join the team, or to attract hate for the team?”

Lu Xiu Li’s expression froze and she shook her head in panic.

Without realizing it, Zhu Xin Guo had a fine layer of sweat on his forehead. He forced a smile and tried to end this. “If you are not willing, then we will not disturb you.”

“Get out.” Lu Chuan did not look pleased. “If you keep on going, before the game acts, I will deal with your team.”

“We are going, we are going.” Zhu Xin Guo pulled Lu Xiu Li, turning and quickly walking away.

Lu Chuan was the only person left in the stone house.

He was in a bad mood as he drank the rest of the soy milk. His tone was half angry and half helpless. “The one who should have enlightenment has not yet done so, and the ones who should not fawn are fawning.”

[The Residences Are upgraded to level 3.]

Residence (level 3): Simple wood houses, stone houses, and separate villas for residents to live in. Requires 100/500/3000 copper coins to make. (At the current level, at most, 3000 can be built)

“There are enough stone houses, who would buy villas?”

Thinking about this, Yun Ling built 50 stone houses and 50 wood houses, expanding the residential area.

Just after the houses were built, one person fled back to the territory in panic. “Not good! Outside, outside, there are so many bosses!”

The residents who had stayed in the territory were stunned. “Aren’t bosses rare?”

“This is true!!” That person swore that it was dangerous outside the territory.

“Slow down, speak slowly and in detail,” Yun Ling comforted.

Maybe because that person had reached the safety area, he calmed down, and his words became organized. “This morning, I went with a friend to the stream to catch fish. My friend is a fishing expert. When he sits by the stream, he can catch a lot of fish with a fishing pole. I recently bought a fishing net, and when the net goes down, I will also get a lot.”

“At the start, everything was going well, and the gains were far better than normal. But at this time, a wild black boar boss appeared, and knocked us down!”

“We packed up the fishing nets and poles, carrying the wood buckets, preparing to leave. But then a black snake boss suddenly shot out of the grass, and bit my friend. My friend was bleeding, poisoned, and could only move slowly.”

“Then, a hawk boss dove down, and attacked my friend’s ankle with multiple wind blades. Because of the severity of the wounds, he died immediately, and did not even realize what had happened.”

“Three bosses appeared together near the territory, do you dare to believe this?” That person had a frightened look. “My shoes are purple, and I sprinted like I was mad to escape back! If my equipment was any less, and I was more unlucky…..”

At the end, he shivered uncontrollably.

Hearing this, the residents were in uproar.

“Three bosses working together to attack players? Is it the players hunting the monsters or the monsters hunting the players?”

“Everything can be done once, twice, thrice, but not four times. So before the fourth time comes, they are trying to kill everyone??”

“The trash game is being inhumane again!”

“It is this difficult at the start of the third year’s spring. There is no need to play, the team will die.”

The curses kept on coming.

At this time, three other players fled back to the territory in a sorry state.

“My new wood stick was bitten through by the white wolf boss!”

“The brown bear boss swiped casually, and my cloth armor was torn into pieces, now useless.”

“When we left, there were eight of us, we said that with all of us, we could try to hunt a boss, but there were two bosses! After fighting a while, more than half the people were dead!”

The three people sobbed, rejoicing for having survived, and sad at the unlucky deaths of their fellows.

Hearing that going out and encountering a boss was not an exception, the air froze.

All the players present were considering a question — was it so dangerous outside right now? Then, if they went out of the city to get water, would they be attacked?

When the thought formed, one person ran back in a panic, and shouted madly, “I went to the stream to get water, and a boss chased me!!”

The residents, “……”

It was the truth. They were finished.

“The high levels can happily fight the bosses, what about the low levels? Would they be unable to leave the territory at all?” Someone murmured.

Most of those present were life skills players, but they lived in Rising Cloud City. Their relationship with Rising Cloud City was that they would prosper together and fall together.

If the combat players had less income, would the others have a better life? To speak of nothing else, the foraging materials would decrease.

What if there was not enough food? Would everyone have to starve together?

Thinking this, anxiousness spread. Many people had worried expressions, and their mood was heavy.

At this time, the only thought in Yun Ling’s head was — luckily the farmland was level 3, the wharf was level 3, and the warehouse was full of stock.

The old saying “Accumulate grain to ward off hunger” was so right!

He Rong hid in the grass, crouching down, and carefully looking around.

The stream water flowed, winding and curving into the distance. The surroundings were silent, like there was no one but him hiding here.

It seemed to be fine?

Thinking like this, He Rong ran to the steam, and picked up a water fern.

Water fern could be eaten raw, could be stir fried, it was fragrant, crisp, and sweet, very appetizing.

After picking the vegetables, he picked up some more mushrooms and fungus to take back to make a vegetable porridge.

By now, He Rong had thought it through. The wilderness was too dangerous. With his strength, if he tried to fight the boss, he would just give away his life. It was better to pick food, and live day by day.

In any case, he was just alone, and only had to take care of himself.

He was an official resident of Rising Cloud City. He did not have to pay the overnight fee each day, and only needed to fill his stomach.

In any case……after a while, the game would finish.

If he survived, it was victory!

He Rong motivated himself, and sped up the foraging, trying to leave as soon as possible.

Puff puff puff. Three spikes shot on the ground, just a step away from He Rong.

He paled. If he had not just finished picking the water ferns and changed position, wouldn’t he have been pierced by the spikes just now?!

During his daze, the tree stood up, the branches dancing and tying him up without a word.

“Damn!” He Rong’s heart dropped.

What were people afraid of when they were out? Being attacked by powerful monsters.

What was the worst about being attacked? Getting a negative state, being controlled, and having speed limited so there was no hope for fleeing.

Being completely tied up like this was undoubtedly the worst situation.

“Save me!!” If he did nothing, there was only one road in front of him, death. He Rong shouted in despair, “Is anyone there? Save me!”

The branches swung, and made him hit the trunk. He Rong was dizzy.

“Save me…..save me……” He Rong was on the verge of unconsciousness, and was instinctively begging for help.

A hedgehog ran out, aiming at the prey, and bending to attack.

Then there were multiple shouts. “Spirit Burn!”

“Meteor Shower!”

“Meteor Fall.”


“Ice Spike!”


The flames, stones, and ice spikes swept at the hedgehog.

At the same time, a white light landed on He Rong and his HP rose back up.

“A team coming to help?” He Rong was shocked and overjoyed.

“Charge.” The warriors charged and knocked the hedgehog over.

“Enwind.” The mage attacked and locked down the target.

“Chaos Stick!” The sticks rained down, and stunned the boss.

Then the second round of spells arrived. The hedgehog boss was unable to react before it was drowned by the spells. It silently fell down.

“So great!” He Rong’s spirits lifted, and he felt he had hope.

The tree boss was angered, the branches dancing and lashing at the new players.

One female player strode forward, and held a shield at the front. The attacks did not create obvious damage to her. But the tree branches turned black like they had been burned.

The tree monsters gave a howl of pain and grew more mad.

The female player ordered, “Prepare fire, burn off the branches. Assassins, prepare the rescue immediately.”

He Rong was bouncing up and down with the branches, and it felt like he was on a roller coaster. In his dizziness, he saw the rescuers out of the corner of his eye.

He saw that most of the members were wearing masks, and only the female player giving orders was unmasked. He felt very shocked.

Such a strong team!

They worked together well, and knew when to advance and retreat.

Also, the team had all the professions, and the configuration was balanced. They were not like other teams who greatly lacked one profession or another, their shortcoming obvious.

Who were these people? How come he had never seen them before?

As he was thinking, his sight blacked out, and he almost fainted.

All his thoughts dissipated.

He Rong called for help again, hoping that he would be put down early.

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