Apocalypse Lord Chapter 71 “Hoarding 1”

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Chapter 71 – Hoarding 1

In the room.

You Qing Wen and Zheng Ming Yue were together, talking in low voices.

At this time, three members came hurriedly into the room.

One person said, “Leader, I looked on the market, and found from the hundreds of posts, none of them were selling recovery items. This is not normal. In the past, they were few, but people would sell them.”

Another person said, “I went around Rising Cloud City, and found the prices of the recovery items have grown 40%-50%, and the supply cannot keep up with demand. If the items are brought out, other players would clean them out.”

“And also the simple bandages, and high quality bandages. They are selling well, and the stock is being emptied.”

“Right now, if you want to request a tailor to make bandages, you must go to them with the materials, and also, the appointments are five days later.”

It was the third person’s turn. He had a serious expression. “The wind is not right. Some people are going mad in hoarding, trying to turn all the copper coins into items, not caring if the price is high.”

“In the last few days, it wasn’t just the life skills players’ bandages selling like crazy. Even the bandages being sold by the Tailor Shop are selling out each day.”

“It seems like if they are a bit slow, their copper coins will not be able to be spent.”

“During wartime, strategic resources are more useful than money.” Zheng Ming Yue thought for a moment and decided. “We will take money and buy buy buy, join the hoarding army!”

“I agreed.” You Qing Wen seconded. “After buying the official resident status, there was no place for us to spend our money. At most, we would add a few pieces of good equipment if we encountered them.”

She had “finished a special mission” and had special channels to do business together with the lord of the territory. During these days, she had made a lot.

They would change the copper coins into high level equipment, recovery items, and food. Then, no matter what happened next, they would be able to deal with it.

“So it is settled. Call the other people in the team to go out together, and buy as much as possible,” Zheng Ming Yue announced.

The members realized the severity of the problem, nodded and quickly started to move.


After spring started, the collection missions of the mission hall got lower and lower completion. In the last few days, there were only twenty or so missions finished. It was pitiful.

Yun Ling knew that the players had gradually formed the habit of hoarding and bartering. After a while, the mission hall would be nothing.

Thinking, she changed the mission content.

[Hand in 10x linen cloth, 2x silk thread to trade for 1x simple bandages.]

[Hand in 40x linen cloth, it 10x silk thread to trade for 1x linen backpack.]

[Hand in 2x rice to trade for 1x rice porridge.]

[Hand in 2x cornmeal, 2x flour to trade for 1x mixed grain steamed bun.]

To make a simple bandage, one needed 5 linen and 1 silk thread. To make a linen backpack, one needed 20 linen, and 5 silk threads. To make rice porridge, one needed 1 portion of rice. To make a mixed grain steamed bun, one needed 1 portion of cornmeal, and 1 portion of flour.

Yun Ling took in two portions of material, and gave back one portion of finished goods. She had a very profitable business.

But even so, when the players saw the new collection missions, they were still shocked and overjoyed. “Right now, it is not possible to get recovery items even if you have the copper coins. It is so good you can just trade with game materials!”

Then, they traded all the materials they had hoarded in the last few days.

Looking at the “2x rice”, “6x cornmeal” “6x flour” and other lines flowing across the window, Yun Ling had a smile. “The players get items, I get materials, everyone is happy.”

Thinking like this, she opened the territory window.

[The Restaurant is upgraded to level 3.]

[The area taken up is expanded, the workshop is enlarged. You can employ 10 workers at maximum.]

“There is still the Woodworking Workshop, and the residences which are level 2.” Yun Ling smiled and closed the window.

As to the remaining buildings, because there were so many choices in what to unlock, her eyes were dazzled, and she did not know what to pick.

Also, if she kept this building slot, if there were any omissions, she would be able to make up for it in time.

Thinking like this, Yun Ling was not in a hurry to unlock.


In the stone room.

There were twenty wood barrels on the east side, filled with rice, flour, and cornmeal.

There was a cabinet on the west side. If the cabinet was open, it would be possible to see purple and orange light mixing within. There were a dozen enchantment crystals waiting to be used.

In the dozens of grass baskets on the North side, there was raw meat, cooked meat, and also all kinds of recovery foods.

In the six grass baskets in the northern most side were bandages.

“I have hoarded so much, it should be enough to use?” Lu Chuan thought.

Before he could conclude the system notification appeared, “Player Yun Ling requests to enter. Will you allow it?”

It was so rare. A rare guest.

Lu Chuan agreed.

Opening the door, Yun Ling immediately asked, “There is a cave not far from here, with ten bosses living inside. How about teaming up and going together?”

“How come you thought of inviting me?” Lu Chuan asked.

Yun Ling said, “……didn’t you say that you hoped the lord would give more missions?”

She had thought for a while to get a relatively reliable one.

Sending Lu Chuan to deliver materials to the system shops counted as a mission, but it was trivial and not effective. Running around was just a waste of time.

Yun Ling felt that a mission like that was not a reward, but a punishment, so she carefully chose before speaking.

Lu Chuan, “……”

The important point was to increase positive feelings!

What did fighting monsters count as?

Never mind, Lu Chuan thought. The lord willing to arrange missions on her own was unprecedented in history. He could not demand too much.

“Wait a moment,” he said. “I will clean up and then we can leave.”


Yun Ling went in to wait.

Seeing the house full of strategic materials, she was full of emotions. “Some people are slow and have not yet realized it. You have already finished your preparations.”

Lu Chuan answered, “Preparedness averts peril.”

As he packed up his brown leather backpack and organized his purple quiver, he chatted. “Recently, the recovery items are in short supply, do you have enough linen cloth?”

The linen cloth was an important material for making bandages. If there were not enough linen cloth to use, then the bandages could not be made.

Yun Ling said without even thinking, “There is a lot of flax being planted in the fields. There is enough of the stock to be used for a long time.”

Lu Chuan was slightly shocked. “But the simple bandages and high quality bandages from the tailor shops are clearly……”

Before he finished, he reacted.

Yun Ling said with a smile, “Even if the price is high, and there is a rule of limited purchases, there are many who want to buy bandages. Since the supply cannot keep up with demand, I ordered the NPCs to sell a certain amount each day at random times.”

So the “random times” was that in the 24 hours of the day, the stock may be refreshed any minute. Sometimes two, sometimes three, sometimes five.

If players had keen eyes and fast hands to grab them, then the shelves looked like they were sold out. If other people wanted to buy, they had to wait for the refresh.

In any case, there were always people who were unable to buy. It was better to make it more fair and luck based. Her thought was so simple.

Lu Chuan was silent and did not speak for a long time.

“But if you need them, I can give you some.” Yun Ling opened the back door. “Other than the 100 bandages sold each day, the other goods the NPCs have produced are all in the warehouse. If team battles occur or the monsters come to lay siege again, the recovery items will be of use.”

Once again. Did she know what she was doing?

Lu Chuan looked deeply at Yun Ling with a hint of helplessness on his face.

No matter what had happened, no matter the situation, she was thinking of him, and prepared the resources that he needed the most.

……warm and considerate, always thinking of him, straightforward and biased. Such a person always around him, he could not remain unmoved.

But why, when his positive feelings were at their maximum, Yun Ling’s were not? Had he not given enough game materials?

Lu Chuan was full of thoughts. He focused and said, “You have so many NPCs. Remember to hoard some more food.”

When this was mentioned, Yun Ling could not help but feel heartsore. “Right now, there are three to four hundred NPCs in the territory, the amount of food they use up each day is very great, and it is very hard to support the family.”

“Luckily hunting will make up for some of it. Farming and fishing gives a steady supply of food, and so I can handle it.”

“It is not just the bandages of the tailor shop. The food provided by the restaurant, the equipment provided by the woodworking workshop, and the blacksmith shop all have certain quantities, and we take in more than is put out. In the last few days, there are more and more in the warehouse, enough for the NPC army to use.”

Lu Chuan, “……”

No matter what you say about being prepared, how come it was so difficult to increase positive feelings?


Old people were smart. The saying was not wrong at all.

Back at the start of the spring, Old Zhang had scented something, and told his grandson to go buy food, and only kept a small sum in hand.

“Grandfather, is it necessary?” Zhang Hong Bo was hesitant. “I think Rising Cloud City is very safe, and we will not run out of food soon.”

“Go when I tell you!” Old Zhang blew out his beard. “Rising Cloud City does not lack for food, if you buy, you can put it at home and slowly eat. It will not be a waste. What if the food runs out? What to do then? Should we just starve to death together?”

“Look at you, what are you saying…..” Zhang Hong Bo thought for a moment, and felt that his grandfather’s words were right. So he stood up. “Okay, I will go and buy food now. Just stay at home, do not worry. If you are tired of weaving, then rest.”

“Also the linen backpacks, and the cotton backpacks. They are so old and worn. If something happens, we can fill the storage backpacks, put them on and then leave.” Old Zhang warned. “And equipment that increases stamina and agility. Pick some cost effective ones. They will save our lives at key times!”

“I understand.” Zhang Hong Bo put on the backpack and went out the door.

Old Zhang was left alone in the wood house.

He sighed heavily and said to himself, “I am old bones, I will not be going anywhere. Hong Bo, you are still young. If Rising Cloud City is breached, you must escape.”


He was not the only one.

Grandmother Qian said to Qiao Qiao, “I see that the air of the territory is not quite right. We should buy more food to hoard.”

The two of them were used to living in a rural village, and had the habit of hoarding food.

Hearing this, Qiao Qiao nodded without a word. “When I finish what I am doing, I will go buy some immediately.”

Grandmother Qian thought and said, “Do not sell the storage backpacks, simple bandages, and high quality bandages you make. Xiao Fan and the others need them, and save these for them.”

“Okay.” Qiao Qiao had no objection.

“Also, if customers come to request equipment and items, only take materials and food as payment, not copper coins,” Grandmother Qian added.

Before Qiao Qiao answered, she sighed heavily. “I do not know what is going on. Starting yesterday, my heart has been anxious.”

It was like……she sensed something bad was going to happen.

“Grandmother, do not worry too much.” Qiao Qiao comforted. “We are in Rising Cloud City, we will be fine.”

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